Here I am, walking down the aisle on my wedding day, the victim of a
conspiracy by my family and my intended to get me here. There was a point
at which I thought I’d never be married. The most I thought I could ever
hope for was a domestic partnership. I suppose I should explain. I was
born fully male and I am (was?) gay. I discovered that when I was in 9th

It was shortly after I realized that I was gay, that I met… him. Larry
Walters. He was a friend of my sister, Melanie, at least they hung out
together. In 10th grade, he was tall, well built, and had a package in his
pants that kept me awake long into the night. Two years later, he only got
better. Problem was (at least what I thought it was) he wasn’t interested
in guys, at least not from anything I could see. Boy, was I wrong.

It was shortly before the senior prom when my sister surprised me. We had
already had the junior prom, and my tux rental had been returned. Mom and
sis were out shopping almost every day, looking for (in their words) THE
dress. Well, it was after one of these days shopping, that sis came into
my room. “Find THE dress?” I joked, over-emphasizing THE in the same way
mom did when she said it.

“Yeah, I did, smarty-pants. Of course, now I’ve got all the fittings and
alterations to go through.”

“Lucky you. So what’s up? Is there something you wanted to ask me?”

“Yeah there is, actually. Jerry, how would you like to go to the prom on
the arm of Larry? As his date?”

My heart leapt into my throat. “Don’t play with me.”

“I’m not. Would you like to go to the prom as Larry’s date?”

“Of course, but I don’t see how you’re going to manage it. Unless you plan
on casting a spell to make me a girl.” I should mention here that both dad
and sis are sorcerers.

I thought sis would deny it outright, but instead she asks, “Would you if I

“I thought you couldn’t use your magic for the sake of personal gain,
either yours or others’.”

“You’re dodging the question. If doing so meant getting to go to the prom
on Larry’s arm, would you allow yourself to be turned into a girl?”

“I suppose so, but it’s a pipe dream. Larry’s got a girlfriend.”

“Not anymore. They broke up, and he asked me to find him a date.”

“So you’re going to change me into a girl?”

“Kind of. Like you said, I can’t use my magic for this, but that doesn’t
mean we can’t use more standard methods. We put you in a dress and some
make-up, and I think you’d make a very pretty girl.”

“Even if that were true, and I were willing, I don’t want to be with Larry
on false pretenses. I don’t want to con him.”

She looked me right in my eye, saying, “But for a chance to be with Larry?
Isn’t it worth it? To have him dance and romance you? To feel his lips
upon your own? And possibly… more?”

Suddenly all doubt left my mind as to whether or not I should do this. I’d
later find out that sis had used a spell on me to amplify my desires to a
point where I couldn’t say no. I suppose I should be upset, but
considering the results I can’t complain.

I said, “Okay, I’ll do it.”

Sis all but dragged me out of the room into the hall. I saw mom waiting by
her door. Before I had a chance to say anything, sis yells, “He said yes!”

Mom smiled. “Well, let’s get started.” Sis drags me into mom’s room where
I see an entire outfit laid out on the bed. Mom says to me, “First thing
we need to do is get you cleaned up, so off with your clothes.”

I blushed a little bit. I think I even remember trying to protest, but mom
just says, “Hun, girls don’t mind being naked in front of one another.
Only very shy ones have a problem with it.”

“But I’m not a girl, not really.”

“But if you intend to pull this off, both for you and for Larry, you need
to be able to emulate a girl as perfectly as possible, at least outwardly.
How would it look if you went into the girls’ room to use the facilities
and asked everybody to leave because you were too embarrassed to do what
had to be done while women were in the room?”

Using the women’s room. That really pushed it home. For the entire prom
night, I’d have to act like a girl in all things, including using the
girls’ room. I almost ended it there, but visions of dancing with Larry
ran through my head, and I just shrugged and got undressed. Mom then
brought me into the bathroom where a bath had already been drawn. A bubble

“Is this necessary, mom? A bubble bath?”

