Kathy On The Rocks – A New Kind Of Cock’Tail


It was the second time that we’d driven down to this
rocky beach. Kathy was wearing a very short cotton skirt
and her usual string panties (this time, black and
silky). On the way there, I knew that she was already
horny and her left leg was soon stretched across mine
while I tried to concentrate on driving.

With her encouragement, it was soon obvious that my
fingers would need to concentrate somewhere deep between
her soft hot thighs. She soon helped me by pulling her
panties aside and then I could feast gently with my
fingers on her juicy pussy. And she was very juicy!! I
played with her for a while, caressing the insides of her
thighs, teasing open her pussy lips and gently touching
her sensitive clit.

She was soon lying fully back in the seat, which she’d
made to recline, her legs wide as she moaned with
delight. Now I knew that I would be completely unable to
concentrate on driving, but luckily the road was quiet. I
began to concentrate my attention on her horny clit; it
is easy to find and I started stroking it gently up and
down with one finger, then two.

She was crying loudly now, but no one could hear her
above the noise of the open windows. I gently moved one
finger round her pussy and slid it slowly inside that
juicy love tunnel. She was really turned on now and, with
my fingernail just catching on her clit with rapid
movements, she started to come. It was one explosive
orgasm, with Kathy crying out with pleasure.

Then it eased off and I could concentrate on driving her
higher again, with harder and wilder caresses from my
fingertips. She came some more times; I lost count how
many and then we had to quite down as we’d reached the
end of the motorway. We didn’t stop playing, but Kathy
just simmered along.

We parked at the beach to the left of the bay, in the
bushes, and she immediately pulled me on top of her so
that we could get into some hard loving. I dragged out my
hard prick and drove it into her ever so wet pussy. She
went wild with excitement and I was worried that someone
would hear her cries. But even though I pounded into her
for a long time, no one seemed to notice the car rocking
back and forward like crazy. Finally we decided that the
sun was attractive and we walked out to the beach.

There were only a few people around, but a couple of
tasty looking Spanish women sat on two sun-loungers not
far from us. We tried to sit quietly for a while, reading
books, but it was obvious that Kathy was extremely horny
– she loves the sun anyway and lying in the sun with only
the briefest of strings covering her sexy ass made me as
hard as a rock.

I started to rub suntan cream into her back, paying very
careful attention to her ass; rubbing the cheeks gently
for several minutes and pressing her body into the
mattress. She kept groaning at my touch and encouraging
me to rub her for longer.

After a few minutes, she turned over and I could rub more
cream on her lovely body, this time gently rubbing
between her hot thighs and along the edges of her string.
I just had to push down the string to make sure that I’d
covered as much of her body as possible.

Then up to the second most sensitive place on her body –
her delicious breasts. Kathy has quite the most gorgeous
boobs that I have ever played with and today they were
super sensitive. This meant that, within seconds of my
fingers starting to caress them, Kathy was moaning and
writhing around under me.

Her nipples hardened and grew into really big buttons,
which she then wanted me to rub, touch, squeeze and
generally manhandle. At times like this, the rougher I am
with her nipples and breasts the more she likes it
(within reason, of course). I guessed that, after several
minutes, she’d almost had enough of my caresses and I
dragged myself back to my own lounger, with an erection
that was painful to contain within my brief swimming
shorts. We now spent a further few minutes reading, or
pretending to, but soon I heard Kathy call to me, “Can we
do it here?”

I looked around. “Well, no, not right here.” There was an
older couple about 20 meters away, but I could see that,
if we pulled one lounger round the corner of the rocks,
we would be hidden from all except those way on the other
side of the bay. If they had binoculars, they would have
enjoyed the next 15 minutes!! We finally managed to
stabilize the lounger by placing Kathy’s beach sandals
beneath one of the legs. At least the rocking would not
be so wild now. She came over to me, a picture of
loveliness and with that very horny look in her eyes.

I knew that I was in for a treat. She lay down on the
lounger and urged me to get my prick inside her aching
pussy from behind as quickly as possible. It was not
easy, but soon I was inside her and we were rocking
together quite deliciously. She lifted her leg up and
held herself wide open to make it even easier for me. We
loved on and on, almost getting lost in the pleasure of
it all. This had to stop, or I would have creamed inside
her far too early. We wanted to play a lot more yet.

