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Anal Training

It was Sunday morning, and I woke up with Jamie’s morning erection pressing against my but and I did what I had been doing recently, move mine so that his prick pushed up against my anus. I loved the feel […]

Slut Wife

Slut wife and the businessman

When Anne Marie gets into her moods there is no turning back. Last July she told me she had purchased four tickets behind third base to Fridays Indians game. Her plan, get a suite at our favorite Holiday Inn, go […]

Anal Stories/Backdoor Lovers

Chance Around

The story I am about to relate to you is one of missed opportunities coming good and one which would not have taken place if Rob, a father of two boys John and Jim not been divorced. The story is […]

Anal Stories/Backdoor Lovers


Imagine you had a young house guest and while she was watching a movie she fell asleep cocooned in some blankets on the floor. Too many blankets – she looks a bit overheated. You tried to wake her so she […]

Anal Stories/Backdoor Lovers


It was her first day in the office, she was very beautiful. her name was maria aged 26. Her figure was nice, nice big tits and nice round butts. her eyes were green and her hair color was brown. She […]