Sluts first !


Julie just lay there, sweating heavily in the unseasonably warm night
air, panting to catch her breath. She was surrounded by a dreamy fog, her
whole body tingling and alive, yet limp as a wet towel. Her arms were
folded across her succulent little breasts, covering both her large, dark
nipples. She felt the warmth of her lover on her lower body, gently
placing light, soft kisses here and there. It was such a wonderfully warm
night and Julie loved the way she felt, just after her earth-shattering
orgasm. For the moment she forgot that this would be the last time she
shared a bed nightly with her lover of three years.
Julie sighed softly as those soft lips worked their way up her
glistening stomach, the softness, the gentleness with which she was being
treated made her float on a cloud of sensual pleasures. She felt some-
thing soft and warm against her sopping crotch and it made her moan softly
and arch up. She loved the way the warmth spread through her, starting at
her sensitive pussy.
“I’m going to miss you.” A soft voice said. “God, but I love eating
you. I love having you in my bed.”
Julie reached down and ran her fingers through Rikki’s long hair
while at the same time arching her pelvis up to press even tighter to the
girl’s soft, warm breast. Rikki rubbed her nipple against Julie’s slit,
coating it with the young girl’s juices, then repeated the process on her
other tit. Julie reacted as she always had, by grinding her cunt hard
against the soft flesh and moaning softly.
“Let me eat you. Please Rikki?” Julie said softly.
Rikki considered this carefully. The last time, she had lost all
control, moaning out loud. Loud enough to attract the attention of Miss
Withers, one of the school’s dormitory supervisors. Fortunately they both
heard the clatter of her outdated shoes coming down the hallway and
escaped the embarrassment of that encounter.
Rikki moved like a snake, writhing up Julie’s body, then kissed Julie
with an urgent, passionate kiss. Her breasts, slick with Julie’s cum,
slipped back and forth wetly against the smaller girl’s chest.
“Oh, yes, I’d love for you to eat me.” she crooned softly.
“I want you over me.” Julie said breathlessly. “Sit on me.”
Rikki grabbed the headboard of the small bed, spreading her legs wide
and lowering her naked body down until she felt Julie’s hands guide her.
As soon as Julie’s tongue began flicking and darting between her legs
Rikki could feel herself losing control. She bit her lip, holding onto
the headboard to keep from falling and buried her face in her arm to
muffle her passionate moans.
Below, Julie felt Rikki’s hips rotating in a sensual, sexy motion,
her face buried between the slim brunette’s long legs. Rikki’s splayed
lips rocked back and forth over Julie’s face, washing her face with a warm
slippery cream. Julie loved the taste of her friend, the fragrance of her
arousal and most especially the way she moved as she climbed closer to her
climax. Julie let her hands slide up, over Rikki’s flat stomach, to feel
her luscious breasts with their pointy nipples. Everything about Rikki
described sensual grace and sexuality, Julie thought, especially the way
she loved to make love.
Julie inserted a finger, one from each hand, into Rikki. One into
her lover’s pussy, then other into her tight rear. That always triggered
the best orgasms for Rikki, the ones that made her buck and shudder.
Rikki’s body was tensing, getting close. Briefly Julie listened past the
sharp, short breaths Rikki was using for footsteps in the hallway.
“Who is it tonight?” Julie tried to remember. “Miss Davenport. Shit!
It would be that snooty old bitch!” Julie listened to Rikki’s breathing,
and tried to guess if her friend would cry out. It certainly wouldn’t do
to have Miss Davenport fling the door open! She imagined what they looked
like from the doorway, in the dark room, illuminated by the hall light.
There she would lay, stark naked, her legs wide and cunt displayed like a
slutty whore, sweating, with her fingers in another girl’s ass and cunt.
Rikki’s tight ass would look marvelous with her legs spread wide like
this, her back and butt glistening with sweat as she masturbated herself
on another girl’s tongue. No, it certainly would not do if Miss Davenport
opened the door!
Rikki must have been worried about crying out too, for she was taking
forever to come. Julie worked furiously on the girl’s pussy, then decided
to take the risk. She worked a second finger into Rikki’s sopping cunt,
feeling the front wall of her pussy. Rikki let out a very high-pitched
squeal, one that disappeared from hearing quickly as she held her breath.
Julie knew that this would be a wonderful climax, her own pussy leaking
its cream down between her cheeks. Rikki lifted up slightly, shaking and
then she shuddered, her pussy releasing a small quantity of air and a
copious amount of her juice. Julie felt the slippery liquid splatter on
her face. The warm cum practically ran down her fingers and hand. Rikki
moved and Julie withdrew her hand, opening her mouth wide and sucking hard
against Rikki’s opening. This time she felt the girl’s cum actually
squirt into her mouth, which excited her so that she sucked and tried to
shove her tongue up Rikki’s snatch.
Rikki slid off, her body still shuddering, and cupped her hand over
her sex as she curled up alongside Julie. Julie swallowed the slippery
juices then wiped her face, spreading Rikki’s scent over her neck and
chest. Julie loved having Rikki’s cum on her, knowing that it was
something very special that they shared with each other. Julie rolled
onto her side and wrapped herself around Rikki, soothing her with light
touches and soft kisses. This night was going to be much too short.

The next morning the girls awoke, each in their own bed in the small
room. They went down the hall to the showers, then returned to their room
to dress. Each time one or the other put on some clothing, the other
would kiss the part to be covered, then caress it through the clothing.
They repeated this until they had dressed, then hugged each other, falling
into a long, passionate kiss. Julie wanted to remember the way Rikki felt
against her, the way she used her tongue in her mouth, everything, even
the fragrance of her freshly showered hair. Now dressed, Julie packed
the last of her belongings into her suitcases and checked the room.
“I-I think I’m going to cry.” Rikki said. “I don’t want you to go.”
“I know.” Julie sighed. “But we’ll see each other again, soon. I
They ate breakfast with the others, as usual, then returned to their
room. Rikki helped Julie with her luggage to the front office, waiting
with her until her parents arrived. Miss Emberton admonished Rikki to run
along to classes, but gave in when she realized that Julie was leaving.
“Well, do hurry to classes as soon as you can.” She said, smiling.
“Julie, we’ll miss you in our debating class.”
Julie thanked her kindly and she finally left. Julie looked around a
the estate of the girl’s school, drinking in all the details. She and
Rikki talked of meeting during the summer, when things would be different.
Or at least, they hoped, even better.
They were in their third set of “when we meet again we’ll go to…”
when a large sedan pulled into the driveway and rolled up to the front of
the buildings. A man stepped out of the car, dressed in an expensively
cut business suit. His hair was graying along the temples, yet he had an
air of confidence about him. Julie almost didn’t recognize him because of
the gray hair.
“Daddy!?” she cried as she moved towards him at an every increasing
Rikki watched the man’s face, seeing his eyes light up first, then
his smile as his daughter almost flew into his arms. Their reunion was
bittersweet for Rikki, for she would be losing someone she loved, yet her
friend would be among the ones she longed for.
Rikki was astonished as the other car door opened and an elegant
blonde woman emerged. She said nothing but moved with grace around the
car to come up behind Julie. The woman wore an attractive but conserv-
ative skirt-suit combination, very business like, yet feminine. Her hair
was short, nicely styled, and golden blonde like Julie’s. Rikki looked at
the woman’s curvy body, wondering if Julie’s would ever match her mother’s
“Mama!” Julie blurted out, hugging her mother excitedly and kissing
her on the cheek. Julie’s mother held her out at arms length to examine
her now “grown” daughter, and she was pleased with what she saw.
Rikki was about to go inside and let this reunion become private, but
Julie excitedly brought her parents over, introducing Rikki as her “best
friend, confidant, and drama-rehearsal coach.”
“You left out ‘lover’.” Julie said to herself mentally.
Despite feeling jealous for their taking Julie away, Rikki found
herself liking Julie’s parents and their warm, friendly American attitude.
Julie’s mother was gracious, insisting that Rikki come stay with them in
The States sometime soon. It was a warm feeling to have someone accept
you so easily after five years of living at an exclusive girl’s school.
When Julie and Rikki finally stood at the car, with Julie about to
leave, the two of them tearfully said goodbye, parting with a long, yet
much too short embrace. Rikki stood as the sedan pulled away, tears
blurring her vision as her “best-friend, confidant, drama-rehearsal coach”
and lover waved good-bye through the rear window.