At the end of this session, we just packed up our gear,
leaving our towels on the loungers and walked off into
the rocks. This area of the beach really surprised us
with its hidden places, some of them grassy, some as
lovely tiny bays in the rocks. As soon as we were
completely out of sight of people, Kathy found a place
with a flat step in the rocks and bent over in

She’d left her string off and I quickly lifted her skirt
to bare her delicious ass. Her bottom was still a little
sunburned from two days before, but it looked very
inviting to me. My prick slipped out of my trunks very
quickly and I soon buried it deep inside her wet pussy
again. She was thrusting back at me each time I thrust
into her and we rode on for a long time. If anyone had
come anywhere near, they would have heard Kathy’s cries
of delight, but it was our lucky day.

We changed position so that she could sit on my prick,
finding a section of rock that was relatively smooth.
When inside her, we started rocking so that my prick slid
in and out of her and my body also rubbed on her clit at
the same time. This is my favorite position, but the two
of us had not tried it together before; you have to keep
something back for the next time!

Stopping again, just before I came, we moved on again,
this time up over the rocks to the sea edge. We headed
back to the little bay in which we’d made love the last
time we were there (just two days before).

Again, that special place held its attraction and Kathy,
in a most suitable position. And again, within seconds, I
was deep inside her now dripping pussy, making her wild
with my pounding. We decided that it was not seemly to
come again in the same place, as we knew that there was
an even more special place that we’d noticed in our
dreamy state after coming together madly two days before.

We pulled ourselves together and moved down the rocks to
the sea edge. Here, Kathy dragged me close to her and
kissed me. I could tell that her horniness was now
overwhelming her. My fingers went beneath her skirt and
quickly found her clit. It took me only a few seconds to
get her to the edge and then it was a matter of holding
on to her while she came so violently and so deeply that
I thought she’d push us both into the sea.

When my caresses had become gentle and allowed her to
quite down, we managed to stagger round the sea edge,
although both of us now had very wobbly legs from the sun
and the hard sex. Reaching the new special place, we
searched for the best place, trying to make love in
various places until we discovered a gap in the rocks.

First, Kathy could stand with her hands on either side of
the gap, her delicious legs spread wide apart and she
invited me back inside her. She was getting quite crazy
with lust by this time and her thrusts back at me were
now very violent.

After some minutes of craziness, she said “Stop” and
turned herself round so that she could sit on a specially
raised part of the rocks. This brought her pussy into
just the most perfect place for us both. In went my prick
again deep and hard and we went wild together. She and I
both knew that there was no stopping this time. It was
the place to be and the position to be in and we were
going to enjoy it even if someone came round the rocks
and watched us.

Because it was such a perfect position and because we’d
been making love now for more than an hour, I couldn’t
hold back (and I didn’t want to). We both wanted it and
soon I erupted with a great cry of pleasure. She was
moaning very loudly and I could tell that she felt each
one of my spurts as my sperm gushed into her.

Her hands were hurting on the rocks and we later found
quite a mark on her back where she’d been pressed into
the rocks by my pounding (the mark is even still there
now, almost a week later). I stayed deep inside her for a
long while, then gently moved in and out while we enjoyed
the dreams of after-sex. I finally let my prick slide
slowly out of her pussy and we both watched as my sperm
dripped down the rocks from between her legs (and all
over her skirt). This was really leaving our mark!

When we had finally recovered, after quite some minutes,
we clambered down to the sea edge and washed ourselves
and her skirt. Then it was time to hold on tight to each
other and kiss – those long deep kisses that seem to go
even better after a good session.

Kathy was soon lying back on the rocks, dressed only in
her brief top. Why she still had that on, I can’t
remember, but it soon fell beside her on the rocks. I was
already practically naked and soaking up the sun, but
soon put on a top to avoid sunburn. My fingers soon
slipped inside her pussy again and she enjoyed another
ride as I thrust them inside her for some minutes, using
my thumb to touch and then go up into her tight asshole.

It was hard not to continue this amazing experience, but
we were both incredibly elated. This had to be one of the
best sex bouts ever. We did manage to dress again and
return to the loungers, in a very silly state.

The world has not been the same since we’d enjoyed,