Jenny Enjoys taboo sex on the Summer Day


The day was typical for July. Hot, but a gentle breeze
passed across the landscape, as eighteen-year-old Jenny,
climbed the small hill and entered the shade of the
maple trees surrounding the crest of the hill. A few
walnut trees were scattered on the perimeter of the
wood area, and Jenny watched as a couple of squirrels
picked up nuts that lain on the ground over the past
winter and spring.

Finding a spot where the can lay on the ground and read
her book, “Catcher in the Rye,” and get a sun tan as
well. The shorts and sleeveless blouse she had
purchased last summer were a little tight on her as her
body had developed over the past year.

Jenny had picked out the shorts and blouse, as they
exposed her body more than the other clothes in her
closet. After being in the sun for a few minutes, Jenny
realized she should have worn her bathing suit under
her outfit, and that way she could have tanned all

Rising up in a sitting position, Jenny thought that she
could remove her outer clothing, and lay in the grass
in just her panties. Jenny had not worn a bra as the
blouse she was wearing had shoe strings holding it up
over her chest.

Looking in all directions, she could see that no one
was in her view. So she removed her shoes, then slipped
her shorts from her body. Reaching up she pulled the
blouse over her head; and folding both items, placed
them under her head for a pillow.

Being almost nude made Jenny wonder what would happen
if a boy found her so exposed to the world, and only
her panties on her body? The sixteen-year-old girl
thought about how her breasts were now 34 B, and her
panties were only a size five. Jenny thought she was
cute and knew that boys found her attractive, and her
5’2″ height, and a 102-pound body were enough to have
several boys at school ask her out on dates.

Her parents had told her she could not date until after
school started in the fall, after she turned sixteen.
Just two weeks ago she had reached the magic age her
parents had set for her to start dating. Jenny knew
when school started in September, her first date would
likely be her junior class square dance held at the end
of the second week of school.

The year 1955 was assuredly the year that the most
beautiful cars Detroit ever made, and Jenny knew that
now in 1966, she would most likely ride in Rick Davis’
55 Chevy convertible, as he had wanted to date her for
a year. Doug would be a senior, and she hoped he would
ask her to the junior-senior prom next May.

Perhaps ten minutes had passed, and Jenny thought she
would take off her panties, and sun bath in the nude.
One of her parents’ magazines had an article about
nudist camps where people could sun bathe in the nude,
and get an overall tan. Before removing her panties,
Jenny surveyed the area below the hill she was on, and
saw no one in any direction.

Feeling a slightly ornery, and knowing her mom would
likely kill her if she found out she sunbathed in the
nude, Jenny removed her panties! Laying back, she
remembered the last time she had been nude outside, and
remembered it had been when she was only eleven, and
that it had been with her cousin, Willie. Willie was
two years older than her, and actually was the adopted
son of her Aunt Helen.

Willie and her had been wandering around the farm, and
reaching the small stream that snaked through the farm,
they decided to go swimming. Neither had a bathing suit
but since they took baths together up until about a
year ago, they did not consider being naked in front of
each other a problem.

They undressed in front of each other and got into the
water, which only reached to their knees. For the next
several minutes they splashed each other as they tried
to dunk one another under the water. Suddenly Jenny
became aware that something about Willie had changed
since they had taken a bath together a year before.

While she was attempting to push her thirteen-year-old
cousin under water when her hand ended up grabbing
something long and hard! Looking down, Jenny saw she
not only had grabbed Willie’s “wee-wee,” but was larger
than she had ever seen it before. The thing in her hand
was stiff and hard, and must be at least four or five
inches long, and it even had hair around the spot where
it grew out of his tummy.

Jenny felt a strange feeling pass through her body as
her hand continued to grasp Willie’s “wee-wee.” Never
had Jenny felt like her body tingling as it did while
holding onto Willie, and Jenny felt flushed. Her right
hand stayed tight on the skin of his bone-hard penis;
while her left hand moved to touch the dark hair at the
base of his throbbing young manhood.


For Willie, the feeling was also strange, and he had
recently started being hard like he was now, especially
at night when he would wake up and his thing seemed to
hurt and yet feel good at the same time. Until now
Willie did not consider his erections as sexual, but
with his cute playmate cousin holding his “wee-wee” in
her hand.

Willie sobbed out, “Gee Jenny, that feels and makes me
want something, it is…”

As he spoke, Willie shot off his first load of sperm
from his quivering thing. He was so overcome with the
intensity that he was forced to set down in the creek.

