One Night In Tokyo


We had been travelling for several weeks and both
needed to stop for a day or so and relax a little. I
had finished my contract in the south of Japan and my
wife wanted to go back to Tokyo to do some last minute
shopping before we headed back to Thailand where we had
been living for the past several years. Akiyo was
Japanese and that had made our trip that much easier
when dealing with the enormous language barrier that I
faced in working with Japanese models.

Our hotel was a small by western standards however
there was still plenty of room to move about. We had
both stripped off and fell asleep almost immediately. I
woke some hours later and looked across to my wife who
was still deep in slumber. I felt the need for a drink
so climbed out of the bed and took a quick shower,
cleaned myself up and got dressed.

Akiyo was still in a deep sleep so I wrote a little
note that I left on the pillow beside her and went out
in search a bar of sorts. Japan has little in the way
of English signposts so I was heading out into
dangerous territory if I didn’t mind getting lost. I
took one of the hotel cards that I could give to the
cab driver should that be the case.

I didn’t have to go to far however. The street outside
itself had numerous small bars and restaurants so I
looked in at a few and then selected one that had a
quite a few people in it. Being a photographer I am
also a rabid voyeur so watching people, particularly
young women was a favourite pastime.

This bar had its fair share of cute Japanese girls,
some sat with their boyfriends, others in small groups
some still in school uniform, none however were sitting
alone for any appreciable length of time. This
particular bar was also obviously a favourite hangout
of the younger set including students. Off to one side
in a booth sat several young men also still dressed in
their school uniforms next to the table of girl
students. There was a both in the corner that was
vacant so I moved in and sat alone for a while taking
in the scenery about me. I was the only westerner in
the room so tended to stand out like a sore thumb.

One of the schoolboys noticed me. He was about eighteen
or so stood up and came over to say hello in stilted
English. For a moment I thought that he might be doing
a pickup line but as he went on it was more innocent
than that. He obviously had the need to do some
practice of his English as his pronunciation was very
stilted and difficult to understand. I imagine I looked
to be a suitable practice board so I listened carefully
to what he had to say and then in what broken Japanese
I have I said hello back.

He wanted to go on. His English was obviously better
than my Japanese so with nothing else to do I allowed
him to engage me in very stilted youthful conversation.
Noticing my ease in understanding the youth, he was
joined by one and then several of the other boys who
sat around listening in on the conversation. I guessed
correctly that they were all studying English at some
level. It was about nothing in particular mainly
limited by the small vocabulary we both had until he
asked me if I liked Japanese girls.

I was surprised by the directness of the question
however my slight smile gave away my interest.

“Sure.” I replied truthfully, my eyes idly drifting to
where the group of uniformed Japanese schoolgirls were
sitting and chatting. “Do you?” I continued.

His smile also gave away to what I considered to be an
affirmative. One of the others who were not keeping up
with the conversation asked for a translation and a
short interchange went between them. I wondered about
the nature of the inquiry and was not kept waiting that
much longer.

“Would you like to meet Japanese girls?” he asked
straightforwardly motioning to the girls that I had
glanced at.

I was fifty six year old westerner and even though the
thought itself was delicious I was not particularly
interested in embroiling myself in an underage sex case
with obviously pubescent teenagers so I gracefully

“How old are you by the way? I asked of him

“I am nineteen.”

“And your friends?”

“We are all about the same age. Hiroshi is the eldest,
he is twenty.”

“Nineteen and already pimping.”

“Pimping?” he asked to which I only smiled. It was at
about this moment that ideas began to foment in my
mind. I had an instant vision of my wife still sleeping
back in our hotel room. I needed to progress the
conversation in another direction.

A couple of the boys had ordered more drinks and a beer
was placed in front of me. I explained what I had meant
by pimping to which my young companion smiled
secretively, again his glance towards the young
schoolgirls giving away his intentions.

It was about then as if it had been planned that way
that my cell phone rang from within my pocket. I pulled
it out and noted that Akiyo was ringing me. Obviously
she had woken and wondered where I happened to be. I
briefly explained to her that I was sitting in a bar
having a drink and would be home soon. She was happy
with that and decided that she might take a bath while
she waited for me.

