Slut’s Fantasy


John walked into the bedroom and saw her, she looked beautiful. Her
blond hair was splayed against the black satin sheets and her large
breasts were provocatively bare. He walked over to her and fondled
the black leather collar that was tightly clasp around her delicate
neck. She was his, completely his, and tonight he would prove it to

“Get up bitch” John ordered yanking on her leash. The girl’s eyes
fluttered open and she smiled. “Master, your home! I’m so happy to
see you.”

“Quiet slut” he said slapping her right tit, “I don’t remember giving
you permission to talk.” The girl looked down ashamed of doing
anything to displease her owner.

“On the floor cunt” John demanded, unzipping his pants, “I want that
hot little mouth of yours around my cock.” The girl quickly obeyed,
leaning back on her knees and taking her Master’s cock into her mouth.

He forced her to hold still as he pumped the large member in and out,
passed her lips, and into the back of her throat. She choked a little
at the invasion, trying to push him out but to no avail, he just
pumped in with more force the next time.

“Good little cock sucker, we’ll have you deep throating in no time”
he replied feeling her begin to accept him. She beamed at the praise
and tried harder to take him deeper into her mouth.

Suddenly, John pulled back on the leash, “That’s enough bitch, we
don’t want to feed you until my dinner’s done, now do we.” She looked
disappointed but shook her head in agreement anyway. With that, he
tugged on her leash and she began to crawl behind him. He loved
this part of her training, John would never tire of watching her crawl
behind him like an animal, totally subservient.

Once in the kitchen, John instructed the girl on what to fix and
allowed her to stand. He then attached nipple clamps to her large tits
and gave them a tug. “Yeah, you like that don’t you slut.”

“Oh, yes Master.”

“Good slut, I think that deserves a little reward don’t you.” With
that, John shoved two fingers into his bitch’s wet pussy. “Your
already wet you horny little cunt. You wanted this didn’t you cunt.”

“Yes Master, it feels so good” she replied breathlessly.

“Tell me what you are bitch, tell me what a cock sucking little
whore you are. Tell me how much you love having my fingers rammed
into your slutty twat. I said tell me you fucking bitch.”

“I love it Master, I love being your cunt and having your fingers in
my snatch, I love it Master, I love it” She whimpered, aroused both
by the words and what he was doing to her pussy.

“What do you want bitch,” he demanded cruelly tugging on the clamps.

“I want to cum Master, please let me cum.”

“Beg for it whore, beg like the hot little slut you are.”

“Please Master, please let me cum, I need it Master, I need you to
allow me to cum. Oh please Master, please.” With that he shoved
is fingers into her completely and allowed her to orgasm. She
cried out in pure pleasure clutching at his shirt to keep from
collapsing in ecstasy.

“Now what do you say whore” John questioned.

“Thank you Master, thank you for letting me cum” she cried, still
reeling from what had just happened.

“Not good enough bitch, you know the rules, now thank me properly.”
She responded quickly, getting down on her hands and knees and placing
her mouth against his shoe. “Thank you for allowing me to cum Master”
she said kissing his feet. “Thank you for letting you dirty slut to

John watched her display and felt a surge of masculine power. He
enjoyed seeing a slut who knew her place. Eventually however,
hunger won out and John pulled the bitch to her feet. “That’s enough
cunt now it’s time for you to fix me dinner. I want it done in
thirty minutes or else you are going to become reaquainted with the
whip. Do you understand bitch.”

“Yes Master, thirty minutes.” With that, he locked her leash around
one of the kitchen cabinets. The position allowed her free access
around the room but assured him that she wouldn’t be able to get away.

“I’ll be back when your time’s up cunt, don’t disappoint me” John
warned as he left for the computer.

Thirty minutes later, John return to the kitchen, pleased to find
that his slut was finished with preparing his meal . Upon seeing
her Master, the girl began placing his food on a plate and then quietly
awaited further instruction. He walked over to the cabinet and
unlocked her leash.

“Down bitch. Very good.” John replied when she obeyed, “here’s
something for you to reward your obedience.” He took out a
large eight inch vibrator and pushed it into his slut’s cunt. John
then attached a belt with a pussy strap to her waist that would keep
the device in place. He then turned the vibrator on to a low setting.

The girl moaned as her full cunt began to drip with juice. John looked
down at the puddle of pussy juice leaking onto the floor. “Now look
what you’ve done you little whore, your making a mess on my floor
with that horny snatch.”

