My wife Cindy starts getting paid for what she’s been doing already


Some of you might already be familiar with the exploits
of my Chinese wife Cindy. If not, let me bring you up
to speed. Cindy was born in Taiwan but came to America
at a young age and is very Americanized. We’ve been
married about 4 years and started swinging 2 years ago
(we’re both 29).

The first guy Cindy fucked was a black guy named Tony,
and she still sees Tony at least twice a week, usually
more (sometimes I see him too, but more often I only
smell or taste him when I kiss my wife at the end of
the day).

Since then fucking has become Cindy’s favorite past
time, after shopping and working out that is; while I’m
at work in Manhattan, she’s home fucking cops,
firefighters, dentists, lawyers, gardeners, and
plumbers, usually at hotels but sometimes in our
marital bed.

Cindy doesn’t have much trouble attracting male
attention. She’s five foot four with natural 34D tits
(with large dark nipples), a small waist, and a big
round ass sitting on top of muscular thighs. On top of
that, she has a beautiful face and long straight black
hair with blond highlights. She works out five days a
week to keep in shape and yes, she’s been fucked at the
gym on more than one occasion.

One day I came home and Cindy greeted me at the door in
a short robe and nothing else. It was a casual outfit,
which meant I could choose to fuck her or not. Some
days I would come in and she would be face down with
her naked ass facing the door, masturbating furiously –
on those days I had no choice. She had already
showered, but I knew she had been out fucking that day.

“Did you have a good day?” she said.

“Yeah, it was good. How was your day?”

“Very good, thank you.”

I opened her robe and caressed her freshly washed cunt.
I slipped a finger inside her and felt the muscle

“Mmm… only one today?”

“Yess… mm… only one… put in more,” she said,
pushing her hips forward. I added another, then another
finger to her rapidly moistening pussy. “A doctor out
in Great Neck. He’s… mmm… fifty-six, but I think he
uses Viagra.”

“Did he fuck you good?” I spun her around and continued
finger-fucking her while I kneaded her ass and sucked
on her neck.

“Oh yeah… mmm…” Cindy groped for my cock and
started jacking me off. Once she got a hold of it she
dropped to her knees and started deep-throating me,
forcing her face all the way down my eight inches so
her nose touched my stomach. “Afterwards… mmm…
afterwards he gave me a hundred dollars… mmmm… I
didn’t ask for it… does that make me a whore?”

“Wow… ah… why did he give you a hundred dollars?” I
grabbed my slut wife by the hair and pushed her hard
into my crotch and held her there for several seconds
before letting her answer.

“I don’t know! He said I deserved it… mmm… and that
my pussy was so good I shouldn’t give it away…

“Dammit… whew… I think he’s right… fuck, I’m
gonna come!”

I unloaded in my wife’s sweet little asian mouth as she
eagerly swallowed my load. Her throat muscles worked
until there was no cum left. I sank back into the couch
and Cindy rested her chin on my knee.

“You know, he said he had lots of friends who would pay
to fuck a girl like me.” Cindy wiped her mouth and
wrapped her robe back up.

“Really… that’s not surprising. I bet most of them
are married.”

“Yeah, I bet they’re married to fat white women who
don’t give head. God, can you imagine?”

“Hey, that’s what drives men to cheat.”

“So I guess you’ll never cheat, huh?”

“I don’t have any reason to.”

“I could really make a lot of money doing this!”

“It’s not like we need it.”

“I know, but still, it would be fun to make some money
on my own.”

“Fun to be a whore, eh?”

“Oh baby, you won’t think badly of me, will you?”

“No, I kind of like the idea. There’s been lots of
stories about suburban prostitutes in the news.
Housewives who got bored and started whoring. Maybe
you’ll recruit some of the other women in the
neighborhood and start a little business.”

“Well, I’d rather recruit some of my hot young asian
girlfriends – why would anyone pay to fuck the typical
Long Island housewife? But let’s not get ahead of

The next day was Saturday, and Tony came over early to
fuck my wife’s ass. I got out the video camera and got
some great footage of his big black dick penetrating
Cindy’s anal muscles. Then I put down the camera and
joined in. Tony had my wife bent over the dinner table,
so I sat on the table and tongue kissed her deeply and
sucked on her big dark nipples.

Cindy’s ass was really loose and wet by this point, and
Tony was fucking her hard, going balls-deep on every
stroke. I took a moment to drink in the experience – my
hot Chinese wife getting ass-fucked by a black guy in
our dining room in our staid suburban neighborhood. It
felt intense and transgressive and extremely hot. Let
the neighbors be titillated by ‘Desperate Housewives’ –
this was the real thing.

