Getting Along With Sis


“Gary.” my mother’s voice drifted up the stairs.

“Coming mum.” I yelled back after groaning to myself.

Putting down my latest copy of Playboy and stuffing my erect tool back
into my trousers, I got off the bed and headed for the bedroom door
wondering what mum wanted now. A few minutes later I found out what it

“Gary,” mum said as I entered the kitchen “your father and I have to go
away for a week, Sandra will take care of you while we are away and I
want no arguments from you.”

Inwardly I groaned at the thought of having my sister in charge of me
for a week, she was a seventeen year old pain in the backside, pretty,
but a pain. Reluctantly I agreed to behave myself before it dawned on
me that I would be on holiday and, horror of horrors, so would she,
this had to be the worst day of all my fifteen years. Feeling glum I
returned to my bedroom and flopped on my bed, even the sight of my copy
of Playboy did nothing to cheer me up.

Early the next morning my parents left for wherever they were off to
leaving me to the tender mercies of my older sister. Barely had my
parents left when Sandra was laying down the law.

“Right Gary,” she said “while mum and dad are away you are going to
give me a hand around the house. You can start by tidying that pig sty
you call a room.”

“Aw, come on Sandra,” I protested, “it’s not that bad.”

“I knew your promise was no good.” she smirked.

She knew as well as I did that I had never broken a promise, her
comment was totally uncalled for and I her told so.

“One day I’ll get my own back.” I finished.

Storming up to my room I set to putting away the few things that were
laying around then flopped on my bed and sulked. Although I loved my
sister she was a bitch at times, usually when she was in charge, which
was too often for my liking. Glancing around my room I spotted the
copy of Playboy lurking in a corner, God knows why, but the thought
popped into my head of what my sister would look like naked. I was
surprised at myself for having this thought, even more so as I realised
that I was getting turned on by it!

“Gary, stop wanking and get down here.” Sandra’s voice drifted up the
stairs to me.

Angered by her words I went downstairs, she wasn’t in the living room
so I went into the kitchen.

“Come on,” she grinned, “dinner’s on the table.”

The wind was taken from my sails at her announcement, her shout had
obviously been a wind up and I had fallen for it, this only increased
my determination to get my own back on my sister. Nevertheless, dinner
looked and smelt good and my thoughts of revenge could wait until after

Over the next two days my sister made my life a misery, winding me up
then defusing me until I was ready to blow my top. Yet even then I
found myself becoming increasingly excited by the idea of my sister in
the nude, I was shocked to even find myself fantasising about my sister
while I was wanking. Then, quite by accident, I got the chance to get
my own back on my sister and satisfy my erotic curiosity, a chance I
didn’t hesitate in taking.

It was early on the third day of my parent’s absence, I had woken from
a wet dream and headed for the bathroom to clean myself up, as I passed
my sister’s room I heard strange sounds coming from inside. Curious I
peeked through the keyhole and there was Sandra, naked and wanking for
all she was worth, grinning I watched her for a few minutes before I
had an idea. Quickly and quietly I dashed back to my room and grabbed
my camera, racing back to my sister’s door I put the lens to the
keyhole and looked through the viewfinder. Joy oh joy, through the SLR
lens I could see my sister still busy with her pleasure, her body
revealed in all its naked glory, eagerly I began pressing the shutter
release, I had twenty unused pictures and I snapped every single one of
them. The last picture I took was a dilly, it was of Sandra climaxing,
her fingers buried deep in her pussy, her body arched as her pleasure
had peaked, grinning like a Cheshire cat I took that shot and returned
to my room with my tool leading the way. Safe in my room I rewound the
film, unloaded the camera and put the film safely into its container,
hurriedly I dressed, put the precious film in my pocket and went
downstairs to make myself some breakfast.

Sandra joined me in the kitchen about ten minutes later, she still
looked flushed from her pleasure play, and she was also puzzled by me
greeting her merrily.