We had been married for a year after living together
for the past several. We had initially met in Europe
where I had been on another assignment and she had
landed the job of assisting me. Akiyo was very dutiful
in that respect, very typically a Japanese girl.
Nominally quiet, she had been a refreshing contrast to
my first wife whom I had spent twenty torrid years
raging between extreme passion and total distain.

With Akiyo my life had achieved a level of karma that I
had never experienced before. We were like yin and
yang. Even though she was much quieter natured than
many women, beneath that deceptive exterior lie an
extremely passionate woman yet not of the type that
would actively go out to seek her own fulfillment.

As she had told me she had only a few lovers before me
and of course as an admission I should take it with a
gain of salt, she claimed that for the most part she
had not been satisfied completely. I say a grain of
salt as I expect most women to lie, as I do on these
issues. I took pleasure in making her write down her
previous experiences and how she had felt at the time,
how they had started and how they had affected her. She
did so reluctantly at first but then felt relieved that
I showed no jealousy of her earlier trysts.

We had been needlessly separated at one period for
several months and had only been able to communicate by
email, phone calls and chat lines. Her own demands had
enabled her to speak more freely with me, a consequence
of our separation. It was during this phase that I
found out about her desire to be dominated, to play a
subservient role in our relationship and this was when
I demanded she tell me about all her previous lovers.

I had been around long enough and had learned enough
about the small desires of women to take her to places
she had never experienced. From what I was to learn of
her past lovers, they had been for the most part young
and largely inexperienced themselves, an unsatisfying
combination on her part. It was more out of loneliness
that she had accepted them however at times she had
also derived great pleasure.

Just before we were forced to be apart, we had watched
a movie together that engaged a young woman in an
extremely dominated role, Akiyo had somehow identified
with her which had manifested itself slowly to the
point where she looked to me to satisfy this particular
craving on her part.

I was naturally more dominating however I was not
cruel. I did however enjoy watching her undergo some
level of pain during our lovemaking. Her tears of pain
were in fact tears of joy that expressed her deepest
and stronger orgasms. With the right encouragement she
was able to successively orgasm for hours on end. The
pleasure that showed on her face was also my own source
of pleasure.

Our love making, as time and inclination permitted had
delved into bondage and at times some light discipline
however it that had not been altogether that
satisfying. Akiyo did like to be bound with ropes and
in this state it also allowed me unfettered access to
her body, she could not push me away when the pleasure
that went with the pain exceeded her capacities to
withstand it. At those times she would say that would
be taken into an orgasmic paradise to which I could
only imagine.

We had a variety of toys as we called them, dildos and
vibrators each one giving her a new sense of pleasure.
Apart from the pleasure we derived from our own
actions, I had a predisposition to talk her through
scenes of varying stages of depravation. She would have
uncontrollable orgasms particularly when I created an
image of her being serviced by several men at the same
time. We had until that moment never actually taking
any further steps in that direction beyond it being a

My mind came back to the present and the young men
sitting in the booth looking for the words to continue
our conversation. For a moment they were puzzled by the
look on my face as I surveyed them. I hesitated for a
moment. What I was thinking was highly preposterous and
I faced the possibility of creating a disaster if I had
made the wrong assessment.

“You asked me if I like Japanese girls and I asked the
same question, do you like girls?” I directed the
question at my young companion.

“Yes I like lots of girls. I have many girlfriends.”

“Are those over there among them?” I indicated to the
table where the schoolgirls sat. He looked across at
them for a moment and then towards me.

“I have known two of them before, in fact all my
friends have known them both.” He said nonchalantly. I
was duly impressed. They were indeed all quite pretty
and from what I could tell reasonably well developed.
For a moment I regretted declining his earlier offer.

“That is interesting. Are all Japanese girls you know
that easy?”

“Not all but some like to have many boyfriends. Others
just like make some money to buy things.”

“Is that what they do?”

“Yes. They are all Shinjuku girls.”

“What is a Shinjuku girl?”

“She comes from the suburbs to make some easy money.
Make sex with men.”

“Do you pay them when you go with them?”

