Linda and Rich’s First Time

Richard is a 62 year old Western male that thinks he is
still 40. He has this thing for Chinese women. Western
women don’t excite or turn him on. He finally met a
Chinese woman that was exactly what he was looking for.
She was small and 52 years old. She also looked and
acted younger. There was one slight problem. She was in
Canada and he was on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Not a
big problem, but certainly something that would have to
be overcome. One solution was to invite her to visit
for a vacation.

The big day arrived and Linda was here! What a
beautiful woman. All a man could dream of. She was the
perfect mate for him. He was excited and horny the
moment his eyes saw her in the airport. He had to have
her! Her body was made to be loved. He couldn’t wait to
get her into bed and make love to that glorious body.
He had to taste her love juices!

Not wanting to scare her, he started out slow and easy.
Just a soft hug, and a tender kiss, while lying side by
side on the bed. A few touches, but nothing that would
make her nervous.

I could feel her getting excited, and that made me want
to hurry, but I knew not to. I was certain that if our
first time wasn’t perfect, she would not come back for
more. We kissed more passionately. I slowly put my hand
on her breast and gently massaged it. Since I met no
resistance, I let my hand slide down to her sweet
pussy. She was wearing a dress, and thin, silk panties.

Her dress had pulled up above her ass, and I place my
hand directly on her love mound. The only thing
separating my fingers from her pussy was a thin layer
of cloth. I moved her panties to one side, and inserted
my finger into her love nest. She was soaking wet

She was squirming around and moaning my name. “I love
you, I love you. Please be gentle. Don’t hurt me,” she
was crying. I pulled her blouse up over her head and
then removed her bra. I tugged on her panties, and she
lifted her ass, so I could slide them down her legs.

I stood up and quickly removed my shorts and shirt. I
never wore underwear, and my massive dick (penis) was
sticking straight out. Pre-cum was already dripping
from the tip of it. I couldn’t wait to get inside her
gorgeous sex hole. I lay down next to her, kissing and
sucking my way down her body. Her breasts were made for
sucking and I took my time tasting each one.

Her flat stomach needed kissing, and just below her
stomach, I could feel her pubic hairs tickling my chin.
I slowly inched my way to the opening of her most
sacred of places. When I inserted my tongue, she moaned
my name over and over. She loved it!! Her juices were
so sweet, like honey. I never let one drop slip by my
tongue. After only a few minutes, I could tell she was
ready to cum.

Linda takes up the story:

I was scared when I got off the plane. I didn’t know
what I was getting myself into. Richard was waiting at
the gate, and at first I didn’t recognize him. When he
walked up and said, “hello,” I couldn’t speak. Just one
word and the look he gave me made me excited, and my
love juices started flowing.

My God, my panties were getting wet! What is wrong with
me? I have never been this way around a man in my life!
He had such piercing eyes, with an almost hypnotic
effect. I knew I was his at that moment. He could do
whatever he wanted with me!

When we arrived at his house, he asked if I wanted to
rest awhile after the flight. I lay down on the bed,
and he set down beside me. He leaned over and gave me a
very gentle hug and kiss. I wanted more! I should have
known that a hug and kiss wasn’t the end of what he
intended to do. Before, I had a chance to say no, my
dress, bra, and panties were removed from my body.

My God, I was naked in front of a stranger! He was
going to have his way with me and I wanted him to! I
couldn’t believe I was doing this, and more important,
I couldn’t believe the feeling he was arousing in me. I
wanted more and more. Please, don’t let him stop!!

His tongue and lips touched my pussy and I almost
jumped off the bed. I knew my pussy was dripping juice
all over his tongue. He knew I was excited and that I
wanted him! He kept licking and sucking until I thought
I was losing my mind. Oh God, I was cumming!! Then he
stopped! Just as I had reached the peak. What happened?
I wanted that feeling again!

He raised up and said, “I want to fuck you now.”

“Yes, please put your penis inside me.”

“What did you call it”? he asked, “did you say penis?
Never call a dick a penis, call it what it is, a DICK,
Cock, Fuck Stick”

“Please put your cock inside me,” I answered.

“You put your fingers around it and put it inside your
pussy lips. Then tell me what you want me to do.” He

My eyes had been shut before, and I never saw his
penis, I mean dick, when he removed his shorts. When I
touched him for the first time, I couldn’t believe the
size! My God, men don’t have dicks that huge. He would
split me in two! No matter what, I must have him. I
needed to cum more than any other time in my life. I
placed the head of his dick at my opening and slowly
inserted the head of it into the mouth of my pussy.

I could feel him pressing down, trying to get the head
past my opening. Slowly, the head of his dick
disappeared into me. I had never been stretched so much
in my life! Strangely, it never hurt because he was so
gentle and slow. I was penetrated deeper than any man
had ever been before. God, it felt good, so wonderful!
I never wanted him to take it out.

“Now, what do you want me to do?” he said.

Fuck me, fuck me, with that wonderful dick! Fuck me
forever, never stop!” I moaned.

He started an in and out movement, and I cum as soon as
he began moving. I couldn’t help myself. I wanted more
and more. He would almost take it completely out and
then slam back into me.

I started cumming again, and it didn’t seem as if I
would ever stop. I felt him tense up and then push all
the way inside me. I could feel his cum hitting my
cervix. I thought he would never stop cumming. His dick
began to deflate, and he just lay on top of me, letting
his cum drip down my legs and onto the bed. I could
hardly wait for his dick to get erect again. I wanted

We lay side by side, and he whispered, “I love you, and
want you to be my wife.” I knew I was going to say yes.
I was his and he was mine forever!

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