Lisa’s breakfast (taboo)

Ben Farmer opened the front door of his 3 bedroom home and was hit
a blast of frigid air.
“Lisa!” He called out.
From somewhere several rooms away, and upstairs, came a muted reply
Ben’s 18 year old step-daughter.
“God damn-it, Lisa! do you have any idea how much it costs to keep
house this cold on a day like today!” He started to drone on, “It’s
middle of summer….” His anger was quickly losing steam. He had had
a hard
day in, working, mostly outside, under the moist July Texan sky. He
beelined for the thermostat, but adjusted it less than he had first
as the cool air, assuaged his temper. A pretty bright face popped
over the
railing above him.
“Hi Daddy!” Lisa beamed at him.
Ben couldn’t help but grin back.
“Hi sweetheart, how was school?”
“It was O.K., Dad, I hate my stupid counselor, though.” She
carried on
while she followed her father into the kitchen, rambling on about her
and the drama that makes up a teenager’s life.
Ben slipped a battered lunch box, onto the kitchen counter, and
opened the
refrigerator door. “What do you want for dinner, Lisa?”

Ben and Lisa chattered happily at each other as they went about the
business of making dinner together, and as usual without Lisa’s
mother. She was
lost to the both of them almost 9 years previously. One day Joanne
Farmer, just
never came home. Ben had picked up Lisa at 3:00 from kindergarden.
At 6:30
she and her father sat down to eat dinner, still waiting for Lisa’s
mother to
come home. Lisa had gone to bed by the time Blake got the phone call
from the
hospital. At 4:50 that afternnon Joanne had been on her way home,
when a drunk
woman ran a stop sign and broadsided Joannes car. Ben had become a
widower, and
a good father since then….

Lisa walked down the dark hallway towards the bathroom, and the pool
of light that
spilled out of the doorway. She could hear the water running and
movement as
her step-father brushed his teeth. The sound of the running water
masked her
approach, otherwise Ben would have probably have closed it, because 30
earlier he had splashed water all over his undershirt, and boxers, and
had taken
off his cold wet underwear. Lisa stopped short when she saw her
handsome stepfather.
She had never seen him naked before. Lisa was stunned temporarily
with akward
insecurity. She took a small step back, quietly, to return to her
room, but she
hesitated. Butterflies danced deep in her gut, as she stared silently
at the man
she called her father. He was so handsome, she thought. His rugged
were in need of a shave, and his broad shoulders, were tanned from the
Texas sun.
Her gaze wandered over his nude form, across his back, and buttocks.
She felt
a twinge of guilt, but she continued to stand still and stare at Ben’s
naked body.
She watched him from the back, and side, and she was about to turn
away when he
turned. He didn’t turn all the way, just to the side a bit as he
snapped his
toothbrush against the side of the sink, and placed it in the cup on
the counter.
That’s when the butterflies in Lisa’s stomach started doing an
choreographed ballet.
When Lisa’s father turned Lisa got a glimpse of Ben’s cock. She
couldn’t believe
that what she had seen was really his cock. It was too big. Lisa was
still a
virgin, but she was a beautiful 16 year old. She loved to fool around
with boys,
and she had allready given a couple of her old boyfriends blowjobs.
She had
probably touched another half dozen other boys, and her friends and
her allways
compared notes. Lisa was saving herself, but she was pretty well
informed when
it came to sex. She knew the average size of a males penis was 6.
something inches,
when hard. The organ that hung below her step-fathers belly was at
least a foot
long, and at least three inches in diameter. Lisa couldn’t take her
eyes off it,
and her knees got rubbery threatening to drop her 90 pounds to the
floor. When Ben
turned away from her she creeped soundlessly closer to the door to get
a better look.
It must have been a trick of the light she thought as she inched
closer to the doorway.
It was no trick. She stared, at the smooth tube of flesh that seemed
to grow out of
her father’s groin like the root of a tree. It was clearly a 10
inches long hanging 1/2
of the way to his knee. Her stare followed the curve of the monstrous
cock up into
a mass of dark curls, and two testicles each the size of a large egg.
The head of
Ben’s cock was a bit smaller than a baseball, and flared like a
mushroom she thought.
It was beautiful, and she couldn’t react quickly enough when Ben
turned around and
stepped toward the door. Ben was only 3 feet away from Lisa when he
turned towards
her and he didn’t see her in the dark hallway until he had taken a
step, and a half
forward. All Lisa saw was the unreal cock turn suddenly towards her
and loom even
bigger. She was crouched down and she fell back, on her ass in the
hallway when her
father noticed her.
“Lisa…” Ben asked concerned, ” How long have you been standing
there ? ”
“Ju.. just a second dad,” She stammered.
“Where you watching me, Lisa ?” He was starting to feel a angry.
“No… I mean yes, well, dad, it’s just that…. ” Her eyes fell
to the
massive cock several feet in front of her.
Ben looked down at the 16 year old in front of him. Her baggy
T-Shirt was pooled
around her hips, and Ben noticed her thin white panties, where damp
with her secretions.
>From the light in the bathroom, Ben could make out her dark sparse
tuft of pubic hair
above the puffy lips of her teenage pussy, through the wet cotton
panties. The sight
was enough to cause his cock to twitch and start to almost
imperceptably start to
lengthen. Almost unnoticeable but Lisa’s eyes were still locked to it
when it moved.
She held her breath, and her unnering gaze kept her stepfather in the
same confused
state. His eyes drank in the splendor of this beautiful young girl,
as his heart
continued to slowly pump blood into his mammoth penis. The cock
twitched again, and
seemed to roll to the side a bit as it grew another inch. It now
stood out at a
45 degree angle and pointed down at Lisa. The eye pointing at her,
almost as if it
was trying to reach out to her trembling breasts.
“Oh God, Lisa” Ben startled out of what was happening.
Lisa looked up into her father’s eyes.
He himself was mesmerized by the site of her spread legged on the
hallway floor.

