Rebecca feeling wave after wave of pleasure

It had been a gray drizzly day, but the sun finally broke through the clouds
as Rebecca walked to the hotel to meet Jason for dinner.

Rebecca hadn’t been able to think of anything else all day. She felt like a
teenager on her first date. Well, sure. She hadn’t been on a date in more
than 10 years.

Never before had a man captured her imagination in quite the same way. Jason
was sweet, charming, gentle, sensitive, and yet so very self assured, so very
in control of himself. But then, he was fifty, and she’d never been with
anyone so mature before, either.

She’d always liked him. Over the years his business trips had brought him
into town many times and he’d become a good friend. He’d been understanding,
listening thoughtfully whenever she needed to talk as she went through her
divorce with Bill. He gave her a male perspective, but was always
supportive, helping her understand Bill’s point of view without taking his
side. In the end, though, the marriage just couldn’t work.

As a new single Mom, she’d been busy with work and taking care of the kids,
and hadn’t had the time or the interest to date. Sex had never been a big
thing for her. It was nice enough most of the time, but no big thing, and
she hadn’t missed it. But she found Jason attractive, sexy even, and had
actually begun to flirt with him. Just a little. At first she hadn’t even
realized she was doing it, but when she did realize what was happening, she
found it exciting. He must have realized the possibility of more than just
friendship, but it had taken forever before he finally asked her out. And
now, finally, he did.

Rebecca found the ladies room off the lobby. She took off her raincoat and
looked at herself in the mirror. At 35, she still looked good. Brown hair
cut short framed her face nicely, showing off her long neck. She’d always
been told her face was pretty. She thought she looked pretty good in the
simple black dress. Just short enough to show off her legs, not so short as
to be brazen. Her legs were her best feature: bare, tanned and shapely.
Spaghetti straps and bare shoulders. Refined, but just a little bit sexy.
Underneath, new white lace panties and bra from Victoria’s Secret. Maybe
he’d see them later. She hoped he’d like them. She hoped he’d be removing
them. Her thoughts surprised her. Yes, it had been a long time.

She left the washroom and found the elevator. Nervous. Butterflies in her
stomach. The view of the city from the glass enclosed elevator grew more and
more spectacular as the elevator took her higher, up to the roof top

The restaurant was beautiful, providing a view of the entire city as it
rotated. It was nearly sunset, and the dissolving clouds were tinged with
red. He saw her first, and stood, gesturing to her. He looked wonderful.
She’d always seem him in his business suits, but he looked great in white
slacks and blue blazer, with a blue pinstripe shirt open at the collar. And
those blue eyes.

She smiled. He took her coat, lay it on an empty chair, then took her hand,
kissed her on the cheek, and led her to her chair. His fingertips brushed her
bare shoulder as he seated her. She wasn’t sure if the his touch was
accidental or intentional, but it was electric.

He sat close to her. “Hello, Rebecca,” he said, “you look wonderful.” He held
out a rose, holding it close to her, close to her cheek. “For a pretty lady.”
He said.

She smiled, taking the rose. Her mind was filled with an image of him
caressing her cheek with the rose. And more. “Thank you,” she said simply.

“I’m so glad you could make it tonight,” he said. “Tell me, how are you? How
is it going?”

“Oh, I’m doing fine,” she said. “Much better now that the divorce is final.
I’m finding myself, you know. Being me, finding out what that means. For so
long I was trying to live up to Bill’s image of me, I’d sort of forgotten who
“me” was.”

“That’s good Rebecca. I know it’s difficult, but it’s good. And you know I’m
here to listen. Whenever you need to talk.”

“I know. You are a good friend, my best friend really.”

“I do care about you. You’re a good person and you deserve more. And I
understand this. I did pretty much the same thing to my wife that Bill did to

“You’ve never talked about that.”

Jason noticed the waiter hovering. “We’ll need a few minutes before we
order,” he said. “But perhaps we could start with a glass of wine. Rebecca?”

“Chardonnay would be nice.”

“Yes. Bring us a nice California Chardonnay, ” he said, nodding to the waiter.
“Now where was I? Oh, yes. Well. I wanted Linda to be everything to me.
Companion, lover, friend.”

“That’s kinda nice, really.”

“Yes, it could be, but we’re two different people. And I wanted her to be a
companion for the things I liked. I wanted her to travel with me. Go skiing
with me. You know, share the things I loved.”

“Well, again, Jason, that’s kinda nice.”

“Perhaps, if I had been different, it could have been. The problem was that I
never paid attention to what she needed. Her needs were different from mine,
and all I ever succeeded in doing was making her feel inadequate.”

