Something New sexual experience


Yes, it happens, bad experiences. For my wife Sue, it
was good and bad, she got so fucked up she only knew
part of what happened to her. We had been having a
threesome with a guy named Sandy that was ten years
younger than us for well over a year. He had become
one of two regular lovers for Sue and would come over
to the house and screw her for anywhere from three
hours to just busting his nut in twenty minutes or so
and leave. Sue liked the sex and I didn’t mind. It
was always enjoyable to get into Sue’s wet, hot pussy
after one of her lovers had stretched it and spunked in

Sue is a little submissive and he turned out to be a
bit dominate, liking to ask her what she wanted and
making her ask for his cock, things like that. Sandy
was adventures and enjoyed screwing Sue either by
himself or with me joining in the action. On several
occasions we had doubled up on her, with me in her
pussy and him in her ass. She seemed to like it best
the few times we both were in her pussy together, doing
a slow grind, she would cum in a huge orgasm. At 5’4′
and 115# Sue was light enough to fit on Sandy’s dick
while he was standing with her legs wrapped around him,
it was quite a show. It was a regular thing for Sandy
to come over and screw Sue two or three times a week
when he wasn’t dating someone, he must have been in her
well over a hundred different times by then.

One evening he called and asked/told her to get ready,
he was coming to pick her up and take her to his place.
They had done this several times in the past so I
wasn’t concerned. Sue was ready by the time he arrived
and he said he would bring her back in a couple of
hours. I looked forward to when she returned as I like
to slide my dick into that wet, velvety pussy after it
has been stretched and used. Sometimes Sandy would be
a tender lover taking hours with her, and other times
he would tell her he just wanted to get his nut off,
fucking her and saying “thanks babe.”

After waiting for her return for two and half hours I
became a little concerned and after nearly four hours
quite concerned. It was a relief when I heard the car
pull up in the drive. Sandy came to the door helping
Sue walk, she looked to be quite drunk and a mess.

Sandy helped get her into the bedroom and said they had
a real blast. Returning to Sue I began to quiz her
about what happened and in a bit slurred words she
began to tell me how “they” had fucked her. Christ,
“who were they” I asked. She related the events as
much as she remembered. After getting to Sandy’s place
he fixed her a strong drink and encouraged her to drink
it up, followed by another, and then another yet. For
the life of me I don’t know why she did what she did
next, but he gave her a single good sized pill and told
her to take that, saying it would enhance the evening.

I later determined it was probably a qualude or the
like. Anyway she said he stripped her and laid her out
on an easy chair and began feeling her pussy and eating
her as he had done many times before. She said she
began to feel so very good but things were getting
fuzzy. She was just laying there enjoying his cock as
he moved in and out of her with her legs pushed back
and spread wide when there was a knock on the door and
Sandy yelled out “come in” and a great big guy we had
met but didn’t really know came in. Sue said she was
so out of it she just lay there with Sandy moving in
and out of her while the guy, Mark, came over and
started feeling her tits and rubbing her clit, saying
“nice, very nice.” He was taking his clothes off and
Sue knew she had been setup, and thought about
resisting. Sandy then asked Mark if he wanted some of
this and pulled out of Sue. She said she felt helpless
and just lay there spread out as the guys exchanged
positions and Mark began to rub his large cock up and
down her slit. She said it felt so good she didn’t
protest and he slid into her and started fucking her
hard. After he had cum in her, Sandy had remounted and
came in her also, they all took a break and Sandy made
her another drink. Sue began thinking it was time to
get out of there but they were rejuvenated and wanted
some more. Sandy put her on her knees bent her over
the couch and entered her again, after a few strokes he
pulled out and inserted his dick in her ass. Sandy has
a real fondness for fucking Sue in the ass and has
taught her to really enjoy it. Many of the times that
Sandy has screwed her, he has finished in her ass, and
I have heard her tell him he can have her ass whenever
he likes.

Back to the story, they were telling her to cum, and
tell them how good it felt, something Sandy liked to do
with her anyway. Mark was making lewd comments and
encouraging Sandy to fuck her ass good, she said she
caved in to the pleasure and had another orgasm while
telling them how good it felt. Mark wanted to double
fuck her and had Sandy roll her over with him under her
on the couch and Mark put his cock in her pussy and
they did her that way for some time. All through
hearing this I was becoming excited, but concerned
Sandy has disregarded all our understandings, etc. The
rest of what they did becomes less attractive, when
they had both finally gotten off in her pussy and ass,
Mark wanted to see her fuck something, and promptly
found a beer bottle. Splayed out on the couch she
watched as Mark worked the big end of a beer bottle
into her wet pussy, she didn’t think it would fit and
just then he got it in. She said it was intensely
stretching her, a mixture of pain and pleasure. Slowly
he began working it in and out of her, she said it felt
like her guts were being sucked out when he would pull
it part way out. Over and over he pushed it in and out
until it moved freely in her pussy, she said there was
only pleasure from the fullness now. They were telling
her to get off on it and she said she had a crushing
orgasm, shuddering and nearly passing out.