“Morning sis.” I grinned, “Sleep well?”

“Yes thank you.” She responded with a raise of an eyebrow “You’re in a
good mood this morning.”

“I am aren’t I.” I grinned, “By the way, I’ve got to go out this

“Oh, is that so.” she said sarcastically “And where would you be going
young man?”

“I’ve got some films I want developed,” I grinned, “I’m only going to
the shopping mall.”

Sandra knew the mall I was referring to, it was about two miles from
the house and I usually went to the SpeediPrint shop there to get my
pictures developed, what she didn’t know was the reason I used that
particular shop. It was because the technician there was a lazy bugger
who never, but never checked the prints or negatives put out by the
automatic machinery. She mucked about pretending to want to prevent me
from going out, but eventually ‘deigned’ to give me permission to leave
the house unaccompanied, I had known she would as there was no valid
reason to stop me going. Feeling triumphant I left the house and made
my way to the mall and the photo-shop, depositing my films I paid my
fee and hung around for an hour at the end of which time I returned to
the shop and picked up my pictures.

I could barely wait until I was clear of the crowds to open the
envelope and check my pictures, the machine had done a perfect job,
four pictures of wildlife followed by twenty pictures of Sandra having
a wild time, all in wonderful Kodak colour. Almost hugging myself I
rushed home, avoiding my sister I went to my room and separated the
negatives from the prints. Grinning I put the negatives in the one
hiding place I had that I knew Sandra hadn’t found, under a loose board
under my bed, then took the prints downstairs to the living room.

“Oh, so you’re back.” Sandra greeted me as I entered the room “Did you
get your pretty pictures developed?”

“Oh yes,” I grinned “and I think you’ll like them.”

“Really?” she said in a puzzled tone.

Grinning from ear to ear I handed her the prints, the top four were the
pictures of wildlife I had taken, she looked at these and frowned in
puzzlement as they were nothing out of the ordinary. Then she looked
at the fifth photo, her eyes went wide as she stared at herself
wanking, slowly she looked at the other pictures, her eyes widening
wider with each one and her jaw dropping lower and lower.

“Gary!” she exclaimed.

“Yes Sandra?” I replied all innocence.

My sister looked at me with disbelieving eyes then back at the
pictures, at first it looked as though she was going to rip them apart,
but it dawned on her that these were only the prints, if she tore them
to shreds I would still have the negatives.

“Where are the negatives?” she asked in a hushed voice.

“Safe.” I grinned.

The joy I felt at her reaction filled me, at last I had managed to get
my own back on my sister in a way that actually got to her, she
wouldn’t laugh this off so easily. Then my joy faded as Sandra burst
into tears, I was confused, I had never intended to hurt her only
embarrass her, the way she had embarrassed me. Dropping the pictures
on the sofa my sister ran from the room, suddenly I didn’t feel quite
so smug about what I had done and it was only at that moment that it
dawned on me that I had intruded on her very private pleasure. I felt
like shit, there was only one thing I could do to make amends and that
was to give her the negatives, a pity really as she looked smashing in
the photographs. Picking up the prints I went up to my room and
retrieved the negatives then made my way to Sandra’s room.

“Sandra.” I said softly as I knocked on her door.

“Go away!” she shouted in reply.

“Please let me in,” I pleaded “just for a minute.”

At first I thought she was going to ignore me, but then I heard the
click of the lock and the door opened a crack. Sandra looked out at me,
tears in her eyes.

“I, uh,” I faltered, “I’m sorry sis. I never meant to upset you.

I handed her the prints and the negatives and turned to go to my room
as she took them, but she opened the door and indicated that I should
enter. Following her in I sat on the edge of her bed and watched as
she cut the negatives and the prints into tiny shreds then dumped them
in her waste bin. She sat beside me, sniffed and dried her eyes then
she gave me an almost shy smile, leant over and kissed me on the cheek.

“What was that for?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she grinned “you don’t deserve it after what you did.
Why did you do it?”

