Slick When Wet


My name is Colin and I’m writing to tell you about my
experience of a popular theme, judging by the other
stories I read on the subject. That is, men who get a
kick out of watching other men screwing their wives.

We’ve been doing it for about three years now. I’m 33
and my wife, Petra, is 29. Neither of us really see any
harm in it and I get an almighty thrill from watching
her rogering another guy. The experience I’m about to
tell you of is a wee bit different from our others, and
is definitely our best to date. By the way this is the
truth, you can believe it or not.


We treat ourselves to a weekend in London every few
months, and stay in good hotels from Friday to Sunday,
with a top show thrown in. When we went a couple of
weeks ago to see a show on Friday night, and on Saturday
we stayed in the hotel.

While we were having dinner Saturday evening I had to
pay a visit to the gents, and at the urinal next to me
was a big handsome black bloke, and I couldn’t help
noticing his huge cock. I could only stare at it open-
mouthed, until I sort of shame-facedly said I was sorry
for staring. He laughed it off, so I made a joke,
saying, “I bet that’s put a smile on many a girl’s

“Yeah man,” he said. “It’s been up a few nooks and
crannies in its time.” Then he slapped me on the back
and left the room.

I was still grinning when I got back to Petra. She asked
what the joke was, so I chuckled and told her. She just
giggled and raised her eyebrows. About 15 minutes later
she asked, “How big did you say, Colin?”

“About nine inches, give or take,” I replied. A few
minutes more silence, then she asked me to point him out
to her. So, my eyes scanned the bar and I pointed him
out to her, leaning on the bar and alone. She looked at
me and her face said it all – she wanted him.

Her enthusiasm was infectious and I’m sure that I was
blushing, too. I didn’t say a word. I merely nodded,
stood up and went across to the bar and stood next to
the coloured youth. He glanced up and his face broke
into a grin. “Hi man…you again?” he said. I smiled
back and offered to buy him a drink. “Sure man, thanks.”

“My pleasure.” I said, “Now, come and join me and my

And that was how it began. His name was Ben, he was 20
years old and like us, in town for the weekend. We drank
until about 11.30pm, they held hands, looked into each
other’s eyes, but that was where the intimacy stopped. I
put my hand in my pocket and held out the room keys to
Petra. Petra stood up and said to me. “Give us 10
minutes pet, then come up.” And with that they left the
bar, arm in arm.

I gave Petra her 10 minutes before following them to the
room. As I went in, I closed the door quietly and turned
the key in the lock. Ben and Petra were naked and really
and truly looked a magnificent twosome, mainly due to
the contrasting colour of their skins – Petra’s so white
and Ben’s so brown and masculine. He was totally aroused
and his magnificent cock was up to his bellybutton, hard
and thick with a knob that had to be seen to be

She was seated on the edge of the bed and he got her to
lean forward so that he could let his fingers ride
lightly over her swollen breasts. He hadn’t come yet,
but there was a blob of fluid oozing from the tip of his
brown shaft. I had my back to the door, watching
spellbound as he took his cock in one fist and pushed
its tip over one of her nipples, and Petra groaned as he
smeared the leaking wetness onto her flesh.

I saw her shoulders sag as a shudder passed through her.
Her nipple was gleaming and once more, she moaned as he
teased her other tit-end. Petra took Ben’s brown shaft
in her hands and her head fell back as she pressed it
between her breasts. She was starting to pant, weak with
desire and overwhelmed by the touch of his hot organ on
her neck, face and tits. “Suck it Petra,” he said, and I
could sense the emotion in his voice.

His knob was at her lips, and she instinctively pursed
them as her tongue came out. Ben curled his fingers
behind her head and pulled her forward as she opened her
mouth to take his organ. Later, she was to tell me how
slick his flesh was and how it felt like velvet as his
cock slid into her mouth. She was moaning as her tongue
fluttered along the underside of Ben’s thick prick. All
the time she sucked, he was stroking her face.

Ben grunted something like, “Don’t stop Petra…
lovely… lovely. Keep sucking… don’t stop.” His hands
were fondling her breasts as she gobbled him harder. He
pinched her nipples and massaged the sides of her tits
until she was whimpering around the huge penis in her
mouth. Finally he pulled away and his tool came out, wet
and glistening with her saliva. “Lie down on your back,
Petra,” he said, “Now spread wide.”

She was putty in his hands as at once she did as he
wanted. He reached down and helped her to open her legs
even wider. I could see her cunt, which she keeps neatly
trimmed and almost hairless. I heard Ben’s gasp of
approval for, like me, he could see the pink inner lips
and the obvious wetness.

I thought he was going to mount her and fuck her there
and then, and I’m sure Petra did, too. Instead, he bent
down and she cried out in delight as his mouth went to
her sex. She was trembling as he started to suck and
kiss, and I could hear him lapping up her juices. Ben
opened her cunt wider with one brown finger, and his
face was flat between her thighs until he was nigh to
eating her.

Petra was screaming and I knew she was having a sort of
minor orgasm, then seconds later, when he stood back,
his mouth and face was wet with her juices. That’s when
he fucked her. He got onto the bed and between her legs.
He had that mighty brown shaft in one fist and he moved
it to her twat. I saw the knob slide in and I heard it
squelch. Petra’s eyes opened and shut again and she
panted, “Do it Ben… do it now! Fuck me hard!”

He fucked her hard all right. He was thrusting, ramming
into her, and she was pushing up to get him deeper. He
moved his hands beneath her buttocks to lift her from
the bed, and her hands gripped his shoulders.

Ben’s thick, brown shaft was like a piston now. Petra
was making a lot of noise, and she stared straight at
me, but I don’t think she really saw me. He bent his
head to suck her nipples and it was then that she came
in a shattering orgasm.

Later she told me how thrilled she had been – thrilled
by the sheer size of his cock fucking her and how good
it felt. She had felt the strength of him, his weight
crushing her into the mattress, his hands and fingers
digging into her bum as he rammed his cock deep into her
pussy. He had climaxed inside her and she had felt the
sperm from his balls flowing into her in hot gushes. He
mounted her a further three times that night, and I did
get into bed with them once.

The next day, we went our separate ways. I doubt if we
will ever see Ben again. but it’s opened a new chapter
in our lives. On a couple of occasions since, she has
laid in my arms and said. “Brown was beautiful, but
maybe I could have a really dark black man… please
darling, please…”

We’ve booked to see Cats in a couple of months, so time
will tell…