“No, I help them get to meet men. Like you. Sometimes
men want to make group sex so I fix that too.”
I was immediately interested. “Maybe you could help me
with something in.”

“What is that?”

“My wife is also Japanese and she has some dreams she
would like fulfilled.” He looked at me quizzically and
allowed me to continue.

“Well She would like to have many men have sex with her
at the same time. Is that the sort of thing you do?” He
looked at me for a moment and then looked around at his

“Yes, plenty of times we have done this. Japanese girls
like many men.”

“My wife is not old like me, she is only thirty two.
Would you be interested to help me out?”

“How much would you pay for this?” It had been reduced
to its most basic level on which I now felt more
comfortable it being a business discussion.

“I don’t know, what is the going rate?” He indicated a
figure that at first I though was excessive and said
so. We finally agreed on a figure that I knew I could
withstand. With that decided and my own reservations
disappearing rapidly, I took my cell phone and put a
call through to my wife. She was still luxuriating in
the bath and it took a few moments for her to pick up.

“Honey I am going to be coming home shortly. I want you
to do something for me.”

“Yes, what is that.”

“I am feeling very horny. I want to come home and find
you sitting on the edge of the bed but you must be
naked. Would you do that for me?”

“If you would like.” She answered compliantly.

“One more thing, I want you to wear that airline
sleeping mask you have and have some music playing,
maybe one of the music channels on TV.”

“Sometimes you are very strange but okay, if that is
what you want. When will you be home?

“I am probably half an hour away so that should give
you time to finish your bath and be ready for me. I
love you.”

“I love you too. I will see you in half and hour.”

“Not see me but you will feel me for sure.” With that I
rung off and smiled at my table companions. I looked at
my watch and then went about finishing my beer before
we were to head off. I explained to the boy and he
relayed that to his companions. There were six of them
and I immediately began to have reservations about what
I was planning.

With my bill paid, we headed of towards the hotel it
being only a few hundred metres along the busy road. As
we walked along I continued to have reservations about
what I had planned from my wife however I felt almost
that I had gone too far to pull out now.

We arrived at the hotel and I managed to get the boys
up the stairwell without to much ado. We were only on
the second floor so there was little need to use the
elevator. Outside out door, I stopped and gave the boys
some instructions about what I expected from them.

I had no doubt my wife would be as I had instructed,
sitting naked on the side of the bed with the sleeping
mask over her eyes. I insisted on total silence from
them otherwise we might not be doing anything at all
and hoped the TV was loud enough to mask any sounds
they might make. They agreed. Still I was extremely
hesitant at this particular point. I took out my key
card and slipped it in the slot and carefully opened
the door.

My wife was sitting there as agreed, the TV playing
some rock music that would in any event conceal minor
noises at the start of this exercise. I entered and
quietly ushered the boys in, motioning for them to
stand nearer to the doorway at first until I needed
them. I took the first boy with me and went around to
the front of my wife.

“Hello darling.”

“Hello.” She replied none the wiser that I was not
alone. With that I ran my hand through her hair and
kissed her on the lips. She kissed back. Her passion
had obviously risen while she had been waiting there
naked and blindfolded. I let go and turned to the boy
and beckoned him to undo his trousers and release his
penis from its cage. He had little hesitation.

My wife was still young and had a great body. Her
breasts were larger than most Japanese women and
obviously this and the sight of her waxed pubes had
aroused him quickly. I moved him in place and beckoned
him to put his now erect penis into her mouth. He
touched himself against her lips and I said

“Open up honey.” She did as I requested and allowed the
young boys cock to be taken into her mouth. She had
always been a great cocksucker and I could see the
pleasure that had entered the young boys mind. I was
not particularly well endowed, a little over six inches
the boy was smaller than me and for a moment I thought
she may been able to tell the difference however she
was concentrating on her task running it up and down in
her mouth.

Standing beside him I beckoned for two of the other
boys to move quietly into place beside him. With their
already erect cocks pointing in her direction I took
one of her hands and held it out in the general
direction of the second boys cock and placed it upon
it. At first she was startled and about to pull away
but I held her arm there and after a moments hesitation
she took the erect cock into her hand and gently
squeezed it wrapping her fingers around its girth and
slowly stroking him.

