Sleeping with Friends


This story relates the unbelievable events of one night in October in
1994. My name is Aaron. I’m 18 now, I was 17 at the time. I’m a
pretty good lookin’ guy, if a bit on the plain side. I have more
muscle now, but back then I was still six feet tall with my blue eyes
and blond hair. I remember that night vividly. It was the 14th. It
was an unusually dark night, with no stars or moon. I was over at my
friend James’s house. His parents were out of town for a few days on
business and they had left James and his twin sister Jessica to fend
for themselves. The two were my age, 17. James was a decent lookin’
guy, about five eight with dark eyes and hair. His sister, however,
was a knock out! She stood five feet nine inches tall (which always
frustrated James!), with dark brown hair to her butt, and what a butt
it was! She was tight and toned all over her body. Now she models
for one of those jeans ads, I think, and she sure should. She had
huge brown eyes that just emanated innocence and beauty. She was
slender but muscular with long legs shaped so perfect, so smooth! Her
breasts were definitely large and perky, always bouncing around having
fun beneath her skin tight outfits. She was truly a sight to behold,
and man, did I ever want to! I always had a good time with James, but
I came over that night not just to see him but to see her. She was
always out on dates or something whenever I normally came over, so
tonight was a perfect night to do some babe watching. I mean, their
parents were gone, mine had left also for some conference, so I was
spending the night with James and the goddess!!

I went over to their house around six. We ordered some pizza and
watched a movie, “Beach Bunnies Part 6” or something like that. James
and I were watching for the girls, all cute but not as nice as
Jessica. I wasn’t sure at the time why she stayed in the room at all.
The movie had a few hunky guys, but nothin’ for her to get excited
about. She was wearing this blue top cut down to her breasts and she
couldn’t have had on a bra. Then she had on a denim skirt that barely
covered anything. In fact, I caught a glimpse of her white panties
with little roses at one point. I wasn’t really watching the movie, I
was watching her. Remembering back, she seemed to be watching me,
too, but I didn’t notice at the time. It was about eight when the
move was over and we started talking.

James got off talking about this new girl in his biology class. He
said he wanted to study her for an experiment. Yeah right! He was
after T&A! Anyway, to get on with it, after about half an hour
Jessica looks over at me and asks, “So, Aaron, have you ever seen a
naked girl in person? Ever go all the way?”

James just looked over at her with a smirk and maybe a bit of a smile.
I fumbled out an answer, “Uh, yeah, Jessie, actually I have seen a
naked girl, ah, woman before.”

She looked back and said, “So you have, have you? Well, did you make
it with her?”

My pants were becoming very tight by then and I was at a loss for why
Jessica was asking me these things, although I hoped it might lead to
something. So I answered, “Well, I sorta did but I didn’t really, if
ya know what I mean.”

James looked at me and replied, “No, I don’t know what ya mean! You
never told me about this, spill the beans, studly!”

I was a bit flustered but began to tell my tale, “Okay, if ya wanna
hear it, it happened over the summer. You remember Sarah Williams?”

James shot back, “You mean big boob Sarah?!”

“Yeah,” I responded. “Well, remember she moved back in July, on the
17th. Anyway, I called her up the night before and told her it was
too bad she moving and that I had always found her attractive and I
hoped she’d have a good time out in California. So anyway, she tells
me thanks and that she thought I was really hot. Then she asks me if
I wanna come over and do her! She says her parents went out to dinner
for the evening and she’s alone, and we’ll never have the chance
again, blah, blah, blah.”

James exclaimed, “She said that?! Geez, I never knew she was that

“You wouldn’t believe, James, you wouldn’t believe,” I came back.
“So, I ran over to her house since it was just down the block, and my
car was in the shop. I get to the door and before I even knock it
opens and there she is. You know how she had that great red hair and
green eyes with the little freckles, well she looked so damn hot! She
was standing there in this bath robe, a red one with pink roses.
Well, she pulls me in, closes the door and lets the robe fall open.
So now she’s standing there with just this robe and everything’s
hanging out. This girl was wet, too! I figure she’d been playing
with herself since before she called me…”

“You’re giving me a major woody listenin’ to this!” James declared.

Jessica spoke softly, “Go on, Aaron, what happened.”

“Okay, so she rips my shirt off, breaking two of the buttons and all,
then pulls down my pants and boxers in one quick stroke. She knew
what she was doin’! So I’m standing there buck naked in front of this
horny little sex goddess with a great little figure but some huge
honkin’ boobes with these gigantic tits standing erect as can be.
Then she grabs me and pushes me into her. I’d never been in a woman
before, and it felt so awesome my dick slidin’ into her so smooth.
She was sooo tight and wet and hot. Well, we kissed for a minute and
I started to move in her when she pulls away and walks outside.”

“So she just left ya? Did you follow?!” James blurted out.