I slipped down off the table and sucked on my wife’s
pussy as her black stud worked her ass over – each time
he went in I could feel the vibrations throughout her
whole pelvic region.

“Ah fuck! Yes! Oh god baby!” Cindy was close to getting
off. I sucked her clit hard, running my tongue over and
over it as she came, screaming and thrashing. A few
seconds later Tony came too, and I swear I could hear
his cum hitting the walls of my wife’s rectum.

“Come here, come down here sweetie,” I said as Tony
took a few steps back, his half-hard cock coated in
semen and clean ass juices. Cindy bent her knees and
slowly lowered her wet gaping asshole onto my waiting

“You like my sloppy seconds, baby? Can you feel the cum
in there?”

“Ah yeah, you know I like it. Fuck, this ass feels so
good baby. So warm and wet – it’s like a pussy.”

Tony stepped around in front and waved his cock in her

“Clean me up, baby – taste this cock.”

“Mmmm, mmm, mmm…” Cindy engulfed his cock, tasting
her own ass as she licked his balls and dick clean. She
started to bounce on my cock, holding Tony’s cock in
her mouth. It was so loose and wet in there – I love
that feeling. Fellas, if you’ve never had your wife’s
sloppy seconds, you’re missing out. It’s like fucking
the filthiest whore in the world, but you love her
anyway because she’s your wife, which makes it even

Finally I came, unleashing a torrent of semen into
Cindy’s asshole. Her ass was gaping so much that some
of it ran out and around my cock and down my balls,
even to my ass. Like a well-trained dog, Cindy got off
and dutifully licked me clean, even lifting my legs to
get the cum off my ass and balls.

Then we all went out to breakfast. Afterwards Tony took
off and Cindy’s special pink cell phone rang. I knew
what that meant – that was her slut phone. She only
gave the number to her random fuck partners.

“Hello? Oh hi Dr. Leo.” Cindy pointed to the phone and
rubbed her fingers together, indicating this was the
guy who gave her cash. “Oh how sweet! I had a great
time too. Mmm-hmm… yeah, I did think about it…
yeah, you can give my number to your friends. You can
tell them I’m expensive!”

I mouthed the words ‘I want to watch’ and Cindy mouthed
back ‘O.K.!’ and winked at me.

“How many of your friends are interested? That many?
Hmm… okay, well, tell them I’ll be at the Ramada Inn
all day tomorrow. Room 304. Is that good? Oh, I know,
but next week is really busy for me, so tomorrow is
really the best time… and besides, I’m feeling extra
horny… great. $200 each, okay? Okay, see you!” She
snapped the phone shut. “Ready to see your wife be a

“You know I am,” I said.

The next day we packed a day bag and checked into the
Ramada. Cindy had packed lube, three boxes of condoms
in different sizes, various slutty outfits and a few
dildos. We got set up and Cindy changed into her first
outfit: a pink tube-top, a white micro-mini, and white
thong. She carefully put on her makeup and did her hair
as if she was going out while I scouted out a position
in the closet. Fortunately it looked like I would have
a good view.

The first knock came just after noon. I made my way to
the closet and Cindy answered the door.

“Hi Dr. Leo! I didn’t know you were coming!”

“Hey, how could I resist?” I heard the sound of a kiss.
“And this is my son, James.”

“Hi James!” Another kiss.

“Hi, uh, miss, uh, Cindy.” From his voice I thought he
was about 19 or 20.

The three of them moved into my field of vision. Dr.
Leo was trim, about 5 foot 10, with graying hair. His
son James was about the same size with dark hair and
wan good looks.

“Well Cindy, I’m just the ringleader today. I’ve got a
whole crew of friends down in the bar. They don’t
exactly know what’s in store, but I told them to bring
cash. I think they’re beginning to suspect.”

“Well that’s just lovely, doctor. And you let your son
get first dibs, that’s nice of you.” Cindy moved closer
to James and stroked his arm.

“Well, pay the lady, James!”

The doctor’s son reached into his pocket and fumbled
with a large wad of bills, obviously given to him by
his father. He counted them out carefully: four $50’s.

“Thank you sweetheart,” cooed my wife.

“Now be a good whore and earn it!” said the doctor, and
slapped my wife on the ass.

“Doctor, you’re so naughty! When are you we going to
play doctor again?”

“Soon, babe, soon. Right now I’m going to get a drink.”
He left and I heard the door close, leaving James alone
with my wife.

Cindy sat down next to him on the bed, facing me. He
didn’t waste any time, pulling my wife in for a deep
tongue kiss and running his hand up underneath her

“Mmm.. whoo! You’re certainly no virgin.”