“Dad, is that how big a man’s cock gets, when he’s older” The
flushing teenager
asked. Her big brown eyes blinked slowly.

“Um, no dear, I’m kind of an unusual case.” This conversation was
for a number of reasons, to the older man.

His cock was starting to droop down, now that Ben was brought back
to the awareness
that he was talking to his daughter. Lisa noticed the involuntary
change in her father’s

“Were you getting hard from looking at me?” She asked softly.

“Um, well, Lisa….”

“You were getting turned on by me ! ” She exclaimed in delight.


“You think I’m sexy!” She couldn’t let it go. Something inside the
teenager really got
off from having this affect on this powerful, older, and handsome man,
standing naked
before her. She shifted to her knees to sit on her feet, closer to
the male towering in
front of her, and to get a closer look at the hose of flesh sprouting
from his lower
abdomen. Ben staggered backwards, but hit the bathroom doorframe, not
creating the
distance she managed to close.

“Lisa, look, let me get dressed….” he was interrupted as Lisa
reached out tentatively
and poked the thick love muscle with her index finger, out of

“Woah! Lisa! What are you doing ?!? You can’t touch me! ”

“Oh, c’mon dad, It’s really cool…” She pouted curiously.

She replied. His hands were trying to conceal the heavy pendulum,
but they were
woefully inadequate. Ben wanted to leave but something held him fast.

“Is it O.K. if I just look at it?”

“Lisa….” He started to protest, but his hands dropped resigned to
his sides.
He knew it was an anomoly, and he justified, no harm could come from

It was truly magnificent, she thought. Thick, and veiny, it flowed
between his hard legs, like a python.

“Dad, how big is it when it get’s hard? ” she asked fascinated, and
unable to
take her eyes off his cock.

“Well, Lisa, It get’s bigger….” Not willing to indulge the girl.

“How big? ” she met his eyes, unwilling to let the question go.

He was hypnotized by the teenage beauty.

“Around 16 inches long.” He awnsered numbly.