“We’re just trying to get you thinking like a girl, dear.”


“Relax and trust me, dear.”

“Well, I guess so. It is only one bath.”

“Well, your first bath. Every night you’ll be in here soaking in the tub
for at least fifteen minutes.”

“But why?”

“Because the bath oils I’ve added to the water will soften and condition
your skin, as well as give you a light perfuming that will linger long
after the bath is over, particularly with you taking a bath every day.”

I balked at entering the tub. “I… I don’t…”

Mom pointed at the toilet. “Sit down, Jerry.” I pulled the seat and cover
down and sat. “Now. How do you feel about Larry?”

As thought of that beautiful man danced through my head, I said, “He’s
handsome, kind, sweet, caring,…”

As I tried to think of more words, mom asked, “You want to be with him,
don’t you?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Then let us do what we can for you. Your sister and I with some help from
your father can make this happen, but you have to trust us. Now you have
veto rights, so you can end this anytime you want to, but if you do as we
ask, you can have your dream. You’ll be on Larry’s arm all night, his
senior prom date. Maybe more if you play your cards right.”

And that was all it took. Maybe it was the after-effects of sis’s spell,
or maybe I just wanted this so badly I ached, but I was in the tub only
seconds later, soaking and playing with the bubbles.

A little while later, mom came into the bathroom with one of her lady Bic
disposable razors and instructed me in the womanly art of shaving my legs
and pits. Mom commented that I didn’t do too bad a job, but then added,
“For your first try.”

We went back into her room and I briefly looked around. Somehow I wasn’t
surprised to find that my clothes, my boy clothes, were nowhere to be seen.
Sis picked up a pair of panties from the clothes and brought them over to
me. I stepped into them and pulled them on.

Then mom brought over the foundation garment I have come to hate. I hated
it then, I hate it now, and I will probably hate it every time I wear it.
The corset. Problem is, I have to admit, wearing one makes me look good.
It pulls in my waist and changes my figure, giving me a nice, shapely
figure. (Of course, I’ll never admit that to anyone.) At the time,
though, after mom got me into the damnable thing, all I could think of was
how damned uncomfortable the thing was, and this was before the thing was
cinched up!

After mom puts it on, she gets out a couple boxes and gets out, ta da,
breastforms! She puts them carefully into the cups of the corset and THEN
cinches me in tight. I thought my lungs were going to burst that time it
was so tight. I have since found out that she went easy on me since it was
my first time. It just felt really tight since I wasn’t used to the

To be honest, I’m not sure what went on next, I was so focused on that
corset, but I was finally dropped into a chair in front of the mirror to
see what they had done. I was in a blonde wig, make-up, and a pretty, blue
dress, and what was looking back at me from the mirror was this pretty
blonde in well-done make-up and a nice, blue dress.

Thinking that was it, I said, “Well, now that I know I can play the role,”
and reached behind me to undo the dress.

Mom stopped me. “Not quite yet, dear. We know you can look the role, not
play the role.”


“No, dear, you need to play the role impeccably. Until the prom, at home,
you will be a girl, dressing in dresses, going to fittings alongside your
sister for your prom dress, even sleeping in nightgowns. Your sister and I
will coach you in feminine mannerisms, drilling you in what you need to

I then got very suspicious and very angry. “You tricked me! Hid my
clothes! You’re forcing me into this! Trying to make me over into a girl!
I won’t be bullied! I won’t-”

At this point sis was a bit shocked, and I think upset. Mom, ever the
strong parent, interrupted me with a stern, “Enough!” After I quieted
down, she said, “Your clothes have not been hidden. Your sister took them
and put them in your hamper. Now, yes, we did remove them so you wouldn’t
use them as an excuse to chicken out at the last moment, but if you want to
end this, say so. We’ll get you out of all this and you go back to your
room and this is nothing but a memory. But we see you around Larry, and
the hurt you feel at not being with him hurts us. We want to get you two
together, and if you do this, you can achieve that goal. I’m not saying
it’s going to be easy. You’re going to have to learn seventeen years of
being a girl in under a month. But if you stick with it, you will get your
heart’s desire and then some. Now, do you want to continue or not?”