I answered, “Of course I followed her, you weenie! I left my clothes
on the floor in the house and ran after her. She dropped her robe and
stepped into this spa they had in the back yard. I’m standin’ there
watching with this stupid look on my face holding this major hard on
in my hand, stroking it real slow like, and it’s all wet from being in
her in the house. So, she gets down in the water and presses herself
up against one of those water jets and starts moaning. After a few
minutes she starts calling my name and tells me she’s ready for me to
finish her and take her into orgasm. Well, I jump into the spa and
she turns around to face me. She puts her ass up to one of the jets
and says somethin’ like she wants to feel it both ways at once while I
do her, then she takes my penis in her hand and slides it into her.
Anyway, we start moving slow like but she wants it harder cause she’s
ready to come, and frankly I figure I can’t hold it back at all and I
already feel like I’m gonna shoot. So she starts screaming and
hollerin’ and is already orgasmic and I can feel I’m gonna go any
second, and then we hear her dad call her from in the house asking if
she’s okay!”

“Oh, shit!” James shouted.

“Yeah, my thoughts exactly!” I responded. “So I pull out and run for
some bushes at the side of the yard, my dick jumping and finally
letting its load go as I pull out and jump outta the spa. I mean, I
was about two seconds away from finishing with her!! So, I sit back
in the bushes stroking out the last globs while she gets out of the
water and puts her robe on. Then she walks over and gives her dad a
kiss as he walks outside. So, I sit there wonderin’ what to do for
about fifteen minutes and then I see her coming back out towards the
bushes wearing this red leather skin tight thing. Well, I get hard
immediately and figure now we get to finish what we started. She
helps me out of the bushes, says her parents had a flat and her dad
got grease on his pants and had to change but they’re gone again.
Then she tells me how she told him she had hit her elbow in the spa
and that’s what he heard. I asked her about my clothes, and she said
she told her dad they were her cousin’s and she just wanted to
remember to give them back when he came over to say good bye. Well,
it’s obvious to me that she’s good at this, but I think screw it let’s
get back to the good stuff. She looks at me, wet and hard, kisses my
dick, and then says I have to go ’cause her cousin is coming over in
just a few minutes.”

James responded, “So why was she dressed that way then?!”

“Because she does her cousin!” I responded. “Apparently they’ve been
bangin’ each other since they were twelve. He was her first. So, I
dried off, jerked off, and left. I’ve never heard from her again.”

Finishing my story, I looked up at Jessica to see her smiling wide.
James was sitting on the couch with a visible bulge which he was not
all that subtly rubbing with a pillow. Jessica got up and walked into
the kitchen and came back in a minute holding a carrot and a banana.
She threw her head back, moved her left hand across her crotch, shot
me a glance, and walked off to her room.

“What was that?!” I asked James.

“Oh, that’s just Jessie,” he responded. “She liked your story. She’s
gonna go masturbate now. You wanna watch her? I think she wants you

“Are you serious?!” I shouted. “You mean she does this a lot?”

“Oh, yeah,” James said nonchalantly. “She lets me watch, but she
won’t do me. She’s done almost every other guy on the block, though.
She’s really a horny thing. So, you wanna watch?”

“Shit, yes!” I exclaimed.

James and I walked towards Jessica’s room to find the door wide open.
She was just finishing removing her panties. I stared in disbelief at
her perfect figure, that awesome form. She put poor Sarah to shame.
Her breasts were more beautiful than anything I had ever seen in any
magazine or on any movie, and I had seen a lot! Her stomach was flat
and smooth with only her perfect little belly button breaking its
plane. Her legs were long and muscular, strong from years of running
and working out. Her entire body was tan, the result of countless
hours at the beach and in tanning machines. Her slender arms crossed
her body sensuously, her long fingers rolling over her tits and love
mound. Her cunt was shaved. It was perfect, hot, and soaking wet.
She fell back onto her bed, spreading her legs wide while smiling at
me. Her dark hair covered her pillows and comforter, her eyes still
somehow innocent and pure making them so much more erotic.

James stripped his clothes to reveal his skinny frame and enormous
erection. For a rather small guy, he was well endowed. I had never
seen him like this before, so aroused and hard. But my attention
returned to her, to Jessica, that sexual princess before me. She
looked at me and said in a barely audible voice, “Aaron, take off your
clothes and come here.”

I fumbled with my zipper as I tore my T-shirt off my back. I kicked
my shoes away into the room, and ripped my socks off. Finally, my
boxers came off and my manliness sprang forth. My cock was standing
erect and at attention, ready to do whatever it needed to do. I
walked across the room, my penis bouncing against my stomach and
thighs, until I stood at her side. She was even more beautiful closer
up. I could see her cunt red with blood, her clit erect and waiting
for love’s touch.

“I need your help, Aaron,” she whispered in my ear. “I need you to
oil me down with the baby oil on the table there.”

