Mom dominates my mother-in-law

Both the wife and me knew the inevitable was going to
happen. The mother in laws had been fighting for weeks
now every time they saw each other. The arguments were
getting worse and worse so one day in joking I
suggested that they undressed and fight it out. The
loser could be the other’s slave for a month.

Both mothers looked at me like I was crazy and told me
to shut up. To my surprise, my wife told them to either
do it or leave. She was tired of it. When Mom (Doris)
agreed, I was in shock as my wife but more shock when
Denise’s mother (Jane) agreed also in return to the

Both women also agreed that it would be a no bar
contest where anything goes to both our surprise. They
also agreed to fight in underwear only in the living
room and started towards it taunting each other as to
what they were going to do afterwards. I told the wife,
I had to see this and she said she had to also.

In the living room, both the wife and I sat on the sofa
and watched both women undressed. Mom had big boobs but
Jane’s were just as big. Their large asses in white
panties had my cock rock hard at the sight. I couldn’t
wait for it to start. I didn’t have to wait long as Mom
grabbed Jane by the hair and pulling it down began to
slap her face as hard as she could.

Jane was trying to ward off the slaps and reached down
and gripped mother by the pussy hair causing her to
scream out in pain. She increase her slaps till Jane
let go and then kicked as hard as she could between her
legs sending her backwards on the floor on her butt.

Mom wasted no time slamming her knee in her pussy and
landing on her pulled her bra off. Jane had little
chance with mother weight on her as she tried to reach
her cunt as mother started slapping her tits as hard as
she could. Jane reached up and tried to slap Mom’s face
but Mom drove her knee hard in her cunt again causing
her to scream in pain. Mom then grabbed her tits with
each had and pulled them upwards as hard as she could.
Jane was crying as she let go and grabbed them again
and pulled up.

“Give up slut,” Mom yelled down.

Jane was crying hard but failed to reply as Mom let go
her boobs and grabbed them again, this time it looked
to me that she was going to pull them off. She planted
another kick in her groin as Jane yelled out she gives.

“Remember the bet slut, you are my bitch now. Aren’t
you?” Mom pressed on.

Jane, crying agreed trying to get her to let go of her
red swollen boobs. My cock was sticking straight up so
I lowered the slipper and pulled it out and started to
play with it. It was too much of a sight for me. Denise
was just sitting there in shock watching.

Mom slapped Jane on the face hard. “Get on your knees
slut and turned around so my son can see what an
asshole you really are.” Grabbing her hair, she forced
her on her hands and knees and then pushed her head to
the floor. She reached in back and pulled her panties
to her ankles exposing her asshole to me as I pumped my
cock harder at the sight. I noticed Denise at my side
had her hand now under her dress and I could figure out
what she was doing.

“Time to spank that fat ass of yours slut,” said Mom as
she started whacking Jane’s huge ass hard. Jane was
still crying and wiggling her ass as the slaps
continued. She was begging Mom to quit but mother
humiliated her more by making her call her mistress and
kept slapping till she did. Mother then demanded that
she tell me how many times her whore ass had been
fucked in the past.

I was going wild as she screamed out 3 times and
pleading with mother. Mother was telling her that she
was going to fuck it later after she licked her ass and
pulling her cunt hair hard, Jane was agreeing to
anything. Mom looked at me with joy in her eyes and
then at Denise who I saw had her dress now up to her
waist and stroking her cunt in rapid motions. To my
surprise, she looked at Denise.

“Cunt, get that hand out of your pussy and tend to Bob
needs or I whip your ass like your mother. I’m going to
teach my son how to treat a slut like you and you Mom
here.” She yelled at her.

She reached back of Jane and shoved her finger deep in
Jane’s asshole to make her point as Denise jumped up
and got on her knees in front of me and started sucking
my cock. I was in heaven as she was deep-throating it,
which she rarely did before. Watching mother putting
another finger in Jane’s ass was driving me wild with
desire as I came in Denise’s mouth and glowing with my
new power demanded she get nude like her mother or I
slapped her ass raw. I saw mother agreed with my stand
as Denise started removing all her clothes immediately
and put her face back in my crotch licking my balls.

Mom had removed her fingers from Jane’s ass and turned
her over.

“Time to stuff that fat lip of yours slut,” she said as
she climbed on top of her and pinned her hands with her
knees. Lowering her panties, she proceeded to sit on
her face.