I thought about it. I was scared. I’m not sure why, though. I knew down
deep that my mom and sis would never do anything to really hurt me. I mean
sis may have teased me mercilessly at times, (what sister hasn’t?) but
she’s always been there when I needed her. I think I was scared partly
because I was afraid of being caught as a guy in drag, partly because I was
afraid of not being caught. It doesn’t do great things for a man’s
self-image to realize that he can easily make himself look like a woman.

I confessed, “I’m scared.”

Mom wrapped her arms around me and held me close. “I understand. This is
going to be very scary. In order to be successful, both for your and
Larry’s sake, you need to not only play the role, but be comfortable in it,
at least comfortable enough not to be stiff and unrealistic. It’s going to
require commitment and a lot of work. If you don’t think you can do it,
then no one will blame you if you back out and say no, but you shouldn’t
base your decision on what you’re going to do on your fear. Try it, really
put your all into it, then decide.”

What could I say? “Alright, I’ll try.”

So for the rest of the night, I stayed in girl clothes, with mom and sis
giving me constant instructions on female deportment. “Keep your legs
together.” “Smooth your skirt out when you sit down.” “Take smaller
steps.” Et cetera, et cetera.

I was a bit worried about what dad would say when he saw me. I mean, what
father is going to understand his son wanting to be in dresses so that he
can date another guy? But dad didn’t even bat an eyelash. He walks into
the room where sis and I were working, and asks, “How are my two little
girls tonight?” After we both gave a brief answer, he says, “Good, good,”
and sits down to read his newspaper. Actually, I shouldn’t have been
surprised. Dad’s magical sensitivity make him a lot more empathetic than
he lets on.

So this goes on for the rest of the night, me trying my best to be a girl
and mom and sis giving constant coaching from the sidelines. They kept
this up for hours, and at one point, I asked, “Why do we have to do so much

Then mom dropped the big bomb on me. The first one, at least. “You got to
learn fast if you’re going to make it to the first dress fitting tomorrow.”


“Certainly you didn’t think I was going to send you to the prom in some
off-the-rack dress, did you?”

I was too stunned to respond. Technically, I suppose it made sense. If I
was going to the same dance as Melanie, as the same sex as Melanie, I’d be
going through the same pre-prom preparations as Melanie. I was worried
about going out to a store as a girl, but I had decided to do this, so I
didn’t voice my worries.

It was late that night when we finished, and I walked back to my room by
sis’s side. She helped me out of my outfit and make-up and then gave me a
gift I will be eternally grateful for. Before I could say a thing, she
slipped a nightgown on over my head. When I realized what I had on, I
tried to object, but sis just kissed me and said, “Trust me on this one,
little sis, you won’t regret this step into femininity.”

I decided to give it a shot and went to sleep in my new nightgown. To
anybody listening: I will never go back. It was a simple number, a quick
sleeveless pull-over, and not one of the more racy styles designed to
inflame the desire of my man that I have picked up since then. If things
had not worked out so well between Larry and me, mom still would’ve had to
use a gun to get me out of my nighties. I slept better in that soft shift
than I could ever remember sleeping.

The time between that night and prom night was almost anti-climactic.
There were those first going out in public jitters, but I quickly realized
that they were baseless. Thanks to the intensive at home drilling I got at
night (the first as well as further nights) and the occasional whispers in
the ear during the day, no one noticed I was a boy in a dress. At least no
one seemed to notice.

The fittings were a little more scary. At times, I was in nothing more
than my corset and underwear. But if anyone noticed, they didn’t say a

Then came the day of the prom. I was so nervous, I almost retched.
Multiple times. But then I came down the steps and saw Larry’s face. The
combined look of admiration and lust made the entire month all worth it.
He escorted me out to the car, opened the door for me, and helped me in.
We went to the dance, and had a fun time. It kind of thrilled me to hear
most of Larry’s male friends compliment him on the babe he was dancing with.