I stepped over to the bedside table and grabbed the oil. I spilled it
into my hands and began to rub her stomach slowly in circles. My
hands moved freely over her tanned, taught figure. The oil seeped
into her skin, shining in the light of the lamp across the room. My
hands worked their way up her stomach to her chest. I circled her
breasts and slowly made my way up towards her nipples in slow circles.
Finally I ran my finger across her hard nipples as she shuddered and
moaned ever so slightly. I then proceeded to rub her shoulders and
arms and sweet face. After that I moved to her feet. I first licked
her soles and then sucked her toes as she giggled in pleasure. I then
oiled her feet and moved ever so slowly, so gently up her calves and
onto her thighs. As I finished her inner thighs and approached her
love chamber, Jessica turned over. I proceeded to rub oil over her
back, and legs, and firm buttocks. I took special time with her
shoulders and butt, making her groan in pleasure as I rubbed her down.
Finally, after close to thirty minutes of my hands exploring and
pleasuring her entire body, Jessica was ready for me to finish her

Jessica returned to lying on her back and spread her legs wide,
pushing her cunt towards me. I kissed her passionately, my tongue
flicking within her sacred chambers, and then pulled away to finish my
job of oiling her sensous body. I no longer used my hands but instead
dashed oil onto my throbbing, engorged penis. I slowly rubbed it
across her secret places, oiling her every last inch. As the head ran
past her clit, we both shuddered and moaned with excitement and
pleasure. She was oozing her feminine fluids all over me and the bed,
wetter than I’d ever seen a woman before in magazines or movies. She
closed her eyes and let me work slowly on her hot, wet linings with my
tongue and fingers. Finally, I moved to insert my hard love handle
within her, but she held me back. She looked at me with longing and
said, “No, Aaron, not now, I’m not ready. I need to pleasure myself
before I pleasure you. I want you to see what I do when I think of
you at night.”

My mind raced as I heard her say those words, that she thought of me
at night. I stepped back and sat at the end of her bed, but a few
feet away from her love hole. She took the carrot from the kitchen
and dipped in vaseline, and then with one quick stroke guided it up
into her ass. She moved it slowly within her for several minutes,
arching her back and moaning. Then she took up the banana and let it
slip into her vagina. The fruit slid easily within her, covered with
her hot juices. She took ahold of it and began to pump it in and out
of her chamber while moving the carrot with her other hand. I let my
hand fall to my throbbing penis and rubbed it slowly, not wanting to
come soon. I watched in amazement as Jessica moved the banana within
her, taking obvious pleasure from the experience. She screamed and
shouted my name between moans of intense pleasure, and then suddenly
she stopped. She sat ever so slightly to look at me as she took the
two objects of her masturbation out of her cavities. A great smile
spread across her face as she spoke, “You can finish the job, Aaron.
I’m ready for you, and I know you’re ready for me.”

I scrambled onto the bed and let my hard love organ slide within her
for the first time. Somehow it felt so much better than when I had
been inside Sarah as I began to move on her. Jessica was nearing
orgasm when she let me into her. I felt her body tensing beneath me
as I pumped in and out of her tight love space. She moaned my name
over and over and then began to kiss me full on the lips. Our tongues
danced together as we made love. It felt like nothing I had ever
known being so deep inside her, moving in unison. Our hearts were
beating rapidly, our breathing heavy. Our moans and cries filled the
room. Then I felt her jump beneath me as she reached her orgasm. Her
eyes lit up and she screamed loudly and then moaned as intense waves
of pleasure washed over her body. I felt her contracting around me,
pulling me in farther as she reached her plateau, and then I felt
myself ejaculate. I shot my love juices forth deep within her for the
first time ever. I cried out as my penis lurched within her, emptying
itself of years of wanting and waiting. She felt me shooting my love
deep into her body, into her heart, and into her soul. She kissed me
passionately, holding me close to her. I stayed there atop her for
what seemed like an eternity, a blissful, heavenly eternity. We
continued to move, her pleasure being my only goal after having
released myself within her. Finally, I shrank within her and pulled
away, fallen to her side. She ran her fingers softly over my chest
and down my stomach to circle my satisfied loins. I smiled at her,
and she smiled back.

Across the room James had gotten off two or three times at the sight
of us. He was laying on the floor spent from exertion as he began,
“Geez, Jess, you two really…”

Jessica looked at her brother, having forgotten he was in the room.
Her eyes searched his naked body and then she spoke sweetly, softly,
“James, Aaron and I would like to be alone for the rest of the night.
I hope you had fun, but we need privacy. Thanks, bro.”

James looked at her in astonishment, smiled, and left the room closing
the door behind him.

I watched him go and then looked over at Jessica, her body glistening
with perspiration, her face glowing with joy and peace. She looked
into my eyes and wrapped her arms around me, and then she said, “Well,
it seems you’ve completed your task. I hope it was good for you,
because I’ve never had better. Next time I’ll let you do everything,

I kissed her, running my hands along her back and then replied,
“Jessie, I never imagined making love could be so good. I’m glad I
never got to finish with Sarah, it would have been a waste to have her
as my first. Thank you for this, for tonight. And I can’t wait for
next time!”