Thirty eight days later, Rikki sat in her room, nervously slicing
open a letter from Julie. She marveled at the American stamps and post-
markings, truly recognizing that she was half a world away. She opened
the letter and removed the sheets of small paper. She saw the illustrated
“cutsie” Koala bears in the corner and smiled. Julie had remembered her
adoration of the little animals. She began to read Julie’s left-handed
cursive script;

“Dearest Rikki,
I don’t know where to begin. I miss you so much that words
cannot describe my feelings. We have moved from Washington D.C. to
California, near San Francisco. Don’t worry, any letters you have
sent will be forwarded to us here. Our new address is on the front
of the envelope as well as the back of the last page of the letter.”

Rikki flipped the papers over, and indeed Julie’s new address was
there. She smiled, having expected Julie to have forgotten in her haste.
She continued reading.

“This place is much different than Washington, or Cheswick. Here in
California the buildings all have Spanish influence, except for the
newer highrises scattered about. And the PEOPLE! It has been a
real culture-shock for me.
The place where we live is a short drive down a freeway, just
south of San Francisco. It is an “expensive” area from what I am
told, but Dad’s company is doing well out here. Get this though!
I have a CAR of my very own! It’s not much, just a six year old
Mazda, but it runs well and takes me where I want to go. You MUST
have a car in California, otherwise you can hardly get anywhere.
Now, the big kicker. Come stay the summer HERE! Dad will be
in Europe and England part of the time, and my dear, sweet mother
is tired of me moping around because I left my best-friend behind.
Don’t worry about the flight either. Mom will buy the ticket and
have it reserved in your name at Heathrow (she has zillions of
those frequent-flyer points). She said if you need anything else,
like some money for a passport or luggage to let us know and she
will arrange it for us. How’s that for having a great mother? I’m
so tickled about this, so please don’t say no. Not unless you
want me to come back and paddle your behind!”

The letter continues for several pages, with Julie describing her new
house, the local dating scene, and the places they could see. Rikki read
each page twice, trying to figure out if she was dreaming. Go to America?
For practically nothing? She read the closing page;

“Rikki, something just occured to me. I hope I’m not messing up a
new arrangement or anything. I am a little insecure, wondering if
you have found someone that you don’t want to leave just now. If
that’s the case, please write me and tell me (all the juicy details
if you don’t mind!), and I will understand. Things here are still
in the unsettled stage, so I haven’t had much time to even flirt.
If you decide to come visit, bring that imagination with you,
and that delightful attitude too. I miss you an awful lot, mostly
late at night when I’m lying in bed and trying to get to sleep. If
you know what I mean. Do come. You know I want you to.

Love and hugs,

Rikki had already decided to go, just as soon as she’d read the offer
on the first page. The letter’s arrival left her only five days to prepare
to take that trip. The next five days would be very busy ones indeed!

Chapter II
Coming to America

It took some doing, but she made it. Rikki settled back in the
first-class cabin, nervously waiting for her first plane ride. The
hardest part was rushing a passport from the government breaucracy. She
had explained everything to her guardian-Aunt, who had at first held the
idea of an 18 year old girl trotting halfway around the world was foolish
nonsense. Only Rikki’s quick wits had saved the day by suggesting that she
might also benefit from the experience of living in the US.
The stewardesses began their ritual of explaining emergency
procedures, and Rikki paid close attention. She was understandably
nervous about her long flight over the “pond”. Take off and the first
hour or so were exciting, then boredom and exhaustion overtook her. She
fell asleep halfway through the flight, just after her meal. She awoke
with a start, feeling something covering her. She blinked and saw the
stewardess’s smiling face. The stewardess was covering her with a
“You looked cold, hon.” The woman said softly. “I didn’t mean to wake
you. First flight?”
“Um, yes, how did you know?” Rikki asked sleepily.
“After a few years, you learn to spot first-timers. Need anything?”
“Uh-uh. How long until we land?” Rikki asked.
“Oh, about another two hours. Maybe a bit more.” the stewardess said.
“Wake me before we land?” Rikki asked. The stewardess agreed.
Rikki was nervous about changing planes in New York. She’d heard many
stories about America and about New York City. It turned out to be fairly
dull. There was a two hour delay until her plane left for San Francisco,
and Rikki spent it trying to cat-nap in one of the lounges. When she was
finally boarded on her second plane she found herself a bundle of nervous
energy again.
An attractive woman walked in the first-class cabin and chatted with
one of the stewardesses for a moment. Rikki felt a sense of Deja vu and
tried to figure out where she’d seen the woman before. Things distracted
her for a while, until a familar voice begged her pardon. Rikki looked up
at the woman and recognition was almost immediate.
“Oh, hello!” Rikki said as she curled her long legs under her seat to
let the woman sit by the window.
“Hello again.” The stewardess from the previous flight said. “Looks
like we’ll both be passengers on this flight. Going to San Francisco?”
Rikki nodded, then told the stewardess that she was going to be
visiting her friend.
“By the way, my name is Nicole.” the stewardess said.
“Rikki, pleased to meet you Nicole.” Rikki replied.
“Hmmmm, that’s an unusual name for an English lady.” Nicole said.
“My folks actually named me Rachel, but Rikki has stuck with me since
I was a baby.” she said.
“Oh, but Rachel is such a beautiful name. And it fits you too!”
Nicole said. “But Rikki does have a certain tantalizing charm to it.”
They continued to talk, with Nicole easing Rikki’s flying fears at
take off, and during bumpy weather over the midwest. Rikki was again
sound asleep as the plane descended towards San Francisco. Nicole lightly
touched Rikki’s arm to rouse her for the landing. Getting no response,
she put her warm hand alongside Nikki’s face, smiling at the sleeping
girl’s beauty.
Rikki awoke, feeling drowsy and groggy. Nicole suggested that she
freshen up before they hit final approach. Rikki returned to her seat
just as they caught sight of the bay, and the Golden Gate Bridge. The
captain came on the intercom and welcomed them to San Francisco.
As the plane descended towards the airport, Nicole noticed Rikki’s
firm grip on the arms of the seat. She took the girl’s hand in hers,
talking to Rikki and soothing her fears. Rikki was too nervous at first
to notice that Nicole’s hand was caressing her forearm. As the plane
banked and leveled on final, Rikki noticed that she was getting aroused by
Nicole’s touch. She looked into Nicole’s green eyes. Without a word, and
without spoken invitation, Rikki stroked Nicole’s thigh, just above the
knee. Nicole’s chest rose at her touch, and her hand slid up Rikki’s arm,
brushing the side of her breast. Rikki smiled then looked frightened when
there was a noise from below. The plane bumped down rolling down the
runway like a madly careening bus. The plane slowed, rocking slowly as
the pilot taxied towards the terminal.
Nicole gave Rikki her phone number, saying that she lived in Daly
City, just south of SF, and to call her if she wanted. Rikki smiled and
wished she could return the favor, but she didn’t yet have a number to
give. Nicole reassured her, even lightly patting Rikki’s bottom when they
stood to leave the plane.
They walked down the ramp together, into the bustle of the terminal.
Rikki was looking all around for Julie’s long, blonde hair. She didn’t
see her, but there was a large crowd milling about. Nicole was a bit
taller than Rikki’s five foot three inches, and helped her look. They
wandered towards the aisle, almost leaving the gateway lounge.
“Rikki!! Rikki Rikki!!!” a bubbling voice reached her ears. Rikki
turned and saw Julie, looking radiant and suntanned. The two girls
embraced joyfully.
“My God girl!” Rikki exclaimed. “What have you done to your HAIR!?”
“Like it?” Julie asked, showing off her much shorter hair. It
actually made her look a little older, and a lot more sophisticated than
her 18 years.
“It looks so SHORT!” she replied, then after a pause, “But it looks
lovely on you.”
Julie looked at Nicole, and Rikki introduced her to Julie.
“Nice to meet you.” Nicole said politely.
The three of them began walking towards the baggage claim area, under
Nicloe’s experienced guidance. During the walk, Julie learned, to her
relief, that Nicole was not “someone new” in Rikki’s life. She mentally
chided herself for feeling jealous, something she hated in other people.
But she did feel jealous at first, thinking that Nicole was more than a
friendly traveller.
With Nicole’s expert help, they claimed their bags and headed out
toward the parking area. Nicole said good-bye, reminding Rikki to call her
if they wanted a tour of the city or some fun during the upcoming weekend.
Rikki thanked her, as did Julie. Both girls watched as Nicole walked off.
“Sexy lady!” Julie remarked, watching Nicole’s lean, shapely form.
“Why Julie Kearns!” Rikki scolded in her stearn British accent. “I do
believe I saw your eyes turn green back there!”
Julie turned her brown eyes to Rikki, wide, surprised. “Well I..” She
stopped herself, then continued. “Well, I thought that maybe you and she
“Don’t be silly.” Rikki smiled, putting her hand on Julie’s arm. “No
one could replace you, my first love.”
Julie smiled back, then took one of Rikki’s bags. “C’mon, my car’s
this way!”
They walked into the parking structure and found Julie’s car. Rikki
smiled at it. It was a simple car, a Mazda, six years old but in good
shape and it looked nice. Julie loaded Rikki’s bags into the trunk and
they climbed in. As soon as the doors closed, Julie leaned over and
kissed Rikki, wishing the gearshift wasn’t in the way. The electricity of
the moment made them both tingle — and melt into each other’s mouths. The
kiss was long, deep and passionate. When Julie sat back, her nipples were
pressing hard against her cotton blouse.
“God!” Julie breathed, her hand on Rikki’s thigh. “I’ve missed you so
Rikki caressed Julie’s hand, lifting it to her mouth and sucking one
of Julie’s fingers, her tongue caressing the long digit in her mouth.
“Oh, don’t start that now!” Julie said. “I want you so much!”
Rikki laughed and settled down, happy to be with her American friend
once again. Julie drove them away from the airport, towards her new home.
All the way, Julie pointed out places and suggested things that they could
do together, including a nude-beach she’d found along the coast. Rikki
felt the fatigue beginning to catch up with her, so she just smiled and
tried to catalog the ideas.
“A nude beach?” Rikki thought, looking at Julie’s tan legs. “Hmmm.”