I then took her other hand and lifted into place on the
third cock. I could hear her moaning softly in her
throat as she realised that there more than one other
person in the room and for the first time she was about
to enjoy multiple lovers. The first orgasm was building
up deep within her. My earlier reservations had passed
as I watched my wife suck on the cock in her mouth with
increased passion while she greedily masturbated the
two other cocks in her hands.

I felt relaxed that she had not seen fit to object,
intent on accepting whatever I was to put to her. I
motioned for two more of the boys to move around in
between and for each to take a nipple into their
mouths. Akiyo groaned even louder now as her own body
was being assailed the boys had squeezed her nipples
and nuzzled into the soft texture of her breasts.

The last boy was stripping out of his clothes and I
motioned for him to get onto the floor and put his face
between her thighs that I had now spread apart. As he
did Akiyo had her first orgasm, her body convulsing
lightly, a satisfying moan coming from around the cock
that she had buried in her throat. She scooted her butt
towards the edge of the bed more as the boy down there
put his hands on her ass and pulled her forward while
at the same time pushing her thighs further apart so
that he could get his face into her cunt.

She was now attending to six young energetic bodies. I
wondered how she would withstand the energy that they
most likely had. Even during our own lovemaking she
often had to beg me to stop, as she could no longer
withstand the orgasmic drain upon her.

I whispered in her ear. “I love you baby, you are going
to be fucked until you can not take it any more. Is
this what you want?” Under the blindfold she nodded in
assent and a gurgled yes could be heard in her throat.
I could sense that she was about to orgasm again and I
smiled at my audacity.

Now that she was fully aware of the circumstances I had
placed her in I motioned to the boy in her mouth to
pull back and coaxed all of them away for a moment. I
pushed Akiyo back onto the bed the several bodies
moving with her so that she lay on her back.
Automatically she spread her legs wide apart her cunt
gaping to the delight of the boys around her.

Two of them took hold of her legs and pulled them up so
that her cunt gaped open even more. The boy whom had
moments ago had his face buried in her cunt, returned
to that place, licking deep into her and ran his
fingers along her slit and then pushed two of them into
her spreading apart her cunt lips. She groaned as she
waited for the first of many assaults on her now
already moistened cunt.

The lead boy who had been in only moments ago enjoying
the pleasures of her mouth had already stripped out of
his uniform and was prepared to climb between her
beckoning thighs. The other boy moved aside as I
motioned him forward and watched her face as he slowly
penetrated her. Aroused as she was she had quickly
self-lubricated aided by the boy sucking at her and his
progress was made that much easier.

He was not big but then neither was she and she groaned
more loudly as he forced himself into her. I was lying
beside her and adjusted the mask to ensure it was still
in place so that she her soon to be lovers would remain
totally anonymous strangers. I kissed her gently on the
lips and once more professed my love for her. She
kissed me back passionately, her tongue searching out
mine while another man was vigorously fucking her.

“I love you too darling.” She groaned as she was being
plunged into by the energetic youth. With that I
motioned the others to move in around her holding her
legs back, feeling her large melon breasts and greedily
sucking on them with the vigour of their youth. One had
moved around and placed his still bursting erect cock
into her mouth.

Greedily she accepted him and stroking him with her
hand and slavered over it, saliva from her mouth
glistening on its length.
Of all of them, this one cock in her mouth had to be
the largest however even that was not large by my
standards, perhaps slightly larger than my own. I
hadn’t taken this into account and hoped that the
energy with which they would fuck her would give her
the pleasure I wanted her to enjoy. I had little time
in wait to understand that she was once more having
another orgasm. By the time they had all taken use of
her body she would be exhausted. I was pleased.

The boy between her thighs, as they all were, was at a
heightened state of arousal and his orgasm came quickly
milked by her tight cunt. He groaned loudly as he
emptied his seed into her belly. Collapsing under the
strength of his orgasm, he slowly withdrew, her cunt
was by now a lathered pot of semen and sperm and her
own vaginal juices.

No sooner had he moved away than he was replaced by one
of the other boys who proceeded with the same vigour to
pump his cock into her accommodating womb.

