Seduction of the new teacher

I had just graduated college with a teaching degree in English and I was burdened with debt that would be with me for decades. I decided to accept a position at a title one inner city high school in hopes of making a difference in my soon to be students’ lives, plus the bonus was a nice incentive too. I prepared my classroom for the coming school year and looked forward, not without some anxiety and hesitation, to meeting my new students. I was in for a really rude awakening that first day when the classes began to fill up. I had four classes, two freshman, one sophomore and one senior English class. I immediately found out that compared to the senior class, the other three were going to be a walk in the park.

Since I was all of 22 years old, the students in my senior class looked to be my age if not older. I knew they weren’t but still they towered over me in height, some with facial hair, and I have to admit I was intimidated and taken aback with their stares and dominating postures. Being a fair skinned white girl with light brown hair, a trim physique, ample breasts and a firm ass made me feel like prey for the predators that were now occupying the desks in my class room. Student teaching never prepared me for this type of interaction. But, I began in earnest in an attempt to follow and teach the curriculum; unfortunately they appeared unreceptive at the very least and bored beyond words. True to the axiom of teaching, there is always one person in the class who makes it his/her mission to break the teacher.

That student was Trevon, an alpha male and a natural born leader, a boy, if you could call him that as he was 18 years old, who everyone looked up to and wanted to emulate. He was rather tall with short cropped hair, a muscular build and a thin beard that framed his dark black complexion. His athletic abilities had him playing both varsity football and basketball. He was constantly late and disruptive, never prepared for class, when he bothered showing up at all, and the constant focus of my attention. I believed that if I could befriend him; get him on my side, the school year would a success. I ignored his misgivings, smiled and occasionally laughed at his ruckus behavior but by the end of the period he always had me close to tears. For the life of me I found myself watching him leave the class room every day, his swagger and self-confidence attractive and appealing, his bad boy image making him all that much more desirable.

Friday nights were the football games that were played under the lights and I went religiously, telling myself it was a teachers duty to support the teams but subconsciously wanting watch Trevon play. His moves on the field were choreographed, smooth and swift. I was mesmerized. As I watched there were times I could swear he looked up and made eye contact with me, showing me his “you like what you see don’t you” grin. I found myself smiling back.

Back in the class room the first month was coming to an end. I didn’t know how much head way I was making but I was trying. Trevon continued to perplex me, still nearly bringing me to tears at times. Then one Friday his boldness showed as the class was over. As I was standing at the front of the class room Trevon went out of his way to walk past me. His hand came out and unintentionally, but I think more intentionally, brushed against my ass. I turned to look at him and he stared at me, giving me that boyish grin. I was mortified and humiliated. But I could also swear I felt electricity run through me to my core. My nipples tingled and my pussy got wet.

At that Friday night game I was still wet with excitement. Watching his athleticism lit a fire in me I needed quenched. But for some strange reason he never acknowledged my presence, even when I repeatedly called out his name. The whole weekend I racked my brain trying to figure out this young man. What was it that set him apart from all the other men I had been with? Was he the forbidden fruit? Was it infatuation? Monday would tell.

As senior English was filing out I again positioned myself so Trevon might repeat his parting brush with my butt. Right on cue I felt his hand on my ass only this time I turned and smiled, giving him a wink. His grin turned into a big toothy smile. I think we were both surprised.

This game we played went on for a week until one day I decided to stand at the door while the class was leaving. No ass for Trevon to grab this time but he was not to be deterred as his elbow brushed by my 40D breasts. My nipples immediately became hard.

Now all this was not going unnoticed by the rest of the students. As he was gaining control of me I was losing control of them, if I had really had any. I found myself wearing my skirts a bit higher, a button on my blouse being left undone and higher heels to give my ass a bit of a lift. I would stare at Trevon as he sat sprawled out in his chair, his hand kneading the bulge in his crotch where upon I would reciprocate by leaning against my desk, my legs spread just a little wider then acceptable.

Our dance continued over the days and weeks. At times while sitting at my desk I would fantasize about Trevon, rubbing my fingers between my wet pussy lips and inserting them into my cunt, bringing myself to a silent orgasm. I knew this was inappropriate and downright wrong. I was his teacher and he was my student but the lust and desire I felt inside me was like a burning flame.