Jessica looked deep into my eyes and whispered, “I love you.” Then
she kissed me and left the room for her bathroom. I stared on as the
door shut almost completely and then I heard a giggling voice saying,
“Aaron, aren’t you coming? Oh, you just did! Well, why not do it
again! I think you need a shower…”

I jumped from the bed and headed for the bathroom, hearing the water
already running, my love already growing large again awaiting its next
encouter. But that is another story…

Sleeping W/ Friends 2

This is the second story in a series dealing with these characters and
their lives and loves. I advise reading the first story in the series
first, but this one can stand alone also.

James was waiting for me out in the school parking lot, and I was
already late. I had been talking to Ms. Loraine about my stupid
English paper, and she wasn’t too thrilled with it. I mean, how was I
supposed to know about Middle Ages and chivalry and knight errants and
damsels in distress. I didn’t even like knight movies! But that
didn’t matter right at that moment as I ran out to the car.

I found James waiting rather impatiently, sitting on the hood of my
new Camaro. He just stared at me as I came up to him then said
gruffly, “You’re fifteen minutes late, Aaron. I mean, geez, what do
you think I have all day to stand around here? I got a date tonight
in about thirty minutes and it’ll take me almost that long to get home
and them over to her place!”

“Look,” I said apologetically, “I’m sorry, but you know Loraine. I
couldn’t just walk out when she wanted to see me after class!
Besides, this thing’ll do one fifty, so let’s go!”

James and I both hopped in the car as I unlocked the doors. I turned
the key, listening to that V-8 rumble. The tires squealed as I pulled
out of the parking lot onto the street and sped towards James’s house.
I really was sorry about all that mess, I mean he was and still is my
best friend. It was a Friday and he finally had landed a date with
this new girl, Daisy I think it was. They were going to an early
movie and then James hoped they wouldn’t be coming home, but he was
always thinking with his “little head.”

As I pulled into the drive at his house, James screamed, “Shit, oh
shit!! She took the car, I can’t believe she took the car!”

Jessica was James’s twin sister. It had been just over two weeks
since my encounter with her at their house, a night I knew I’d never
forget. Now I couldn’t take my eyes off her and was always looking
for her in the halls and trying to come over when she was around.
Well, she wasn’t around that afternoon. She had taken the car, and
James was furious.

I parked the car in the driveway and got out, with James trudging
along behind me. He opened the door with his house key and we went
back to the kitchen. There hanging on the refrigerator door was a
scribbled note from Jessica saying, “James, had to take the car, be
back in an hour.”

James looked at me, anger in his eyes, and mumbled, “You know, Pete,
this is all your fault, don’t you? If you hadn’t been late to leave I
would have beat her home and I wouldn’t be in this situation now. So,
what ya gonna do about it? Huh?”

I felt guilty as I looked at James, and I finally said under my
breath, “Okay, maybe it’s my fault, maybe it’s not. I know it’s not
my fault you guys share a car and you don’t like riding with Jessie
and her friends, but maybe I screwed up. Look, you can take my car
tonight. I’ll wait here for Jess and have her take me home, okay?”

James looked at me, a smile breaking his gloom, and remarked, “I knew
you’d say that! Gotcha! And thanks, man!” Then he grabbed my keys
and headed off to change his clothes.

As James went towards his room, I followed after him calling, “Hey,
you took advantage of me, you little snot! I can’t believe you!
Geez! I bet you arranged for her to be gone, didn’t you?”

James shot me back a sly grin, then asked, “What, you mean you don’t
wanna spend some time with Jessie? I mean, my folks are gonna go out
tonight, and you can’t tell me you didn’t have a good time that

“Well, okay, I did have a good time. No, actually, a great time, best
time of my life! Ya know, maybe this won’t be so bad. Yeah, not bad
at all,” I replied.

James was putting on a clean shirt and heading for the bathroom when
he looked back and said, “Hey, ya know you guys made me leave, so what

I looked at him, blushing, and answered coyly, “Oh, probably nothing
you’d wanna know about.”

“Yeah, sure! Come on, I know something was going on after I left.
Remember, I saw you bang her, I was sittin’ right there. Course, you
didn’t seem to notice!”

“Okay,” I responded, “so, something did happen.”

“So, tell me!” James blurted out. “I mean, good night, you sure know
how to keep a guy in suspense. Besides, I gotta go in about ten
minutes, maybe fifteen, driving that car!”

“Okay, well, you know what happened before Jess asked you to leave,
like you said, you were there. Anyway, we just kinda stayed put on
the bed kissing for a bit, not really moving at all, then she got up
and walked into her bathroom. So, I just kinda lay there lookin’
stupid wonderin’ what’s goin’ on when I hear her giggling and telling
me I need a shower and aren’t I coming. And then she makes this
remark about oh I guess you just did, but why not do it again. So I
jump out of bed and head for the bathroom, hearing the shower water
running, right. I open the door gettin’ a pretty decent woody by now
and there she is in this satin bath robe. I could see her nipples
standing out against the thin fabric and I got really horny then.”

James looked at me and rolled his eyes saying, “Man, you’d think you
were in love the way you talk about her!”

“Hey, are you gonna let me finish, and so what if I am?”