Jane wasn’t licking so she reached back and pinched her
red tit till I could hear the slurping sounds from
underneath. Between the ball licking and Mom licking I
was getting excited again and told Denise to get her
tight ass over my lap for a spanking she needed. I was
surprised at how fast she obeyed and I

position her ass just right and started laying my hand
hard on it.

All the things I bottle up for years came back and I
slapped it. She was starting to cry as her mother as I
continued telling her she was now my slut like her
mother and she was going to be my slave and mother’s.
She was pleading not to let mother have her as I
continued slapping till she was agreeing.

Mom was in all her glory, getting up she turned around
before Jane could catch her breath and sat her ass on
her face telling her to get busy while she watched us
on the couch. She asked me if I had ever fucked Denise
in the ass and when I told her no she said that would
change. She suggested I test her ass and told me to
shove a finger deep in her butt which I did as she
moaned from below. I was shoving in and out amazed at
how loose she was.

“See, son. Like mother, like daughter. Both are sluts.
Lick harder bitch,” she said slapping Jane’s tits
again. I could hear Jane slurping again underneath her
as I demanded Denise get up and go to Mom and lick her
tits at the same time. Denise crawled over in red in
the face as Mom smiled at her and grabbing her hair
guided her head to her boobs. Mom warned her that if
she didn’t do a good job she would let her trade places
with her Mom.

She got her point across immediately with several
pinches to my wife small tits as I watched her sucking
her huge breasts in her mouth trying to swallow them.
Mom let her sucked on them for awhile before pushing
her head down to her cunt as Denise was screaming to me
for help. Instead, I got up and went behind her and
started slapping her ass as I could hear her crying
from mother cunt and then slurping sounds as mother
grinned at me.

“See that wasn’t bad was it,” said Mom and slapped her
ass with her hand. “Lick sluts. Bob getting horny again
and will need attention soon.”

Mom was in all her glory seating on top of Jane’s face
having her ass licked while my wife Denise was tongue
her clit. She reached up and grabbed by cock lightly
stroking it as she came.

“See it’s not that hard to train natural sluts,” she
said getting up and putting her foot over Jane’s face
made her lick the bottom of her foot. “Get up cunt,”
she told my wife and then demanded Jane turned over on
her knees and reached back to spread her ass. Mother
looked at the desire in my eyes.

“Slut tell your master to put his lovely cock up your
nasty asshole.” She demanded Jane.

I was not shocked when Jane asked me to fuck her ass
and watched as mother grabbed Denise’s ass cheek in her

“Have fun fucking her ass,” she told me. “I’m going to
take this naughty wife of yours in the bedroom and show
her how to respect her elders.”

Cupping Denise’s ass hard, she led her towards the
bedroom as I watched and then turned back to look at
the large ass bared before me just waiting. This had
always been taboo by my wife and I wasn’t going to
waste the Moment as I got down behind Jane and position
my cock at the entrance to her asshole. I started
slowly working it in as she kept shifting position so
it could slide in with less pain while maintaining it
in a spread position.

Once I had it all the way in my cock felt like it was
going to burst from the tight fit and the delightful
feeling. I started working it slowly back out halfway
and then pushed in. The feeling of power was great as I
started increasing the pace watching as it would
disappear in her ass and return. When I got tired, I
made her shove her ass back on it and rock while I
watched with gleam. My marriage would never be the same
again but it sure felt great as I came in her ass.

I wasn’t going to let Mom have all the fun, as I
demanded she turn around and clean my cock. I held her
head as she bobbed up and down cleaning it. When I
thought she had done a good job, I went to the couch
and sat down and demanded she crawl around the room and
bark like a bitch while I watched and enjoyed the
humiliation. Finally my curiously got the better of me
and I told her to follow me to the bedroom so I could
see what was going on there.

When I opened the door, I was excited at the sight.
Mother was bare on her stomach on the bed while Denise
was half off the end of it with her face planted in
mother ass licking her asshole. Denise’s ass was bright
red and a pair of her favorite flimsy panties was
sticking out her asshole. I watched till mother saw me.

“Do you want to join in?” she asked.

“No,” I said. “I have to pee and just stop by to see
how things are going.”

“Take bitch with you and pee in her mouth,” mother
said. “Bitch crawl to the bathroom and prepare yourself
for my son to pee in your mouth.”

I watched surprised as Jane started crawling towards
the bathroom and noticed Denise look up Momentarily and
then resumed her licking of mother ass. I didn’t really
know if I could do it or not but I was excited at the
thought and went to the bathroom.