Chapter III
Settling In

Julie’s parents had quite a comfortable house. Large enough that one
could have privacy upstairs or down, but not so large as to be conspicious
in it’s size. Too, the neighborhood was quite upper-class, with neat
manicured lawns, tidy streets, and a sense of tranquility. Just as Rikki
had imagined. Oh, she knew that only the wealthy lived like this, having
seen plenty of American television. But it was what she dreamed the U.S.
was like.
Julie showed her around the house, then the pool and jacuzzi. Rikki
smiled, for she remembered telling Julie about her fantasy of making love
in a hot-tub. Julie could see how tired Rikki was and asked her if she’d
like to take a nap. Rikki declined, so Julie poured them each a glass of
white wine and led her friend into a small, warm room with dark wood
panelling. There were soft cushioned sofas and large pillows all around
the room.
“This is my ‘entertaining’ room.” Julie said. “Mom let me decorate it
and it’s where I’m supposed to have friends over. As mom said, ‘that way
you won’t be running all around the house’. I think she’s paranoid.”
“Charming.” Rikki said, feeling the warmth of the room. “I like it.”
“I hoped you would.” Julie said. “I tried to remember a picture you
showed me of your Uncle’s home, the one with you sitting by the fireplace.
Do you remember?”
“Oh! That was such a terrible picture of me too!” Rikki said. “But
you did a splendid job. This is such a cozy room.”
They talked together for a while, then the wine began working on
Rikki, letting her slide down into a sleepy fog. Julie smiled when she
noticed Rikki dozing, curled up against the arm of the soft sofa. Julie
deftly and gently put Rikki’s wine glass aside, then covered her friend
with an afgan. “Poor girl.” She thought. “She must be dreadfully tired.”
Rikki moved slightly, snuggling down into the sofa, with a dreamy smile on
her face. Julie decided that she too was tired, so she curled up on a
large pillow on the floor beside Rikki.