Wickedly, she wanted to see this fact for herself. She respected
her father,
and she would do anything he asked. Touching was out. O.K. She
thought. She
scooted back and swept the baggy t-shirt over her head, quickly. Her
firm young breasts, hardly dropped when her hands came back down to
her sides.
Her straight, jet-black hair shimmered like glossy water to pool on
the floor
as she looked up at Ben’s face testing his reaction.
Her Step-fathers mouth gaped dumbly. Ben had been with many women
before he
met Lisa’s mom, but he had never seen such exuisite breasts. He knew
Lisa wore
a 38 D cup, but from the way her pert, nubile breasts sat on her
torso, they looked like they were in an invisible bra. They swelled
proudly, in time with her breathing.
Lisa enoyed the effect she was having on her step-father, and she
returned her gaze
to the object of her desire. It twitched, and lengthened, noticeably.
She stared
fascinated at the unbelievable cock hanging in front of her. It
stopped growing
after it had gained an inch, and a half. Ben’s breath was short, and
Lisa brushed
a strand of hair away from her breast no knowing what else she could
do to get it
to grow more. Ben couldn’t take his eyes off her beautiful, high
proud teenage
mammaries, and when her hand brushed the hair away, she flicked her
nipple, and it
hardened under his riveted attention. That caused another flow, into
his groin,
and his cock thickened to her notice. Lisa instantly knew what to do.
She gave her
step-father a spoiled smile, and cupped her heavy firm breasts in her
hands. She
rolled the two wonders together. Licking her lower lip, coyly, she
let her fingers trace her hardening nipples. Ben groaned, and he sank
weakly to his knees on the
hallway carpet. He was losing the battle raging inside him, and he
knew it. Lisa
knew it too, and she delightly pursed her manipulative lips, blowing
her nude step-father a kiss across a three foot span. The musky scent
of her feminine charms made her arousal evident to the older man. His
thickening cock rose steadily like a
cobra hypnotized by an Indian snake charmer. Lisa scooted back to
extend her legs,
and hooked her thumbs into her thin cotton panties. She rolled them
down her
thighs slowly, exposing her 16 year old perfection to the 34 year old
man. His eyes
were locked helplessly to the her tiny pussy. An inch wide patch of,
downy, black pubic hair sat atop atop the delicate rise of her pelvis.
Below the diamond-shaped
mound of soft dewy hair was the lovely groove, of her virgin sex,
deepening into a
beveled slit that ran gracefully between her inner thighs. Lisa knew
the cock that
wavered upright before her would never fit inside her, but she almost
giggled in delight at the power her nude form had upon her father. 16
inches long of hard cock
hovered in front of her. ‘It had to be at least as thick as his
fist!’ she thought
She kicked off her panties, and spread her her legs 45 degrees. The
groove of her
vaginal lips spread barely, and her father caught a glimpse of the
coral-pink cuntal sheath deeper inside her. Her miniscul twat groove
closed, up,
as she shifted, but a secreted drop of arousal glimmered at the bottom
of her tight
slit. Ben’s cock was at full attention, and he snapped dropping onto
the young girl
he. His hands roamed her thin waist, and he mashed her lovely tight
breasts under
his kneeding fingers.

Ben’s tounge traced her lips and Lisa ground the lips of her
inflamed pussy
around the gigantic cock thrust between their bodies. Her skinned
burned with desire
as her hormones ruled her actions, driving all reason from her
befuddled brain.

“Lisa, I love you, and I don’t want to hurt you,” Ben told her
matter of factly,
“but I’m going to put my penis into into you.”
“Bu… But, Dad, it’s … it’s not going to fit….” she stammered
“It’ll fit, Lisa, but we’re going to have to do this slowly.”
She looked down at the cock between her legs. Ben’s balls brushed
her pouting
pristine cunt, and the hard appendage of flesh wavered above her
trembling belly.
It dwarfed her body and while the hairs on his tentacles tickled her
clitoris, the
mushroom shaped head came to right below her breasts. She could see
another drop
of pre-cum that had oozed out of the tip. As if in awnser to his
statement she
reached out a delicate finger and hesitantly dabbed the clear-white
fluid. Her
finger circled the rough cock-tip and ran a sheeny coating of cum
around the end
of his monstrosity. She couldn’t take her eyes off it, as Ben wrapped
his large hand
around it, and moved his hips down. She started to hyperventilate
slightly, as he
pressed the wedge shaped head into the slit of her teenage vagina.
The head flared
out 4 inches in diameter, but the rounded tip was only the size of a
golfball, and
Ben pushed an inch of the head in between the swollen excited lips of
her pussy.
She reached up to his hard belly scratching her fingernails lightly
against the hard
washboard of his stomach. Instinctively she ran her hand around his
side as if to
let him know it was O.K. and she wanted him to bury the whole thing
deep into her
soul. A shiver ran through Ben at her touch, and he clenched his ass
pushing harder
into her young body. The tapered head pried through her opening, but
her tight
hot pussy resisted the massive intruder. The head still wasn’t in
when he stopped
pushing and Lisa’s slick tiny pussy actually squeezed the head back
out so that only
the very tip was in contact with her burning vagina.
” Aahhh, Dad, I don’t think….” She winced, ” It’s too big….
Having a lifetime of experience, Ben knew she could probably take
at least half
of his cock, into her, but he would have to work it slowly. The first
problem was
the girth. The rim of his head marked to thickest point of his cock,
and Ben knew
once he got the head through he was home free. So to speak…. The
tip of his cock
meshed against her tiny clitoris, sending electrical sparks through
Lisa’s tiny frame.
Her passoin battle her fear, of the heavy muscle between her father’s
legs, and she
gingerly reached down to touch it. It throbbed powerfully in her
small hand, and
she was only able to get her fingers halfway around the end. She
guided it tenderly
in circles around the opening of her honeypot. The hole at the end of
his hard cock
enveloped her budding clit, and a moan rose deep from within her.

