Male sex slave

“I am here to serve you, my lady.”

I kneel before you, gazing first at your stern but gentle
face, then your full
breasts peeking out from behind the two halves of the black
gown you wear,
then down further to that most private place between your

I feel the riding crop you hold touch the base of my chin,
lifting up my head
so that I look at you again.

“Get on your hands and knees.”

“Yes, my lady.”

I do as you bid, and you run the tip of the riding crop down
my back, sliding
through the crack of my ass, then gently cradle my balls
with it. You give a
sharp, but not painful slap across my buttocks with the
crop. I bite my lower

“If ou do not obey, it will be harder, do you understand?”

“Of course, my lady.”

“All right. Lie on your back.”

I lie down on the warm carpet, feel its softness against my
back. You
remove your gown, straddle me with your legs. I look up at
you, sensing the
powerfulness of your presence, the control I have given to
you over my
actions. You move forward, then crouch down so that your
cunt is only
inches from my face.

“Lick me,” you order.

I lift my head, put out my tongue and begin to run it slowly
back and forth
along your labia. You smell sweet, you taste delicious, of
raspberry wine.
You sigh as you feel my tongue sliding around the folds,
finding hidden
crevices, thrusting up into the deepness of your cunt, then
curling around
the tiny bud of your clitoris.

“Use your hands, too.”

I lift my hand, slide two fingers up into the depths of your
sex, feeling the
slipperiness, the wetness, and as my tongue laves your
clitoris, I begin to
thrust my fingers in and out. We continue like that for
several long moments
as you enjoy the warm sensations spreading through your

I glance up for a moment, see your breasts hanging above my
eyes. I reach
up with my other hand, begin to squeeze first one, then the
other, rubbing
and pinching the nipples between my finger and thumb,
feeling them harden.

“Enough there,” you say sharply, rising, turning around and
straddling me in
the opposite direction. You lower your buttocks to me
again, squatting
above me, the beauty and deliciousness of your nether
regions open to my
gaze and touch. “Continue.”

I lick again at your cunt, tasting its nectar-like wetness,
then flick my tongue
up and encircle the rosebud of your ass, twisting my tongue
and stabbing it
into the tiny hole. You moan, and I feel you grasp my cock
with your hand
and begin to stroke its length. It loves the feel of your
tightening fingers and
it begins to harden, its length increasing, its shaft
pulsing with desire.


You let go of me, and rise to your feet, standing away from

“Get on your hands and knees again.”

I do so, seeing you from the corner of my eye strap
something around your
waist. Then you straddle my legs behind me. I feel your
finger smearing my
ass with a cool liquid.

“Do you like that , slave?”

“Yes, my lady.” And I do, it feels sensuous.

Then I feel your finger penetrating my bumhole slowly,
widening it.

“Do you like that, slave?”

I moan at the tingling sensations of your finger thrusting
in and out and I
gasp out, “Yes, my lady.”

Your finger leaves me. Then I feel something larger push
against my hole,
feel the pressure as you slowly insert the dildo strapped
around your waist.
The slipperiness of the lubrication makes its entry easier
and I feel the
strong pressure as its wideness enters my rectum. I groan
and feel my cock
getting harder.

Then, as you begin to pump the rubber cock in and out of my
ass, you reach
beneath me and grasp my thick member, your fingers
encircling the shaft,
your hand beginning to pump in an alternate rhythm to that
which is shoving
into my bum.

I groan with the build-up of my inner sensations.

“Don’t cum until I tell you, slave.”

“Uhhn–“I can only gasp out. “I’m almost there already.”

“I want your cum, slave. No one, nothing else can have it.
It’s mine, do you
understand?” This while you thump into my ass and yank on
my cock.

“Yes, my lady.” I feel the suddenly rush deep within my

“My lady—I’m beginning to cum!!” I cry out.

I feel the dildo suddenly pop out of my ass, feel the aching
left behind and
the sensation of its presence still there. You release my
cock, push me over
onto my back and the cumming sensation subsides for just a
moment. For
you grab my throbbing shaft anew, cover its tip with your
mouth and rub the
hard column vigourously. At the same time, you slide a
finger into my ass
and begin to thrust in and out.

Now the sensations within me are too much. I cry out aloud,
feel the gushing
from the depths of my bowels, then my hips buck up into the
air, thrusting
my cock deep into your mouth as my hot jism spouts into your
throat. You
pull off me, strings of my cum dangling from your lips to my
cock and I
continue spurting onto your face and neck and breasts as you
pumping my cock in steady, firm movements.

I moan softly as you release my sex and slip your finger
from my ass.

I glance at you, my white sperm splattered across your body.

“Did I please you, my lady?”

“Yes,” you say with a smile. “Very much so.”

“What else may I do to pleasure you, my lady?” I inquire.

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