Akiyo was in paradise. She humped back at the boy, her
buttocks bucking with pleasure adjusting the angle to
which he was thrusting and pushing herself at him,
wanting him to penetrate her even deeper. Her mouth was
filled and another had put his cock into her hand so
that she could masturbate him she pulled him so that
the two cocks were in her mouth.

The boy between her thighs erupted in orgasm, once more
filling her cunt with his sperm. She gasped as she
could feel him empty himself into her. He rolled away
and was quickly replaced by another who resumed fucking
her with an energy that I could only admire. One by one
the boys took his turn and filled her cunt with their
sperm, each one retiring to the side of the bed tired
from their immediate exertions.

After a short while all six had fucked her and she was
bathed in a lather of perspiration. I could tell that
she was nearing exhaustion but I was not about to let
her off this easily.

My own erection was bursting as I rolled her onto her
stomach and pulled at her hips so that she was up on
her knees her head and arms lolling about on the bed
beneath. I looked at the sight of her now reddened cunt
that was puffed up and glistening from the recent
assault on it. I ran my hand over her rump and down
into the crease of her vagina feeling for the little
bump that was her clitoris. I rubbed it for a moment
and then put two fingers to the entrance to her cunt
and pushed them in. She beat the bed softly as I opened
her up. I withdrew and added a third finger and slowly
pushed myself into her. This time she cried out loudly.

After a couple of thrusts I cupped all my fingers
together and pushed them into her widely opened cunt.
The slickness caused by the large quantity of sperm
residing in there allowed me to penetrate deep into
her. She let out a long and mournful groan as I did so.
I had short thick hands and had on a number of
occasions tried to put my whole fist into her however
she had always been too small for me to do it fully. I
felt that now she might be looser but I was still
meeting with the same resistance such was the tightness
of her cunt.

I pulled my finger out not being able to get over the
thick part of my thumb. My hand was covered in a gooey
mixture of sperm and cunt juice that I rubbed against
the puckered rose of her anus lubricating the entrance
to her other tunnel of love.

Her clitoral muscles that extended around her anus had
been relaxed from the pounding she had received and her
normally tight ass opened first to one finger and then
a second and then a third. Again she cried out as she
was wracked by another orgasm. Having loosened her anus
I raised my cock to her rear entrance and slowly fed
myself into the inviting opening, pushing myself at her
and then withdrawing allowing the fluids that had
saturated that region to lubricate my aching cock. At
first I was always gentle when I fed my cock into her
tight ass. I loved to fuck her this way as much as she
loved to be fucked like it.

Fully housed I began the slow rhythm that she enjoyed
as I fucked her ass. I could hear her groaning amid the
light thumps as she banged her fist onto the bed
beneath dealing with the sensations that were coursing
through her body once more. The excitement of having
watched her being fucked by six strange youths had
bought my own orgasm to the forefront and I quickly
deposited my seed into her bowels.

The youths were in a mixed state of excitement as they
sat around on the bed fondling their cocks as they
watched in anticipation while I fucked my wife in the
ass. As I withdrew one of the boys had reached
tumescence again and replaced me from behind her. I was
exhausted as I lay beside her and listened to her heavy
breathing, her mouth open to catch her breath. I moved
so that I could kiss her and ask her how was going.

“I love it but I am so tired and sore I don’t know if I
can take anymore.”

“We are only just starting my love. Enjoy it as you
can.” And with that I kissed her again as her ass was
penetrated by a complete stranger. She bit at my lip
and whimpered ecstatically as her bowel was being

The boy behind her having discharged once into her cunt
in what seemed to be only minutes ago was more
restrained now as he pounded into her ass that I had
loosened for his accommodation. The initial pain she
would have experienced by being fucked there had gone
so now it was only the rhythm that was to stimulate
her. He came shortly afterwards, again depositing his
sperm into her cavernous bowel. Akiyo groaned as she
too was drawn into a new orgasm. As he withdrew the
sperm could be seen to flow out of the now relaxed and
distended opening.