Several hours later, Julie awoke to the jangle of keys and saw her
mother standing in the doorway, smiling. Julie glanced at Rikki who was
still fast asleep, then put her finger to her lips in an age-old gesture.
She got up quietly and crept around the sofa and into the hallway with her
“I thought she’d be pretty tired.” Mrs. Kearns said softly. “How was
her trip?”
“Fine Mom.” Julie said softly. “Is it five o’clock already?” she
asked, stretching her arms.
“Half past. Would you girls like anything special for dinner?” her
mother asked.
“I don’t know.” Julie said. “Her internal clock is going to be off,
so nothing really heavy. I remember how I felt when we came back.”
“Hmm, yes. You did have quite an upset stomach for a few days.” Mrs
Kearns replied. “Light huh? I’ve got just the thing. Dinner at six
thirty sound good?”
“Maybe seven? Give Rikki some time to sleep?”
“Seven it is then.” Her mother smiled. “Did you put her in the room
next to yours?” Julie nodded. The two rooms shared a common bathroom.
“Fine. You should probably give her an hour to get herself cleaned up. And
you might show her how to work those controls too.”
Julie giggled, remembering how many times she’d cursed at the complex
controls in the ultra-modern bathroom of the house. The first few times
she had been blasted either by ice cold or very hot water. And the nozzle
controls had baffled her for days.
“Okay Mom.” Julie said, “Thanks.”
They hugged and her mother went upstairs to change. Julie returned to
the room where Rikki lay, still asleep. She knew her mother’s habits, and
that her mother would shower after working all day. Julie knelt next to
Rikki, watching her friend sleep. The tousled brown hair framed her face,
making her look so young and innocent. Julie knew better, of course. The
afgan was half-way down Rikki’s back. Julie slid her hand under the long
tresses and her fingers found the back of Rikki’s neck. She gently petted
and scratched her friend’s neck.
Rikki, in half-sleep, moved slightly at the touch. After a few
minutes of this, she stirred again, tilting her head so that Julie could
reach higher. Julie patiently stroked her friend’s neck and head, gently
awakening her. Rikki purred softly, stretching out on the sofa. Julie
kept it up, now adding her other hand to caress Rikki’s thighs through her
Julie was taken by surprise when Rikki’s hand came up between her
legs, cupping her crotch. Rikki’s move wasn’t so bold as unexpected.
Rikki rolled over, her dress riding up on her thighs. They bent down,
their lips meeting, tongues sliding past lips. Both felt the warm
sensation of their kiss spreading outwards from their moistening pussies.
Julie slipped her hand under Rikki’s dress, running her fingers over the
mound she knew almost as well as her own. Rikki’s hand came up and pulled
Julie tighter, her tongue darting passionately into Rikki’s mouth. Julie
could feel the moistness of Rikki’s pussy through her panties, knowing
that her own were likewise getting very damp.
They parted, looking intently at each other. Rikki’s nipples pressed
upwards hard, showing through her bra and blouse. Julie bent and closed
her lips over each one, making Rikki sigh softly.
“It’s almost time for dinner sleepy-head.” Julie smiled.
“Ummmmmm.” Rikki replied, stretching out. “Already?”
“Uh-huh.” Julie laughed. “We both fell asleep for a few hours.”
“Oh. Oh!” Rikki gasped. “I was supposed to call home when I got
settled in.”
“Well, there’s a phone in my room and then you can take a shower.”
“Good. I need one.” Rikki yawned.
Together they went to Julie’s room and Rikki phoned home. After she
assured her Uncle that she’d arrived safely and things were fine, Rikki
went to her bags and began unpacking.
Julie helped her hang her clothes, the two of them talking softly
about “raising hell” while Rikki was here. Rikki gathered up her things
and said she was going to shower.
“Better let me show you how to work the controls.” Julie said,
describing her early experiences. Rikki agreed. Julie’s mother knocked
on the door softly and Rikki opened it.
“Well, hello again Rikki.” Mrs. Kearns smiled. “It’s nice to have you
with us. Is there anything you need?”
“Oh, thank you Mrs. Kearns.” Rikki replied. “No, all I need now is to
wake up.”
“It’ll take you a few days to get over the jet-lag. But if there’s
anything you need, don’t hesitate to ask. It’s so nice to finally have
you here.”
“Thank you.” Rikki said. “I was just about to take a shower.”
“Oh, well, Julie… be sure to show her how those controls work.”
“Yes Mom.” Julie said. “I was just going to do that.”
“I’ll go fix the three of us some dinner. Anything special that you
would like Rikki?” Mrs Kearns asked.
“No, something light I guess. It doesn’t feel like dinner time to
me.” Rikki replied.
Mrs. Kearns smiled and said that the girls could take their time
since Julie’s father was away there wouldn’t be any need to schedule
dinner. Julie went into the bathroom, and her mother closed the door,
leaving the girls to get ready.
Julie tried to explain the controls of the shower, then decided on a
better approach. “Let’s shower together, like we used to.” Julie said.
Rikki smiled, her eyes flashing intently, then she leaned over and kissed
Julie softly.
The two naked girls climbed into the large shower and Julie set the
controls to spray them with a hot, tingling spray. They embraced, kissing
and letting their hands roam over each other, their wet breasts sliding
easily together.
“Hmmm,” Rikki sighed, “I’ve missed this so much.” she said.
“Ohh, me too.” Julie sighed back, “I want so much to eat you up.”
They kissed again, this time in a lusty, urgent way, rocking their
loins together, cupping each other’s behinds. Julie knelt, then sat on
the floor of the shower, tilting her head back and letting Rikki straddle
her upturned face. Julie practically shoved her face between her Rikki’s
long legs, trying to shove her tongue deep into Rikki’s cunt.
“Sssssss…ohhhhhh….y-yesssss” Rikki hissed and sighed, bracing
herself on the walls with her hands. “Ummmmm.”
Julie looked up, seeing Rikki’s firm tits heaving with each breath,
her jaw slack, eyes closed as she was near her climax. She could feel the
water running down over Rikki’s ass, flowing down her own front as it
dribbled off her friend’s body. It seemed as if it was all Rikki, and
Julie pulled the girl’s hips tighter to her lips. Rikki climaxed, her
sopping pussy squeezing Julie’s tongue, her hips rocking and bucking
against Julie’s face. She let her friend slowly relax, helping to support
her, kissing her thighs, licking her fingers. Rikki looked down at the
blonde between her legs and saw Julie’s expressive brown eyes smiling at
her, full of love.
Julie stood up and they kissed. Rikki was always excited by tasting
herself on Julie’s lips and tongue and now it seemed to send her into a
wonderfully passionate state.
“Oh, how I’ve wanted to make you cum again!” Rikki sighed, sucking on
one of Julie’s pert breasts. She ran her pointed tongue around the large
areolae, sucking on her hard nipples, sliding her fingers between Julie’s
legs. After a few moments, Rikki moved her to sit on a small shelf in the
shower, kneeling down to probe her succulent flower with her tongue. Rikki
looked up as she licked her blonde friend, watching the droplets of water
shake out of the blonde pubic hairs, watching trickles of water run down
Julie’s firm breasts. As Julie began to pant heavily, Rikki lifted both
the girls legs and spread them, shoving her face tight against her
dripping crotch.
“Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhhh!” Julie cried out softly, biting her lip to keep
from making too much noise. Rikki lapped up the flowing cream that Julie
made for her, licking all the way up the insides of both her thighs. She
moved forward, pressing her larger breasts against Julie’s muff and kissed
her friend, sighing contentedly.
They touched and embraced repeatedly while soaping each other up, and
took turns rinsing each other off. Just before toweling each other dry,
they kissed again, under the warm water, stroking each other’s hair.
Julie and Rikki dressed. Julie said she’d longed to do that with
Rikki, knowing that the school showers were not the place to do that.
Rikki agree, saying that it had been hard to stand in the showers with
Julie, both of them naked, and not want to make love to her.
Once dressed and having put on their makeup, Julie combed and brushed
out Rikki’s long, brown hair. Rikki kept her hair straight, flowing over
her back and shoulders like a waterfall, which added to her beauty.
Indeed, it made her hazel eyes stand out, giving her an exotic beauty.
The girls came down and ate dinner with Julie’s mother. Rikki
listened intently as Mrs. Kearns told her how she and Julie’s father had
worried over their decision to put Julie in a girl’s boarding school. It
was expensive, but their major worry was that they would alienate Julie
from them at a critical time in her development.
“Mom, you always came for the holidays, and I got to spend the
summers with you.” Julie said. “It wasn’t like I was in some dungeon you
“Oh, yes.” Rikki added. “And the summer she spent with us was just
marvelous. We had a grand time on our farm.”
“Well, I know all that.” Mrs. Kearns said softly, avoiding their
eyes. “But, there are rumors about some of those schools, not all of them
“Rumors?” Julie asked. “What kind of rumors?”
Rikki giggled, then blushed. “I think I know what she means.” Rikki
said, trying not to volunteer anything.
Mrs. Kearns studied Rikki for a long moment. “Yes, I suppose you
would. The English are much more open about those things that we are.”
“What things?” Julie asked, looking from one to the other.
Rikki looked at Mrs. Kearns and seeing that she didn’t want to say
it, she did. “That some of the schools are run by lesbians who use them as
a market for new girls.” Rikki said. “That’s pretty much a thing of the
past though.”
Julie blushed and looked at Rikki, then her mother.
“And,” Mrs. Kearns put in, “some years ago some of those schools had
male teachers who would put the girls through all sorts of things.”
“What kind of things?” Julie asked.
Mrs. Kearns wished she hadn’t brought up the subject now, but she
looked at her daughter and saw a young lady who was more mature than she
had been at 18, more aware of the world, her opportunities, and her own
abilities. “Sex mostly.” She said. “Sometimes with the girls being tied
up, or being made to do things.”
Julie frowned, trying to picture it. “Psycology 105.” Rikki said.
“Remember that class?”
Julie did. It had been a shock to learn that sex was sometimes used
by others as a power-trip. Julie had been replused by the idea of someone
tying another one up and seeming to degrade them. That was before the
teacher had asked them to read their books and write a report on which
person actually had the most control and who received the most pleasure.
Julie had been amazed to learn the the “victim” was the receiver of
pleasure, and the person in control was the one with pressure to give the
other one the pleasure desired. It had confused her then, and still did.
“Well, if you girls will excuse me, I have a client coming over for a
consultation tonight. Did you have any plans?” Mrs. Kearns asked.
Julie shook her head absent-mindedly. “Oh, well you said that we
could go someplace where you could see the whole city. I’d sort of like
to do that.” Rikki volunteered.
“Vista Point.” Julie said to her mother. “Off I-280”.
“Oh, my, that would be nice.” Mrs. Kearns replied. “And you could
take her down to Georgio’s if you want.”
Julie smiled. The restaurant called Georgio’s was a local meeting
place for many young people since it featured dancing as well as good
food. The girls thanked Julie’s mother and helped clean up then went
upstairs to get ready.

Chapter IV
Boys and Toys

The girls made sure they were presentable, mostly for the others, and
gathered their things to leave. They were heading down the hall towards
the stairs when they heard the doorbell ring.
“Hang on a minute.” Julie said. “That’ll be her client. Mom prefers
it if they don’t have any distractions.”
The girls waited and heard some muted voices from below. The client
was female, naturally, since Mrs. Kearns was some sort of a fashion
consultant. They heard them enter one of the downstairs rooms and then the
girls left quietly.
Julie drove them to the scenic point which allowed an unobstructed
view of the bay area. They stayed for a while, then left, heading towards
Georgio’s. Julie mentioned that Rikki would have a lot of guys around
her, not only for her beauty, but for her lovely accented voice.
“Guys around here really get into girls with foreign accents.” She
“Get into, eh?” Rikki laughed.
“Oh, yeah.” Julie laughed at her unintentional pun. “They think it’s
cool. When I came back I didn’t notice I had picked up your accent but
they sure did!”