Jenny sat down next to him, and she retained her grip
on his ejaculating young erection. They both were
unable to speak and finally, as if they were reading
each other’s mind, they rose up from the creek and
walked over and sat down in some thick green grass.
Laying down, facing each other, Jenny began to squeeze
and lightly stroke the quivering wet thing.

Perhaps it was fifteen minutes, but likely less, Willie
was again shaking and his thirteen-year-old penis was
again squirting its male juices out and this time they
landed on Jenny’s stomach and her upper legs.

Willie had moved his body over against Jenny as he shot
his cum, and for reasons he didn’t understand, pushed
his ejaculating penis against the wedge between his
cousin’s young legs.

After Willie was doing going off, Jenny found the
wetness was slick and told Willie’s he should touch his
stuff. His fingers sought the large drop of cum that
was at the top of her tiny opening. His fingers were
rubbing it around on her and he used his finger to push
some inside her tiny bald slit.

“Willie, that’s the stuff that makes babies, isn’t it?”

“Gosh, Jenny, I think so, but I have never done it
until now, so I don’t know, do you?”

“Kind of, as we studied it in school and mom told me a
little about becoming a woman, but now I’m scared, will
I get pregnant? Willie, it got on my tummy and you
pushed some inside me!”

Jenny did not need to worry as a pre adolescent, she
had not started puberty, and her body did not really
respond to the finger stimulation it was receiving from
Willie. Jenny continued to stroke and caress Willie’s
penis while she caught his young testicles in her left
hand squeezing and rolling them around in her palm.

Before an hour had passed, Willie was hard again had
and he had moved so his young erection was now bumping
against Jenny’s little slit. Had Willie known the
reason he was moving against her as he was, he may have
gained entrance into her body. Instead, Willie was only
feeling the need to push against or into something, and
that something was Jenny.

Willie moved his body on top of his little eleven-year-
old cousin, and his cock was still held by Jenny as he
continued shoving and pushing the head against the
middle of her legs. When Willie shot off his cum for
the third time, he moaned out, “Jenny, oh Jenny, I love
you,” Then his sperm burst out and attempted to enter
the small crevice that would some day welcome a penis.

After that afternoon, they never were nude together,
and now Willie found his cousin sleeping in the grass
and was laying on her half way on her side and stomach.
He watched as she turned and lay over on her back.
After a few minutes he saw her legs part and her hand
moved down as if it was protecting the hair and slot
that were just visible to his view. Moving over to
where he could look down on his cousin’s sleeping form,
his eyes took in the pretty pink nipples and pigmented
pink skin of her areolas.

Slowly, knowing his next move was not proper, Willie
touched the end of the nipple with only the tip of his
finger. Immediately he felt his cock becomes excited,
and so stiff in his pants. His mind returned to that
day five years ago when Jenny had made him cum three
times! Now he was more knowledgeable, about sex and no
longer a virgin.

Willie had tried to get his dates to let him do it, or
at least touch him, but they never went past his
touching their breasts, and then only outside of their
clothes. A few times he had reached under their skirts
or dresses, and only last Sunday evening had reached
all the way up to the middle of Janice’s long legs. He
still remembered how her panties seemed damp.

Had Willie persisted, he could have slipped his fingers
inside the leg band of her panties. Janice was
wondering how to get the boy of her dreams do more than
just touch her panties, and knew she would likely have
to lead the way for closer contact.

Willie had been kissing Janice for more than thirty
minutes, with his hand caressing her breasts almost the
total time. Experiences with his other dates had
conditioned him against reaching inside her dress to
feel the bare skin of her breast. So, he had failed to
note that Janice was no longer holding onto his arm and

Janice was excited but nervous when her mom let Willie,
drive her home from church in his ’51 Ford 2-door
coupe. He had pulled into the old farm drive that led
to the far barn on his neighbors far. His kissing and
fondling was causing the inexperienced, but precocious
fourteen-year old to desire his touch, even though she
knew it was wrong.

For several minutes Janice felt Willie playing with the
crotch of her panties, as her throbbing sex was
becoming strangely wet. She was getting so aroused that
her hips were bumping against his fingers in an age-old
rhythm, but he still didn’t try to slip his fingers
inside her panties.

After a few minutes, Janice knew she would need to tell
Willie what to do, although this was her first time to
be intimate with a boy. “Willie, can we get in the
backseat, and if you want, I will let you take my
panties off, but you must never tell anyone…

Willie was taken back by the comment from Janice and
without speaking, he opened the car door and got out,
and held his hand out for Janice. Looking at Janice as
she sat in the car, he saw her legs and her dress was
so high he could see she was wearing yellow panties.
Janice slid across the seat to the driver’s door, and
as she did, her dress slid up all the way and allowed
her lower body to be displayed.