“Ohhh, Dad….”

She stroked the side of the steel rod, as her step-father took over.
Pushing forward
gently he started a rocking motion. The monster cock split her lips
tenedrly. In an
inch then her toned tight ring would push back. Again, and again he
pressed slowly into
her. Each time he pressed his cock into her, she loosened up
slightly. Luckily her
young body was more aroused thatn she had ever been, and her pussy
secreted a slick
fluid that coated the tip of Ben’s cock. Lisa broke her mesmerized
gaze from the
juncture of their bodys and looked up in awe at her handsome father.
Her jet black
hair cleared her face, and her beautiful flushed features were inches
from Ben’s.
She threw an arm around his thick neck and pulled herself to him to
kiss him deeply.
The 34 Year old man lurched forward to retun her kiss maintaining the
stead drumming
of his flesh log on her slick hole. As they locked in embrace, Ben
pushed his pelvis
much harder involuntarily against her hips, and the imposibble
happened. The rim of
the baseball sized head of his cock penetrated the rubbery flesh ring
of her virgin cunt
Lisa bit his tounge as she started. Letting go of him in shock, she
fell back to the rug.

“Owww, God, Dad…. Stop…. Take it out. It hurts….”
Her eyes stared wide at the ceiling, and Lisa emmitted a low groan.
Ben looked down,
between their bodies the whole head of his cock had disappeared into
Lisa’s love tunnel.
Ben could see that her opening was stretching beyond its limits with
his huge cock-
head inside her and Lisa lay immobile, unable to escape. A tear ran
down the side of
Lisa’s cheek as her step-father lifted his body up, and back. The
pouty lips of her
virgin pussy looked angry now, wrapped thinly around the end of the
gigantic prick.
Ben tried to pull his cock out of his daughter, but they clung
incredibly tightly to
the head, unwilling to let the rim stretch her further than she
allready was. She
winced when he tried again to pull the flared head out of it’s hot

“Dad…. it’s t…t… too big. Please. No more …. ” She
He tried to pull it out again, horrified of hurting his daughter,
but every time
he pulled back, she grimaced again in pain.

“Lisa, honey, it’s stuck. Try to relax, and I’ll pull it out.” He
coaxed her.
The pain was starting to subside as her tortured pussy gradually got
used to the
invader. They lay like that for several minutes barely moving. Ben
might have gotten
soft, making it easier to pull out of her, but the sight of her
beautiful prone body
below him her proud, heaving breasts, and the feeling of her hot slick
sex enveloping,
his cock kept him unwillingly as hard as a rock. At some point the
faraway look in her
eyes evaporated, and she looked up at the man over her.

“Dad, it doesn’t hurt anymore.” She said bravely.

“Well, do you want me to take it out, Lisa”

“No, not now.” She replied, sniffing, and managing a timid smile,
despite her fear.

“It’s O.K. Dad, please, try to push in some more….”

