I just wanted to get fucked

Valerie wakes up and gets out of bed. She had slept in the nude
and since it had been a hot night her tits are sweaty. She walks in
the bathroom and gets into the shower, letting the water run all
over her body. She reaches down to her crotch and touches her clit.
With her other hand she squeezes her nipple, then starts massaging
her clit. She sits down in the shower and moves her hand from her
tit to her cunt. She sticks her middle finger in herself as she
plays with her clit. She screams as she comes, then takes her
finger, which was covered in her juices, and licks it clean.

Valerie stands up, walks out of the shower, and stands in front
of the bathroom mirror. She looks at her cunt, which is covered in
a thin bush of dark hair. She walks back into the bedroom and picks
up the phone.

A second after dialing zero, she hears a woman’s voice say
“Front desk.”

With her free hand she rubs her ass, “Could you please send up a
razor, I need to shave my legs.”

“Of course,” the receptionist says, “I’ve have it sent up right

After hanging up the phone, Valerie sticks her finger in her
crack. Then she slowly moves her finger into her cunt.

A knock on her door interrupts her, and as she is putting on a
robe she yells: “I’ll be right there.”

Quietly she walks up to the door and unlocks it, then she sits
down in a chair directly in front of the door. She spreads her
legs, making her cunt visible, and says, “It’s open.”

A teenage boy of about fifteen opens the door and walks in. He
drops the shaving kit he is holding as he sees Valerie’s bush.

His face gets red and he says “Maybe I should come back later.”

Valerie stands up and walks over to the door. The boy watches as
she closes the door.

“What’s your name?” she asks.


“How old are you?”

“I’ll be sixteen in a month.”

Valerie smiles. “Have you ever fucked a girl, Pete?”

He gets redder and says, “No.”

“Ever seen a pussy?”


“Whose?” Valerie asks, laughing.

“My friend’s older sisters.”

“Did you like what you saw?”

“Yeah,” Pete answered.

“You ever jack off thinking about sticking your dick in her

“Yeah,” he said, embarrassed.

Valerie grins. “Tell you what, if you jack off and cum on my
face, I’ll fuck you. We have a deal?”

“Umm . . . sure.”

“Great. Why don’t you undress?”

While Pete is taking off his shirt Valerie lays down on the bed
and opens her robe. After all his clothes are off Pete walks over
to her. She looks down to his dick, to see it erect at six inches.
He starts jacking off standing next to her.

“Kneel above my face,” she orders him.

He gets on the bed, puts his knees next to her shoulders, and
starts jacking off again. Three minutes later his cock spurts cum
all over her face. She licks the cum off her lips and smiles.

“Ready to fuck me?”

“Please . . .” the boy pleads.

“You know how, right?”


Pete moves down so he’s on top of Valerie, then sticks his cock
in her cunt. As he pushes in and out she puts his hands on her

“You’ve got a nice cock for such a little boy,” she coos.

He kisses her and gets a taste of his own cum. She grabs his ass
and sticks a finger up his butt hole. He moans then starts pushing
harder. Valerie screams as they come together.

Pete stands up and walks over to his clothes when Valerie sits
up. “Wait,” she says, “We aren’t through yet.”

He watches her turn over and stick her magnificent ass in the

“Fuck me in the ass!”

“Don’t I need Vaseline or something,” Pete asks.

“Just wipe some of my cum on your cock.”

He shrugs and walks back to the bed. He sticks a hand into her
cunt, removes it covered in their combined juices, and wipes it on
his dick. After a second, and his jacking off a bit, his cock is

“Ready?” he asks.

“I was born ready.”

He sticks to head of his cock in her hole, waits a second, then
slams into her. Valerie screams in pain, unprepared for such a
quick entry.

Pete stops moving and asks: “Are you okay?”

Valerie grits her teeth and replies, “Hurry up and fuck my ass.”

He starts sliding his cock in and out of her ass, after a minute
or so, she reaches down to her crotch and starts playing with her
clit. Her hand is completely covered in cum from her sopping wet
cunt, so she covers her tits in the juices. Then she sticks her
hand in her mouth and sucks all the remaining cum off. Pete grabs
her cum-covered breasts and starts his final entry. He sticks his
cock into her ass as far as it’ll go then comes.

Pete backs away, all his energy gone, as Valerie moans. She sits
up and says: “Get me that razor.”

He picks up the shaving kit, which has shaving cream and a
razor, and hands it to her. She opens the kit, then notices that he
hasn’t left yet.

“You can go now.”

“That’s it?” he asks, looking hurt.

“I just wanted to get fucked. Thank you,” she answers, “Now get
out of here.”

Valerie stands up and walks into the bathroom. As she’s covering
her cunt hair in shaving cream she hears the door slam. Slowly and
carefully she shaves off all her hair, leaving a glistening, bare
cunt. She smiles then gets dressed.

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