“Okay, Aaron, sure, go on, I wanna hear this. Oh, but I don’t have
much more time!”

“Right,” I responded, “I’ll try to go a bit faster. So, she pulls me
over and kisses me. We close our eyes and just hold each other and
kiss like that for probably five minutes or more. Well, I’m like
totally hard now and she can feel it pressed against her, so she drops
the robe and steps into the shower. She points at me and gestures for
me to follow, which of course I do. So there she is, standing before
me, naked and glistening with hot water. I mean, she was gorgeous!
I’ve never seen such a beautiful sight. So, the water’s pretty hot
and starts to steam things up pretty quick. She pulls me closer to
her and kisses my neck, then my ear, then my chin, my nose, and
finally my lips. Our tongues meet and dance passionately. She
whispers that she loves me and then begins to drop down my body.”

“Dang, she really must have somethin’ for you, huh?”

“I hope so. But anyway, she’s kissing me down my chest and stomach,
going really slow over my body while I run my finger through her hair
and over her neck and shoulders. Then, finally, she reaches my penis
and runs her tongue over it really slow, and when she gets to the tip
she swallows the whole thing. Well, I just fell back against the
shower wall, water running all over our bodies, and slumped to the
floor. So she follows me and is laying on the shower floor, sucking
on me while I’m just moaning and having a good ol’ time…”

“Hey, Aaron, you’re making me hard here, not bad. Tell me more, but I
only got a minute or two.”

I continued, “Okay, so she’s wrapping her tongue around my penis down
there in her mouth and I’m going crazy here thinking this is just
wonderful. So then she stops and stand up in front of me, and I can
see she’s wet, and not just from the water. She takes my feet and
places them right in front of me, smiles, and then lays down again.
But this time as she starts to suck my cock she lets her cunt fall
over my toes. So, I can feel my toes slipping in her, and I start to
wiggle them and rub her back with my hands. She starts moaning, and
you know I’m already going. So, we go on like this for I dunno how
long and I finally shoot into her mouth. Well, she waits a minute or
two then comes up smiling and licking her lips, sitting straight up on
my feet moving on my big toe. So, I just sit back and relax, loving
the show as she moves herself on my feet until she finally comes and
starts screaming out for me, and I grab her and we start kissing. So
anyway, we stayed in that shower for probably an hour until all the
hot water was gone and then dried each other off and went to sleep in
her bed together. I mean, James, you have one really special sister
there, ya know?”

James was shaking his head, smiling when he looked at his watch.
“Yikes, I gotta git! I’m gonna be late if I don’t hurry up and get my
butt moving. Hey, Aaron, thanks for the car, and have a nice time
tonight.” And with that he gave me a wink and ran out. I heard the
engine start up a few seconds later and the squeal of tires as he sped

I could have walked home if I’d wanted to, I didn’t live far from
James’s place, but I figured he’d gone through all this trouble for me
to get together with Jessie, so I’d better stay. Course, I wouldn’t
have left for the world! I hadn’t really seen her for any good amount
of time since that night a couple weeks before. I just didn’t have
much time with my paper and all and then the weekend before, Jess had
been at some school competition of some sort. I couldn’t wait for her
to get home so I could see her. My stomach was filled with
butterflies and I was more than a bit nervous with anticipation, so I
turned on the TV to distract myself.

I guess I must have fallen asleep watching some game show. All I
remember was feeling a hand on my crotch and then a pressure on my
lips. I slowly opened my eyes to see Jessica standing over me, her
hand cupping my balls and her lips moving gently on my own. Her eyes
were closed so she didn’t see that I was awake yet. With one quick
move I reached my arm up and pulled down on the couch and onto me, and
parted her sweet lips with my probing tongue. She made a slight sound
of surprise and then began to kiss me harder, her tongue dancing with
mine. Finally, I pulled away and looked at her, her brown eyes
shining. Our faces were but inches apart, our eyes locked in a gaze
of incredible intensity. I brushed her beautiful brown hair away from
her face and moved my lips closer to her ear. I kissed her ear lobe
and then began to whisper so low and soft it was almost inaudible,
saying, “Jessica, I’m so glad you’re here, I’m so glad I’m here. I’ve
been wanting to see you again for, well, ever since that night. I
don’t know what you felt then, but I felt something magical and

Jessie put her finger on my chin and moved my lips to her own. She
kissed me slowly, with passion and intensity. Then she spoke, her
lips almost touching mine, “Aaron, I felt it, too. I think I love
you. I’ve known you for years but I’ve never really known you. I was
just planning on having some fun with you, but it was so much more. I
can’t explain it with words.”

I looked at her, my heart pounding in my chest. I took her soft hand
in mine and pressed it to my chest saying, “Princess, this heart
beating in my chest beats only for you. It’s no longer mine since you
have stolen it away from me.”

