Stranger Black lovers


I was in a xxx bookstore booth as usual looking for cock to suck or get fucked by.

I was watching guy action on the screen and standing with my pants off fully exposed to view. As I played with my cock waiting for action.

The booth door was pulled open an inch or so that allowed whoever to see me clearly.

After a few moments the door opened and in stepped a very tall, very large black man!

He stood looking at me in my nudity and playing with my cock.

He placed a warm hand on my ass and gently caressed both cheeks and slid it slowly down to my anal orifice as he caressed it with a finger at first.

As I offered it to him by pushing towards his probing finger and not resisting I became more aroused with desire!

He slowly penetrated my anus with his large finger and teased me as I watched the man on the screen getting well fucked as well.

He kept this up for a few minutes as I got hotter and began to sweat a bit with desire!

Then he pulled his finger out of me and I heard him unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants as well!

Then they fell to the floor and I looked back to see his huge thick black cock hard and sticking out from him!

He looked to be over 12inches long with a cut thick head on him that was leaking a bit of precum.

It was the largest cock I had encountered to date!

I was staring with trepidation and desire at the same time!

He used a hand to spread my cheeks and guided his cock head to my anus.

He rubbed precum on my anus to lubricate me some!

The more re rubbed my anus I found my desire mounting to experience his cock in me!

I think he was checking to see if I would chicken out. I pushed at his clock head with my ass!

He started to slowly push the head into me. I thought I was going to be split open he felt so big!

Then his cock head popped into my ass and I felt like I was going to explode!

E held it just into me for a bit and I pushed back towards him with desire!

He slowly thrust another couple of inches into me and then pulled back did it again!

I felt like a tree trunk was fucking me as I trembled with desire for more!

He started to thrust his cock in and out of my ass cunt using more of his cock in me each time now!

I was being stretched as never before by this beautiful cock. Each time he pulled out it felt like my ass was

being pulled out as well!

Now be began to build a rhythm of fucking me more and more. As he thrust faster now more of him took

me and used me for both our needs and desires!

I heard myself saying yes yes fuck me deeper and harder baby fill me with your lovely big

cock honey!

I hadn’t realized the booth door was open so others could see him fucking me well!

When I did notice I didn’t care who was watching me being fucked by this lovely big black man and his large

cock thrusting in and out of my ass cunt!

I was on fire with desire to be used by him as long as he wanted to use me!

Suddenly I felt a cock pushing at my mouth and opened to be fucked there as well!

I was being fucked at both ends in front of anyone who wanted to watch my wanton desires being filled by

hard men and their cum filled cocks!

Now I heard a female voice say “will you look at him being fucked by two men at once”!

She said my god he is taking all of that large black cock and having the other fully fuck his mouth as well!

All they need to do now is get their balls into him!

I felt the gut fucking my mouth start to fill me with his warm cum as I started swallowing his load, I felt the

Black man start to swell up even more in my ass and then I felt his warm cum in me as well as he thrust his

cock deeply into my ass and held it in me! The man fucking my mouth finished and went soft and slowly fell

out of me. The black man held his cock in me until,he was fully relaxed and soft and as he stood there it

slowly began to slide out of my ass leaving me feeling very empty now!

People watched me lick my lips free of cum and then looked to see if I was leaking any from my now

stretched open ass. To my satisfaction I kept my treasure of cum in me!

As i pulled up my panties I heard the woman say oh he’s a he/she type!

She need to dress as a woman to get fucked more I think!

I found myself agreeing with her thoughts for the future!

I began wondering where I was going to find more large black men to use me as well!