Sex Adventures in Singapore

It was about nine o’clock on a hot Singapore evening…

The evening had started quietly with a pool-side bar-
becue, and around eight, it had spilled back into the
main club bar. The Malay band was playing soft romantic
music and in the dimly lit room, couples were dancing

Everyone was still dressed in beach clothing and the
fans turned very slowly, barely moving the warm, sultry

Ann was wearing a pale blue bikini which showed off her
golden tan, and she had tied a yellow silk sarong
around her waist as a make-shift skirt when they had
moved indoors. Her long fair hair was tied behind her
neck with a blue ribbon. Her feet were bare, and her
only jewelry was her shining, almost-new wedding ring.

She and James danced only with each other, and were
clearly very much in love…

Sometime during the evening Ann and James snuck out of
the club and walked off into the darkness amid the
palms and ferns that lined the beach. When they return-
ed to the bar some half hour later, Ann’s eyes were
shining and her bikini bottom was stuffed in the pocket
of James’s shorts.

They picked up their drinks and wandered onto the wide
patio and stood looking out over the Straits towards
the dark mass of mainland Johore.

Suddenly a rich, deep voice spoke out of the gloom,
“Enjoy your walk?”

A set of brilliant white teeth smiled at them from the
dark face of the American Marine Sergeant who had
earlier asked Ann to dance and had looked so disap-
pointed when she had made her excuses.

Ann lowered her head in embarrassment as James chuckled
and said “We certainly did, thank you.”

“How about that dance now, Ma’am?” … again the teeth
flashed in a smile.

James pushed Ann gently towards the tall American and
murmured “Go ahead, darling, I’ll wait here.”

He stood on the patio and watched as the couple walked
onto the dance floor and swung into the rhythm of the
music. He looked at the slim body of his wife as she
moved gracefully in the arms of the stranger, and again
he felt a surge of desire in his belly. Then he remem-
bered the tiny blue bikini pants in his pocket and his
heart leapt.

He looked up just as the band changed into a Latin-
American rhythm and the couples on the floor began to
move with much more abandon…

As Ann began to move faster, the thin material of her
sarong clung to her hips and thighs and it was im-
mediately obvious that she was not wearing anything
beneath the yellow silk. James prayed that he had made
a good knot when he had re-tied the garment around his
young wife’s waist just a few minutes earlier.

The dance ended without mishap and the couple rejoined
him on the patio. Ann was breathless and radiant as she
came over and kissed him lightly on the lips. She
turned and stood leaning with her back against him,
breathing hard as she smiled at the American.

“Thank you, Daniel, that was really fun!”

Again the white teeth flashed in the handsome dark face.

“My pleasure, Ann!”

He raised his eyes and grinned at James, and continued
“Your lovely wife has a great sense of rhythm!”

James returned his smile, “She certainly knows how to
move her body!”

The tall stranger chuckled, but said nothing, only
returning his gaze to Ann’s slim figure and nodding
with pleasure.

Ann leaned her head back against James’s shoulder and
closed her eyes. She could sense the man’s eyes remov-
ing her bikini top and whisking away the silk of the
sarong wrapped around her waist.

She realized that the idea aroused her and she squirmed
uncomfortably against her husband. James felt her
movement and the blood surged to his loins, as he
grasped the fact that his wife was really excited by
this man.

He barely breathed the words in her ear. “He wants

Ann froze, and then almost imperceptibly moved her
bottom against her husband’s swelling. James was
trembling as he whispered, “Do that again if you want
him, too…”

There was a short pause, and then he felt her move
against him and he almost groaned with the feelings of
pure lust that flooded through his mind and body.

James looked around the patio and saw other couples
standing nearby in the darkness. He glanced at the
stranger and murmured in a strangled voice that neither
he nor Ann recognized.

“Shall we go for a walk?”