After the dance, Larry took me up to lookout hill and parked. I snuggled
up to him and we watched the night sky for a while. Well, he watched the
night sky. I watched the huge bulge in his pants. Finally, I screwed up
enough courage and reached down and unzipped his pants. As I fished his
dick out, he said, “Susan,” my selected name, “you don’t have to do this.”

I almost laughed. Maybe he didn’t expect me to do this, but now that I had
started, part of me HAD to do it. I leaned over and slurped his dick into
my mouth, devouring it hungrily.

Oh, god, it was better than I ever could’ve hoped. From the first lick, I
was addicted to his throbbing manhood. I got him as hard as I could,
trying to get him to cum in my mouth, but before I could, he pulled me off
of him and pushed me onto my back. “I want to fuck you.”

I was petrified, scared that he’d find out what I thought was my secret and
stuttered out, “No, no, I don’t-”

But he surprised me, saying, “It’s okay, Jerry, I know what’s in your
panties.” I was so stunned, I couldn’t say a thing as he said, “I’ve
wanted you since the first day I met you. There were just reasons I
thought it would never happen.” He kissed me on the lips. “But if you
don’t want this, just say so, and I’ll back off.”

Not want it? Was he nuts? “Take me now!” I finally managed to blurt out.

He smiled, lifted my legs, pulled my panties off just enough to expose my
hole, and put his dick to me. He shoved into me, getting me to scream in
ecstasy. I felt so filled with him inside me. I looked into his eyes, and
we smiled at one another. We kissed as he began to shaft in and out of me.

Oh, god, how I loved that night. My virginity was finally gone, and I had
lost it to the man I loved. I moaned and whimpered in desire, lust, and
pleasure. Larry fucked me long, lovingly, and powerfully until I came,
screaming like a banshee. I felt a bit guilty for that, but judging from
the screams I heard from other cars, I guessed mine was just one orgasm in
the night.

While we lay together, I asked him, “How did you know about me? Where did
I mess up?”

“You didn’t, lover.” He got a guilty face. “This, you being in a dress,
was… my idea.”

“Were you afraid of anyone knowing you were gay?”

“Bi-sexual actually, but no, that wasn’t it.”

“Then… what?”

“I wanted to see you in a dress because… I want more than just a physical
relationship with you. I wanted to see if you could play the role of a
woman, because I want you to be my wife. I want to marry you. I want to
have children with you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
Will you do that for me, Jerry? Will you be my wife?”

At the time I didn’t know exactly what he was asking. I figured he was
asking me to pretend to be a girl for the rest of my life, even to the
point of making illegal claims about my sex so we could get married. I
wasn’t sure about that, but it was hard for me to focus on anything other
than Larry’s ‘spend the rest of my life with you.’ I said, “Yes,” doing
little more than breathing the word.

Larry plastered his lips to mine and I felt this strange tingle pass
through my body. At the time, I thought it was just a really great kiss.
Hah! Little did I know.

He once more rolled me onto my back, got above me and pushed into me. The
feeling was great, but different than before. Had I been a little less
lost in the sensations, I might’ve noticed that his angle was all wrong for
an anal penetration, and the feeling of his dick within me was all out of
place. The sensations were also far more electric and overpowering than
they had been before, but somehow I just glossed over all of that, and when
my orgasm came, I didn’t even question that I experienced one orgasm after
another in a rapid-fire jumble, my first multiple orgasm.

After we finished, Larry and I sat up together. I said, “I want to fuck
you now.”

But he said, “Uh-uh. I want to save my virginity for our wedding night. I
wasn’t kidding about that, Susie. I’m going to marry you.”

I giggled. “The guy getting fucked and losing his virginity on the wedding
night? Isn’t that backwards?”

“Perhaps, but I’ve taken all your virginities tonight, and we need
something to look forward to.”