Before the next boy could follow him I beckoned another
to lie on his back beside her and I then shifted Akiyo
so that she straddled him, his cock pressing against
her cunt lips she took him in her hand and guided the
erection into her well-lubricated cunt. The boy who was
about to fill her from behind now moved into place and
pushed himself into her gaping ass. She grunted as his
cock filled up her now straining region, tears could be
seen streaming down her cheeks from beneath the
blindfold and she wept openly signifying she was in her
own state of nirvana as she was fucked in both

I motioned another boy who held his semi rigid cock in
his hand to come around near to her head. I lifted her
face up to meet him and kissed here again before
pressing his cock into her mouth. She opened wide and
with one single stroke he pushed himself deep down into
her throat. Her own juices coating him she sucked them
greedily off him. She now had her three orifices filled
with hungry young cocks and from the groan that came
from her I understood that she was highly excited
finding a new source of energy.

The boys continued to take turns alternating between he
ass, her cunt and her mouth. Even in this state of
arousal I knew she would not want to eat a cock after
it had been in her bowel and had the boys wash in the
adjoining bathroom each time they withdrew.

The orgy lasted more than three hours by which time
Akiyo had reached a state of complete exhaustion, each
orifice had been opened more than she had ever
imagined. She had been fucked at least four times by
each of the six boys and now she lay motionless on the
bed, her cunt and ass numb to the pain she would feel
later on. The boys for their part had also drained all
of their youthful energy reserves and lay about room
waiting for what ever I considered to be next.

I spoke to the first boy that I think that Akiyo was
more than satisfied and we now allow her to sleep. With
that they all started to look around the room for their
clothing that had been strewn in their haste to satisfy
their carnal desires. Once they were all dressed I
withdrew some cash and paid the boy who would spread
that amongst his friends later and let them out of the

Akiyo lay on the bed in the same position. I bent over
her and removed her mask. She opened her eyes slightly
and smiled a satisfied smile to me upon which I kissed
her mouth passionately. To see her body undergo such
continuous orgasmic assault had fulfilled even my own
expectations of the event.

My own erection was returning. I did not have the
recuperative power of twenty-year old youths however I
was now prepared to once more take her in my arms. I
rolled her onto her back her legs opening wide as if
automatically and I climbed between them. She managed
to put her arms about my neck and I could feel her
knees press against the sides of me.

She hugged me to her breasts and we kissed again my
cock at the entrance to her cunt and with little effort
it slipped easily into her. With the little remaining
strength she possessed she locked her ankles around my
back and pulled my deep into her. She groaned softly
into my mouth as I gently and passionately fucked her
as a finale.

We stayed together for almost half an hour as I rode
the crests of my orgasm and kept it at bay for as long
as possible. Eventually I reached that point where I
was unable to withhold it any more and discharged my
sperm deep into her sodden cunt. All the while she had
been having small orgasms that came each time I thrust
myself into her. I rested on her for a moment and
looked down at her. Tears were in her eyes and a
peaceful smile was on her face. She looked up at me and
said. “I love you.”

I smiled back at her. “I love you too Baby. Did you
have an orgasm today?”

“I had a million.” She smiled and closed her eyes. I
stayed there for a minute and kissed her passionately
again before I struggled off her. She lay with her legs
spread wide apart, the accumulated sperm and cunt
juices that came with several hours of fucking
liberally coated her legs and the sheets beneath her. I
went in and filled the small tub with hot water.

Akiyo had not moved. I picked her up and carried her to
the bathroom sitting her on the small seat there. I
picked up a loufah and some of her body wash and
splashed water over her and gently scrubbed away all
the grime of the last few ours. She appeared to doze as
I ministered to her. She had a douche and I filled it
and with her help, inserted it and squeezed the fluids
into her cunt, washing away the deposits that had been
left there. Cleaned inside and out, I helped her into
the tub where she sat back and soaked up the heat from
the soothing waters.

Akiyo slept soundly that night. I kept waking up and
looking at her in wonderment. She had now fulfilled a
desire that had been our fantasy and I was happy for

We left Tokyo the next day for Thailand ever mindful of
the orgy she had experienced. We talk about it often
and she looks forward to similar challenges that I
propose for the future.