In silence they moved along the beach away from the
sounds of the club. The bright tropical moon lit them
with a silver light and soon the only sound was the
soft hiss of the sea on the white sand. They stopped
walking, and the tall dark-skinned American stood back
and looked at the couple, Ann reached up and put her
arms around James’s neck and kissed him hard. Returning
her kiss, he reached behind her and unfastened the tie
of her bikini top. Then he gently turned her around so
that she was facing the dark shape of the American.

The moonlight gleamed on the swell of her naked breasts
and she heard the sharp intake of breath as the man
stared at her. She felt the blood flow into her nipples
making them harden with excitement.

She saw the man slowly unfasten his white shirt and
throw it aside. She trembled as he unbuckled his belt
and let his shorts slip to the sand. He kicked them
away and stood silhouetted against the moon.

Ann dimly sensed her husband’s fingers fumbling with
the knot at her waist and then felt the silk slide from
her hips. She felt the cool night air wrap itself
around her belly and thighs like the touch of some
ghostly lover, and then she felt the gentle push of
James’s unsteady hands.

In a daze she stepped forward into the arms of the

Every sense was quivering with a nervous energy as she
felt the touch of the stranger on her bare shoulders
and she shuddered as he gently turned her to face her

She felt him pull her back against his naked body and
bit her lip as she felt his erection press against her
buttocks. Then his hands were softly moving over her
body and she leaned back against his chest with a lit-
tle moan.

James moaned, too, as he saw the stranger’s hands
caressing the nude, pale body of his wife. He stepped
back and sank to the sand, watching as the man bent
forward to kiss her neck. He saw her squirm in the
grasp of the American and he moaned again as she parted
her legs allowing the man’s roaming hand to explore her

As she felt the fingers of the American part the lips
of her sex, Ann opened her eyes and looked at James
lying on the sand a few feet away. She saw the look of
sheer lust on her husband’s face and suddenly realized
that this was really happening…

Then she felt the big man seizing her hips. Obediently
she leaned forward and groaned with pleasure as she
felt the probing head of his penis slide between the
lips of her drenched sex. She was slick with her own
juices, still mingled with James’s sperm from earlier,
and the stranger’s penis slid easily into her belly.

She gasped as he filled her with his thick shaft, her
body trembling with delight.

Daniel stood still for a moment or two, feeling the
muscles deep in Ann’s belly grasping his penis, then
he carefully withdrew his shaft from her body. She
sobbed and tried to hold him inside her, but he gently
turned her to face him and bent forward to kiss her on
her lips.

Ann flung her arms around his neck and eagerly allowed
him to lift her by her thighs, so that she was raised
and then lowered to be impaled on his glistening shaft.
She desperately wrapped her legs around his thighs,
clinging to his body, while her sex devoured his thick
black penis.

James watched as Ann moaned in the arms of the American,
and then he groaned in an agony of lust as she suddenly
arched her body backwards and cried out into the night
as a massive orgasm began to wrack her body.

The man staggered but remained upright as the woman in
his grasp heaved violently and then slowly subsided
into a sobbing whimper against his chest. He looked at
James and muttered “What…?…where…?”

James rose to his feet and nodded towards the car-park.
“Let’s take her home!”

Gently the big man lifted Ann from his still rigid
penis and cradled her in his arms. Then he tenderly
lowered her to her feet. Unsteadily she fastened the
sarong around her body and the American slipped into
his shorts.

Avoiding the main building they quietly made their way
to James’s car and headed from the Base towards their
house at Sembewang. The stranger sat quietly in the
rear of the car while Ann sat beside James in the

Ann kept glancing up at James’s face as they drove
through the deserted streets, but all she could see was
a look of concentration on his face as he stared
straight ahead into the darkness.

When they drew up at the villa James switched off the
engine and looked at his wife, curled up on the seat
beside him. She looked steadily into his face and he
could see love in her eyes. He raised his eyebrows in a
silent question, and saw her slowly blink once in reply.