The girl looked down and, indeed there was a small puddle on the
floor. “Now your just going to have to clean up that mess cunt”
John replied. Upon hearing her Master’s order, the girl began
looking around for a towel.

Sensing her thoughts John yelled, “Not with a towel, you stupid bitch,
I want you to lick the mess up with your tongue!” The girl looked
unsure, but John stopped all thoughts of disobedience by grabbing her
hair and forcing her face down to the puddle. “That’s ten stroke with
the whip tonight for not immediately doing what you are told. Now I
want to see you lick up that pussy juice like the bitch you are.”
Knowing not to disobey again, the girl began licking the floor, trying
to clean up her mess before her Master became really angry and increased
her punishment.

When she was done, John picked up his plate and tugged on her leash
indicating that she was to crawl into the living room with him. Once
there, John locked her leash around a table leg close to the sofa
and went back to retrieve his drink and her bowl full of food.

Returning to the living room, John sat down and ate his food while
his bitch knelt at his feet. When he was finished, John unzipped his
pants and looked down at the kneeling girl. “Come here cock sucker,
it’s time for your supper.”

The girl immediately sat up and wrapped her mouth around her Master’s
cock, sucking greedily. When he was almost ready to cum, John yanked
his cock out of his bitch’s mouth and shot his load onto the food
already in the dog dish.

He put her food bowl on the floor and once again shoved his cock into
her mouth to be cleaned. “Good cock sucker” he replied once she had
finished her task, “now you can eat.”

Upon obtaining permission, the girl quickly bent down and hungrily
began lapping up her Master’s cum from her food bowl. She licked
the entire dish clean, careful that not even a morsel of food was left.

“You greedy whore” her John said, “you were really hungry weren’t you.”

The bitch nodded her agreement. “Well here’s something else for your
mouth” John said, pulling her head back toward his cock. “This is what
a cunt like you is good for, holding her Master’s cock in her mouth.”

The girl once again found her mouth around John’s limp penis.

He kept her in that position for the next two hours. Occasionally
patting her on the head, pulling on her tit clamps, or playing with
the vibrator in her twat.

John looked down at his bitch as she began to whimper. “What’s wrong
you fucking cunt, are you tired already” he asked.

She gently let his cock fall out of her mouth before answering, “no
Master, I need to go to the bathroom. Please Master.”

“Why yes whore, that’s an excellent idea” John replied grinning evilly
as a tremor of fear ran through the girl kneeling in front of him.

“Hurry up bitch” he shouted yanking on her leash as he headed toward
the “special” bathroom.

The girl felt the cool concrete against her naked body as she crawled
into the room. She dreaded what was to come next. This bathroom was
made for punishment. There was a drain and a sink near the right
corner of the room along with a pair of floor and wall shackles.
Depending on the mood her Master was in he could either chain her
face down against the concrete or press her up against the wall,
either way escape was impossible.

“Get over here bitch” John said yanking her over toward the cage.

“Now get in and be a good little dog, I have some preparations to do.”
With that, he went over to retrieve the enema kit, butt plug, and
larger vibrator from one of the far cabinets.

“Master please don’t do this, I’ll be good Master, I promise” the
bitch begged from her cage.

“You never learn do you cunt. I did NOT give you permission to speak!
You will do as I say even if that means having you ass full of water
for the next week. And in reward for your little outburst, that’s
an extra ten lashes with the whip tonight, and this time it will be
across those slutty tits of yours” John screamed becoming increasingly
angered by his bitch’s disobedience.

He quickly strode over to her cage, yanked open the door and pulled
violently at her leash, almost causing her to fall. The girl crawled
behind him until they reached the shackles.

“Give me those tit clamps whore” John screamed yanking the device from
her breasts. “I’m through being nice to you.” And with that John
began slapping her large tits.

She screamed as blow after blow landed across her nipples sending red
hot pain coursing through her entire body. “I’m sorry I disobeyed
Master” she cried, tears streaming down her face. “Please forgive me
Master, please. I’ll be good for the enema Master, I promise, just
please stop.”

John gave her tits a few more slaps for good measure before reattaching
her tit clamps and forcing her face-first against the floor. He
locked her hands in place by her head before shoving her ass up in
the air as far as possible and then locking her ankles in place.
John then yanked the vibrator out of her pussy. “Now your going to
get the largest enema you’ve ever had bitch. And the only words I
want to hear out of you slutty mouth are ‘thank you Master’ as you
feel your ass getting fuller.”