Her fathers instinctual hunger took over and he took charge again. He
started a
rythmic rolling of his hips. In circles and gentle thrusts, he
started to work
at her still intact hymen. The last barrier between their bliss
resounded, keeping
him from penetrating her more that another 1/2 inch. His huge
cock-head was trapped
between the outer ring of her vagina, and her maidenhead. He stirred
it in circles
straining the rubbery membrane. A moan as soft and low as a kittens
purr wafted up
to the 34 year old man, from his teenage stepdaughter.

“This might hurt, Lisa…”

She nodded determinedly at him and reached up to kiss him again.
That was all the
awnser Ben needed. He clenched his buttocks, and thrust hard into her
waiting vagina.

She squealed in pain, but it died off quickly, as Ben’s mighty tool
dove past her
torn barrier. He held still for several seconds before asking her.

“Are you O.K.?”
“Yeah, dad, it hurt less than I expected….”
He carressed her for another minute stroking her tender firm breasts,
and hair before
resuming a slow intrusive rythm. There was nothing in the way now,
and Ben gripped her
taught hips as he started filling her thrust by thrust with his
manhood. Lisa’s recently
virgin pussy, was the tightest he had ever had, and he could only get
a 1/2 inch further
with each stroke, by nature, as well as consideration. His strokes
got longer, and longer
as 5, then 6 inches plied through her nether lips. They both looked
down, as Lisa startedmove with the large man. Her hips rocked in time
with his thrusts, and her stomach
tensed in an effort to give her pussy more fully to her father’s
violating hose-like
penis. Lisa’s flushed cheeks masked her mind reeling with the sight
of what she saw.
Every time her father plowed into her, an inch high bulge rippled up
her lower belly.
She could actually see the rough shape of the too-large dick! The
sight only further
excited her and she grasped his ass pulling him harder on each
instroke. Her moans
of passion were unmistakeable.

“Ohhhh. God Dad ! It feels SOOOO GOOD. You’re FUCKING me SOOO

Ben had lost it a twenty minutes ago, but at her words he went
completely out of his mind.
All tenderness abandoned him, and he pulled out the 7+ inches he had
been feeding her.
His intention was to increase the length of his thrusts, but her hot
slick cunt was so
relaxed now that he came out completely. The ridge of the head made a
low popping sound
when he escaped the tight elastic ring of her pulsating pussy-lips.
THey both lay silent
and still for only a second. Ben placed the throbbing, heavy piece of
meat against her
puckered wet opening and thrust powerfully. Lisa was as ready as she
could be. Nothing
could have prepared her for this. An animalistic groan bubbled out of
her slim throat,
as 3/4 of huge cock slithered up into her teenage sex, colliding with
her cervix.
The bulge now went past her navel, and she rubbed her belly were her
fathers cock had
pushed it out. Slowly he drew the 4 pound cock back, and then
reversed sliding up into
her again. He was opening her up slowly, and the feeling Lisa had was
incredibly delicious
He would pull out, and the pressure would evaporate, then her father
would push forward,
and she was beautifully filled again. There was nothing as good as
this, she thought.
Nothing she ever wanted to do, but this. To fuck. To fuck him, and
his beautiful cock.

“Oh, God, Ohhhh… Dad you’re fucking meeeee!” She groaned. “Does
it, ohhhh… Does
it always feel this good?”

“Sometimes it feels even better,” He lied.

“Really? Oohhhh… How?” She asked incredulously.

“Do you want me to show you, sweetheart?”

“Yeaaahhh…” she whispered as her beautiful wide eyes blinked

He was going to teach his beautiful teenage daughter what it meant to
get fucked really
well, he decided. He raised himself up on his arms so that all that
connected them was
the lifeline of his massive cock.