Jessica smiled and moved my hand over her breast saying, “My prince,
this heart beating in my chest beats only for you. It is no longer my
own ever since you stole it away from me that night.” And with that
we kissed and embraced, becoming one in our hearts and souls. I
wrapped my arms around her warm, sensuous body. I felt her breasts
pressed against me, her lips pressed to mine, her tongue entangled
with my own. We were two people in love, passionately in love.
Neither of us knew how it happened or why, we didn’t even know that
much about each other except that being apart was the hardest thing we
had ever faced. I felt myself becoming hard as we embraced, and no
doubt she could feel it, too. She tightened her embrace and pulled me
even closer in towards her perfect body. My mind was racing, images
of our last night together combined with expectations for tonight and
the rest of our lives. With my eyes closed I could see every part of
her sexual body in perfect detail. I wanted to make love to her, that
night and every night to come.

As we lay on the couch sharing the silence, the embrace, the kiss, the
love, Jessica’s mother pulled into the garage. We could hear the
garage door opening as we scrambled to part and pull ourselves
together. She stood up, pulling down on her pink T-shirt that had
ridden up to her perfect breasts. She was braless and her nipples
were showing slightly beneath the shirt. She kissed me and ran off to
her room to change before her mother saw her. I stood up, my obvious
bulge straining to break free. I tried to think of anything other
than her, but Jessie was all that filled my mind. As I heard her
mother walk in I sat up on the couch and threw a pillow over myself,
calling hello from where I sat.

“Oh, Aaron, how are you?” Jessica’s mother said. “I didn’t know you
were going to be here. I thought you knew James had that date

I turned my head from where I sat, throwing an arm into the air to
wave hello. I stammered, “Hi, uh, I’m fine. I let James borrow my
car, cuz, uh, Jess had taken theirs to go run some errands. She was
gonna take me home in a minute. She’s, well, she went to change
clothes I think, said it might get chilly tonight.” I thought I had
covered up pretty well. I felt my hard on beginning to subside as I

Jessica’s mom replied, “Oh, well, that’s nice of her. Um, Aaron,
could you tell me something?” She moved closer to the couch and bent
over , talking softly so Jessie couldn’t hear anything. “I know you
and James talk,” she started, “and I was wondering if you’ve talked at
all about Jess. She’s been acting funny the last few weeks, sorta
dreamy and all, not paying any attention to any of the guys she used
to hang around with. Do you know anything about that, off the record
so to speak?”

I felt myself flush, hoping Jessie’s mother didn’t notice, and
stammered, “Uh, well, from what James said to me, I guess she kinda
likes some guy, I think. Why don’t you ask her, or at least James?”

“Oh, well, James would tell her I asked and I don’t wanna cause any
trouble or make her uncomfortable. I’m just a curious mother, ya
know? Speaking of which, how are your parents?”

I replied, “Oh, they’re good. They went to Reno for the weekend with
some other couples from work. I guess they left this afternoon.”

Just then Jessica walked in. She looked stunning in her tight fitting
blue jeans and red sweater. I looked at her, our eyes meeting, then
broke off the gaze hoping her mother wouldn’t see. Jessie walked up to
her mom and gave her a big hug, and said, “Hey, mom, how are ya?”

“Not bad,” her mother replied. “So, you’re gonna take Aaron home now?
Ya know, his parents are out of town, maybe you two could go see a
movie or something since your father and I are going to that party

Jess looked at me and gave a subtle wink, then turned to her mother
and said, “Okay, ma, that’s a really good idea. What do you think,

I looked at her, then to her mother and responded, “Sounds great!
Well, Jess, ya wanna go get somethin’ to eat first and get outta your
mom’s hair?”

Jessica smiled and said, “Ya, sounds good to me. Have a good time,
mom, and see ya tonight. Bye!” And with that we headed out the door
and drove off to eat, full of anticipation and love.

We decided on the way to head over to Chuck’s, a burger place near the
school. A bunch of our friends used to hang around there on Friday
nights. As we drove up, we could see that indeed a bunch of the other
kids from school were hanging around. Chuck’s had great burgers and
malts, and it was pretty laid back. Mostly parents never came around
on the weekend, so it was a fun place to hang out. Jessica and I
looked at each other before gettin’ out of the car. I moved close,
she closed her eyes, and our lips met once again. When we parted, I
looked at her and said, “Okay, well, shall we eat? And fast?”

Jess looked at me shaking her head vigorously. “Very fast!”

As we walked in, three of Jessica’s friends and their dates saw us.
Amy called over, “Hey, Jessie, whatcha doin’ here? Is that Aaron?”

Jessica looked at me, took my hand in hers, and we crossed the floor
to the table. My heart was pounding out of my chest, or so it seemed.
No one knew anything about us, except James, but that seemed about to
change. Amy looked at us as we walked over, then said, “Oh, so you
guys are a thing, huh?”

Jess looked at her and smiled, lighting up the room. I turned to look
at her, gazing at her, taking in her beauty. I pulled her a little
closer, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I figured there might as
well be no doubt about it. Jessica giggled as my nose brushed past
her ear, then said to Amy, “I guess you could say that. I hope you
don’t mind, guys, but we’re gonna go get something to eat, we’re kinda
in a hurry.”

