Occurence in my theater


“Hi there…..Hello…Enjoy your show” I repeated over and over as droves of
people walked past my desk like they did every day. Brushing back a strand of
long red hair behind my ear I bent over to play with the keys of my computer so
I could take a break from smiling just for a minute. Not that I don’t like my
job. It’s interesting in it’s own way. I run the service desk at a large movie
theater and I get to see all kinds of people. I handle problems with tickets
and things of that nature. My name is rachel and something out of the ordinary
did happen to me that I have to write down simply to make sense of it all. I
will try not to bore you too much.
As I said, I was working the counter as usual, being my chipper self that
seems to be struck with Kathy Lee Gifford Syndrome the minute I start work. I’m
so friendly sometimes I laugh at myself in my head. But I wasn’t laughing that
day because I was brooding instead. Separation from my husband while still
having to live in same house for the moment was stressful. We had grown apart
and decided to move twoards a split up. Which was fine but after 6 or so months
I was finally feeling lonely I suppose. A few days earlier I actually caught
myself enjoying one of the teenage male ushers sneaking a peek down my blouse.
I really started to worry then, I had never been a very sexual person..at least
not outwardly..but yet here I was obsessing on it constantly. Be it hormones or
whatever, all I could think about was sex. Nothing romantic either..I was
fantasizing about hard, hot, sweaty down and dirty do me till I pass out kind
of sex. Of course I didn’t have any candidates at the time…mores the pity.
So there I was, at my desk thinking my perverted thoughts and watching the
people come in when the new security shift arrived for the night shift and
there he was. No one had ever seen this sheriff before, believe me no one could
miss him. I saw him from all the way across the lobby..which is huge by the
way. Now, I am a tall woman. Five foot ten in my barefeet, but this man was at
least six five, and wide too with dark hair and eyes and a trimmed goatee and
no mustache. I just stood there stunned with this hot feeling in my stomach and
my knees actually shaking. It was like all those corny romance novels where the
heroine gets weak and dizzy with rapture at the sight of her true loves
rippling muscles. I had always thought that was bullshit.
To my absolute delight he looked right at me and gave me the strangest look
for a second, then smiled, I thought I was going to melt. This was going to be
an interesting evening to say the least. He came over to my desk and I enjoyed
looking way up at a man for once, making small talk about the job and things,
not really listening to what I was saying. He kept his eyes on mine as if he
was challenging me. I felt confused and shaky like the proverbial bowl of
jello. It seemed so odd to be making small talk while at the same time playing
battle of the eyes. He would look at me like I was his opponent..I would get
flustered and look down, all of this while carrying on run of the mill BS
talk..the weather is nice and oh did you hear about the new policies and so on.
All in all it was just plain weird.
Throughout the night while I worked I watched him make his rounds around
the theater. Forgive my second lapse into bodice ripping romance novel
allegories but I found myself comparing him to a wolf guarding his turf. He
walked as if he owned the place, like he was the alpha male and dared anyone to
challenge him. Thinking this made me laugh at myself, I mean..who really talks
like that anyway? Maybe it was more like those wrestlers you see on TV
strutting down the ramp into the ring with the audience cheering him on, acting
like he’s the king of the world. He certainly looked like one and I started
thinking of him as wrestler man. Again I laughed at myself, I was enjoying this
night so much.
All through the evening when I looked for him I found him looking at me. It
was thrilling, I felt like I was glowing I was so hot. I began to think about
fucking him. He was so huge I would feel positively tiny under him. Ohh it
sounded soo nice. I wondered if he could read my mind the way he was looking at
me. How could he not? I’m sure my face was broadcasting lust to everyone in the
room but I didnt care, I felt great. I was hot and tingly and I felt so sexy .
He made me feel that way. I was overjoyed when I recognized the same lust in
his eyes when he looked at me. Oh the thrill of the chase, I had missed it. I
had forgotten that I was good at it and felt like my old powers were returning.
Again I laughed at how silly I was acting over a man but who cared?