Smiling at her date for the evening, Janice knew her
legs and panties were being seen by the young boy, and
as she reached the edge of the seat, and her legs were
resting on the edge of the car floor board, Janice
asked, “Do you like my legs, are they pretty?” Then she
looked up at Willie and asked him, “Willie, honey, will
you take my panties off?”

Within his pants, Willie’s cock was so hard it was
hurting, as he asked his cute little friend, “Janice,
does this mean we are going to do it?”

“Oh, Willie, I don’t know about that, but I do want you
to touch me down there!”

Kneeling down in front of Janice, Willie hooked his
fingers in the waist band of the fourteen-year-old’s
panties and slowly pulled them down over her hips and
off her legs.

Janice was thrilled, but afraid. She was allowing a boy
to see her thing, and she hoped he would do the same
for her. The fact that sex would likely become a part
of the evening did not really register in Janice’s
brain. She was just sexually excited and wanted
something, and she assumed it would only be touching.

They climbed in the back seat, and as Janice lay down,
Willie pulled his “Levis” and underwear off, and then
lay down on the awaiting girl. After a few minutes, he
listened as Janice asked him:

“Maybe I should take my dress off so it doesn’t get
messed up and wrinkled, would you like me to do that?”

Willie was so nervous and his cock was vibrating as he
looked at the nude girl on the seat under him.

Willie did not actually know how to put his thing into
a girl, but in his mind’s eye were many visions of how
to do it. He had only masturbated many times since he
and his cousin had first messed around.

Janice was now so shook up, and when she felt Willie
put his thing against hers, she did not stop him. The
touch of his thing against hers was hot, and she felt
it vibrating as he touched it to her opening. Willie
stated to move his erection inside Janice’s lightly
haired opening, and when he lodged the head inside,
Janice moved her hips up to the exquisite feeling of
being penetrated.

She knew they were about to have sex, and as she
started to tell Willie not to go deeper inside her, she
moved up and he moved downward very suddenly and hard.
His cock tore into her and he ripped her cherry apart
as his cock sunk into her sex, and his seed gushed out
into her fertile body as he bottomed out in her
bleeding sex.

“No – Willie, take it out, it hurts, oh you hurt me,
stop, take…”

Janice knew what had occurred and she knew her
virginity was gone forever. The thought that she might
become pregnant did not enter her mind. For several
minutes, Willie lay on top of the girl, as she cried
and told him he was cruel for doing it to her, as she
had only wanted to play and touch.

With only a few minutes passing, Willie felt his cock
becomes erect again and started moving it in and out of
the girl once again, as nature lead the way for him.
Finally he felt the need to go off the second time, and
as he was about to do so, he heard Janice scream, as
she pushed her hips up from the car seat.

‘OH MY GOD!!!! …. FUCK ME HARD!! …. OH, Willie!!
…. I feel so good!!”

And with that Janice climaxed as Willie unleashed
another large amount of sperm into the womb of the girl
who had just the week before turned fourteen. His seed
was fresh and potent, and his sperm begin to wiggle and
swim toward the eggs that had only the day before
dropped down from her ovaries, through her fallopian
tubes and to her uterus, for the second month since she
reached the finale cycle of puberty and became capable
of reproducing a life.

After catching his breath, Willie moved up off the
teenage girl, and she scooted over so he could set next
to her. Looking down at the girl, and then at himself,
he saw he was covered in blood, and he saw the fine
hairs over her sex were red, and so were Janice’s upper
thighs. Willie knew he had just gotten her cherry, and
then he cried out:

“Janice, set up, hell, we are getting blood and stuff
all over the car seat, oh shit,” Willie cried out as he
watched her move, as it allowed more blood to cover his
back seat.

After determining there was no way to clean the blood
off the seats, nor their bodies easily, Willie placed
his undershirt under Janice as she sat on the seat.
After a few minutes of talking about what they had
done, Janice asked Willie:

“Willie, will you get out the car and walk over to that
brush with me?”

When he gave her a funny look, Janice added: “I’ve got
to pee, and do you have any kind of paper I can wipe
off my thing with?”

They stood in the moon light for a moment hugging each
other, then Willie looked at the cute young girl as she
squatted down and began to urinate. Janice could not
help but feel, the warm and salty pee, as it entered
her opening, and seemed to burn.

“Willie, will you look at me, like between my legs and
tell me if I look different?”