“I’m sorry.”

The waiter brought the wine.

Jason took his glass, and touched it to hers, “To you, Rebecca. To the new
you, the real you.”

“And to you, Jason, thank you for being such a good listener.” She smiled at
him. “We’ve always talked about me. Please tell me more about what happened
with you.”

“Well, you know, I finally adjusted to my interests being different from
hers. I learned to enjoy traveling by myself for example.”

“God, I love to travel. I’ve seen so few places. I wish I had more chance to
do it. It’s hard to understand how someone could not get excited about seeing
new things.”

“Yes, well, that’s how I felt. But not everyone is the same. And I made her
feel bad about it, like there was something wrong with her. That was wrong of

“I’m impressed that you could see that, and admit it.”

“Thank you. But of course, it was too late, the damage had already been done.”

“Yes. But is that what led to the divorce? You said you adjusted.”

“That was a small part of it. As I said, a certain amount of damage had
already been done. I said I wanted a companion, a friend, a lover. Actually,
I was disappointed on all three levels.”


“And of course, I realized too late that most of it was my own fault. To have
a friend, you have to be a friend, and I didn’t learn that either until it
was too late. As time went on, it became harder and harder to share my true
feelings because they were threatening to her. What was worse, listening to
her true feelings, and being understanding, was difficult for me because that
was, well not exactly threatening, but it made me feel the difference between
us more deeply.”

“Uh huh,” she said, suddenly feeling very connected to this man.

“And as for the third part, well, I learned too that to have a lover you have
to be a lover. And I didn’t make her feel loved. All I ever did was make her
feel inadequate. I always thought two people should learn together, explore
together. I must admit, I’m a bit adventurous, or , I should say, I wanted to
be. I have a strong imagination. And I never got a chance to fulfill that
part of me.”

“Ohh,” she said, feeling those butterflies in her stomach again. She
nervously took a sip of wine. She wondered what it would be like to “explore”
with him. With Bill, sex had been okay, but it was pretty routine, and he
never seemed particularly interested in learning what would please her, what
would excite her. She’d figured that was the way it was supposed to be, and
had never really thought about whether there could be more.

“I’m sorry, Rebecca. Am I making you nervous?”

“No, no,” she said quickly. “Please. Go on.”

“Okay, but perhaps we should order dinner.”


“Well, the steaks here are pretty good, and the rack of lamb is usually
excellent, but if you like seafood…”

“I love seafood.”

“How about stone crabs? Fresh stone crabs are hard to find, and I understand
they have them here.”

“I’ve never had them, but I do like all kinds of seafood.”

“Great, then stone crabs it is. They’re best cold. How about a nice cold
dinner….lets see….speaking of adventurous…oysters on the half shell?”

“Love ‘em,” she said.

“Salad? Anything else?”

“We could save room for dessert.”

“Perfect,” he said.

As Jason ordered for them, Rebecca looked out the window. They were facing
west, and the sun had dipped below the horizon. The last rays of sunlight
caught the vapor trails from jet planes, painting them red. The clouds, lower
in the sky, had faded to pink. The sunset was magnificent. She thought about
the jets, taking people to places she’d never seen. Maybe some day.

The room grew darker as dusk settled over the city. The waiter brought the
salads, refilled their wine glasses, and lit the candle on the table.

“Jason, you were saying…”

“Well, anyway, I kept pushing her to do things, you know, travel, and, well,
other things, you know, and it got to be too much. I pushed her away. I did
love her, and she loved me. Maybe we were just too different, but I think if
I had learned some things a little earlier, it could have turned out better.”

“I’m so sorry, Jason.”

He placed his hand on hers. Took her hand in his, raised it to his lips,
brushed his lips over her fingertips. She held her breath as he brushed her
fingertips, then kissed them. “Don’t be sorry, Rebecca, I’ve grown a lot, and
will be better for all of it.”

He continued to hold her fingers to his lips.

“Jason, thank you for sharing…”

“You are so sweet, Rebecca.” He leaned closer to her, touched her cheek with
his fingertips. Their lips touched. Her eyes closed. Her lips parted, and she
felt his tongue touch hers, lightly, teasing, with just the tip of his
tongue. His teeth brushed her lower lip. His kiss was gentle, sensuous,
nibbling, tasting, and very exciting.

“Hmmm,” she murmured.

“Rebecca, I’ve wanted to do that for a very long time. I’ve always found you
exciting, but… but it never felt right to act on it.”