Later that night I hadnt seen him in a while and I finished up my work
with my mind wandering. I couldnt wait to tell my best friend about Officer
Bradshaw. Clocking out I headed off towards the back of the theater to catch a
new horror suspense movie that had come out a while back. I knew I’d have the
theater to myself because it was so late. It was one of the things I loved
about the job, I’m a huge movie fan.
The place was deserted and I enjoyed the solitude after dealing with so
many people. Walking around the corner while unpinning my longhair and shaking
it out I ran right into Bradshaw! He reached out and grabbed my arms to keep me
from bouncing right off him and falling down. What a goof I was..I laughed and
he did too. Whew!
” Where are you off too now Red?” he said, leaning against the wall like he
hadnt a care in the world. I hated it when I was all flustered and guys seemed
cool as ice.
I laughed and told him Red was my familys nickname for me. We talked about
the movie while walking down the hall but all I could think about was wishing I
was brave enough to turn around, grab him and say ” fuck me!” I ran this
scenario in my head a few times but knew Id never do it. What a wimp I was!
We got to the end of the hall to where my movie was and chickening out I
dashed inside but I didnt get far. He was right behind me, and close behind me
too. Like right up against me..I froze. There was no one else in the theater as
the movie began to play. I was standing next to the wall leading down to the
seats,it was dark and I was paralyzed with my heart pounding so fast I was sure
he could hear it. My back was to him and he was so close I could almost feel
his breath on my ear. I was on fire, breathing in that shuddering way that
happenes when you feel like you’re going to explode but don’t dare make a
With one hand he pulled all my hair aside and leaned closer. It seemed to
take him an hour but at last his lips were on my neck. God, how to describe it?
It was like every nerve in my body was connected to the spot below my ear that
he was kissing. At that point it didnt matter that I hardly knew him..or how
dare he just assume he could touch me like that..all that mattered was the feel
of him.
But then he got bolder, moving down my neck and back up again using his
teeth and taking little nips at the nape of my neck and I could feel how
aroused he was..how hard he was all over and I remembered we were alone in the
back of a huge building and no one knew it. I brought my hand up to push him
back a little but he grabbed it quickly..startling me. I gasped.
“shhhhhhhhh it’s ok..” he whispered in my ear. ” ive wanted to do that all
night.. I could almost smell you from across the lobby and it’s made me crazy”
His other hand tangled in my hair as he wrapped it gently in his fist. It was
all I could do to keep breathing when he again applied his teeth to my bare
neck. All my muscles were rigid and locked.. I think I remember arguing with
myself that if I sank back into him that would be it for me.. I could see him
taking me right there against the wall like some whore and I couldnt have that
could I?
I could tell he was getting crazy..I could feel the things on his belt
against my back..among other hard things. I had to stop or it would be a done
deal so I opened my mouth to tell him no and the hand that had been holding
mine clamped over my mouth! I was stunned . He had a grip on my hair with one
hand and was covering my mouth with the other.
” shhhhhhhhhhhh … i just want to ask you one thing..ok?” he released my
hair and his hand moved down my shoulder to stroke my arm and my waist. I could
feel the strength in it and again felt like I was burning. I nodded.
” can you tell me in all honesty” he said quietly into my ear ” that
tonight you never once thought about me touching you?” he removed his hand
from my mouth and again wrapped myhair in his fist holding me still. I didnt
want to move.
What was I going to say I thought? No and be lying. Or yes and who knows
what would happen. I was still rigid against him but about to lose it.
” Yes or no ?” the hand again travelled over my body coming closer to my
breasts and clouding my thinking.
His teeth suddenly bit a bit deeper into my neck and I cried out loud
amazed at the hot feeling that shot all thru me. I would have fallen if he
hadnt been holding me against him.
His breath got hotter and harder and more impatient.
” Yes or no, if it’s no I walk out right now and you are safe”
If he left at that moment I would probably have died. I took a deep
breath..yelling at myself in my head the entire time ” what are you nuts?! get
the hell out of here! you dont know this guy!”.
