Older Neighbor


I took a winter rental on the New Jersey shore. One day, while heading out for a walk, I bumped into a very drunk woman and her grandson. She lived in the building behind me, and was outside waiting for her daughter to pick up her son. We talked for a bit, and as soon as the daughter arrived, I said my goodbyes and went for my walk.

A few minutes later, I heard the drunk woman calling for me. At that point in time, I had been sober close to twenty five years, and normally avoided drunken behavior. This time, I decided to give this one a go. We walked and talked along the Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk. I mentioned my sobriety to her, and she mentioned that she wanted to quit for her grandson. The old AA sage in me told her that it she needed to quit for herself and no one else.

About a month went by without seeing her. One Sunday afternoon there was a knock on my door, it was a very attractive woman in her late fifties. I opened the door and discovered it was my drunk neighbor. She had gone to rehab, and was at my door asking me if I could take her to a Sunday afternoon meeting, In the meeting she shared about her daughter coming to visit with her grandson and finding her naked and drunk on the floor calling out for anyone to get her another drink. After her share, I whispered in her ear jokingly, that she was naked on the floor, and didn’t call me. She gave me a little if you are interested, so am I kind of look.

One of the unwritten rules of helping people stay sober is guys help guys, and girls help girls, and never become physically involved. One lonely night, I mulled this over in my mind and thought that if she was a twenty year old, then I would not attempt anything. Since she was an older woman, I let my cock do the thinking for me. I decided to head over to her place wearing only my bathrobe.

I knocked on her door, she let me in, and I reminded her about being naked on the floor. I opened my robe and gave her a good long look. She burst out laughing. We sat and talked for about fifteen minutes, then she asked if she could see my cock again. Sitting there in my robe, talking to an attractive woman, was getting me excited, and when she asked to see my cock again, I was already hard.

She walked over to me and cupped my balls in her hand. We kissed and held each other in the hall way leading to her bedroom. We sat on the bed and talked, my cock still fairly hard. While I was engaged in small talk, she leaned over and put my cock in her mouth. As quickly as she did that, she stopped and apologized for what she had done. I told her that there was no need for an apology, I said that I was hoping she would do something like, and I told her that I would love to fuck her face and shoot my cum down her throat. She smiled and said that she would love that.

She propped some pillows behind her head and I thrust my cock into her hungry mouth. She took all eight inches without blinking an eye. I heard her mumble to fuck her face, and shoot my cum down her throat. Her muffled words gave my cock a slight burst of energy. Soon she had her hands on my ass guiding my thrusts with her hands. I told her that I was going to cum, and she squeezed my ass cheeks and pulled me deeper into her mouth. I shot at least six streams of cum down her willing throat.

She told me that she had never tasted cum as sweet as mine, I told her that I ate a lot of fruit. She told me to stop by anytime. Over the next few months we got together to fuck and suck each other a few times each week. We lost touch once tourist season at the beach began. However, I will always remember my daring little act of exposing myself, and the good times I had with my neighbor.