Jane was on her knees by the toilet with her mouth open
as my cock got excited looking at her. I walked over
and put my cock in her mouth as she held it open. I
strained for several minutes as she tried to help with
rubbing my balls till I started. She was swallowing as
fast as she could as I would stop every so often so she
could catch her breathe. It felt great to be in so much
control as I finished as she started sucking my cock
cleaning it off. I turned around to see mother standing
there gripping one of Denise’s tits in her hand
watching and smiling.

“Time to show you how a woman pees,” she said and
slapped Denise’s ass demanding she lay in the bathtub.

Denise didn’t look up and slowly got in the tub trying
to avoid any eye contact as mother got in and straddle
her head before lowering herself inches above her

“Kiss it slut.” She demanded as I watched Denise kiss
her cunt as mother started peeing in her mouth. Mother
did not hesitate however and Denise was having trouble
swallowing it all as some was spilling out the side.
When mother was done, she sat on her mouth and demanded
she clean her as I watched Denise swipe her pussy
clean. Mother then got up and asked Denise if she
wanted to play with her fuck pussy which Denise started
begging to play with. Mother laughed.

“She is such a slut like her Mom. Jane, come get in the
tub and stand over your slutty daughter while she plays
with her pussy. I want to watch you piss on her while
she masturbates. You better get done before she comes
or I will spank the hide off that fat ass of yours.”
Mother laughed.

I laughed as Denise was rubbing her pussy quickly as
her mother stood over her face in the tub. Her mother
either was having trouble peeing or just couldn’t do it
till mother started slapping her ass hard. She finally
let loose as she started peeing all over Denise’s face
and tits as Denise came from the rubbing and water
splashing on her.

“Son, go rest on the couch for a minute. I’ll bring
your sluts out for some more fun in a little bit. Right
now, they have to clean up and I plan something

special with them.” She smiled at me.

I didn’t hesitate. It didn’t matter what she did now, I
knew I was going to enjoy it as I went to the living
room and turned on a TV show to watch till they return.
It must have been an hour before mother came back with
both Jane and Denise behind her. She made both of them
come before me and show me their pussies, which was
shaved of all hair. I glowed with desire looking at
their naked clits.

“Can’t have smelly pussies for sluts,” said mother who
had two cups in her hand. “Going to put their pussy
hairs on my mantle in the future so I can show it to
anyone I want.” She put the cups to the side and
demanded that they turn around and spread their asses
in front of me.

“Save the best part for you,” she said handling me a
pair of tweezers. Puck those feathers out of their
asses for me and don’t be gentle.”

I started with Denise gripping each hair with the
tweezers and pulling them out while she yelped with
each pull. Mother came back with an ice tray and sat
down beside me as I finished pulling all her hairs.

“Let me help the pain,” she laughed and getting a small
ice cube started shoving it in Denise’s asshole while I
started on Jane’s larger and more hairy ass. Mother had
three cubes up Denise’s asshole as she was doing all
she could to try to stay still for mother.

“There.” said Mom. That should make it better. “Push
those ass cheeks of yours together to hold them in and
walk around till they melt,” she said slapping her ass.

I just finished Jane’s ass and started laughing at the
sight of Denise trying to hold her ass cheeks tightly
together and waddling around the room in agony of the
cold cubes in her ass. Mother had already gotten
another and was doing the same to Jane now as I watched
it slowly disappear in her asshole and another being
pushed up in its place. My cock was rock hard again for
the third time and I knew I probably wouldn’t be able
to walk again as I watched Jane proceed to do the same
as Denise was.

Mother was divorced for years and Jane’s husband had
died yours earlier so I didn’t say anything when mother
said she was going to stay over for a few days to help
me train the sluts. I was going to ask her anyway.

Denise cubes had finally melted as she was walking with
a relaxed look on her face finally. Her mother face was
total agony as she was doing everything she could to
get the cubes to melt faster.

Mother got up from the couch and walked over to stand
in front of Denise. Pinching her tit, she told her to
get on her knees and lick her feet like the bitch dog
she was. Denise obeyed without question knowing what
she was capable of doing. When Jane finally started to
relax, mother called her over and told her to put her
face in her slut daughter ass and keep it there. She
asked me if I enjoyed fucking her big ass, which I
replied I did and wanted to do it on a regular basic.

She laughed and told me she was going to enjoy it next
but that pussy wife of mine had a fine ass that needed
a cock in it too. I agreed with her and watched the
domination of both of them as I stroke my cock to get
it ready for Denise’s tight ass next.