“I know. But I am very, very glad you did.”

The waiter served a half dozen iced oysters on the half shell, momentarily
destroying the mood.

Jason quickly ate one of the oysters with lemon and cocktail sauce. Rebecca
slowly spread cocktail sauce and horseradish on one of the oysters, took her
fork, and plucked the oyster from it’s shell. Jason stared as she opened her
mouth, placed it on her tongue, and drew it into her mouth.

She caught him staring, and she looked at him. “Oh, I’m sorry. I am making
you nervous,” he said.

She hadn’t done anything on purpose, but she suddenly realized that oysters
could be a sensual kind of thing. She just kept looking at him, not saying
anything. . Maybe she was making him nervous now. She liked that.

“It’s just that…”

“Yes,” she said.

“I’m sorry. Watching you eat that oyster. The way you placed it on your tongue
and drew it into your mouth….”

She was enjoying this now. She grinned. “Yes?”

Jason didn’t answer. He took his fork, plucked another oyster from it’s
shell, dipped it in sauce and brought it close to her mouth. Rebecca closed
her eyes, opened her mouth and extended her tongue. He placed the oyster on
her tongue and she sucked it into her mouth, a look of sheer pleasure on her

“Rebecca, you are a very sexy woman.”

She was very turned on. This was incredible. It surprised her; she had never
even thought about anything like this. She felt safe. She felt like she
could be herself. Anything she did would be okay. She felt safe and sexy and

She took her fork, took a an oyster, dipped it in the sauce and served it to
Jason. As she held it on the fork, he licked the sauce from it, running his
tongue all over the oyster without taking it from the fork. Finally, he drew
it between his lips and gently sucked it from the fork and into his mouth.
“Hmmmm,” he whispered as he did. “I love the fresh taste of oysters. I love
the way an oyster feels on my tongue. I especially love to find the pearl in
the oyster, find it with my tongue, lick it taste it….”

Oh, god, she thought. She stared at him, looking deep into his eyes.
Smiling. She took another oyster. Cocktail sauce. Horseradish. She placed it
on the fork, and sucked the sauce from it. She drew it into her mouth, let it
out, then drew it back in, slowly sucking the oyster. She ran her tongue over
it. She watched him watching her. As she drew it into her mouth for the last
time, and swallowed it, he leaned over, looking into her eyes, holding her
eyes with his and brushed her lips with his, flicked his tongue over her
lips, and licked a bit of cocktail sauce from her mouth. “Don’t want to waste
any,” he said.

“Hm hmm,” she mumbled. Butterflies. More than butterflies. Her body was
responding. What would happen next? Where would he take her? Rebecca was
ready to explore




“What are you wearing under that dress.”

“Bra and panties,” she said without hesitating.

“Nothing else?”

“Nothing else.”

“Tell me about them.”

“White. Lace.”

“I’d like to see them.”

She smiled. “Yes, I’m sure you would.”

“I’d like to see them now, Rebecca.”

He wasn’t kidding. She was beginning to feel warm, damp. “Uh huh,” she

“Rebecca, I’d like you go to the ladies room and remove your bra and panties.
When you come back I’d like you to give me your panties.”

“Ohhh,” she said. Her panties were wet. He would know how turned on she was.
This made her nervous, but excited her more. Silently, without really
thinking, she got up from the table and walked to the ladies room. She went
into the stall and unzipped her dress, opened her bra and took it off. She
put the bra in her purse. She removed her panties. She had never gone out in
public without panties. She felt very exposed. It was very erotic, especially
since she was doing it because he told her to. She wondered what else he
would want her to do. He said he was imaginative. Well, if he wanted her to
do anything too outrageous, she could say no. Or could she?

She rolled her panties into a ball, concealing them in her hand, took a deep
breath, and left the ladies room. She hurried to the table, and sat down,
nervously looking at her plate, the panties clenched tightly in her fist.


She looked at Jason. He was holding his open palm toward her. She placed the
damp white ball in his hand.

He took it, held it to his lips, looked at her, holding her eyes with his.

“So very, very sweet. Thank you, Rebecca. You are very excited, aren’t you?”

She nodded.

“Rebecca, you must do whatever I tell you. If you cannot, you may say the word
‘Cease’ at anytime, and I will stop. This part of our relationship will end,
though, but I will still be your friend no matter what.”

She gasped. But she felt her arousal grow. An hour ago, if she had been told
she would follow instructions to go the ladies room and remove her
underwear, she would never have believed it. She wouldn’t have believed how
turned on it would make her. Well, she could stop anytime….

