Peeping Mother-in-law

I arrived home from work around 12P.M. I went in and took a shower,when I came out of the bathroom, my mother-in-law was standing in the hallway. She told me she wantsd to talk about what happened last night and this morning,having sex with her. I walked into the den and sat down in my chair. All I had on was a towel wrapped around me. Jane told me it had been at least 5 years since she had sex before last night. She did not want me to feel bad about what happened because she really enjoyed it. I told her I was really horny because it had been at least 4 months since I had put my cock into a hot wet pussy. She told me had seen me jacking off and lost all control of her senses. I told her I was glad she lost control because she was a very good fuck partner. She blushed and said she had always enjoyed sex and I was the second man she had sex with. She told me my cock was a lot bigger than her husbands.

She told me when I came into her room the night before,she seen I had a rather large cock. She did not say anything, pretending to be asleep, to see what I would do. She said when I walked up to her and touched her pussy and seen my cock get hard, she wanted to feel it in her pussy. She was afraid if I knew she was awake I would not do anything. I got out of my chair and sat down next to her. I pulled her into my arms and gave her a big kiss and told her I was not sorry for fucking her because she had the tightest pussy I had ever has the priviledge to put my cock into. She reached under the towel and stroked my cock. She said she wanted me to take her to bed and fuck her, she would show me how good she could be when she was not faking being asleep.

We gave each other a big kiss and started to get up and head to the bedroom. I looked up and my wife was standing in the bedroom door watching us. She told both of us that we better be glad she loved both of us after she heard us talking. She said the damage had already been done, so we might as well go fuck each other to relieve our sex needs.
I made an attempt to apoligize but she said don’t worry about an apology the deed had already been done. She told me and her mom to set back down, she had a few things to say. She said she was not hurt by our action, she actually felt bad that she had not taken care of business, by at least jacking me off. I was not going to tell her none of this was her fault. All three of us sat down and started about the situation. She told her mother she did not realize she had not been having any sex. She told her mom she used to watch her and her dad have sex. She said she could tell she really enjoyed it.
She asked her how she went so long without sex She told my wife hat this was the first time had any chance to fuck a man. She told her daughter she was sorry. My wife told her not to say any more about it. She said if she had known this she would have shared me a long time ago. I was shocked she said this.

After that night a lot of things changed. I slept with my mother-in-law until the wife was ready to start fucking again. I fucked her every morning and night for the next three weeks. She was always ready to do anything I wanted to do. I fucked her pussy, her mouth and her asshole.

After three weeks my wife got her release from her doctor, so she could resume having sex. She sat her mother and me down and told us we all needed to talk. She had an idea what we could do about our situation. I told her what ever she wanted to do was fine, because I felt guily about fucking her mother. She was a great fuck but she was still my mother-in-law.My wife said we were going to move into her mothers house, because it was bigger. We were going to buy a king size bed and the three of us would be sleeping together. The wife wife said she had first chance to fuck me when she wanted to and her mother could have me the rest of the time.

I went to work that afternoon. When I got home, I went into the bedroom to say hi to my wife. I just stood there for a minute because my wife and her mother were in the middle of eating out each others pussy. I quietly left the room, took a quick shower and slipped into the bed. The mother-in-law had her head buried between my wife’s legs, with her lips glued to her pussy giving her daughter a good orgasm. I slipped between her legs and started tonguing her clit. She let out a big Ohhh because she did not know I was home.

We moved into the in-laws house. I had two very hot and horny women to take care of. Some times I would be as tired when I got as I was when I went to bed. This went on fot six months. My performance was less becaue I was tired all the time, trying to take care of two women consumed with sex.

My good friend and his wife were going to split up he needed a place to stay. I invited over one night for dinner. I told the wife and her mother that I needed help to take care of two very horny women. I suggested Jake move in with us and join in our sex sessions. They both smiled and the wife said I had been
slacking off in my job of taking care of all their needs.

This living arrangement last fot three years until my father-in-law finally got out of the nursing home. My wife and I stayed in her mothers house. Jake stayed with us. He met a lady, dated her for a while and she moved in with us.

I fucked my wife, my mother-in-law and Jake’s girlfriend for two more years. Jake got married and moved out. My mothe-in-law spent most of her time with her husband.

My wife told me one day, it was wierd to only have one cock to fuck and no pussy to eat out. I told her that she some good pussy but a little difference in fucking was nice.

Within two week after Jake moved out my wif found another couple to move in with us. They were a young couple that were living together. He was 20 and his girlfriend was 19. The wife noticed I was spending a lot of nights with the girlfried and not taking care of her. I told her Bill really liked to have sex with you because you knew a lot of new ways to have sex. He said you were the first pussy he ever licked. He said he liked learning about all the different sex positions you knew. I liked fucking Jill because her pussy was vey tight and very wet. Her pussy juice was the best I ever tasted.

This life style lasted another year and for some reason the wife no longer enjoyed having sex. She wanted to live by herself and continue to raise our son.

This life style lasted almost 5 years. I feel I was one of the luckiest men alive.

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