They arrived and found Georgio’s crowded with people eager to meet
other people, or to have a good time. They found, with luck, a table just
as four people were leaving. It wasn’t a dressy place, but many were
wearing fashionable clothes. Rikki told Julie it reminded her of a grouse
mating ground, where the males put on ostentatious displays for the
females. Julie laughed and said that she was probably closer to the truth
than she realized. They danced with several young men, but Julie was very
sensitive to Rikki’s feelings and noticed she didn’t seem to be too
interested in them.
“What’s the matter?” Julie asked her friend in the ladies room later.
“I don’t know.” Rikki replied softly, glancing about. “None of these
lads seems to have… well I don’t get any real feelings from them.”
“Like you do with me?” Julie asked, touching Rikki’s arm.
“Yes.” Rikki replied, her eyes flashing at Julie.
“Well, let’s stay a bit longer then. If we can’t find anyone, we’ll
try someplace else.” Julie smiled, caressing Rikki’s arm.
An hour later they left, climbing into Julie’s car. Julie was
talking about going to another club, but Rikki said she was a little
tired. Julie pleaded her case, saying that Rikki would pick up once they
got to this little country-western place she knew about. Rikki seemed
interested, her mind filling with thoughts of rugged cowboy types. They
caught the freeway and drove south.
Julie pointed out some sights, visible even in the night. They had
the music up loud enough to need to shout a little. Things were picking
up, Rikki seemed to be getting her second wind. It was then that Julie’s
Mazda bucked sharply several times, losing speed and power.
“Oh, shit! What happened?” Julie muttered, steering to the side of
the freeway. The car slowed rapidly, but Julie managed to stop neatly on
the side of the road and turn on her flashers.
Both girls got out of the car and opened the hood. A hot, acrid,
greasy smell greeted them, along with a cloud of steam. In the darkness
they couldn’t see anything.
“Just great!” Julie said. “It would pick now to die on me.”
“Could be worse.” Rikki said.
“Oh? How?” Julie sarcastically.
“You could be all alone, for one.” Rikki smiled. Julie smiled too.
“In the rain.” Rikki added. Julie giggled. “In high heels.” They began
laughing at the idea of how simply bothersome this was instead of a
“What we need now is a phone or a chippy.” Julie said.
“A what!?” Rikki asked.
“A chippy. C.H.P. officer.” Julie explained. “A highway patrolman.”
“Oh.” Rikki replied. “To get a lorry?”
“They call them tow trucks over here.” Julie laughed.
The girls waited. And waited. And waited. Cars flashed by for almost
an hour without stopping. The night was warm so they didn’t worry about
it for almost another half hour.
“Damn! If we don’t get help soon, I’ll need a new battery too.” Julie
said, watching the flashers blink on and off.
As if in answer to her words a bright white light flashed behind
them. Someone was stopping. They turned around, surprised to see only one
light. It moved closer, slowing quickly until it came close, then Rikki
recognized it first. “Motorcycle.” She said calmly. It took two seconds
for Julie to register that. She saw the machine’s lights tilt over as it
was parked.
“Roll up your window and lock your door.” She said. “In case this is
some wierdo.” Rikki did as she was told, then looked around towards
Julie’s side of the car, looking for the rider. Julie too was looking on
her side. That’s why both of them were startled when there was a rap on
Rikki’s window.
Rikki rolled the window down about an inch.
“Hi! Trouble ladies?” He asked.
“Um, yeah. It just died on us. Could you call the highway patrol for
us?” Julie asked.
“Sure thing.” He replied cheerfully. “Is the hood open? I’ll see if
it’s something that requires a tow.” Julie indicated it was and he walked
to the front. In the darkness of the highway they saw his white helmet,
his light jacket and that he appeared to be nice looking for an older man.
A flashlight beam flickered under the hood for a few minutes then stopped.
He walked back to Rikki’s side, shining the light on the edge of the door,
illuminating not only them, but his face as well.
“You snapped a pair of fan belts.” He said. “One of them ripped the
fuel line. You’re lucky you didn’t have a fire.”
“Can you fix it?” Julie asked, hoping.
“Not out here.” He said. “But let me look in my bike. I might have
some fuel line that’ll fit. But without a fan belt, you aren’t going too
He walked off and returned a few moments later, motioning Julie to
release the hood. He spent several minutes under the hood, then came
back. “You wouldn’t happen to have a spare fan belt would you?” He asked.
“There’s a bunch of stuff in the truck that my dad put there.” She
“If you’ve got one, I can fix it well enough to get you home, I
think.” Then he smiled. “If you don’t live too far away.”
“About 30 miles or so.” Julie said hesitantly.
“It’ll be iffy.” He smiled back. “Let’s see what’s in the trunk
then.” Julie started to get out of the car. “HOLD IT!” he shouted. “NO!”
Julie closed the door quickly. “Sorry, but I didn’t want the car coming to
hit you. Just pass me the keys and I’ll take a look.” Julie did, feeling
a bit nervous. While he looked in the trunk, she muttered.
“Damn stupid fool Julie.” Julie muttered.
“What? Why?” Rikki asked.
“Giving him the keys.” She shot back. “What if he doesn’t give them
back? We’re helpless.”
“But we can’t go anywhere anyway.” Rikki said. Her words were
punctuated by the sound of the trunk closing. A moment later a gloved
hand slipped through the window, dangling the keys. Their samaritan held
up a black circle of something then walked to the front of the car. Twenty
minutes and a few loud curses later he came to the window again, this time
squatting down next to the door.
“Try it now.” he said.
Julie cranked the engine, then tried again. The third time it
caught, sputtered, then stayed running. “Oh, great! Thank you!!” she
“That fan belt isn’t very good.” he said. “And your air-conditioner
won’t run, but you should be able to make it home.”
“Thank you, kind sir.” Rikki said politely. “You’ve saved our
The man smiled warmly, looking at Rikki. “English?” He asked. Rikki
nodded. “I thought so.” he added. “You have such a lovely voice.” Inside
the car Rikki blushed at the compliment, hidden from his eyes by shadows
and darkness. “Oh, there’s a gas station two exits down. You should
probably try them to fix those belts. They do good work.”
“Thank you again.” Julie said warmly, sensing he was indeed a good
samaritan. “I just hope it’s not too expensive.”
“Well, he’s reasonable, but not cheap.” The man smiled. “I’ll stop in
with you. It’s on my way home.”

