Hotel’s Backdoor


He watched her as she walked up the third story staircase to their hotel room. Her thin summer skirt clung to her hips and curved smoothly over her ass, shifting and swaying with each step. They had both come from dinner and despite their conversations, his eyes kept slithering up her legs. But only as high up as the damned skirt would allow.

She had reached the door. The room opened up into a large suite and she didn’t even have time to take off her heels before he took her by the waist. The door closed and she could feel his hot breath on her ear, “I’m going to fuck your ass.”

She started to turn. She wanted to tell him that he could go fuck himself but he was already grabbing her tits, squeezing them firmly in his palms. She squealed and tried to pull away but he only held her even more closely, her back against his chest, her ass pressed into his crotch. “Stop it!” His hands began to work. He massaged her, teased and pinched her nipples through her shirt and bra. “No,” her voice had weakened. Maybe even a hint of a moan.

“You say no. But your nipples are hard, you little whore.” He taunted. A hand left her breast and slid up her thigh and under that summer skirt that had taunted him all night. Beneath, he could feel the cotton at the mouth of her cunt. It was damp. And with a stroke of his fingers he felt them soak through. He laughed, “What a slut. Your cunt is dripping wet. You want me to fuck your ass, don’t you?”

Again she tried to turn to fight him, to show him that he is wrong. But his hands were back up to her breasts. He was opening her blouse. “No,” her mind raced. She felt her bra slide up over her tits and her body shuddered as he squeezed her puffy brown nipples. If she was thinking about stopping him, her body wasn’t. Her ass pressed into his crotch, rubbing it, as if begging to be fucked.

“You see these tits, bitch. They are mine. Your ass and cunt, mine. If I want to fuck them, I will,” he gives her tits another squeeze. This time there was definitely a moan, “And you’ll enjoy it.”

“T-they belong to you.” Her voice was full of wanting, “Do what ever you want.”

His lips covered hers and he could feel it. He could feel how much she wanted to get fucked. “That’s a good little slut.” His hand pressed onto her ass, pushing her further into the suite and to the ornately decorated couch. He sat down in front of her and opened his dress pants. “Get on your knees and suck my cock, bitch.”

She slowly fell to her knees and positioned herself between his legs. She was so close that she could smell how good his sex was. Then he reached out and pinched both nipples. “Now.”

She whimpered as she obeyed, taking him into her mouth. “Good slut,” he moans, “Good.” With the feel of her mouth hot on his cock and how well she and her body complied, it didn’t take long for his cock swell. When it did, it became time. He told her to stand and turn around. She did.

He slid his hands up the length of her thighs and pulled down the soaking panties, but only to the tops over her knees like some slutty school girl. He grinned, the mouth of her cunt was slick with juices. From his inner coat pocket he pulled her thin red vibrator. He had wanted to fuck her like this all night and planned well. He used her cunt juices to lubricate it, letting the length of it slide back and forth across her slit. She didn’t resist it. When she felt it again he was holding her waist as he pushed it inch by delicious inch into her ass. She lets out a low moan as it reached its limit. Then it was turned on. She starts, but he holds her. “You like it don’t you.”

“Yes.” She moaned. She did. She did like it. She knew that he loved her and knew he was being gentle even though he treated her like that. He was making her want it like that. Then she felt his mouth. His mouth and tongue pressed and sucked and drilled into her cunt. She felt his fingers working at her clit as the vibrator shocked the inside of her ass with ripples of pleasure. Her moan was loud and throaty. In her hands she crushed and teased her breasts as he mouth fucked her pussy and fucked her ass with her little toy. She could barely keep herself standing.

When she felt the toy slide out and his mouth pulled away, he stood up and made her lean over the couch. She saw as her devilish little red toy bounced onto the couch beside her. Fingers again slip into her cunt. She lets out a soft moan before he pulled them free. She could hear him rub her pussy juices over his cock and then his hands grab hold of her ass.

“No,” she gasped as the tip of his dick pressed against her, “You need a con-” The head of his cock slammed into her ass and they both let out a moan of deep pleasure.

“Don’t worry bitch, I have one on,” his voice was strained as his cock dove in and out of her. “Your ass is so good and tight. Just like it is supposed to be for me, isn’t it. Your ass and cunt is mine to be fucked, isn’t it.” She could only moan. He grabbed her breasts, crushing them in his hands as he fucked her harder, slapping her ass, “Isn’t it, my little whore!”

“Yes,” Her voice cracked.

Suddenly he pulled out of her and her knees buckled onto the couch. She gasped as she tried to recover, just a little. But he was pulling her off onto the floor and on top of him. He held her there as his hips and cock searched her. She kissed him hard and then they found what they wanted. He was inside her ass again. Fucking her as she clutched at him. Each thrust ground into her pussy and she started to ride him. Grinding her slit against him as if trying to make it apart of him. He clutched her breasts, teased her nipples and made her tell him how much she loved getting fucked by him. Whimpers, only whimpers he could hear. Then he felt her body tighten. “Oh, God! I’m cumming!” She moaned and her body convulsed over his. “Baby, I’m cumming!” He could feel her ass trying pinch his dick off and it was too much. He could feel his dick filling. Quickly turned her onto her back and straddled her as he ripped the condom off. A stream of hot cum splashed over her tits, bra and open blouse as he groaned. A full night of lust dribbled off of her nipples and down the sides of her chocolate skin. His mouth came down to hers hard and still full of desire. He lay down on top of her, smearing his cum into his dress shirt and tie only to make his kiss even more deep and passionate. He whispered with a heavy breath, “I love you so much.”