Being a master is really hard work, I thought.

Mom finally tired of her foot tonguing and told both
ladies to get up and bend over in front of her. She
then grabbed each by the nose and pinched it close so
they had to breathe through their mouths. Time to set
the rules she said as she started telling them what she
expected of them as slaves and had each reply yes
mistress on each one.

I watched in excitement as their asses wiggled in back
and their rapid yes ma’am’s to her demands. Finally she
let go, and told Denise my cock needed attention. She
told her to get over to me and sit with it in her ass.
She told Jane to hurry over and help put it in her

Both ladies ran over as I let go with my hand and
watched my new slave wife turn around and started
lending her ass down on my cock. Jane had taken it in
her hand and was holding Denise’s ass wide with the
other lining it up till it was at the entrance. Denise
slowly started working in her ass as I leaned back in
excitement watching my wife who would never even let me
put a finger in her ass now shoving her ass on it.

Even more, her mother was helping her. I never would
have guessed she was that much of a slut. Finally it
was in all the way, as she sat trying to adjust to the
feel in her ass. Mother walked over and told her I
would never come that way and quipping her tits started
to pull her up and down on it and she pleaded that she
would do better.

“Come with me slut,” said mother to Jane. Sitting on
the chair across the room, she had Jane on her knees
licking her cunt while she watched Denise from the
other side. I came for the third time that day and had
Denise get off and clean my cock as I leaned back and
relaxed. Mother had cum also and was teasing Jane
making her tell her how pretty her pussy hair was and
how she wanted to have some someday.

Mother didn’t seem to be tiring at all and I wondered
how much more Jane and Denise could take. As for me, I
was sore and needed to relax so I lean down on the
couch and close my eyes and drifted off to sleep with
Denise mouth still on my cock.

I finally awoke after a couple of hours sleep and the
ladies were gone, so I got up and decided to check out
what was going on and where. I found them all in the
kitchen. A large meal had been laid out on the table
and mother was sitting there nude in a chair with the
ladies standing on each side of her serving her the
meal. Both had an apron only and I noticed small red
blotches on their asses like they had been whacked with
a spatula or something.

“Come on in hun and have a seat. The meal is really
good for a change. Denise feed your husband.” Mom
yelled at her.

I sat down and watched as my obedient wife got a plate
and started filling it up. She then started picking the
food up and feeding it to me as I ate it up. I couldn’t
help cupping her ass as I was served, enjoying the
humiliation look in her face. The meal was really good
and served by two very fine bitches.

After we ate, mother had them fill two plates up for
them and then lay them on the floor. They had to get on
their knees and eat like dogs with their mouths only.
Both were hungry however and didn’t complain.

Mother asked me to go to the adult store in town
tomorrow and find us some nice toys for our new pets.
She wanted some plugs for their asses, leases, cuffs,
and so on. She said Jane would be so happy to pay for
them as I looked down at Jane still trying to fill her
mouth. Mother told each of them to finish eating and
cleaned their plates with their tongues.

After dinner, the slaves cleaned the dishes while
mother and me went to the living room to relax. Mother
was explaining how some women were natural born sluts
and Jane and wife Denise were two of them. She made
several suggestions on how we were going to change
their lives and improve ours from now on. We chatted
for over 30 minutes, which is something we rarely did,
when the sluts arrived back in and announce the kitchen
had been cleaned.

Mother told them they would only be allowed to wear
what we tell them from now on and that we would go
through their stuff and decide what was needed and
when. From now on they would care for our needs both
inside and outside. They could only play with
themselves when we give approval and so on as they
stood looking down at the floor in front of her. Mother
broke the ice and demanded each get on their knees and
present their tits out so she could tweak them.

Both ladies kneel in front of her as she took turns
pinching their nipples and pulling on them. She was
enjoying their looks of discomfort and pulled harder
each time to show me how they were enjoying the game.
She told each of them to reach behind the other with
their hands and shove a finger in the other one’s ass
as she played with their tits. Both women were moaning
from the tit pulling and finger wiggling in their butt.

Finally she tired of the fun and demanded they get on
their bellies in front of us while maintaining the
finger in each ass. They finally managed to assume
position while she placed a foot on each of their backs
and told them to get those fingers moving in their slut

I watched as each started jabbing their finger in the
other butt and moaning as theirs were being poked. Both
women were getting hot and I could tell by the moans
they were enjoying the probing. Too much I guess as
mother told them to stop. She made them take the finger
out and then spread their ass wide as she got up and
walked behind them.

