Julianna’s Night Out


Julianna was having fun. Her friends had convinced her
to go out and as she sipped on her second drink of the
night, she had to admit she was glad they did. She
couldn’t help but notice all of the cute guys in the
bar and the alcohol was definitely having an effect.

She had made her friends promise to keep an eye on her
if she got too drunk because when that happens, she
tends to let loose and get a little wild. The fact that
her sex drive is stronger than just about any man’s
doesn’t help. Maybe she would call her regular fuck
buddy, Tommy, just to satisfy that need. He’s usually
available and many nights when the clock strikes 12,
that’s where she finds herself.

No, tonight would be different, she told herself.
Tonight she would just drink and maybe meet a nice guy
and talk. That was the plan and she was sticking to it.
As she was enjoying her fourth drink (a very dangerous
number for her), a guy came over and introduced himself
as Bill. Julianna thought to herself that he was just
perfect. Clean cut, nice, very cute with dark hair and
what looked like a solid build. Very nice.

Bill on the other hand was thinking to himself how hot
this 5 foot, 130 lbs tan brunette was looking in her
tight jeans and low cut top. The tops of her tan
breasts tantalizing and her round ass filling out the
jeans perfectly. He had a feeling that this girl was
hotter than she looked and his cock twitched at the
thought of finding out if he was right. He would just
lay on the charm and keep buying drinks in the hope of
finding out.

After a few drinks, Julianna was starting to get a
little tipsy and very horny like she knew she always
does when she drinks. When Bill suggested doing some
body shots at his place, she knew she shouldn’t but the
temptation was overwhelming and the throbbing of her
little pussy could not be denied. She wanted to say no
but instead find herself not only saying yes but
suggesting going to her apartment since it was closer
to the bar.

When Bill heard this, he just thought to himself that
he was right. Julianna might look innocent but soon he
would be doing anything he wanted to her sexy body. The
way her hands ran up and down his arms and shoulders as
they drove to her place only helped with that

For her part, Julianna was just thinking how hard his
body felt and how moist her pussy was starting to get.
She had hoped to maintain some control tonight but her
natural instincts were starting to come through and
soon she knew she would just need to be fucked and
fucked well. She hoped Bill would be up to the

When they got back to her place, Julianna found a body
of tequila and asked Bill if he wanted a drink. Bill
just grabbed her and pulled her in for a hard kiss. His
passion surprised Julianna as she was not expecting
such an aggressive act from a “nice” guy like this. But
her body’s response could not be ignored as his hands
moved over her body, one cupping a breast and the other
taking a firm grip on her perfect ass. Any self control
she had was all but gone as she returned his kiss and
moved her hands between them to feel how turned on he
was. She thought to herself “nice” once again as his
cock was rock hard in his jeans and from what she could
tell, he had more than enough to satisfy her.

Bill pulled away from their kiss and smiled down at
Julianna and asked if she wanted to see what she was
going to get. She nodded yes as she watched him unzip
his jeans and slowly pull his cock out. Julianna smiled
at the site of his 7 inch, very fat cock. When he told
her to take a closer look, any pretense of self control
was gone as she sank to her knees and wrapped her hand
around the shaft. Her hand barely fit around its girth
and she took the head into her hot, wet mouth. Julianna
was very skilled at giving head and her body was now on
fire as she sucked a little more of his cock in.

As he wrapped his hands in Julianna’s hair, Bill
thought to himself that this was just perfect.
Julianna’s hot mouth felt so good on his cock and his
aggressive nature was beginning to take over. Julianna
couldn’t help but notice this as she felt his hands
first grabbing at her hair and then reaching down to
grope at her breasts. His fingers pinched her nipples
roughly making them stiff and throbbing. She felt
slight disappointment when he pulled her by her hair
off his cock but when she heard him say, “You have way
too much on. Let me see that hot body”, she stood up
and peeled the clothes off as he did the same.

Once they both undressed, Bill sat back on the couch
and told Julianna to climb into his lap. Although she
was surprised at his tone (he was so clean cut and nice
after all), the need built up in her pussy could not be
denied and she quickly straddled his lap. Julianna
gasped and then let out a long moan as Bill’s fat cock
entered her wet pussy to the hilt. She ground her hips
against him as he urged her on.