“Yes.” She was surprised to hear herself say the word even before she had
finished thinking.

“Rebecca, I know you are wet. I want to taste you.”

“Ohh,” she said. Her face flushed. She grew even more nervous as the waiter
appeared with their salads. Jason was holding her panties in his hand. Would
the waiter see them? Would he know how aroused she was?

Jason coolly put the panties in the breast pocket of his jacket.

The waiter left after what seemed an eternity. Rebecca took a deep breath. Had
she been holding her breath the whole time he was serving the salads?

“Do you like my new pocket square, Rebecca?”

She flushed again. God, everything he did turned her on, pushed her higher.
“Yes,” she said.

“I like it, too. I think I’ll keep it. Thank you.”

They ate their salads in silence, the erotic tension building in Rebecca’s
head. Jason’s words shattered the silence. “The salad is very good, but I’d
rather taste you.”

She looked at him.

“Now, Rebecca.”

She looked at him, puzzled.

“Rebecca,” he said patiently, “take your finger, the middle finger of your
right hand, put it in your cunt, then give me your finger and let me taste

“Oh God.” She was shocked. She never used that word, never liked talking
dirty about sex. But when he used that word, it excited her. Without
thinking, she took her hand, moved it to her lap, and slid it under her
dress. She was shaking as she slid her middle finger over her exposed lips
and into her…self. She was sopping. Hot and wet. Involuntarily, her
muscles tightened around the finger.

Jason leaned closer. “Rebecca, let me taste your sweetness.”

She brought her finger to his lips. He kissed it gently, then licked just the
tip of her finger with the tip of his tongue. She moaned softly, imagining
his kiss, his tongue….

He gently bit the tip of her finger, while teasing it with the tip of his
tongue, then sucked it, drawing it into his mouth, swirling his tongue around
it. Was he trying to show her how to suck his cock? She had never liked doing
that to Bill, and would never let him come in her mouth. She never felt she
was good at it, either. But, now, she wanted to suck Jason, the way he was
sucking her finger…

“Do you want to taste me like that Rebecca?” He interrupted her thoughts. He
always seemed to know what she was thinking.


“Want to feel my hard cock in your mouth?”


“Want to feel it throbbing, pulsing? Taste me when I explode in your mouth?”


He leaned into her, pressing his lips to hers. His lips parted, and she felt
his tongue teasing her lips. She opened her mouth, and his tongue slipped
inside. She sucked his tongue, let it slide in and out between her lips. She
swirled her tongue around his. His tongue felt good.

He moaned softly into her mouth.

The kiss lasted forever.

Rebecca had never been so turned on in her entire life.

“Rebecca, take the middle finger of your left hand, and wet it in your mouth.
Take it all the way into your mouth and get it nice and wet. Think about my
cock. Think about sucking my cock.” Mindlessly, completely absorbed, she did
as he said. “Now take the tip of that wet finger and place it just inside
the lips of your pussy, letting the rest of the finger press on your


“Think about my wet tongue sliding between your lips like that. Think about
my tongue moving up, lightly caressing your clit. Rebecca, let your finger be
my tongue. Let it move over your clit, teasing, tasting. Let my tongue
inflame you.”

“Ohh god, Jason…”

“Rebecca, take your right hand, take two fingers, and put them in your cunt.”

“Ohhh.” Rebecca took her right hand, again slid it under her dress, between
her legs. She was so wet. The fingers slid in easily. She squeezed the
fingers, as her left hand moved over her clit.

“Put the two fingers in your cunt and think about my cock inside you. I want
you to think about how that will feel. My hard cock, throbbing inside you,
filling you up.”

Rebecca was squirming in her chair. Two fingers moving inside her, her other
finger massaging her hard clitoris. Her brain filled with images of his cock
in her pussy, in her mouth, his tongue on her. If she kept this up, she’d
have an orgasm right here at the table.

“Don’t come, Rebecca.”

Again he read her thoughts. He knew she was close. She wanted to come, but
here? She was afraid, afraid of screaming out, afraid of everyone looking at
her, knowing what she was doing. But the fear made it even more erotic. She
was glad he didn’t want her to come. But how much more could she take? Her
mind raced in circles, unable to think clearly. Hot. Wet. Cock. Cunt. Tongue.

He interrupted her thoughts with a kiss. Teasing this time. His tongue lightly
teased her lips.

Rebecca moaned softly.

“Don’t come, Rebecca, not yet. Not until I tell you.”

Again, Rebecca moaned.