The last day of school before the Thanksgiving break found me sitting at my desk after the closing bell. Absorbed with grading papers I hadn’t noticed that Trevon had entered the room. I looked up as I saw him locking the door behind him. I stood up as he approached me. He grabbed my wrists, lifting them above my head as he pushed me up against the black board. His lips came to mine, passionately exploring my mouth. With his strong body pressed firmly against me I returned that passion. He released my hands, moving his to my breasts, pulling at my blouse until my tits were free, the buttons falling to the floor. As he groped my chest I moved my hands to his crotch, feeling his thick manhood and tugging at his zipper. With a swipe of his arm the contents on the top of my desk went flying. One hand grabbing my hair, he pushed my face into the desk, bending me over. His other hand pulled up my skirt then took hold of my panties and yanked them down. As I stepped out of them I spread my legs apart. I felt the head of his dick separating my lips before he penetrated my cunt. He began to pound me, hard and fast and deep. I was feeling wave upon wave of orgasms.

“You’re my bitch now” he told me. He didn’t need to, I already knew it. “You like this ghetto dick up inside you don’t you?” He already knew I did. “We got an understanding now don’t we?” We did. “Now let me see if I can plant this black baby inside your belly.” YES PLEASE! The girth of his prick stretched me, rubbing against the wall of my vagina, bringing forth moans of ecstasy. With that he began to fill my cunt with his warm thick potent seed. Once the contents of his nut sack were drained he let go of me and his dick slipped from my pussy. I nearly fell to the floor, grabbing my chair to steady myself. “You aint done yet slut, you need to clean my dick off after all that mess you made”. I went to my knees and took his limp cock into my mouth, sucking off the black cum and pussy juice cocktail that covered his shaft. As if by magic his dick came back to life. I continued to make love to his shaft until he grabbed my hair and pulled me from his member. “Open your mouth whore”. I obeyed. I watched mesmerized as his hand frantically stroked his manhood until it exploded with ropes of semen covering my face, filling my mouth and plastering my hair.

Satisfied he said “Have a happy Thanksgiving” and left. I sat there for what seemed like hours reliving the past events over and over. What had I done? I broke a cardinal rule of teaching. My lust and desire for this young man had usurped my good judgment. I knew right from wrong and this was completely wrong and taboo. But I hadn’t known this sexual satisfaction in a so very long time. Was it worth it? OMG I hope no one finds out was all that kept going through my mind. I cleaned up, left and spent the holiday with friends, dreading my return to school that Monday.

We were back to school, I not knowing what to expect. The first three classes seemed uneventful but I could swear I heard subdued laughter and snickering. My final class of the day, the seniors, was all smiles and giggles entering the room and sitting down. They knew and I knew they knew. I blushed and was mortified. I tried to maintain my composure but I knew things would never be the same. I felt like I was at their mercy and my biggest tormentor, Trevon, was now in control. I taught at his pleasure and by his leave. He wanted me in shorter skirts, I wore shorter skirts. He wanted me in tighter blouses, I wore tighter blouses. Garters with thigh high stockings, I got them. Higher heels, I got them too. More and heavier makeup, I obliged. He was my pimp and I was the whore who did his bidding. The students loved it, the administration, not so much. I began receiving counseling statements regarding my appearance. I tried to balance on that tight rope, just wanting to make it until the end of the school year but it seemed nearly impossible.

Trevon’s after school visits were becoming more frequent. I yearned for them but the fear of exposure was taking its toll on me. He’d fuck me bent over my desk or up against a wall. He even began coming by my class room during my lunch break where we would slip into the supply closet so he could get his dick sucked. I would be forced to teach the rest of the day with smeared makeup, disheveled hair and the taste of his cum on my breath.

When I thought it could get no worse he showed up the day before winter break, with four of his class mates. I knew them all from watching them play basketball and I knew why they were here. Cock sure of himself he told me “I know you’re gonna miss me over the long break so I brung some friends to make it a special Christmas for you”. With that I took off my blouse and bra, pulled down my panties and stepped out of them, raised my skirt and bent over my desk, my pussy wet and waiting for them.

One after the other they shoved their cocks in my cunt and fucked me until they shot their loads deep inside my pussy. All of them took me twice, a couple three times. Black cum would be dripping down my legs for days. My final degradation was sucking them all clean of the combination of sperm and my juices. “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” was their parting to me.

Over the winter break I swore I would stop but I found myself using my “Mandingo” dildo constantly to satisfy myself as I thought of the boys who had all taken their turns with me before the break. I ended up going to the different clubs in the area where I’d let Black men pick me up then take them back to my apartment to fuck me senseless while waiting for school to be back in session.