“So when are you going to marry me?”

“As soon after you graduate as I can.”

“After I graduate? That’s over a year away.” I pouted a bit.

He lifted my face and kissed me. “I think you’re worth waiting for. Am I
worth waiting for?”

“Of course. That doesn’t mean I want to wait.”

He laughed. I like his laugh. Good, hearty, manly. “Let’s get you home.”

As he drove me home, I noticed that my dress was stretched tight around my
chest. I thought that maybe the fabric had been twisted a bit in our sex
play. I still didn’t get it.

When we got home, he gave me a soul-wrenching good night kiss on the
doorstep and then left for his home. I went inside, humming happily. Mom
was waiting up for me, and asked, “Did you have a good time?”

I spun in place. “Wonderful. He asked me to marry him.”

“Did you say yes?”

“Yes, I did,” I said dreamily. Then realizing who I was talking to, I
asked, “You don’t mind, do you? Your son getting married to another guy?”

Mom just smiled this knowing smile. “I think my ‘son’ needs to go upstairs
and get out of his prom dress.”

Figuring that her reply was either acceptance or a way of saying that we’d
talk about it later (at the very least not stating no) I smiled and went
upstairs. I tried to get out of the dress, but for some reason, the zipper
wouldn’t work right. Mom had followed me upstairs and asked, “Need help?”

I just grinned. “I guess it was a more tiring night than I thought.”

Mom said nothing as she unzipped me. After I stepped out of the dress and
slip and kicked off my shoes, I excused myself and headed to the bathroom,
needing to pee. But when I pulled down my panties, I nearly freaked.
There was nothing there to pull out!

I think I would’ve screamed had mom not clasped her hand over my mouth and
said, “Shhhh. Your dad had a rough day and doesn’t need to hear you

“Mom, my dick… is gone.”

“It’s not gone. Close your eyes and feel for the muscles of your penis.
The muscles will be further back than they were. Move the penis out of
your body.”

I was a bit frantic, but did as she asked. I was so relieved when it
worked that I almost missed the bowl when I started peeing. After I
finished, she said, “Now concentrate on the same muscles and pull it back

I tried to protest. “But, mom-”

Mom then said, in her ‘I will take no back talk’ voice, “Do as I tell you.”

And when mom uses that voice, there is no arguing with her. So I didn’t
argue. I just said, “No!” and stood there defiantly.

Mom then pulled out the big guns. The Look. Ever since we were kids, if
we defied mom, all she had to do was level The Look at us, and we’d cave.
Maybe it was psychic, maybe sheer intimidation, but nobody in the family,
dad or sis included, stood up long against The Look. Had mom kept it up,
I’d’ve done whatever she asked to avoid that face, but she relented,
actually looking guilty for having used The Look on me. She softly said,
“Come on into the bedroom. We’ll finished getting you undressed.”

We went back into the bedroom and she helped me out of my corset. That was
when I noticed it. I had breasts! I was so stunned, I barely managed to
utter, “Mom, my breastforms…”

Rather matter-o-factly, she said, “No, dear. Your breasts.”

“Mom, wh- what happened to me?”

Mom sat me down on the bed. “Dear, Larry did tell you he wanted you to be
his wife?”

“Yes, but I thought-”

“He was speaking metaphorically? No. Larry is a sorcerer, working right
alongside your dad and sister.”

“But why-” I looked down at my body.

“Dear, those with magical talent are a rare breed, so when two people with
the talent seem compatible enough, they are brought together in hopes they
will mate, maximizing the chances of magical offspring.”

“But I don’t have any magic. At least not enough to train.”

“No, but your sister does. Originally, she and Larry were brought together
to mate. Problem was, it wasn’t Melanie that Larry fell for. It was you.
You so infested his mind that he was unable to even fake anything more than
friendship with her because she reminded him of you. But if Larry mated
with Jerry, there would be no offspring. So we all worked together to
create Susan, Larry’s wife-to-be.”