Before anyone could respond, we walked off to place an order. I could
hear everyone at that table talking not so softly, speculating about
our relationship. But I knew something they didn’t know, I knew Jess
and I had love and had loved in the most perfect way.

After getting our food, we sat with Amy and the others but didn’t hear
much of their conversation. Neither of us ate more than a few bites.
We held hands under the table, and occassionally I felt Jessica’s soft
hand rub across my loving place. I think everyone there was pretty
surprised, but I was glad we were being open about our relationship.
Now we could be seen together at school, go out at night, do all the
things a normal couple does.

We only stayed for maybe half an hour or so and then left. In the car
I turned to Jessica, kissed her softly, and said, “I love you, and I’m
glad everyone knows it.”

She looked into my eyes and said softly, “I know you love me. I can
see it in your eyes, feel it in your touch, in your kiss, in your
words, and in your silence. And I love you, too.”

It was Jessica’s car, but she let me drive. I used ne hand on the
wheel and held her hand with the other. Soon we pulled into my
driveway. I wanted to make love to her, and I wanted to do it my way.
I had prepared for this night, hoping it would come someday. I knew
what I was going to do as I led her by the hand to my bedroom. I knew
it would be a night never to be forgotten.

I sat her on the bed and pushed her gently back against the pillows.
I let my body fall onto hers, our lips meeting, mingling, pressed
firmly together. I ran my hands gently along her side, up her arm, to
her fingertips and then wrapped my fingers with hers. Her sensual
body moved me, pressed against mine. I felt my love growing, my love
organ getting hard and erect as we kissed and moved together. Then I
pulled myself slowly away. As Jessica began to speak I covered her
sweet lips with my finger, then closed her eyes.

“Wait here,” I said, “and I’ll return for you soon. I love you. I
want you to think about that while I’m gone. Try to imagine how much
you mean to me, although no imagination could ever be great enough.
I’ll be back soon.” I kissed her lightly on the forehead and slipped
away, my hand trailing along her arm, lingering with her fingertips,
and finally breaking away.

I rushed to my parent’s room and lit a fire in a the fireplace. I
placed candles I had bought all about the room and the bathroom, and
then I ran a bath. The water churned hot, steaming as I poured in
oils and sprinkled rose petals on top of the bubbles. Then I returned
to Jessica’s loving side and lead her to the bedroom, eyes closed,
hand in hand. When we arrived in the bedroom I had her stand in front
of the fire while her eyes remained shut. I ran my fingers through
her long, dark hair and then brought them up her back. I pulled her
close and kissed her sweet lips. Then I bent down and removed her
shoes to reveal her bare feet. I slowly ran my hands up her legs,
over her strong calves, to her inner thighs. I gently touched her,
rubbing her thighs softly and lovingly until my hands found their way
to her zipper. I ever so slowly unzipped her jeans and pulled them
off her sensual, shapely hips, over her thighs, and down to her feet
where she stepped out of them. Again I ran my hands up her legs, but
this time along her bare skin. She felt so soft and supple, and yet
muscular and powerful beneath my loving fingers.

As I moved slowly up, I kissed her inner thighs and brushed my nose
over her silk, lacey panties. I felt her shake ever so slightly as I
passed over her. My hands moved over her hips up to her sides and
under her sweater. As I moved them higher, her sweater moved up her
body, revealing each perfect curve and each graceful line. She raised
her arms as I moved up her body and the sweater continued up. Her
perky breasts sprang free of the material, such a welcome, arousing
sight. Finally, my lips touched hers again as my hands traced a path
down her back and to her panties. I slowly moved down her body,
kissing her neck, her breasts, her navel, and then I took the panties
between my teeth and pulled them over her soft skin to her feet. With
my tongue, I moved up her legs, over her thighs, over her swollen
clitoris, across her firm stomach, to her breasts. I ever so gently
licked them in circles, moving ever closer to her hardening nipples
under her nipples were between my lips. I listened as she moaned
softly while my tongue played over her breasts and my hands rubbed her
succulent thighs.

Finally, I led her to the bathroom where I allowed her to open her
eyes. Our lips met again as Jessica looked over the surprise I had
prepared. I took her hand and helped her into the tub saying,
“Jessica, I want you to relax here for a while. I’ll return for you
soon. Enjoy yourself while I’m away.”

She looked at me with those big, brown eyes full of love and simply
smiled as she sank down into the hot, fragrant water. Her hand
lingered in mine, our eyes caught in a deep gaze until I moved away,
pulling my fingers slowly from hers.

I went back to the bedroom where I undressed myself and put on a robe.
After fifteen minutes I returned to Jessie’s side. She looked up at
me with love and tenderness. I reached down and took her dainty hand
in my own to help her from the bath. As she stepped out her skin
dripped, glistening with moisture in the soft candle light. Her toes
first touched the rug by the bath, then her feet. My eyes ran up her
body, along her sumptuous thighs, around her tantalizing love zone,
across her flat stomach, to her mounded breasts and hard nipples, to
rest on her smiling face. Through my robe she could surely see my
growing excitement as I wrapped her in a towel and carried her into
the bedroom.