Not certain what he should look for, he asks her to
turn around so she faced the moon light. The light was
not bright enough for Willie to see much, but he told
her it appeared ragged looking from what it had before
he pushed up into her.

Janice stood back up and she moved so Willie had to
hold her, then asked:

“Willie, does this mean we are a couple, like going
study and I can wear your ring on a chain around my

Willie was taken back by her question, and he wasn’t
certain what he should say. Finally as he held her firm
and pliant against his own, he found her body was warm
and soft against his own. His arms pulled her tight to
him, and with one hand on her back he moved the other
one until it was cupping her soft yet solid breast.

Their lips met, and when he moved his tongue into her
mouth for their first French kiss, she seemed to become
a part of him. Had she not held him around the neck
with her arms, her sagging and again sexually charged
body would have fallen to the ground.

After a few minutes, they moved to the back seat, and
when Willie, eased his erection up into the girl for
the third time, she cried out: “Willie, I love you, I’m
yours and no one else’s, ever!”

Their love making lasted for at least ten minutes, and
again they climaxed together, and then they lay
together and went to sleep. They awoke to flashing red
lights and bright lights shining on their faces. The
deputy sheriff, and a state highway patrol, were
standing outside Willie’s car, with flashlights shining
on them, while the emergency lights on the two ’56 Ford
police vehicles flashed their eerie red glare across
their naked bodies.

Willie jumped up, and as he did, the two officers were
given a complete view of Janice’s breasts, and her cum-
and-blood leaking sex. “Okay, love birds, time to call
it a night, and it is nearly two in the morning and
Janice you dad will skin you.”

“Please, don’t tell him what we were doing, please, Mr.

“Your secret is safe with us, but if you catch it, tell
your folks we found you with your car out of gas over
by Clark Road, they can call us if they wish.”

Janice realized the total time they were speaking to
them that they held their high-powered five-cell
flashlights illuminating her breast and her pubic area.
She had not thought to keep her thighs together as they
looked at her young body. She blushed with
embarrassment as she knew that she would forever be
tainted by getting caught having sex; and being nude in
front of a state patrolman and his deputy.

Now a few days later, Willie was ogling his cousin’s
virginal yet nubile young body, as his eyes moved down
to her sex. Her legs were apart enough to allow him to
see the light hair that was down perhaps an inch on
each side of her opening.

Looking at the hair on his cousin, he saw she did not
have as much as Janice had on her pussy.

Moving his finger over to touch her fine hairs, he
moved it down until it touched the opening. He watched
Jenny’s eyes as he touched her, afraid she would wake
up and be mad at him for taking advantage of her while
she was sleeping.

Memories of how she had jacked him off, when he was
only thirteen, and she was eleven, caused Willie to
stand up and remove his clothes. Laying back down next
to his pretty cousin, he laid his arm over her stomach
as his hand cupped her young breast. His other hand had
moved down between her legs stroking lightly until he
was covering her sex.

DOING, TAKE YOU’RE HANDS AWAY,” Jenny cried out as she
woke to find her body being molested!

“Take it easy, Jenny, just lay still,” Willie told the
girl as she struggled to rise and remove his arms and
hands from her body, all at the same time.

Willie was erect and he took Jenny’s hand in his and
placed it on his erection.

“Jenny, do me like you did before, remember when we
were younger?”

“No Willie, stop it,” Jenny demanded as she was
savoring the memories of being like this when she was
eleven and they had played together.

Willie moved until he could kiss Jenny on her lips, and
as he did he felt her hand squeezing and stroking his
swollen penis. In a few minutes time, Willie had
brought the pretty teenager to a desire she didn’t
understand. When she felt his thing getting wet on the
end, she rubbed it in the palm of her hand. After
several minutes she found that Willie sucking her
nipples and kissing her breasts made pleasant warm
feeling between her legs, and when his fingers stroked
the nub at the top of her female opening, she

Willie continued to tease the young girl until she was
uttering soft little mewing sounds. He fingered her
clitoris until she was racing toward a climax. His one
time encounter with Janice had taught him that on the
three separate times they had sex, touching her on her
love button, so aroused her that he could do whatever
he wished with her.

Moving over until he was laying on top of his cousin,
he settled between the soft and smooth thighs of the
lovely girl. His lips sought hers and he was
alternating between kissing her lips and nursing at her
small pink nipples.

Shortly, without any additional preparation, Willie
allowed his cock to find the opening at the junction of
her shapely thighs. The head of his erection entered
between her smallish labia.