At the gas station a young mechanic stayed and extra half hour to fix
the car, trying to work and get a better look at the two girls. In the
light of the gas station, the motorcyclist was much less threatening. He
was an older man, in his mid thirties, polite, witty, and concerned about
them. Without his helmet his hair was salt and 2pepper brown which set
off his penetrating hazel eyes. He wore a neatly trimmed moustache and
smiled readily. Julie found herself liking him, yet still feeling a bit
left out since he was talking almost exclusively to Rikki, about her
native country.
“You know of the Black Swan Inn?” Rikki almost shouted. He nodded.
“Sure. On…umm…Dunsmuir isn’t it?” he said. “I used to play darts
in there when I worked near London. The owners are grand people.”
Rikki laughed. “I know. They’re my Aunt and Uncle! I used to live
with them in the summers!”
“Really now? What a coincidence! Mac and Libby are relatives of
yours?” He smiled. Rikki nodded, even Julie felt lighthearted.
“Yes. They’re my legal guardians.” Rikki laughed. “Oh, wait until I
tell them about this.”
“It’s a pity I was only there for four months. I knew I should’ve
extended my contract over there.” He smiled.
The mechanic came over, shaking his head. “Not a pretty sight. You
really need a water pump. The bearings are shot and that’s what fried the
first belt.”
“Are you sure.” Their new friend asked.
“Yep. Sure as shit.”
“Show me.”
“Now look Dan, I’m not tryin’ to screw ’em out of a few bucks. They
really need a water pump.” the mechanic said.
“Show me anyway.” Dan replied.
He came back a few minutes later. “Tsk. I’m afraid he’s right ladies.
That old belt I put on is already frayed. The bearings are shot.”
“Oh damn it! How much will it cost?” Julie asked.
“Don’t matter much.” The young mechanic said. “I can’t get one until
the auto parts store opens in the morning. It’d be about fifty bucks
including parts.”
Julie looked glum. So did Rikki.
“Look…ladies, I can offer you a place to stay for the night, or a
place to wait for someone to pick you up. It’s the least I can do for Mac
and Libby’s niece.”
“I don’t know…” Julie said
“I promise you,” Dan smiled. “No funny stuff. I’ve got a very
comfortable guest room, or you can have someone pick you up. No problem.”
Julie and Rikki looked at each other for a long moment. Rikki winked
and nodded. “Alright then.” Rikki replied. “It’s much better than sitting
around here.”
They mulled over the problem of how to get three people to his place
on a motorcycle. Dan solved it by riding Rikki there first, returning in
less than ten minutes to pick up Julie.
“I’m sorta scared to death on these things.” Julie admitted as she
climbed on.
“Nothing to it. Lean back against the trunk, squeeze your legs
together and relax. Let me do all the work.” Dan replied.
It was a short trip to his place, but there were several turns and
some curved back streets. Julie was disoriented as he pulled into a
driveway with a jolt, stopping smoothly in the garage.
“Thanks. Nice ride.” She said, feeling nervous about riding at all.
Then she noticed the car they’d parked next to. “Oooh, nice car.” She
said. “Why didn’t you get this to drive us down?”
“Doesn’t run right now.” Dan smiled. “I’m having the heads cleaned.
And it’s a 1964 Shellby Cobra GT. Only a fifty grand sports car.”
“THAT’s a Cobra?” Julie asked. “I’ve heard of those. Supposed to be
really fast.”
“Yeah.” Dan chuckled. “Zero to a hundred in about 9.4 seconds. At
least this one.”
Dan opened the door to the house, letting the electric garage door
down behind them. “Welcome, c’mon in and make yourself at home.”
Inside Julie was surprised to see Rikki talking to another girl,
about their age. The girl was beautiful. Tall, about five six, slender,
with long legs and dark brown hair that reached her waist. Most of all,
her green eyes under dark eyebrows were penetrating, spellbinding. She
smiled, her mouth a trifle too wide for her face, but very sexy none the
“Rachel, this is Julie. Julie, meet Rachel.” Dan said. The two girls
nodded and said hello. “Can we find something to snack on hon? I don’t
know about Rikki and Julie, but I’m starved. Have you eaten?”
Rachel smiled. “Yes, I ate at six, when I told you to be home for
dinner. But I think I might be persuaded to whip up some miracle.”
Rachel’s tone was admonishing, yet humorous. She came over and kissed Dan
lightly on the lips, then she went into the kitchen.
“By the way.” Rachel said from the kitchen. “While you were gone,
Rikki told me that her given name is also Rachel. Now you’ve got two of us
to deal with.”
“Maybe, but I get the impression that Rikki’s not a little snot half
the time.” Dan joked.
“Ooooh! I’m gonna get you for that one!” Rachel’s voice came from the
kitchen. “I’ll hide your Geritol!”
Dan laughed. “Don’t mind this. We jab each other like this all the
time. Keeps us on our toes.”
Julie grinned, for she was having a hard time not laughing out loud.
Rikki did laugh out loud. Dan smiled and waved them to sit down in the
living room. His house was warm and cozy, but a mixture of styles. It was
obvious that a man owned the house, but Rachel’s touch was evident too.
As Rikki sat down she noticed a photo on the mantle over the fireplace.
She stood again, examining the picture. “Is this you?” She asked.
“In my younger days.” Dan said. “When I was invincible.”
“And empty headed.” Rachel added, walking into the room with a plate
full of cheese, vegatables, crackers and a dip.
Rikki showed the photo to Julie. Julie’s eyes widened. The image
showed a shirtless, younger Dan, muscular and tan, standing someplace
tropical. He was well built, but more amazing was that he was supporting a
full grown tigeress, her huge paws on his shoulders. He appeared to be
scratching the side of her face. “Wow! Where was this?”
“India.” Dan grinned. “About,” he looked at Rachel, “19 years ago.”
“Tame tiger?” Rikki asked.
“No!” Rachel shot back. “Absolutely wild. He really was an idiot when
he was younger.”
“Now hon, it really wasn’t that bad. And besides, it was a tigress.”
“Oh, like you can charm ANYTHING female, I suppose.” Rachel sniffed.
Dan ignored her barbed comment and told how he’d been working in
India and stayed in a village one weekend. He’d simply been walking down a
dirt road when she appeared in front of him and his three friends.
“One guy was a village elder and he said not to run, just stand our
ground.” Dan said. “I did and as she approached I could see that she
wasn’t at all afraid of us. She came up within about six feet of me and
the only think I could think of was to purr like a kitten. She sniffed
me, and let me tell you, her head was this big,” Dan held his hands about
two feet apart, “and really close to my crotch. Not what I call the most
relaxing place for her to sniff. Anyway, she raised her tail straight up
which most cats do as a friendly gesture, so I reached out and scratched
the side of her face.”
“You’re damn lucky people aren’t calling you ‘Lefty’.” Rachel added.
“Well, you see what the result was. Sitmar Singh snapped that photo
about five minutes later after she’d been rubbing against me and purring
like I was one of cubs. Fantastic experience.”
“Fantasically lucky.” If you ask me, Rachel said, munching a carrot.
“I didn’t ask you, so pipe down while I regale our guests with the
wonders of my incredible life.” Dan mocked.
“Is that really true?” Julie asked, looking at the picture again.
“Naw, but look in that album on the end table.” Dan gestured.
The girls opened it, seeing dozens of shots of Dan walking through
the village with the tigress at his heels. Shots of him sitting with her,
leaning on her, even one of him bathing in a stream with her looking like
she didn’t want to get her feet wet. That last shot showed Dan ALMOST
waist deep in the water, his bare behind half visible.
“Now girls.” Rachel laughed. “No gawking at his nudie picture!”
“Oh!” Rikki laughed. “It’s actually sort of cute.”
Dan rolled his eyes, knowing what was about to come from Rachel.
“Cute huh?” Rachel said. “Yeah, that’s what I said…the first time I saw
it. Isn’t that right Dan?”
“I don’t know why I put up with you sometimes.” Dan said. “All I get
is insults and grief.”