“I wanted” I replied, “to get my own back.”

“Why?” she asked in a puzzled tone “What for?”

“Come on Sandra,” I said in amazement that she didn’t realize how she
had been acting “you’ve been a right pain over the last couple of days.”

“Me?” she protested.

“You. You’ve bossed me around more than mum and dad ever do and in
front of other people.” I stated.

She looked thoughtful for a moment and it dawned on me that she might
not have realised how strict she had been, perhaps she even thought she
had been acting in the right way.

“Perhaps” she said shaking her head “you are right. I thought I was
doing things the way mum and dad do.”

She sighed which made her boobs rise and fall sharply, this of course
reminded me of what those boobs had looked like naked and I grinned.
My sister must have mistaken my grin for something else because she
suddenly smiled at me and put her arm around my shoulder.

“I’ll try to be less of a ‘pain’.” she grinned “Let’s kiss and make up.”

This was a ritual from our younger days, neither of us had invoked this
for some time and I was surprised when she offered our old peace ritual.

“Okay.” I grinned.

She leant over as I turned my head and our lips met in what should have
been a brief peck, but as our lips met it was as though a spark passed
between us and I felt suddenly aroused. Without thinking I threw my
arms around my sister and pulled her close to me as I pressed my lips
hard to hers, Sandra returned my kiss with a fervour that matched my
own. A few moments later Sandra parted our lips, turned, lay on her
back and put her head in my lap, she looked up at me with a smile on
her lips and a gleam in her eyes. I don’t know what she was feeling at
that moment, but I was feeling hot and excited as I looked down at
her. One of her hands rose to the back of my head, I felt her gently
draw my head down towards her, once again our lips met, and once again
I felt the spark pass between us. As our kiss drew out I felt
something tugging at my chest, it took me a moment to realise that it
was Sandra opening the buttons of my shirt, even as I had this
realisation I felt her hand slide across my now bare chest. My heart
pounded as her touch excited me, my tool twitched and grew, pressing
against my pants, trousers and the back of my sister’s head almost
painfully, the action of her hand on my skin inspiring me to return her
caress. Almost with a will of its own my hand fell to her chest, the
swell of her tits under my hand exciting me even more as I daringly
opened the buttons of her blouse and pushed the material aside. My
hand trembled as I touched the warm flesh of her stomach then stroked
my way upwards until once again I could feel the swell of her tits
under my hand. For a moment I gently squeezed and rubbed her tits
through her bra, then I pushed the bra up over her tits and put my hand
onto her bare flesh, the feel of her hard nipple digging into the palm
of my hand as I squeezed her pliant globe made me draw in a sharp
breath of excitement. Taking the hard button between thumb and
forefinger I teased it, Sandra responded to this with a moan deep in
her throat, encouraged by this I played with her nipple.

Some minutes later I slid my hand away from my sister’s tit, slowly,
savouring the soft feel of her skin, I rubbed my hand down to the
waistband of her skirt, but I didn’t stop there, passing my hand
quickly over the material of the skirt I put my hand on her bare leg.
Slowly, gently I slid my hand up her soft thigh until it came to rest
on her minuscule panties and as I touched the gusset Sandra sighed, her
legs opening a little to allow me easier access to her. A damp patch
grew under my hand as her juices flowed in arousal, my movements
suddenly firm and confident I pushed the material of her panties to one
side and slid the tips of my fingers along the moist, warm, soft flesh
of her pussy. Once again Sandra sighed at my touch, eagerly I sought
and found her clitoris gently rubbing its hardness with my thumb as my
fingers stretched along her slit to slide slowly into her wet hole. As
my fingers slid into her Sandra moaned and pressed her lips tighter to
mine, her hand at my chest sliding across my skin until I felt her
squeezing one of my nipples in her fingers making my desire rise to a
new height. Suddenly she parted our lips and for a moment I thought
that our fun was to end, instead I gasped as Sandra leant up and put
her mouth on my other nipple, her tongue circling my tiny bud sending
shivers of delight through me that made my cock grow even harder.