She froze. The waiter appeared with the main course. Her hands were under
her dress. She knew the air must be filled with the scent of sex. She didn’t

The waiter placed in front of them two plates of colorful stone crab
claws, beautifully arranged on a bed of lettuce, with tomatoes and other cold
vegetables completing the presentation. Slowly, the waiter refreshed the wine
glasses. Rebecca was afraid to look at him. She wondered, though, if he was
looking at her, knowing what she was doing with her hands.

Finally, the waiter departed.

“Rebecca, I want you to leave your hands where they are. I will feed you. I
want you to imagine that your hands are tied, that you are bound, that you
have given control to me. I will control your pleasure, and I will give you
exquisite pleasures. I will control your orgasms. You will not come without
my permission. Your orgasms will be your gift to me, and I will take pleasure
in them. And they will be my gift to you.”

He paused to give her a sip of wine. A kiss on the cheek. Her mind was lost.

“Perhaps I will want you to come as we sit here at the table, or perhaps I
will make you wait. We might linger for a long while over coffee while I
tease you. Sometimes, I may deny you. Not knowing for sure if your orgasms
will be permitted will make it so much more delicious. Sometimes, your only
purpose will be my pleasure. But mostly, it will be for you, Rebecca. I
want to take you where you’ve never been, give you pleasures you’ve never

Rebecca listened silently. Lost.

Jason cracked one of the claws, and peeled the shell away. The sweet meat
fell from the claw in chunks. He took one of the chunks between his fingers,
dipped it in the sauce, and offered it to her. She took it with her mouth,
nibbling his fingers as she did, licking his fingers clean.

They ate dinner silently. He fed her the delicious crab meat. Gave her sips
of wine. She watched him eat, slowly, sensuously, licking and sucking the
sweet meat. Her hands remained under her dress through dinner. Once, he
wanted to taste her. She withdrew her two fingers and he sucked them. Once,
he offered an entire claw to her, told her it was his cock, told her to eat
it. Once, he told her to take the middle finger of her left hand, dip it in
the remoulade, and suck it like a cock, then put it back between her legs and
imagine the head of his cock against her clit.

All through dinner he kept her on the edge.

As they finished dinner, he leaned close and kissed her cheek, then lightly
brushed her lips with his. He kissed her, nibbling her lips, teasing with his
tongue. He broke the kiss, then kissed her ear, and whispered, “Think about
my mouth on your pussy. When I kiss your lips, imagine I am kissing your
sweet pussy lips. When my tongue touches yours, imagine my tongue is
touching your clit, when your fingers move inside you, imagine my cock
thrusting deep inside you.”


He placed his lips on hers again, his tongue moving over her lips. He drew
her lower lips between his, sucking gently, running his tongue over her lip.
His tongue touched hers. She gasped. She felt it between her legs. His
tongue touching hers; her finger on her clit. It was all connected now in her
head. It was all the same. One feeling. She was close to coming.

“Not yet,” he said, and she groaned.

“Rebecca,” he whispered, kissing her mouth and her ear. “Now I want you to
put three fingers in your cunt. I want you to feel my cock in your cunt.
Take the middle finger of your left hand, and wet it in my water glass. That
finger is my tongue, Rebecca. You want my tongue on your clit.”

She put her finger in the water glass. When she withdrew it, he took a sip of
the water, looking deep into her eyes as he did. She placed the wet finger
between her legs, gently placed it on her clit. The cool wetness of it took
her breath away. She squirmed in her chair.

“Yes, feel my tongue, licking you,” he whispered, kissing her, teasing her
mouth with his lips, his teeth, his tongue. “You imagine me licking you, you
feel it…”

“Ohhh,” Rebecca moaned into his mouth as he kissed her. He nibbled her lips,
sucked her tongue. “Move your fingers in your cunt, Rebecca, feel my cock
inside you, imagine how it feels to have me lick and fuck you.”

Rebecca was whimpering now, squirming, hips moving in her seat, her muscles
contracting around her fingers. She was on the edge. She felt everything he
said. Her tongue danced in his mouth.

“Come for me now, Rebecca.”

“Ohhhhhh.” She closed her eyes, and instantly felt the first wave build and
crash over her. Then another and another and another. He kissed her as she
came, nibbling, whispering about his tongue and his cock and her cunt, but
she was no longer listening, just feeling, feeling wave after wave of
pleasure, trying not to scream.

Finally, she came down. She could not believe what she had just done. She
opened her eyes, looked at him, and saw him smiling, saw his blue eyes

“Thank you Rebecca. Watching you come is the most beautiful thing I have ever

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