The happy, sometimes barbed, chatter continued for a while, then Dan
announced that the girls were welcome to make themselves at home for the
evening. “Rachel can show you where everything is, and I’m sure you’ll
spend hours talking. I’m taking my weary body to bed.”
“Where DID you go today anyhow?” Rachel asked.
“OREGON!” Rachel stood, hands on hips, looking exasperated. “You rode
all the way up to Oregon and back since seven this morning!!?”
Dan nodded. “Yep. Got some good pictures too.”
“Well, next time be kind enough to leave me a note where you’re
going.” Rachel said firmly. Then in a move that didn’t seem to fit her
character she knelt next to Dan’s chair, holding his hand. “I really worry
about you, you know.”
“Yeah, I know. You’re right. I’m sorry baby.” Dan apologized. Rachel
popped up and gave him a quick kiss.
“Okay. Just remember that next time.” Rachel said. “C’mon girls, I’ll
show you where the guest room is.
They trotted upstairs and Dan turned in, leaving the girls to talk
about things that girls always talk about late at night. With her hostess
part played out, Rachel stayed in the guest room talking with Rikki and
“Thanks for putting us up.” Julie said. Rikki echoed the sentiment.
“No problem.” Rachel smiled. “Besides, it’s nice to have someone near
my own age to talk to for a change.”
They talked, finding that Rachel was working for a law firm as a
secretary and Dan’s friends were mostly his age and up. With her long
drive to work she didn’t have much of a social life and missed her friends
in Los Angeles.
Julie and Rikki explained how they shared a room in a boarding
school, and that Rikki was visiting for the summer. They talked for a
while longer, laughing with each other. Rachel bent down from her sitting
position to pull her sandal back on, letting her top slide off her
“Is that a…birthmark?” Julie asked, almost afraid to say it.
Rachel glanced down out of reflex. “This?” She said, showing off her
birthmark. It was really a large heart-shaped freckle, about 1/2 inch in
size. Rikki looked at it too, gasping.
“I’ve one just like that!” Rikki gasped. “But it’s in a rather
delicate place.”
Rachel smiled. “Do you have a diamond shaped one too?”
Rikki began to shake her head. “Yes, she does. On her back just above
Rikki looked at Julie. “You never told me…” but Julie cut her off.
“Where’s yours?” Julie asked.
“Well,” Rachel said, “Actually, it’s in a delicate place too.”
The two brunettes looked at each other for a long moment, as if
deciding. Rikki giggled first, followed quickly by Rachel. Rikki stood,
pulling her blouse out and lifting it to show Rachel her diamond shaped
“Damn! It looks identical to mine.” Rachel said.
“Is yours in a place where you need a mirror to see it?” Rikki asked.
When Rachel nodded, Rikki spread her legs touching alongside her pussy
through her pants. “Right about here?”
Rachel’s eyes flashed. “Uh-huh.” she said softly.
There was a dead silence in the room for several long moments. The
two brunettes locked eyes, hearts pounding. Rachel stood, unzipping her
jeans and sliding them down her long, lean legs. Julie felt herself
getting aroused at the sight of Rachel’s long tan legs. Rikki was hardly
breathing as her hand fumbled with the buttons on her pants.
Rachel stepped out of her pastel pink panties, revealing her neatly
trimmed dark bush. She tanned well, judging by the white lines of her
skimpy suit. Julie felt herself getting warm, excited. She looked at
Rikki who was trying to unbutton her pants and fumbling. Both Rachel and
Julie moved to Rikki at the same time. Their eyes met, flashed, and they
knew what they’d suspected, or at least wondered. Rikki’s pants finally
came down, along with her panties. Rikki’s thick bush obscured her
birthmark, the one Julie knew so well. Rikki sat down, spreading her legs
slightly, parting her hair to show Rachel. Revealed was a small birth-
mark, heart shaped, right next to Rikki’s labia.
“Let me see yours again.” Julie said.
Rather than pulling her top aside, Rachel tossed it on the floor,
revealing her sheer bra and her dark nipples. Julie looked from on to the
other. “Here, move your shoulder closer, I can’t tell.” Julie said,
guiding Rachel into position. Rachel found herself kneeling between
Rikki’s legs, her shoulder lightly touching the girl’s warm, steamy pussy,
her own breasts pressed against the inside of Rikki’s thigh. Julie
compared them.
“If they’re not identical, they’re very, very close.” Julie muttered.
“Same size?” Rachel asked, holding onto Rikki’s leg, feeling her warm
skin against her bra-clad breasts.
“Yep. Or really too close to tell.” Julie said.
Rachel leaned back and looked at Rikki’s pussy again, this time using
her fingers to part the hairs herself. Rikki jumped slightly at her
touch, rocking her pelvis upwards slightly. Julie put her hand just above
Rikki’s mons. “Be still.” Julie said quietly.
The sight of Rikki’s hips moving and the wetness showing around her
entrance wasn’t lost on Rachel. Her own pussy was quickly getting wet
too. Rachel stood, then sat next to Rikki, spreading her legs for them to
check her diamond shaped birthmark. Julie knelt and smiled broadly.
Rachel’s bush was trimmed neatly, but her pussy was shaved bare, her
birthmark showing easily. Rikki looked too, noting Rachel’s shaved pussy.
“Take your top off.” Julie told Rikki. Rikki did, then tossed her
bra on top of her blouse. Rikki was naked now, lithe and sensual looking.
She saw Rachel looking at her longingly. Julie told Rachel to slide up on
the bed, then had Rikki lay between Rachel’s legs, positioning her so that
her diamond shaped birthmark was as close as possible to Rachel’s. This
left Rikki on her side, the side of her lower abdomen almost pressing into
Rachel’s pussy. Rachel was on her back, propped up on her elbows, legs
flung wide open. All three were breathing faster now, feeling the
excitement building within all three bodies.
“This is pretty bizarre.” Julie said. “These are almost identical
too. But I think Rikki’s is a little longer.
“Measure them then.” Rikki said. Julie used her fingernail and
measured the length of Rikki’s birthmark, then reached between Rachel’s
legs, comparing. Rachel’s hips jerked as Julie touched her there, then
began a very slow rocking.
“Yes, Rikki’s is longer, but just barely.” Julie announced. When she
looked up she saw Rachel’s hand reach up and caress one of Rikki’s arms.
Rikki looked at Rachel, at the long hair that flowed off the edge of the
bed, the yearning in her seductive green eyes. Rikki turned, facing
Rachel, pressing her belly against Rachel’s mons. Julie caressed the long
tan legs that encircled Rikki, sliding her hands all the way up to squeeze
Rachel’s ass. Rikki and Rachel came together, kissing, exploring each
other with their hands. Both girls moaned softly, unaware that Julie was
now undressing to join them.
Rikki felt passion rising quickly within her, responding to the legs
wrapped around her waist. Rachel’s hands had found her full, firm breasts
and were kneading each one so nicely. Their tongues danced in each
other’s mouth, creating a truly intimate bond. Both rocked their hips,
trying for more contact.
Julie climbed up next to them, watching intently. They parted and
Rachel looked at Julie’s naked form. Her fair skin, large nipples and
pert breasts were erotic next to the two darker women. Julie leaned down
and kissed Rachel, this time with Rikki watching. Julie felt Rachel’s
soft, round breast, just as Rachel began gently twisting Julie’s nipple.
While Julie kissed Rachel, Rikki sucked on a nipple, watching her friend’s
hand tease the other one.
It wasn’t long before Julie sat up and straddled Rachel’s face,
lowering her blonde pussy onto her lips. Rikki slid down, kissing her way
down Rachel’s body until she came to her mons. Rachel was rocking her
hips up and down, her slit glistening with her wetness. Rikki licked the
length of Rachel’s pussy, tasting her sweet cream. Rikki dove in, licking
and sucking Rachel’s pussy, pulling her labia, sucking them into her
Julie watched her friend eating Rachel’s pussy, feeling Rachel’s
excitement in the way she licked and sucked her pussy. Rachel wasn’t a
novice certainly, not the way she used her tongue. Julie reached down and
pulled on Rachel’s nipples hard, rolling them between her fingers. That
brought a deep moan from Rachel, making Julie’s clit vibrate deliciously.
After several long minutes, Rikki raised her head and looked at Julie.
Rikki’s chin was slick with Rachel’s juices, her eyes sparkling. Rikki
licked her cream covered lips.
“Want to switch? She’s so delicious!” Rikki said softly.
Julie gave her a sensous smile and nodded. They switched places,
Rikki and Julie kissing deeply and touching each other’s pussies. Julie
liked the taste of Rachel’s pussy from Rikki’s lips and tongue. Rachel
caressed them both as the moved, then began sucking Rikki’s cunt lustily,
trying to return the pleasure she’d given. Rikki rocked her hips back and
