Mardi Gras (wife, inter, nc, drunk )


I worked for a local tourist agency, and the money
sucked, but you could always make a little on the
side telling businessmen how to arrange for local
escorts. Tips were much better than the pay. One
time I had a really interesting proposal…

A guy was coming into town for Mardi Gras. He made
the usual requests – a separate room for the kids, a
room for him and the wife overlooking Bourbon Street,
a suite attached for entertaining guests. In a town
like New Orleans, last minute reservations like that
can be very difficult.

I told him that I would be very hard pressed to fill
his order, so he told me he was faxing me something
as an incentive. He wouldn’t say what-I’m thinking
money, but that wouldn’t work on a fax machine. I’m
fucking confused. Twenty minutes later off comes the
fax. It’s a grainy hard to see picture of some woman
putting on her bra, looking into the camera with a
very surprised look on her face. It wasn’t too grainy
to prevent me from making out those amazing fucking
knockers she had…twin fucking wonders jutting
forward into the camera and tipped with full eraser-
sized nipples.

He calls while I’m staring at the picture and asks me
if I got the fax. I say yes. He says that it’s his
wife and if I get everything arranged as he requested
I could have some of that.

I’m busting my ass to get this thing arranged and he
calls me again several days later to ask me about my
progress. I tell him it’s all done. Good he says, but
there’s this problem-wifey would never fuck another
man, but that I could rape her. He would see to it
that I wouldn’t get into any trouble over it.

I’m thinking about headlines reading: “Black man
rapes White tourist on Mardi Gras” No way I want to
be a part of this. He continues on this line, telling
me about how good she is in bed, her fantastic tits,
nice ass, etc.

He really wants me to rape his wife.

Then he lays out the scenario: On the evening of
Mardi Gras, they will leave the kids with relatives
and do the town…I’m suppose to hook up with them
and pretend to have just accidentally bumped into
them. Off we go as he plies her with liquor and gets
her drunk out of her mind. He takes her back to the
room, lets her fall asleep and then lets me in to
fuck her while he watches and takes pictures.

He tells me that she can really get drunk when she
wants to, and falls dead to the world until
morning…never even waking up when he fucks her in
the ass. In fact he can only fuck her ass when she is
that drunk. She’s pissed at him in the morning but
what the fuck, he doesn’t care it’s already done.
Then he goes on to assure me I could rape her for
hours and she’d never wake up.

Finally I give in to his proposal…I mean she is a
real fox, and this guy is going to let me do his
wife, my cock is hard just thinking about this makes
my heart pound-the thought of getting caught and sent
to a Louisiana prison to be a butt-boy to some huge
fucking farm hand makes me want to come right then
and there.

They get there and everything goes according to plan.
I meet them ‘accidentally’, we talk and lo’ and
behold I’m the guy who arranged the trip. Boy is she
fucking surprised at the coincidence. She invites me
to sit with them at the club and later I find and
introduce them to several friends from Desire
Project…big dick niggers who I grew up with.

Hubby is plying her with drinks as per our
arrangement. She’s getting loose as a goose. At one
point I dance with her and she is so unsteady on her
feet I have to hold her up. I pull her into me for a
slow dance and feel her hard ripe fucking tits boring
into my sweaty pullover…my hand is on her ass, and
I’m forcing her to grind on my dick.

That pulls her chain…she tries to walk off the
floor after I did that-weaving the entire way back to
the table to tell her husband what just happened. I
walk up behind her and pinch her fucking nice
ass…nothing underneath the dress but assflesh…no

She flares at me and tells him its time to leave…he
helps her to get up, because she can barely walk by
this time. Finally he has to half carry her to the
car. As they pull out he flashes me a grin and gives
me the thumbs up…she’s already out to the world in
the passenger seat.

She’s totally drunk and when they get back to the
motel he undresses her and plops her in their bed.
When she’s asleep, he opens the door for me.
But…now I’m with one of the friends who was
introduced at the club…he wants to watch me do
this. Hubby is not amused; he’s afraid two big
niggers strolling in the room would attract too much
attention. We tell him to chill out and sit
down…everything is under control.

In we come, she’s bundled up in the sheet snoring
like all get out. We walk over to the bed as hubby
sits in the chair and push at her shoulder real hard
to see if she’s awake. Nothing…the bitch is out
cold, mouth open, snoring like she’s got miles of bad

I peel the covers back and find she’s in a dainty
black lace nightie. Little ties on each shoulder hold
her perfect knockers in place. I reach over and pull
them loose, the cups fall open and out spill those
wonderful fucking tits. She is a fuck fantasy lying
there with her eyes shut, mouth open and those huge
fucking tits hanging out. They were quite nice tits
about 36D cup, with large pink nipples and deep pink
circles…her tit flesh was pale so that you could
see the blue veins running underneath the flesh.

I placed my hand full on one and squeeze it
hard…the contrast between my black hand and her
pale firm tit is intense…the tit is hard, full and
jug-like…my fingers leave pink welts in the flesh
because I squeezed them so tight. She’s still snoring
as I try to pull that fucking tit off her chest. My
friend joins in kneading the other one and sticking
his finger in her mouth to let her suck it. We figure
she is ready for some serious fucking.

We strip her clothes off and lay her on her back. My
friend climbs on the bed and begins to put his dick
in her mouth. She moves groggily and turns her head
to him as he pushes into her mouth and she starts
sucking like a baby at its mother’s tit.

