Sex in the departmen store


“Come with me.” I grab you by the hand, pull you
down the street.
“Where are we going?”you ask.
“You’ll see…”
A few moments later, I take you into a large
department store. Two
flights up the escalators, a turn to the left, then we stop
in front of a not-
overly-large box-shaped object. On its side are strips of
photos, and a large
name imprinted on it–QuikPrints.
You look at me quizzically.
“I want some snaps of us,” I reply to your unasked
“Oh.” You shrug, then enter the small cubicle. I
get in behind you, draw
the curtain closed. It’s crowded, but there still just
enough room for us to
maneuver around.
I rummage in my pocket, draw out some change. I drop
some of the
coins into the slot. Then we pose nicely for a couple of
shots, then make
faces for another two flash-lighted takes.
I drop some more change in.
Just before the flash goes off, I suddenly grab your
sweater and yank it
up. The light dazzles us, but I know your full breasts with
their taut nipples
have been captured on film.
“Michael, what–?” is all you managed to say during
that time because
then I have my mouth planted on your nipple, my lips sucking
hungrily on it
as the light flashes again.
I turn you slightly sideways, manage to push both
your breasts together
and flick my tongue across your nipples as the third shot
Then I bury my face between your succulent globes
for the last shot.
You giggle and peek through the curtain.
“There’s people out there,” you whisper.
“So–?” I respond.
“Got some more change?” you ask.
I dig into my pocket again, pull out some coins and
drop them into the
Even before the last coin hits the bottom, your
hands have found my
zipper and yanked it down. You scoop out my hard cock just
as the first
photo flashes.
Then your tongue circles the tip and the second shot
Your mouth engulfs the head for the third flash.
And your mouth slides down the shaft to my balls,
taking me fully into
your mouth for the last picture.
I kneel in front of the stool. You hike up your
skirt. Pantyless, you sit
down and prop your feet up on the partition in front of you.
I drop in some more change. Your fingers open your
cunt lips wide for
the first shot.
I insert my fingers deep into the wet depths of your
quim for the second.
“You two almost finished in there?” The voice comes
from outside the
We both grin at one another.
“Yes,” you call out. “Two more shots and then we’re
By now my mouth plants itself on your cunt for the
third shot, through
the picture will probably show just the back of my head
between your thighs.
You’re dripping wet with excitement. I want to stay
and lick you, but I
quickly maneuver myself up between your legs, manage to
angle my cock
towards your cunt just befoe the fourth shot flashes.
I push my cock into my pants, zipper up. You pull
down your sweater
and skirt. We exit the photo booth, smile at the people
lining up outside, and
look around for some place to finish what we’ve started.
Once we’ve picked up our photos, of course….