“So I’ve got to be a girl, so I can be his baby factory?” I asked more than
a little contemptuously.

“No. Larry loves you. You are soul-mated, and no matter what body you’re
in, he will spend the rest of his life loving you. If you really felt you
couldn’t handle this, all you would have to do is call him, and he would
rush back here to undo his magic. But that will mean no children, and the
end of his line. But he would do that if you asked. If you wanted, Larry
would be your girl, but we both know you don’t swing that way. You’d still
love him. You just wouldn’t want him sexually.”

“I… I don’t know about this.”

“Then wait until you do know. Try it first. Larry should rest from
casting a major transformation anyways. If you find you can’t stand it,
then you can change back. But if you give it a try, I think you’ll stay

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because you’re like your dear old mom. You’re willing to do anything for
your man.”

I thought about what she had said, and asked, “Mom, how do you know so much
about this? You’ve got no more magic talent than I do.”

She got this canary-eating cat’s grin. She pressed her dress down around
her crotch and I watched as a bulge grew under the fabric she was holding.
“You’re not the first to do this, and I dare say you won’t be the last.”
This was shocking. Mom used to be a guy? I’d never have guessed.

I didn’t say anything. What could I say? I stood up and got a good look
at myself in the mirror. As far as girls went I was a good looker. The
woman in the mirror looked like a model right out of a fashion magazine. I
ran my fingers through my hair. No longer was I wearing a wig. Those sun
gold tresses were all mine. My legs were long and shapely and seemed ready
to be stretched out on a pair of heels. My hips and butt were big and
round. I think the phrase to describe them would be ‘birthing hips’.

And my breasts? How could I have ever missed those big globes? Mom had
gotten me a pretty big set of breastforms, but my breasts made those things
look small in comparison. I turned back to mom. “Do these have to be so

Mom laughed. “Have to? No. Unfortunately, the spell Larry cast was
influenced by his subconscious desires and he is, after all, a teenager.
You’re actually pretty lucky. When your father transformed me I had boobs
out to here.” Mom held her hands about a foot in front of her current
breasts. “But a week’s worth of back problems later, he shrunk me down to
my current D cup.”

“How big do you think I am?”

She gave me an intense look of scrutiny. “Just a visual guesstimate, but
I’d say triple D. Maybe a bit bigger. But your body is also a bit bigger
than mine, so there should be no problem.”

“So… now what do I do?”

“First, put that away.” Mom was pointing to my dick, still hanging between
my legs. “You should keep it withdrawn except when using it. Otherwise
you risk exposure and questioning best avoided. Then you go to sleep.
Tomorrow you start the rest of your life as a girl.”

“Assuming I decide to stay this way.”

Mom gave me this condescending smile. “Of course, dear. One other thing,
though. For the rest of the summer, when you pee, sit down to pee. It’ll
get you into the habit for when you’re out in public.” She then gave me a
good night kiss and left for her room.

I didn’t put my dick away right off. After I got out of my make-up and
into a nightie, I spent a little while playing with myself, fingering my
new cunt while stroking my dick and breast. It was quite a sensation.

Over the next year, mom and sis constantly coached me on being a girl.
Sometimes they were a bit demanding about it. Anytime either one caught me
standing to pee, they’d swat my ass, saying, “If you were sitting on it, I
couldn’t swat it.” Nothing hard or nasty, mind you. Just enough to let me
know I was doing something wrong.

Now, about a month after I’ve graduated, I’m getting married, walking down
the aisle in my white wedding gown. I personally think the white is a bit
much. Over the last year, Larry and I have been doing it like rabbits.
Doing everything but that last step and ramming my dick into his ass. To
symbolize that, dear Larry is wearing a white tux for the wedding. I can’t
wait till tonight to change that. I plan on making him squeal like a piggy
when I pump him full of my cum.

All in fun, of course. Despite being the victim of a conspiracy to get me
here, I really do like what I’ve become.

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