He smiled gently and turned to Daniel. “Here we are!
Let’s go right in.”

They entered the empty villa and James lit a single
kerosene lamp, while Ann poured each a glass of rich,
red wine. Her hand was a little unsteady as she handed
the glass to the stranger.

Daniel’s teeth flashed in a smile as he accepted the
drink and raised his glass in a toast, “To a very
beautiful lady and her husband!”

He looked at his watch. It was just after midnight.
“And to me… on my fortieth birthday!”

Ann sipped her drink and looked thoughtful. ‘This man
is almost old enough to be my father!’ ‘My god!’ she
realized, ‘He is old enough to be my father!’ She
rose and placed her drink on a small table.

“I really must have a shower!”

“So must we…”

The men showered first and returned to the lounge,
each wearing a towel wrapped around their waist.

While Ann showered, James and Daniel sat side by side
on the settee, in silence, not daring to speak lest
they destroy the atmosphere of charged sexuality that
existed in the dimly lit room.

They both sighed with relief when Ann re-entered the
room and they started to rise as she approached. She
held up a hand to stop them and they sank back onto
the settee as she walked over to pick up her unfinished

Ann had put on a garment that James had always found
exciting. It consisted of two strips of pale yellow
silk about eighteen inches wide, tied to form a tunic.
It hung down in front and behind reaching to the middle
of her thighs and of course, was open at the sides. The
waist was loosely held by a tied belt of some gold
material. Her hair, still wet from the shower, was
fastened back with a simple gold clasp.

Raising her glass, she moved over and stood directly
in front of their guest. “What can I give you for your
birthday, Daniel?”

The big American looked at her steadily and then spoke
in a quiet voice, “Haven’t you given me enough,

“That was yesterday… today is your birthday…”

She knelt in front of the stranger and leaned forward
to unfasten his towel.

His penis was almost fully erect and now it filled with
blood and throbbed as Ann gently grasped it with both
hands. She marveled at the velvety softness of the
black skin, and as her grip tightened she could feel
the steely hardness just below the soft covering. She
felt the strong pulse throbbing deep inside, and her
own heart beat in time with it. She stared, fascinated
and slowly pushed back the foreskin.

As if hypnotized, she bent her head and brushed the
tip with her tongue.

She looked up at him and murmured, “Happy Birthday,
Daniel!” then lowered her head, swiftly taking most of
the thick black shaft of flesh into her mouth.

Expertly, as she had learned from James, she worked
on the American, bringing him close to the edge and
then holding him back, while the big man groaned in

Suddenly she leaned back and rose to her feet. She tug-
ged the belt at her waist and the tunic hung free.
Sweeping it to the side, she moved forward and knelt
astride Daniel’s hips. She placed her hands on his
shoulders and for a brief moment looked into his eyes,
then sank cleanly onto his erect penis.

From the other end of the settee, James watched as the
black shaft disappeared into his wife’s belly. He
grunted and threw aside his own towel, He began to
stroke his penis as she leaned back and ground her sex
against the thrusting shaft of the big black American.

Then Ann started to moan and cry out as her orgasm
began. The stranger held back as long as he could,
enjoying the screams of pleasure coming from the now
totally helpless woman impaled on his powerful shaft.

Ann suddenly arched backwards and gave an animal cry as
a massive spasm flooded through her core, and almost
simultaneously Daniel roared with release as his seed
exploded into her belly, sending shock after shock of
searing heat into the depths of her writhing body.

James saw the knotting in Ann’s stomach and knew just
how intense was her orgasm. He knew that deep in her
belly she would be grasping the man’s penis with her
internal muscles, milking every drop of sperm from his
body. He sighed, and looked at the couple as they sank
into each other’s arms in an exhausted embrace, their
bodies heaving from their exertions and shining with

Quietly he rose and murmured wistfully… “Happy Birth-
day Daniel !” … as he left the lounge and went alone
to the guest bedroom… Part 2 here.

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