She could tell that Bill liked to take control as he
hands moved over her body, pinching her nipples,
slapping her ass, scratching her back and pulling her
hair. Even though she usually didn’t like rough sex,
for some reason, his behavior just made her hotter and
she suddenly stiffened and let out a loud scream as her
first orgasm of the night hit her like a tidal wave.
She could barely hear Bill urging her to cum on his
cock as she rode it out, trying to catch her breath.

Bill looked up at Julianna as she came and he knew that
he had her so worked up, that she would let him do
anything to her. As this thought sunk in, he noticed
the deck outside her apartment and told her “stand up,
I have an idea.” Julianna reluctantly pulled herself
off his hard cock and tried to keep up as he grabbed
her wrist and led her outside. She offered token
resistance but her body’s needs were too great as they
stepped out on the deck. Fortunately, the apartment
faced the woods so while her neighbors would hear if
they were outside, she didn’t have to worry about being

Julianna stepped out into the cool night air. Her body
on fire as she felt Bill’s hand on her shoulder and his
voice commanding “bend over.” Her hands gripped the
rails of her second floor deck as felt him move in
behind her. His hand slapped down on her ass hard as he
pushed that fat cock back into her searing pussy.

As one hand pulled her back by her hair, she felt him
kissing and biting at her neck. His other hand
alternated between rubbing her hips and slapping her
ass. He told her to rub her clit and to push her ass
back against his cock while he fucked her. Then he
asked her if she liked being fucked like this, where
anyone walking below could see and any neighbor could
step out and hear what a bad girl she was.

Julianna just nodded, moaned and told him to fuck her
harder as another orgasm was close. Her hand worked her
clit and her body jerked again as she came on his cock.
She tried hard to be quiet but Bill had her so turned
on, she couldn’t help the moans and words that escaped
her mouth. She thought she heard one of her neighbors
step outside on their deck but at this point, she
wouldn’t have cared if they were watching from five
feet away. Bill was fucking her good just like she
needed and if someone wanted to watch, that was fine
with her.

Bill just thought to himself how perfect this was as he
slapped his hand down on her ass again. Fucking this
hot little slut on her deck had him close to cumming
and he wanted to fill her up good. He quickened his
thrusts inside her tight little pussy and then jerked
her back against him as his spurted shot after shot of
cum into her cunt. He felt her muscles squeeze his cock
like a vice, milking all of his cum out, her third
orgasm of the night racking her body as she jerked and
twitched against him.

He tried to catch his breath as he thought of what else
he would do with her body. He couldn’t wait to find
out. It was then that he noticed his watch. The sight
of 4:00AM reminded him that he had to be up in two
hours for work. Any thoughts about fucking this cutie
would have to wait for another time. Bill leaned up
against her, bit at her neck again and then whispered
that he hated to do it but he had to go.

Julianna heard Bill say he had to leave. Normally she
might have been disappointed but between the alcohol
and the strong orgasms she had while Bill fucked her,
she just wanted to get to bed. She showed him to the
door and watched as he left. She then collapsed on the
couch, completely exhausted and fell asleep.

The next morning, Julianna woke up barely able to move.
Bill’s rough treatment had left her sore all over and
when she looked in the bathroom mirror, she noticed
bruises on her neck, shoulders and back. For whatever
reason, this actually gave her a little thrill. When
she stepped back into her living room, she noticed a
card on the corner. It was Bill’s business card, along
with a pair of sunglasses that she had noticed in his
shirt pocket the night before. She couldn’t help
herself as she dialed the number on the card. Her pussy
tingled as she heard his voice on the other line.

Julianna tried to keep her cool as she said hello and
told him he left his sunglasses at her apartment. When
he told her he would stop by to get them, he asked if
it was okay to bring a friend over. Julianna knew she
should say no but the thought of how Bill fucked her
was still fresh in her mind and despite her struggle to
try and be a good girl, she just whispered, “Yes, that
would be fine.”