She placed her big toe in Jane’s ass and started
pushing it in as I saw it go in almost all the way.
Jane had to thank you as she probed it back and forth.
Then she repeated the same with Denise as my cock was
rising again. After her fun, she walked back in front
and placed her feet in front of them.

“Clean my toe slut.” She demanded. Both ladies started
licking not knowing whose ass it was in as I laughed at
what they must have been thinking. They even had to put
the whole toe in their mouth and suck on it as a small
cock. When mother finally felt they were clean she
decided they should be rewarded for cleaning her toes.

She made Jane lay on the floor on her back and told
Denise to get in a 69 on top of her. Both women
hesitated as she slapped their asses too get them in
position. She went to the kitchen and brought back two

“You will put that in one of the holes and lick the
other. It’s your choice,” she said sitting back on the
couch with me.

Both women started working the carrot in the other ass
and started licking each one’s pussy. I would have
preferred it the other way myself. They were really hot
but delayed at first, especially Denise, till Jane
started lapping at her cunt and she found herself at
first rocking on her face and then returning the favor
licking her clit.

It was exciting to watch the ladies lick and shove on
the carrots as both women were in a steady movement now
and I knew they would come very soon. Mother teased
them with name calling and telling them to shove those
carrots up those chutes harder. Finally each of them
came on the other and lay exhausted on the floor with
Denise still on top.

Mom let the Jane and Denise rest for a while on the
floor while she explained to me the need to treat
whores this way and that. She was far from through with
them and after about 30 minutes got up and started
slapping Denise’s ass hard to get off her mother. She
made her stand up and then jabbed two fingers in her
asshole and told her to walk around the room and tell
everyone what a slut and cunt she was.

I could hear Denise thrill voice as she walked and knew
mother had her two fingers deep in her ass. She was
wobbling more than walking and it was fun to watch.
When she got back, she made Jane get up and started
doing the same except Jane had to beg her to finger
fuck her ass as she walked. Denise had to remain
standing in case mother wanted to do it again. When she
got back, she told me to come outside with her as she
led the ladies out the house.

In the yard, we had a group of hedges bushes about knee
high. She made each lady turn around and sat down on
them. Both women were moaning as the hedges were
jabbing in their asses but she didn’t care and helped
pushed their asses deeper in them. She then turned
around and presented her ass to Denise warning her if
she didn’t do a good job she would be sitting there
till dark.

I was invited to use Jane which I gladly accepted
turning my ass and lowering it on her face. I could
feel her tongue wagging around the asshole and then
penetrating inside as my cock spring back to life in
excitement. This was a good idea, I thought enjoying
the feeling. After minutes of tongue rimming, mother
made each get up and bend over forward on the hedges so
their stomach and tits were pushed down.

Both women were pleading to do a better job, which to
me was good enough but I went along with Mom who
grabbed a couple of switches from a nearby tree and
handed one to me. We started slapping their asses with
it as they wiggled in the hedges yelling as it was
scratching their tits. Mother was intolerable as she
suggested we trade much to Jane’s displeasure and
continued. Both women were in full tears by the time we

Mother told them to get on all fours and crawl around
the yard while we sat on a swing. She stroked my cock
to get it ready and told me when they got back to us; I
needed to shove it in one of their assholes to get it
off. Denise was the first to arrived back as I made her
lower her head to the ground and shoved my 8 inches in
her ass, which was loose from sweat already. As I was
pounding her ass, Jane had returned and mother got up
and sat on her back and told her to crawl some more
since she was so slow. She slapped her ass a few times
to get her moving and Jane was begging for mercy.

When they got back, I had already come in Denise’s ass
as mother shoved Jane’s face in it and told her to
clean it. I was making Denise clean my cock at the same
time and mother enjoyed slapping their asses telling
them to hurry up. They finally please her enough that
she let them stop. As we sat back down, mother told
them to come over and give our feet a butt massage.

It was fun to see the women turn around and spread
their ass for our feet and then start massaging them
with their ass cheeks. Of course a toe in their ass
every once in a while got them more motivated as they
worked harder to please. We finally told them to go in
and shower and report to the living room for tonight
sleeping arrangements which we would decide about while
they were gone. They had to go in holding each other by
the ass cheeks as they walked.

Mother worked a deal with me so she could have Denise
for the night, which was all right because I had plans
already for Jane. We were both tired and needed rest
and talked about several ways we could use them in bed.

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