“Nah, I’ve done it with like, four different girls
already. Never had an asian chick, though.” James’
attitude had changed since his dad left the room – now
he more confident, even cocky. He pulled Cindy’s top
down and started mashing her boobs. He was bristling
with young man energy. He pulled roughly at her
remaining clothes until she was naked, then pulled off
his own shirt, revealing a well-toned gym body.

Cindy sucked on his nipples as she undid his pants and
pulled them off. Suddenly I knew why he was so
confident – his cock was huge.

“Oh my god, THAT’s a big one,” said my wife. It was at
least ten inches, very thick and very hard, pointing
nearly straight up. She put the head in her mouth,
hopped up on the bed on all fours and pushed James onto
his back. She put his hand on her hairless pussy and he
started finger-fucking her. Cindy flipped her hair
around and looked up at me as she sucked his cock –
from where James was he couldn’t see her winking at me.
It was so beautiful – my wife was really a whore.

James pulled her legs over his head and tasted her
pussy. I wonder if he knew how many guys had their
dicks in there on a regular basis.

Cindy went for the deep-throat, working the young man’s
humongous cock slowly but surely into her throat,
breathing slowly through her nose. She got almost all
the way down, bringing amazed groans from James – I’m
sure the little girls at his college had never gotten
that far. She waited for a full thirty seconds nearly
motionless, before she started bobbing her head up and
down, fucking her throat with his giant cock.

“Ahhh… ahhh… fuck! Fuck! Oh god!” I watched as
James emptied his balls into my wife’s throat. It was
so far down there she probably barely tasted it. His
penis quickly shrank back to normal size.

“Damn… wow… no one’s ever done that before… do I
have to go now?” It had only been fifteen minutes since
he walked in the door.

“Oh, that wouldn’t be fair, would it? I’m not letting
you leave until I get that thing in my pussy.”

“Oh good,” said James, his penis already stirring. My
wife slowly stroked him back to life, until the skin
was stretched tightly over his rigid pole. She reached
into the bedside drawer and pulled out an extra-large
condom, expertly ripped it open and rolled it down to
the base. Suddenly James flipped her over, plunged his
cock into her cunt and started fucking her viciously.

“Oh, fuck! Oh my god! Fuck! Eeeee!” Cindy was going
nuts, obviously enjoying his young cock as it plundered
her. They fucked like that for a good solid ten
minutes, both of them working up a sweat. Cindy came
twice and James finally unloaded his second nut into
the reservoir tip.

The next guy was up twenty minutes later, giving Cindy
just enough time to rest her sore pussy and change into
stockings and a garter belt with no panties and no bra.
He was another doctor, slightly overweight and balding.
His favorite thing, apparently, is to lick ass, because
he did it for at least twenty minutes, while my wife
moaned and begged for him to fuck her. Finally he up
and stuck it in her ass, but came almost right away. He
gave her two hundreds and was on his merry way.

The next guy was actually two guys, friends of James,
one white, one black, and they DP’ed my whore wife
unmercifully for half an hour before pulling off their
condoms and shooting thick ropy strands of semen all
over her face and in her hair. She needed a shower
after that – but not before I got a kiss. $400 in
twenties on the bedside table.

The next guy was short and muscular with tattoos and a
shaved head – I had no idea what he was doing with Dr.
Leo’s upscale crowd. He seemed to appreciate Cindy’s
carefully chosen crotchless fence-net body stocking,
calling her a “good-looking whore.” He had an average
size cock but was really rough with Cindy, pulling her
hair, spitting on her and even slapping her in the

I was about to burst out and knock him upside the head
with a chair, but Cindy was actually loving it, calling
herself a bitch and a whore, egging him on and telling
him to fuck her harder. Here’s the funny thing – as
soon as he busted a nut, he became the politest guy you
ever met, saying please and thank you, even leaving a
an extra $40 for a tip.

After that Cindy got cleaned up and rested from the
battering she had gotten. She was tired and sore. Both
her ass and her pussy were red and swollen from fucking
so much. I counted the money – one thousand and forty

“Did you like that, babe? Did you like watching your
wife fuck for money?”

I slid my stiff cock into the loose folds of her pussy.

“Does that answer your question?”

Cindy now turns tricks on a regular basis, adding about
$1500 a week to her shopping and investment fund. As
for me, I enjoy hearing about her exploits, and I enjoy
fucking her young recruits to “the biz.” Next time I’ll
have to tell you about the 18-year-old Korean girl from
Bayside my wife corrupted…