He grabs her by the hair and starts fucking deep long
strokes down into her throat. Still asleep mind you,
the bitch takes his huge fucking cock-a good 6 inches
and thick-into her throat without a whimper. I play
with her tits; pinching and pulling the nipples, with
one hand, and work my way to her cunt with the other.
I’m lifting the entire weight of those fuckers in my
fingertips around her nipples…they’re spongy and
bounce back each time I let them go.

Finally, I spread her legs and she lifts one to let
me at her pussy. I begin pushing my tongue in her
asshole and she shifts to let me at the little brown
pucker. Suddenly I think something reaches her
fucking drunk brain and signals to her that two
strange men are fucking her. She tries to pull her
head from my friend’s dick and focus on him. She’s so
drunk she can’t see a thing and he’s laughing as he
tries to describe the scene to me. He forces her
mouth back onto his dick and pushes it back down her
throat, saying, “Here little bitch keep fucking my

Her husband has his dick out now, watching us and
laughing to himself. He’s masturbating over in the
chair with his pink pud. She suddenly turns on her
side to get away from the dick in her mouth and
leaves us both hanging. We let her pass out again and
then roll her back over and get back in place.

My buddy begins to fuck her mouth real gently so as
not to wake her again. Her mouth is wide open so he
is all the way inside, holding his dick in one hand
and rubbing the head on her tonsils, giggling to

I’m eating her asshole again, and massaging her tits-
really nice fuckers, perfectly supportive like a
teenager’s, ripe swollen nipples all pink and hard.
Her pussy was trimmed to a slender V…almost peach
fuzz. Her asshole was delicious. I’m eating her
asshole and she lifts both legs this time.

She’s snoring I’m boring her asshole out with my
tongue; my friend is fucking her mouth with deep long
strokes of black cock through lipstick-smeared pink
lips. Every once in a while he pulls out a rubs his
dick on her nose and cheeks-and then back in for more

Finally I decided to fuck her. We roll her over on
her stomach; I spread her cheeks and lick her asshole
one more time. I pull her down to the edge of the bed
so her legs are hanging off the side. Then I push my
way into her cunt. She is very small and fucking
tight. No way she’s going to take my cock up the
asshole, I figure to myself. Problem is she’s dead
asleep and that ain’t no fun.

I start stroking this dead sleep fucking unresponsive
female and get no movement from her. The pussy is wet
but she doesn’t fuck back, so I decide to wake her up
a little. I pull my cock back from her pussy and
slide it up her asshole. I rub my cock up and down
from her cunt to her asshole pulling pussy juices and
cum up to get it wet, and slide my cock into the

Her asshole wont’ budge, she’s really tight back
there. Hubby hands me some baby oil and I slick up
her asshole. Now I’m in head first but no further.
She tightens down on my cockhead and starts to groan
a little in complaint. Her hand moves dazedly down to
stop me from entering her. I grab her hand and held
it in place, and continue forcing my way into her
asshole. Hubby is whispering: “do it…fuck that
slut…fuck her asshole…get that big black cock
into the slut’s ass.”

I’m pushing hard now, gaining inches inside her ass,
and now she’s moving more deliberately to get away
from my cock. She’s only barely awake but still
thinks its him in her, I think. In I pop the entire
length, and she tightens down on my dick like a vice.

I start pumping in and out real slow, feeling her
tunnel contract around my cock and loving it. She’s
working her ass sleepily mumbling something. My
friend puts his dick back in her mouth to keep her
quiet. Now she realizes that there are at least two
men fucking her…raping her drunk ass. She pulls her
head back away from his dick again and tries to focus
on him. He forces his dick into her mouth again and
makes her throat him. I’m banging the hell out of her
now…driving my black cock as deep in her asshole as
I can get…the brown puckered hole is now looking
like a brown lipped mouth sucking cock. Got what an
ass this woman has!

The more she tries to get away from my cock the
further my friend’s cock goes into her throat, the
more she tries to get away from his cock in her
mouth, the deeper she pushes my cock up her asshole.
With both her hands held behind her back by me, all
she can do is arch her back and give us a view of her
flattened tits.

We’re banging away as tears roll down her cheeks and
sweat starts to bead on her forehead. Hubby is beside
himself with excitement…whispering in her ear how
much he enjoy us fucking her asshole and mouth while
he watches. He yanks her tit sideways from under her
and starts biting the nipple as we fuck her mouth and
ass, really getting into it now.

I pull out unable to take it any more and cum on her
back-the first stream of cum shoots a couple of feet,
I’m so hot I can’t stop coming. It splashes on her
cheek and rolls down it to my friend’s cock that is
still pumping her mouth. Another gush hits Hubby on
side of head and then another sprays between her
shoulder blades…rolling down into the small of her

She’s groggy, but trying to fight us a little. In her
position she can’t make any meaningful effort…in
fact her ass loosens up as I push back in. I begin
rubbing her clit to get her going, and she starts to
push on my cock and roll her hips. She’s working it
now, I don’t even have to move. I make hubby come
back over and work her tits again while I fuck her
ass some more.

After a bit I pull out because she’s so tight I know
I won’t get off again so my friend takes my place and
begins to fuck her. I slide to her head and fuck her
mouth slowly…I’m real sensitive by this time. We
roll her over on her back and my buddy begins to fuck
her cunt while hubby is kneading and pinching her
nipples. It goes this way for hours…we switch three
times… Both my buddy and I come in her cunt over
and over. I know that I won’t ever get another chance
like this so I take full advantage of the night. What
a pervert her husband is.

We laugh as we leave because we think Hubby will be
in big trouble with her when she sobers up.