forth while Julie was sucking and fingering Rachel’s slit. Their scents
filled the room, as did their moans of pleasure and passion.
Rachel reached up, pushing a finger into both of Rikki’s holes. Rikki
began to moan, softly at first, then louder as Rachel fingered her ass
deeper and deeper. Rachel began getting loud as she started to cum,
moaning faster and faster. Julie climbed up, kissing Rikki to keep her
quiet, reaching behind her to finger Rachel’s dripping slit too. Suddenly
Rikki reached down between Julie’s legs and shoved three fingers into her
sopping cunt, pulling the blonde closer by her cunt. Rikki began crying
aloud as she came, sitting up straight.
Julie let her make noise, her own orgasm starting, from the pressure
of Rikki’s grasping hand in her pussy. Julie found her lips sucking one of
Rikki’s nipples hard, her hands squeezing the soft girl-flesh against her
face. Rikki’s voice went high pitched, then almost inaudible as she came,
her body shuddered once, squeezing out a thick drop of her cum into
Rachel’s mouth. She shuddered again, this time her pussy spasmed and she
felt cream flowing out of her cunt, into Rachel’s waiting mouth.
Julie pressed her face into Rikki’s soft tits as she came, licking
her friend’s entire breasts. Rikki slowly moved off of Rachel, pulling
her hand from Julie’s pussy with a wet smack. Julie moved onto her back,
pulling Rachel over her face, looking up the girl’s stomach and into her
smouldering green eyes. Rachel was on fire now, rocking her hips back and
forth, pulling the blonde’s face into her crotch. Rachel looked like she
was fucking a cock the way her body moved, but she was fucking Julie’s
tongue, coating the young blonde’s face with her cum.
Rachel started to cum, moaning louder and louder until she cried out.
“Oh! OH! OH!! YESS! Make me! Make me cum! OH! OH! OH GOD YESSS!”
Rachel’s legs squeezed Julie’s head tight and she arched back, her
hands cupping her tits, squeezing them hard just behind her nipples. Rikki
could hear the wet slurping smacks that Julie made, sucking on Rachel’s
quivering cunt. Rachel began shaking and then suddenly pulled away,
rolling onto her side, cupping her pussy and twitching several times.
Julie’s face was soaking wet, from nose to chin. Her cheeks
glistened wetly, some of Rachel’s cream was even running down her neck.
Julie used a finger to wipe her chin, licking the cum off like honey.
Rikki came over and kissed Julie, long and deep. A loving kiss, one that
said she wasn’t jealous, but she still desired Julie above all others.
Julie returned it, holding Rikki close. As they parted, they turned their
attention to Rachel, smothering her with soft kisses and gentle touches.
The three girls slowly began again, this time kneeling in a triangle
to rub each other’s pussies and kiss each other. All three girls were
sopping wet, each of them feeling hot, sexy, intimate. A creak in the
hallway startled them and they all looked at the door no one bothered to
close. Standing in the door, looking slightly rumpled from sleep was Dan,
wearing only a pair of pajama bottoms, his semi-hard shaft apparent.
Rikki and Julie were instantly embarrased and worried. Rachel
laughed. “Oh, jeez! We woke up the dead!” Rachel laughed. Rikki and Julie
were momentarily confused.
“What a sight you three are.” Dan said sleepily. a smile on his face.
“If I’d have know this was going to happen, I would have set up the video
Julie realized that he wasn’t bothered by their lesbian activities.
In fact, he seemed rather pleased. She walked right towards him. “Come
join us then.” She said, reaching right into his pajamas and squeezing his
cock. Dan’s eyes opened quickly. He wasn’t used to brazen women!
Julie’s slender, naked body and the scent of horny women in the air
convinced him. Dan grabbed Julie and kissed her hard, cupping her ass
with his hands.
“Eeeeoowww!” Rachel exclaimed. “Go for it Julie!”
Rikki now felt some jealousy, try as she might to avoid it. She’d
always thought of Julie as “hers”, not as being with a man. She also knew
that they both liked men, but she had some trouble dealing with it this
Julie led Dan into the room, holding his cock. She undid his pajamas
and he stepped out of them. Rikki looked at Dan, realizing what Rachel
must have seen in him. Dan’s cock was beautiful, almost like a pretty
cock-sculpture. It was just over eight inches and not too large around.
Julie pushed him back on the bed, taking command of the situation.
“Who’s first?” She asked, looking at Rikki and Rachel. “Rachel? Show
us how it’s done?”
Julie was surprised when Rachel declined, saying that Rikki should go
first. Julie grabbed Rikki’s arm and pulled her towards Dan. Almost in a
dream like trance Rikki straddled his handsome penis, lowering her still
slick pussy onto him. The head pressed against her entrance, spreading
her open. Rikki gasped, then sank down again, working him into her pussy.
As soon as his head slipped inside, Rikki sank down, taking him deep into
her cunt. “Ohhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm!” they both moaned in unison. Dan grabbed
Rikki’s ass and began a slow stroking rhythm. Rikki’s eyes were half
closed, her whole being now centered around her crotch.
“Go sit on his face.” Rachel told Julie. “He loves eating pussy.”
Julie sat on Dan’s face, looking right at Rikki. While he ate her
cunt, Julie sucked on her friend’s left nipple, Rachel alternating between
Julie’s and Rikki’s tits. Rikki moved faster and faster, cradling Julie’s
head to her chest.
“Oh, yes. Fuck me! He’s FUCKing me Julie! He’s fucking my pussy!
It’s so good. Oh God I gonna cum a lot for you baby! Make me cum,
please? Make me cummmmm.”
Julie suckled a nipple, reaching down to finger Rikki’s clit. Dan’s
tongue was nearly as good as Rachel’s, darting in and out, up and down,
circling Julie’s clit. Julie herself was going to cum too, and she wanted
to time it to Rikki’s climax.
Rachel’s hands were everywhere, touching both the girls, pulling on
nipples, squeezing asses. Finally, Rachel put her index fingers into both
girl’s asses. Julie’s spasmed nicely around her finger, but she could
feel Dan’s cock pistoning in and out of Rikki’s cunt.
“Make him cum inside you.” Rachel said to Rikki. “Think of Julie
eating your cum filled pussy afterwards, lapping it all up.”
Rikki’s eyes closed tight and she began moaning out loud. Rachel felt
her starting to cum, her cunt and asshole spasming. “Cum in his face
Julie. Make him drink you dry. Make him drink all your cuntjuice.”
Julie began too, and Dan wasn’t too far behind. All of them were
moaning softly, then louder, and louder. Rikki sat straight up.
“OH! OH! OHHH GAWWWWWWD!” Rikki shouted loudly. “FUCK ME! CUMMMM NOW!
Rikki’s volume pulled everyone with her, even Rachel who was rubbing
her cunt in Julie’s hand. Dan’s hips slammed into Rikki, then he drove
home, deep, almost lifting her off the bed. Moans of passion filled the
air, as did the heavy scent of sex.
Dan gushed his pent up sperm deep into Rikki and Rikki felt every
drop splashing against her insides. Rachel was cumming from a combination
of Julie’s hand, Rikki’s moans, and the feeling of Rikki and Dan cumming,
felt through her finger in Rikki’s asshole. Julie was still cumming,
harder each time Dan licked at her slit.
Rikki sat down on his cock, cramming it deep inside her. She could
feel the hot sperm filling her insides with warmth, feel it flowing down
the walls of her cunt. Julie pushed her back, reaching down and pulling
out Dan’s cock. He was still hard, his cock slippery and wet, glistening
wetly. Julie leaned forward and lapped at the thick wet cream that began
to pour out of Rikki’s gaping snatch. She tasted sperm, for the first
time, mixed with her lover’s cream. Julie licked and sucked it out of
Rikki, devouring her sperm-filled quim. Rikki came again, bucking her
hips into Julie’s face.
Julie sat up and leaned towards Rachel. Rachel nodded to Rikki and
pulled her up for Julie. The two female lovers kissed, Rikki tasting the
sperm and cuntjuice that made Julie’s lips so slick. They kissed and
kissed, starting their fires for each other again.
They moved off of Dan, who’s face was wet with Julie’s cum. He
grinned at the sight of Rikki and Julie kissing, sharing his taste.
Rachel caressed the two girls, letting them float together. A few moments
later, Rikki looked over at Rachel.
“I think he needs some attention.” Rikki said, indicating Dan’s
flaccid cock. “Why don’t you have some fun too?”
“Silly.” Julie smiled, “Haven’t you figured it out?”
“Sorry Julie. You’re wrong.” Rachel smiled, sliding a finger into
Julie’s pussy. “I’m not gay. I love cocks too. He wouldn’t let me.”
Both girls sat up. “Huh?” Julie asked, very confused.
“She’s not my girlfriend.” Dan laughed. “She’s my daughter!”
Rachel snickered, having played along without correcting what she
knew they’d been thinking. Julie’s eyes showed great surprise as did
Rikki’s. But Rikki laughed too.
“Americans.” Rikki chuckled. “I love ’em!”