Sevin’s new toys

I allowed her to put away everything but the Benwa
Balls. Those I removed from their case, unzipped
her jeans, and pushed them inside her. She was
very intreuged. After a few minutes they wanted
to come out, and I thought we’d start simple, so
that was fine. She was, after all, not wearing any
panties today, and was afraid they would come out
while she was walking around the office…

After she got back to her desk, I went to her office
and asked her where they were (we had to act like
we had business together.) She said they were in
her pocket & she had been playing with them. I told
her she had to go put them into her pussy & spend
the rest of the day trying to keep them in. After
talking with her on the phone later she was very
happy to tell me she had them both in and thinks
she is getting the hang of it. Very good Sevin! That
should help you hold them inside of yourself all day
tomorrow at work!

So, Sevin has been instructed to get formiliar with
the nipple clips, and butt plug, and of course the
balls because next week at that big meeting we
have, she is to have all three of them in/on for the
entire afternoon.

So, lets talk about that… I know Sevin is going to
read this, so, Sevin… these are your instructions:

Next Tuesday (the day of the big meeting) you are
to wear one of your shorter skirts. A loose top (to
hide the clips), stockings, and thong panties.
During lunch, you are to go to the little girls room,
bring your toys. You won’t have to insert the Benwa
Balls, as you are to wear them to work all day
every day. But you will have to put the nipple clips
on. Make sure they are as tight as you think
confortable, then tighten them another 1/4th turn.
You are then to masterbate yourself with your new
pocket rocket until you are good and wet. You are
NOT to orgasm! Push your butt plug into your pussy,
you can fuck yourself with it a little if you want,
but remember, no orgasm yet! Once it and you are
good and soaked, remove it from your cunt, use your
own fluids to help you work your new butt plug all
the way into your ass. You are then to return to
your desk and get back to work.

Later, about 30 minutes before the meeting, you are
to go back to the bathroom (you better use the
single person bathroom which locks.) Take you
pocket rocket, and rub your clit with it for 15
minutes. You can masterbate yourself all you want
for exactly 15 minutes, but you are not to orgasm!
You may want to spend the next 15 minutes trying
not to look so wanton!

During the meeting, you are to sit on the other side
of the table from me, so you can see me clearly!
During the meeting, you are to think about how
nauty you are being in front of all of these people,
and it will make you VERY excited! Anytime I make
eye contact with you and blink both eyes obviously
during this meeting, you are to casually move your
hand to where the chain is hiding and cause it to
tug on your nipples. You are going to have to take
great care so the entire group doesn’t know you are
fucking yourself in front of them! And, if you don’t
make them tight enough, they may come off &
everyone will hear the chain!!! I also want you to
clinch on the Benwa Balls, and lightly grind your
ass into your seat so the butt plug pushes into you

After the meeting, if you have been good, I will
take you to our secret place, pull your thong
panties off, bend you over, and fuck your cunt from
behind. While I fuck you, I am going to pull on your
chained nipples, and push on the butt plug. You are
to masterbate your clit, and if you are a good girl
and cum for me, I will explode into your pussy & let
you lick my cock clean!

You will then go back to work and spend the rest of
the day with the nipple clips on and the anal plug,
benwa balls, and my cum inside of you. You might
want to get home before your hubby does, so you
have time to put all of your toys away, and clean up
before you see him. Then you are to write about
how your first day as my toy went. For me to post,
of course.

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