With a growl that almost sounded like a laugh he suddenly whipped me around
pressing my back against the wall and crushing me against it with his body. He
kissed me hard then, still holding me by the hair so I couldnt move. I didnt
want to..god…I can still feel him now..making me feel small..and
helpless..and more like a woman than I ever had before. I wanted him to be
pounding into me with all his strength right then and there. I felt like an
animal. I had been a normal woman and now I was no more than a bitch in heat
wanting to be dominated.
“Give in” he said suddenly and I realized I was still holding myself rigid.
I did so gladly melting against him and throwing my arms around him. His hands
were everywhere..in my hair..on my breasts squeezing me and doing wonderful
things with his thumbs..then on my hips pulling me to him. I could feel the
hard length of him rubbing against me and I swear I never came so close to
dying. I lifted my leg up and wrapped it around his legs trying to get him
closer to me..god..he felt so big a surge of fear went through me but it was no
match for the most excitement I’d ever felt in all of my life. I broke away
from his mouth and gasped for breath, he unbuttoned my shirt in what seemed
like a heartbeat and I felt a rush of cool air. With a hard pull he ripped the
front of my bra open and I held on to his shoulders with all the strength I had
left as he sucked hard on first one nipple then the other. I’m sure I was
practically screaming at that point.. I couldnt hear anything but the blood
pounding in my ears and his heavy breathing. I felt like fire was crawling all
over me licking me inside and out. All the while somewhere in the back of my
head I felt like I was watching myself from afar..shocked at my own behavior.
This is where it gets good. The man picked me up and threw me over his
shoulder..me..big tall me..like I was nothing but air and ran around the wall
and up the stairs to the back row of seats. Our theater is nice and new with
large deep seats with armrests that can be folded so they resemble long
couches. He laid me down and did that wonderful guy thing where they stand over
you with a triumphant look on their face and unbuttoned his own shirt, then his
heavy gun belt and pants and let them drop. I could hear his handcuffs clink
against the seat but all I could see was how huge he was. I wanted it in me
right that second.
Quickly he pulled off my pants..I wore no underwear…and came down on top
of me. Ohh he was so heavy and wonderful crushing me into the cushions. The
weight and strength of him between my legs was heaven. I could feel him
pressing into me and I shifted to accomodate him and oh..my..god…the fire I
had felt was now so far inside me it was like I was coming apart. I must have
been screaming out loud because he covered my mouth again all the while driving
into me even harder. I wanted it even harder and I bucked against his body
going crazy. Never had I lost control like that but I wasnt thinking I was
I have never had an orgasm this way before..I had thought there was
something wrong with me until that point. But the feeling of him pounding in
and out of my body wasnt like anything else Ive ever had..I ran my hands all
over him urging him on..digging my nails in, tugging on his hair. He moved his
hand from my mouth and kissed me, piercing me with his tounge like he was
piercing me with what felt like his entire body.
I wrapped my legs around him trying to get him deeper and deeper inside me.
He was growling and panting and bearing down on me like a beast and I was
loving every damn second of it. I wanted him to keep fucking me forever.
Before I knew it I was coming and coming..his hand was over my mouth again
and I screamed against his big rough hand over and over driven by the feeling
all women love..when a man begins to come..he gets even harder and impales you
in a sudden hard movement you can feel almost to the top of your head. He went
rigid over me and god help me I saw sparkling lights behind my eyelids. Another
thing I had thought was just bullshit.
I dont know how we stayed on the seats. We are both such big people but
somehow we did. He layed on top of me panting for a few minutes as we came back
to earth. I smiled and stroked is hair..his naked back. I’m sure everyone knows
how awkward it can be at times like that..the first time with someone new and
you’re laying there wondering what to say afterwards. But it wasnt like that
with Bradford…there was a complete abscence of guilt. I had never felt so
well and truly possessed in my life and it felt good. He kissed my breasts
again..more gently..for a moment..but I could feel him growing hard inside me

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