At this time Sandy heard his neighbor in the hall, a
collage student about 18 or 19, and went to get him. It
must have been quite a sight, Mark sitting next to Sue
with her legs splayed apart as he continued to fuck her
with the beer bottle to another climax. Sandy asked if
he wanted to fuck the slut and he said he didn’t know,
“would I get in trouble.” Sandy looked At Sue and said
“tell him you want him to fuck you.” Sue was
embarrassed but replied “you can fuck me.” At that the
boy came in a started taking his clothes off, all the
while watching the lewd sight in front of him. Sandy
looked back at Sue and said “tell him you want to get
fucked Sue.” “Okay, okay,” Sue said, I want you to
fuck me… please.” As the kid knelt in front of her,
Mark pulled the beer bottle from her pussy leaving the
boy presented with a gaping pussy full of cum juice. It
didn’t slow him down and he stuck his cock right in
her, she said she could hardly feel him sloshing around
in there except for his grinding on her mound. Sandy
and Mark sat on either side and held Sue’s legs spread
apart and back for the kid. After only a couple dozen
or so strokes he was blowing his load in her, adding
his contribution to her pussy. Mark wanted another
ride, this time in her ass, and she barely remembers
him finally cumming. She also thinks the kid took a
turn in her ass, going a lot longer this time, and then
Sandy saying it was time to take her home.

They had managed to put her top and pants on her and
Sandy brought her home, thoroughly fucked out. I
couldn’t help it and pulled her pants off, found no
underwear, spread her legs apart and sank my cock into
her loose and messy pussy. She was very loose and
sloppy so I pulled out and fucked her ass, which I
found to be only a little tighter, it had been well
fucked also. The next morning Sue was hungover but
remembered most of what had happened to her, She was
unhappy Sandy had shared her with his friends but
conceded she had never been so thoroughly fucked in her
life. She surmised her ass was so sore because both
the kid and Mark were hung well and she had never had
anything that big in there before.

Sue saw Sandy only a few more times after that, mostly
because he was so insistent. He would talk about the
party while having sex with Sue and she responded by
getting hotter, but she never let him get her away from
our home for sex again.

The young man showed up at our door, one evening,
several weeks later and when I answered the door, he
asked if I was the husband? No doubt he had gotten the
address and story from Sandy. He wanted to know if he
could talk to Sue for moment. Looking back into the
house I saw Sue give me a nod yes. I motioned for him
to enter the house and he stepped in, greeting Sue with
a hello and light hug. Sue just studied him for half a
minute without saying anything, then knelt down and
unbuckled his pants and pulled out his cock. In a few
strokes with her hand he had a massive hard on. Sue
sucked the end of his dick for a bit and then stood up,
pulling her underwear off, so I gently pushed her over
the back of the couch and told him he could fuck her
one more time, then I didn’t want to see him again. He
readily agreed and dropping his pants moved behind Sue
pulling up her skirt, he started moving his cock up and
down the outside of Sue’s already wet pussy. Sue was
moaning as he inserted his cock in her and I watched,
amazed, as it went in and out, glistening with her
juices. Her pussy lips were clinging to his cock and
she would grunt when he pushed back in.

In about ten minutes he just stayed jammed in and
pumped his load into her, thanking her. As he pulled
out a long string of cum connected her pussy and his

I kicked off my shorts and inserted myself into that
well warmed up pussy while Sue stayed bent over.
There was a hot burning puddle of cum deep inside her
and I blew off in a couple of minutes.

Sue took the young man into the spare bedroom and I
could hear him fuck her late into the night. When I
asked her about the severe grunting I had heard, she
told me he had done her in the ass and his size took
some getting used to.

I was getting hard listening to her tell me how much
she liked his big dick. As I entered her one last
time that night, I felt like I was the one she wouldn’t
be able to feel this time, so I made it a point to
grind a little on her clit and bring her off before
adding my spunk to the juicy mess in her cunt.

Sue never expressed an interest in the other guy Mark,
my guess was that while she had a good time, he had
been to rough with her, before he was done he had
fucked her quite hard with the beer bottle, even though
she had cum on it many times it was something she only
wanted to do once.