I’ll stay home any weekend, and fuck my sister


It was Saturday morning, and I was just getting home from
spending the night at a friends. My parents were out of town for
the three day holiday, and I was supposed to stay at Tim’s the
whole weekend, but I decided against it Tim’s girlfriend showed
up and decided she wanted to go out, alone.
I threw my gym bag into my room and headed for the kitchen.
There was a sound upstairs. My sister was old enough to stay at
home, while mom and dad were away. It was still early in the
morning, and I figured Cindy was just getting up.
I had spent alot of my time, trying to get peeks of her
while she took a shower. What do you expect from a fifteen-year
old? I remember the time I was able to get a picture of her as
she stepped out of the shower. I had convinced her that the
camera was empty, and that I was just trying to tease her. The
picture is still under my mattress.
Cindy is built. She had the long legs that I always heard
Tim’s big brother talk about. Her ass was firm and small. Her
pussy had just the right amount of light blonde hair, that didn’t
quite hide the lines of her mound. Her tits weren’t large, I’d
seen tits of the women in magazines. Large ones just turn me
off. Her face and hair were perfect for her body. I used to
jack off while looking at her picture.
I walked quietly up the stairs, hoping to see a little more
than I had in the past. As I walked down the hall, I heard more
sounds of life. Her bedroom door was open. I stooped down low
and looked around the sill. I couldn’t believe it.
I was looking straight between my sister’s legs as she lay
naked, sprawled on the bedroom floor. She couldn’t see me
though, because, sitting right over her face, with her back to
me, was one her best friends, Lisa, bare naked.
I watched for a moment as Lisa, her red hair swaying as she
moved back and forth. I listened as both girls moaned. They
were not new at this. My eyes drifted down to my sister’s cunt.
I’d never really gotten a chance to see her full slit, but now, I
was watching it as it glistened wet.
I pulled back, not wanting to be seen. Slowly I creeped
back downstairs. There was alot to fuel my fantasies.
As soon as I was in my room, pulled off my clothes and
grabbed my stiff cock. It was bigger than I had ever seen it
before. I had never had such a hard on. As I pictured the two
girls in my mind, I stroked myself. It wasn’t long before I cut
loose. I lay down on the bed and let my mind wander through all
the possible fantasies a 15 year old can have.
I must have layed there for half an hour before I realized
that I had left my bedroom door open. I turned my head, just in
time to see Lisa step in through the door.
She stood there, fully naked. Slightly wet. Her red hair
fell, in a light curl to her shoulders, and a small twist hung
over her small, breast. Her left hand brushed at the curl, then
fell towards her pussy. That’s when I noticed.
There was no hair covering her little, slightly plump pussy.
It was completely shaven and smooth. I had never really seen a
girl of her age with a bare cunt, and I was kind of surprised
that it turned me on.
Before I could sit up, she moved towards me and sat on the
bed. She leaned over me, and placed her hand on my dick. It was
beginning to get very hard again.
“Did you come up and spy on us?” she smiled.
I could barely move. I’d never been that close to naked
girl before. I smiled, nervously, and nodded. If I spoke, I
would probably stutter.
She smiled back at me and began to stroke my hard on.
Lightly, she squeezed my balls. She lifted my hand to her tits
and let me feel them. Still grasping my cock, she lay back, away
from me. She pulled her legs up and spread them. My hand
drifted away from her tits, down her belly, and to her smooth
cunt. Her hand guided mine as she slowly moved my fingers
around, and into her slit. I took the cue and slowly began
pumping her. Her juices flood between my fingers. How could I
have been any luckier?
Lisa stroked at my cock. This was more than I could handle.
Just as I exploded, I heard a sound of surprise. My sister was
standing in the door. She was wearing skimpy panties, and
nothing else.
“Lisa!” “Cindy!” “Billy!”
We all spoke at once. For a moment, we all were silent.
Then my sister walked over to the bed. My fingers were still
stuck in Lisa’s cunt. Cindy pulled my fingers out and kneeled
down to lick them. Her tongue shot around my fingers, lapping up
the juices of her friend.
“Billy, is this what you’ve been looking for, all this
time?” she asked.
Again, all I could do was nod. It was then that I noticed
the warm wet feeling around my cock. Lisa was sucking on it. I
placed my hand on Cindy’s panties, and rubbed. She was warm and
wet. She backed off, turned away from me, bent over, and made a
little show of taking off her panties. She fingered herself as
she slowly walked back to the bed.
With a little shifting. Cindy lay on the bed and pulled my
head down between her legs. There, I lapped up her juices. And,
Lisa continued to pull and suck at my dick. I felt her fingers
wander and poke at my butt. Slowly she shoved her fingers up my
ass. With a shattering breath, I exploded my cream into her
mouth. She had to know what she was doing.
As she finished swallowing what I could giver her, I heard
her whisper to Cindy.
“I want to fuck him.”
“Me first,” my sister whispered back, “I’m still the virgin
Cindy pulled my head up, and pulled me forward. I climbed
on top of her. Lisa’s hand guided my stiff cock to my sister’s
hole. Slowly, Lisa pushed me into her.
Cindy’s cunt was tight, and warm. I moved up and down, in
and out. Cindy moaned as I slid further into her. I pumped
harder and harder. My whole body strained.
Lisa was still with us. She stayed back and licked at my
balls, then moved up until she was working over my ass-hole. I
felt her tongue dart around and try to push itself in.
Just as I was ready to cum, Cindy’s hole tightened up, and
milked my cock dry.
I had barely let loose, when Lisa was pulling me out of my
“Now, you can fuck me.”
Lisa swung around and kneeled on the bed. She looked over
her shoulder.
“Fuck my ass, Billy.”
Cindy moved, and lay in front of Lisa so that Lisa could
clean my juice out of her cunt. I got up behind her and aimed my
dick at her small, brown hole. Slowly, and firmly, I pushed my
rod deep into her.
“Oh, God, FUCK ME!” she screamed, between cunt laps. She
began to pound her ass back towards me. Together we stroked,
until I pumped my final ounce of cum into her ass.
Tim could have his girlfriend drag him around the mall. Me,
I’ll stay home any weekend, and fuck my sister, and any friend
she brings home.

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