Jessica didn’t say a word, but let me work to make her happy. As I
carried her in my arms to the bed, she kissed my neck and shoulder,
licking my chest softly, erotically. Finally, I laid her down upon
the sheets. I removed the towels from her body, feeling every curve
with my hands I did so. I moved to her and kissed her lips, our
tongues meeting once again. She raised her hands around my neck and
pulled me close to her as we kissed.

After many minutes of kissing her sweet lips, tasting her love, I
moved away. Reaching into the pocket on my robe, I pulled out a
bottle of lotion. I moved to her feet and kissed them while I rubbed
her toes with my hands. As I worked, I began to rub lotion along her
body. Her gently curving calves felt so wonderful beneath my touch,
each muscle giving way to my massaging. Then my hands moved up her
knees and to her thighs. My hands fell between her thighs, rubbing
lotion gently along the inside of those long, tan legs. With time
they moved still farther up until they worked over her wet, hot love
canal. I let my fingers briefly fall within her and then brush over
her clit as she squealed in pleasure. Then my hands moved still
further, onto her stomach, rubbing with a mixture of lotion and her
own juices. As I approached her breasts I rubbed them over with my
tongue once again, being slow to pleasure her. I could feel my hard
penis throbbing as her nipples fell beneath my probing tongue.
Finally, I moves on, rubbing her shoulders and arms as I had done the
rest of her sexy body, my engorged member resting between her breasts
as I propped myself over her. Then I felt it was time to move on.

I removed my robe as I straddled her, letting her see my full
manliness for the first time that night. She smiled as she stared at
my rock hard penis, and then moved her hands to touch it. Her expert
fingers ran along the shaft with a feather touch. I winced in pure
pleasure at her touch as her finger tips danced over the tip of my
erect shaft. I let my hands fall to her breasts as she rubbed my cock
slowly with her gentle touch. Then, I moved back along her body, my
penis tracing its way down her stomach, past her navel, and to her
erogenous zone. I let my weight fall onto her as our lips met again,
eyes closed to the world but not to our love.

Her hands moved along my back to my butt where she began to squeeze
and rub, tracing lines with her fingernails over my skin. As I felt
her hands on me, I felt my cock slide over her wet opening. I ever so
slowly let it move down, finding its way to her sacred entrance. I
shuddered as my penis rolled between her blessed lips and the head
found her hole. I moved gently into her, making my way slowly and
carefully. The wetness and warmth surrounded me, engulfing my love
member within her tender folds. Then , finally, I found myself
completely within her body.

As we continued to kiss, I began to move slowly deep within her. I
felt her soul stir, her passion move, as I pulled out ever so slightly
and then plunged back into her love. I moved slowly, taking in all
her pleasure and giving her all I had to offer. My thick penis moved
smoothly inside her vaginal walls. I could feel her slowly contract
and release around me as I pumped within her. As my love organ moved
within her sacred place, my tongue moved within her mouth. I felt her
hands running over my back as my fingers ran through her hair and
along her sides and breasts. As time continued, I began to move
faster and harder, plunging in and out of her with a greater need. I
felt her hands grabbing me as I moved, begging for more. Our kisses
became more and more intense as we fell into our love. Her moans
became deeper and louder as we kissed. She moved her legs up around
me, wrapping one around my body while the other she pressed against
the bed. I felt her moving faster beneath me, wanting me in her
farther and harder and deeper and faster. We broke out kiss and began
to cry out as we increased our pace. She spoke for the first time
moaning, “Oh, yes, Aaron, yes! I love you! I love you! I need you,
please take me!”

As she spoke, I began to move harder still. I could feel myself
welling up for ejaculation and orgasm. I heard her scream, her eyes
open and wild. I could see passion, pure passion in her eyes and we
moved. Her back arched and she pushed on me, lifting us both off the
bed. Suddenly my penis jerked within her and I felt the hot flow of
semen shoot within her. I cried out her name, feeling her around me
as I let loose within her. She fell back to the bed, breathing
deeply. Her body and mine were both covered in perspiration. I fell
to her side, breathing in pace with her. My cock came free of its
love nest within Jess and I rolled to her side. She looked into my
eyes and kissed me slowly.

We lay together for almost an hour, speaking only with our kisses and
our eyes. Our arms were wrapped around each other in an unending
embrace as we celebrated our love and our love making. Finally, she
whispered to me, “Thank you. That was incredible. The sex was
wonderful, but it was better because of your love. I know this came
from your heart. I love you.”

I looked at her still flushed face and smiled saying simply, “And I
love you, my princess.”

We stayed together there for another hour before Jessica had to go
home to beat her parents. After she left, I reran the event in my
mind countless times, feeling only love washing over me and lifting me
to new heights. The next day I rewrote my paper. I thought I finally
understood what chivalry was about, that you could love one woman so
much that everything depended on and revolved around her. While Ms.
Loraine said my paper was unorthodox, I got an A, but the real prize
was in my love for Jessica and my knowledge of that love.