It was then that I started to notice my clothes seemed to be getting tighter. In the mornings I would feel nauseous and my breasts were becoming tender. All signs of pregnancy. I didn’t believe it, I didn’t want to believe it but it was true. Trevon had indeed planted his Black baby inside my white belly.

With school back in session I knew I had to tell Trevon the news of my pregnancy. When he came by for a lunch time blow job I gave him the news. His response was cavalier and nonchalant. So what, I wasn’t the first girl he had gotten pregnant and I wouldn’t be the last. Besides, what did I want him to do about it? Get married? Forget it. Have an abortion? My choice. But what he did want was his lunch time blow job, which he made sure he got.

The next day Trevon came in before class and gave me the phone number of his step dad who wanted to talk to me about my predicament. During a break I called and spoke briefly with him. He wanted to meet me after school but not at the school, somewhere else. We agreed to meet at a local coffee house. He would be sitting in his car in the parking lot and gave me the de***********ion. It was getting dark early and it wasn’t in the best part of town but I had no other recourse but to meet him on his terms.

I found the place and saw his car, an old wreck, and I approached the driver’s window. I knocked on it and he acknowledged me, motioning me to get into the passenger’s side. The seats were worn and the car smelled of sweat, tobacco and a general nastiness. I got in.

“So you’re the teacher who’s been fucking my step son. You know you could lose your job and go to jail for that shit. And now you say he knocked you up? What the fuck are you trying to pull? How many other of them boys you been fucking?” I have to admit I wasn’t ready for his verbal assault but everything he conveyed was true. I broke down into tears. He showed no sympathy, no empathy for my situation. All I could ask is What do you want?

I told him I had no money, teachers don’t get paid very much. I said I couldn’t be positive that Trevon was even the baby’s daddy. “Now look, I don’t want to see you get in no trouble, or go to jail, or even money, you seem like a nice girl. But what I would like is a taste of some of that sweet thing you been given up to them school boys. Now that would keep me quiet and be between just you and me. How does that sound? Or should I report you. Your choice”. Another choice but it was really no choice at all and we both knew it. He was no Trevon; in fact he was a complete opposite. He was heavy, fat, with the harsh smell of stale cigars and beer on his breath. His hands were large and meaty, with dirty and bitten finger nails. I had no choice. “Get in your car and follow me”. I obeyed and soon we were heading down the road.

Twenty minutes later he pulled into a dirt parking lot of a seedy rundown motel off an interstate by pass. I parked next to him. He came up to my window “Wait here” and I watched him go into the office. A few minutes later he was walking back with a key “Follow me”. As he opened the room door I was hit with a stench of sweat, alcohol and sex. I stood there as he closed the door and locked it.

When he approached me I shivered. His hands began to roam all over my body, I was frozen. He went to kiss me, I turned away. “Now listen here miss teacher, I want the same good lovin them boys been getting or the deal’s off and I go to the school and police and tell them all I know”.

I turned towards him and kissed him passionately on the mouth, inhaling and tasting the funk he was offering. “Now that’s more like it” he said baring his yellow stained teeth. I stepped back and unbuttoned my blouse and unsnapped my bra. I stepped out of my skirt and removed my panties, leaving my garter and black thigh highs in place. I approached him and dropped to my knees, unbuckling his belt, unzipping his work pants and retrieving his semi erect cock. He was uncut, the smell of urine over powering and there was a nastiness beneath his foreskin. I cupped his balls and began to suck his dick, sliding my mouth down the length of his shaft. His dick responded. With my lips I moved the foreskin down while I used my tongue to swirl around his head. From his moans and Fuck Yeas I knew he was enjoying it.

He grabbed my hair and pulled me up “I want some of that white pussy” as he threw me on the bed. I bent my knees and spread my legs, licking my fingers and moving them to my lips to help moisten my pussy. The penetration was going to be rough so I wanted to make it as easy as possible. He positioned his dick between my lips and pushed, entering me slowly and painfully. The full weight of his body settled on me as he pumped his cock in and out of my cunt. I closed my eyes and my body eventually responded by producing a wetness that was needed for a smooth fuck. He humped away, kissing my face and lips, squeezing my tits as I wrapped my legs around his torso. He quickened his pace and I could tell he was about to cum, and so was I. As he filled me with his sperm my body betrayed me and gave me my own orgasm. “Now I know why them boys like fuckin you so much. We’re gonna get to be real good friends you and me” smiling with his nasty teeth.

We left and I went home to sanitize myself, coming to the realization that though this was my first school year, it might very well be my last. Better to be a whore then an inmate.

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