“Willie, we mustn’t do this, you’re my cousin, and…

Hearing his pretty cousin asking him to wait, and
knowing how Janice had told him it hurt when he took
her cherry, he eased his cock back from the depth of
Jenny’s pussy, and relieved the pressure of his cock
head against her hymen.

“Willie, do you want to be my first, especially after
all these years that we were nude together, and the
time when I made you cum three times, do you Sweet

“OH yeah, Jenny, let me up in you all the way. I won’t
go all the way in you if you don’t want me to do so,
but Jenny, you’ve always been my love.”

“Willie, be gentle, please… oh Willie, I feel it
going in… gawd, it hurts – easy, oh Willie,” Jenny
was saying as she felt her body being split into and
knew that she was about to change from a virgin maiden,
to a woman who has known the love of a man.

“UGH, WILLIE, OH MY IT HURTS,” Jenny cried out as she
felt her cousin talk his erection through her
virginity, but he had to spear it to her four times in
order to tear her hymen open.

Willie moved his erection back and forth inside the sex
of his cousin, and when he felt her legs wrap around
his waist, he knew she would always be his. With short
and thrusting drives of his erection into the body of
his cousin, he felt her building along with his own.

His ejaculation flowed from his cock and splashed
against the womb of the girl who cried out her own
release, screaming out:

“Willie, I’m cumming, oh yes, cum with me, now!”

Two more times they enjoyed each other, and when they
walked back to Jenny’s house, Willie told her he had
came over to see if she would like to go into town with
him for a treat at the DQ.

They spoke to her mom, and she said it would be fine.
Jenny said she needed to clean up and change clothes,
and would be ready in a few minutes.

In the bathroom, Jenny washed her sex until she knew it
was not bleeding or leaking the cream her cousin had
shot up inside her body.

That arrived at the DQ, and found that several of their
friends were present. They sat with their respective
friends and around seven they returned to Jenny’s home.
Jenny’s mom asked if they had a good time and if they
would like to go with her to see her mother the
following day.

“I called your mom, and she said you could spend a
couple of days with us, if you wished to do so,

Thelma, Jenny’s mom had noted that her daughter seemed
to walk funny, when she had returned from reading her
book with Willie. After they had left for the DQ, she
went into the bath, and looked to see if Jenny’s
panties were in the hamper. They were laying under a
towel, and they showed evidence of her daughter having
lost her virginity from the blood stains, and also the
semen that had pooled and showed yellowish where it had
accumulated in her daughter’s panty crotch.

Should I confront her, or just explain to both of them
what she had determined, and warn them about such a

After arriving at her mother’s house, Thelma, decided
to skip any lecture to her daughter and nephew, as the
damage was done. Now she could only take time and
explain how to keep from becoming with child.

Two days later, it became a moot point, when Willie and
Jenny found themselves in her bed again while their
mothers went shopping. Willie found his semen was ready
to flow into the young girl, and as she cried out for
him to make love to her, he shot his sperm into her
body. Jenny was on time for her cycle, and there could
be no doubt that nine months from that day, she was due
to become a mother.

For the third time that afternoon, Jenny was feeling
her body penetrated by her cousin.

“Now. Do it now! Oh Willie, give me your juices, oh
hell Willie, I want it so much, now!”

As she cried out, Jenny did not understand that she was
getting the juices that would provide her with a child,
as his sperm was already penetrating her egg.

School started just more than two months later, and two
girls, one a junior, the other a freshman, were sick in
the girl’s restroom, before class started. They spoke
about what they must have eaten, not knowing that each
had been impregnated by the same male, and only a few
days apart.

By the time October was nearly over, each of the girls
knew they were pregnant, and as they were in the
restroom, both looked at the other. Janice knew that
her condition and that of Jenny were the same and spoke
up when they were alone.

“Are you pg, Jenny, cause I’m sure I am and my period
hasn’t started, and it would have been my third one,
what can we do?”

“Yes, I’m certain that I’m pregnant as well,” Jenny
replied to Janice.

“Have you told the guy or your parents?” Janice asked.

“Not yet, and the problem is bad, cause it is my
cousin, Willie, who is the father,” Jenny said.

“Jenny – that can’t be, as he is the father of my
baby!” Then Janice began to cry and did so until the
last period of the day was over.

“Come on Janice, lets go find Willie and tell him what
we know,” Jenny told the freshman girl.

They arrived at the car lot as Willie was getting into
his vehicle. Jenny shouted at Willie: “Stop Willie, you
need to speak with Janice and me.”

to be continue……