He then shoved the enema tube deep up her ass and attached the other
end to the sink. The girl felt her ass filling up with warm water
as he turned the faucet on harder. Slowly, her stomach began to bulge
and she started feeling the cramps. “Oh yes, ” her Master said feeling
her ass, “you’re coming along nicely. Just a few more minutes and
you’ll have a gallon of water up that whore ass of yours. Won’t you
like that slut?” he asked, once again testing her obedience.

The girl shuttered but replied “yes Master, I want my ass filled with
as much water as you want to put into it. Please Master”

“Very good bitch, and since you seem so enthusiastic, I might add a
little more.” John then proceeded to fill her with as much as her
small rounded ass could hold, stopping every few minutes to let the
water settle before once again resuming her torture.

Finally, when he was sure she could take no more, John yanked the
hose out of her ass and quickly inserted a large six inch butt plug.
“There, now you will be able to hold the water for as long as I
tell you to cunt” he said giving her ass a hard swat.

John then released the girl from the shackles and led her down the
hall to the bedroom. Once there, he bent over and inserted the large
vibrator into his slut’s pussy. “Your snatch is really tight bitch,
it almost makes me want to fuck you right here and now. But first,
your punishment. Lean over the bed cunt, ass up in the air.”
The girl immediately followed her instructions and presented her ass
to her Master.

“Now I’m going to make you wish you had obeyed me you slut.” With
that, he drew back the whip and began lashing into his bitch’s upturned
ass. She began to cry and whimper louder with each stroke but never
tried to move away, such a disobedient action would only increase her

When the ten strokes were finally over, John walked over and rubbed
her ass with one of his large firm hands. “you’re going to have some
nice sized welts for the next few days cunt. Maybe that will remind
you who’s in charge.” Now turn over so I can do your tits.”

She quickly turned onto her back and arched so that her tits were
raised. John fondled them for a minute, pinching the nipples to
ensure that they were hard. “You look good like this slut” he
whispered, “with your stomach bulging with water and your huge tits,
you look just like a pregnant whore.”

John then brought the whip down hard on her left tit and she screamed
in agony. Perspiration began to form on her brow as he hit her tits
time and time again with his long leather whip.

When at last her punishment was over, John stood back and admired his
work. Her once creamy white skin was now a mass of red welts and
streaks and her rosy nipples were now a deep shade of red from the
abuse. “This will hopefully be a punishment you won’t easily forget”
John said twisting her sore nipples.

She gave a scream of pain and pleasure and gasp “no Master, I’ll never
again forget who I belong to.”

He smiled at her statement and gave a small tug on her leash. “Come
along bitch, it’s time to get you cleaned out.” He once again led her
into the bathroom and chained her in the same position as before.

This was the part that she hated most about the enema. In this postion
she was completely vulnerable to her Master and would be forced to
lose control and expel all of the water. The act was both disgusting
and humiliating for her and he knew it.

“Get ready slut” he said yanking out her butt plug. All at once, she
felt the mass of water that had been forced up her ass and into her
belly being expelled with violent force. John watched the display
acutely aware of her embarrassment and loving every minute of it.

He enjoyed humiliating her and dominating every aspect of her being.

When she was finally finished, John took another hose and hooked it
up to the faucet. He then turned on the cold water. “You filthy
little slut, you don’t deserve to be showered like a human after that
display. I’m going to have to wash you off like the dog you are.”

He then began to wash her until she was completely rid of all signs
of the enema.

John once again picked up her leash and led her into the bedroom.

“Now that you’re clean I’m going to fuck that hot little ass of yours
whore. You’re really going to enjoy that aren’t you bitch. I know
how much you like having a vibrator in your snatch and my cock up
your ass.”

“Oh yes Master” she cried, “I love being fucked up the ass. I can
hardly wait to have your cum inside of me. Please fuck me Master.
Fuck me in the ass like the slutty bitch I am.”

He quickly rammed his cock into her causing the girl to gasp in
pain at the invasion. Over and over he pumped into her ass while
pinching her sore tits and making her beg for more.

Finally John came in his bitch’s ass and collapsed on top of her in
exhaustion. After a long while, he pulled out of her and cleaned
himself off. He then took the vibrator out of her pussy and held it
to up to her lips. She licked the tool clean without hesitation.

“Good girl,” he replied patting her on the head “for that you can
sleep at my feet on the bed tonight instead of on the cold hard

The girl beamed at the praise as she curled into his arms for some
more stroking before bedtime.