He started pounding into his stepdaughters pussy. She adjusted
quickly to
his size, and spread her legs as wide as she could to accept the
pummeling shaft. He fed
her newly-awakened body the unbelievably huge log again and again.
She started to
come. It rolled through her from deep in her belly. She shook with
it’s intensity as
the 240 pound man pummeled her again and again. His now full 16
inches was plumbing her
depths like no other cock ever could. Ben was ruining her, and he
knew it. He was right
she thought. This is better. The flesh-hose drove through her
twitching pussy like a
frieght train. Over and over he punished her nubile body. Five, ten,
then fifteen minutes
went by as he fucked her insanely.
“Ah… Ah… Ah…” Was all Lisa could say as her step-father
powerfully built body
tore into her repeatedly.
Her ravaged cunt spasmed again and this orgasm was better than the
last one. The orgasm
that gripped her body this time was the equivalant of a seizure. It
explode from within,
and Lisa virtually lost control of her body. Her head rolled to side,
and she trembled,
as Ben continued to fuck his teenage stepdaughter. His hips were a
blur, as her glazed eyes
regained focus, to look back down at the source of this new wonder.
His cock got even
harder when young Lisa wrapped her legs around him tightly as if to
get even more of the
wonderful sensations her body reveled in. For what seemed like
forever the giant
jack-hammered into her. Sweat dripped off his body to sizzle on her
skin. Ben started
to groan now, and his thrusts slowed as the fruit of his labors began
their volcanic
eruption from deep within his testicles. Lisa clutched hhis arms
drawing him down. She
knew what was happening, and she wanted every drop of his love inside
her woman’s domain.
Her large soft breasts mashed against his broad chest as locked her
mouth to his. Her
tounge danced excitedly around his and she whimpered as she felt the
first hot jet of
semen splash expolsively in her womb. As hot as her insides were, his
come almost seemed
be hotter, as his massive tool blasted a second time. His cock
swelled again and again,
hosing her cervix with the boiling fluid. Lisa noticed that usually
the cocks she had
seen come, should have stopped after three or four spasms, but the
fifth or six time the
giant dick inside her throbbed, it was with even more intensity. The
force of his orgasm
was so powerful, that come started to spit out from around the sides
of her stretched
pussy lips. Her vagina was filled to overflowing with come, and there
was nowhere for it
to go but out. Every spasm, she thought, had to be the last, now.
Ben howled and pried
himself from her clutching embrace to stand on his knees. Lisa
watched the older man drag
his penis out of her belly. It was like watching a magic trick. How
could she have taken
that 16 inches of steel hard cock into her tiny vagina? She marveled
at that thought as
well as the fact that her virile step-father was still coming.
Outside the confines of
her silky slick honey-pot, the cock in his right hand towered over her
satiated body.
A rope of vicous sperm spanned from the head of the mighty organ to
her red pussy-lips.
It throbbed and shot another load through the air, landing on her
right breast. Ben’s
testes were the size of tennis-balls, and they were only half empty at
this point.
Another eight or nine jets of come repeatedly landed on the young
girl. She was becoming
drenched. It flowed into a stream in her cleavage from both her
breasts. One spurt landed
in her hair, and another trickled into her mouth from her left
cheekbone. Come trailed
off both sides of her belly every time she breathed. Ben’s eyes were
closed when he dropped
the heavy piece of softening cock meat. It slapped wetly onto Lisa’s
pubic mound,
completly concealing the thatch of her soaked pubic hair, like an
offering on an altar.
It pulsed slowly now, a drop of come welling out of the tip. Lisa sat
up, letting the
cock slap against her father’s thigh. She bent forward supporting
herself with one hand.
Reaching out she lifted the heavy softening penis to her lips. It
dripped another drop
of come. She lovingly pursed her soft red lips and kissed the thick
head. Ben was going
to warn her, but what difference would it make now.

“Oh, yeah Lisa, Darling. Suck it, honey.”

Lisa did as she was told willingly she opened her mouth as far a she
could and ran her
tounge over the rough head. Her lips couldn’t envelop the head, even
now, but the
feeling was indescribable, and Ben knew this would be enough for his
last suprise.
Lisa jacked The giant cock slowly using both her hands. Her lips
locked onto the end.
Her tounge bathed the penis tip, removing the fluids of her sex, and
his. One last time
The volcano erupted, and a torrent of come flooded in one spurt into
the waiting girl’s
mouth. Most of it shot straight into her throat, but a trickle ran
out the bottom of her
carressing lips. It suprised her. but it tasted so good. She suckled
the heavy instrument
in her hands, as another 1/3 of a cup slowly trickled across her
tounge, down her esophogus,
and into her belly. Nothing had ever tasted so good. When she was
sure ther was no more
she dropped back onto the floor, and looked up marveling at the man
before her.

Lisa knew what she was having for breakfast.

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