Enticed by my sister’s actions I began to finger fuck her with hard
fast stokes that made her sigh and moan around my nipple in her mouth,
her lower body began to move in time to my fingers as I drove her
towards an orgasm. Then she was shaking, her lips moving from my chest
as they opened in a cry of animal pleasure, her pussy thrusting up onto
my fingers as though trying to engulf them and the hand they were
attached to. Opening my eyes I looked down at her and saw her eyes
were tightly shut, her mouth open in a wide ‘O’ of bliss as her climax
ran through her straining body, my eyes roved down her body, relishing
the sight of her tits as they trembled with the force of her orgasm. I
felt light headed as I began moving my fingers in her again, this time
using long, slow strokes that seemed to increase her pleasure.
Sandra’s eyes flicked open and she looked up at me with desire written
all over her face, then her hands raised to push at my shirt, sliding
it off my shoulders and down my arms as a wide smile spread across her
lips. As my shirt fell onto the bed my sister shuddered again, her
eyes half closing as the tumult of delight washed over her yet again,
then she was sitting up and with almost desperate speed she pulled off
her blouse and bra. Her upper body twisted as she put her hands to the
waistband of my trousers, even as she began to open my trousers I was
tugging at the buttons of her skirt and as the material flapped open
Sandra raised her lower body to let me slide the material from under

“And the panties.” she gasped breaking our intimate silence.

Eagerly I pushed the thin wisp of material down her legs, as soon as
they were clear of her backside my sister lowered herself again then
raised her legs so that I could slide her panties and skirt off.
Raising myself a little I let Sandra push my trousers and pants down to
my knees, as I sat down once again Sandra twisted around and pushed the
bunched material of my clothes down my legs. Moments later my trousers
and pants were a crumpled heap on the floor and I was gazing longingly
down at my sister’s naked body, my recent fantasy coming true in a way
I could never have imagined. Slowly I passed my hand over her smooth
skin, stroking every inch of her exposed flesh before slipping my
fingers into her pussy again. As I began to slide my fingers in her
again Sandra closed her eyes, leant her head back and growled, grinning
I silenced her by placing my lips on hers. Once again I drove her to a
climax all the while very aware of her neck pressing against my hard
tool, then Sandra was shaking, our lips parting as she cried out in

After what seemed like hours, but could only have been a few moments
Sandra’s body relaxed, her hand moved down to grasp my wrist, firmly
she pushed my hand away from her pussy, this time I was sure that our
game was over. Sandra sat up, swivelled around, put her feet on the
floor, stood up and moved to stand in front of me. I saw her tongue
flick across her lips as she looked down at my engorged prick, I took
what I thought was my last opportunity to stare at her naked body,
memorising every curve, hair and mark on her luscious body. Then my
sister was moving towards me, her knees came to rest on the bed on
either side of me as she straddled my legs, reaching out I put my hands
behind her back and leant forward to accept her unspoken invitation.
With a tremor of delight I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth,
Sandra’s hands touched my shoulders as I flicked her hard button with
my tongue and savoured the taste and feel of her flesh in my mouth.
Moving one of my hands I cupped her other tit for a moment before
moving my fingers to her nipple, my sister groaned as I began to play
with her nipple with my fingers while at the same time rolling the
other on my tongue. I sighed around the flesh in my mouth as I felt my
tool pressed underneath her, the moist warmth of her pussy exciting the
upper half of my shaft as she began to slide backwards and forwards on
its hardness. Releasing her nipple I slid my hand down her body,
squeezing it between us I pressed my fingers to her clit and rubbed at
it with firm circular movements. In response Sandra groaned and slid
herself faster along my cock until I could barely stand the power of
the sensations her hot pussy was giving me.

Sandra was climaxing when I moved my hand from her pussy, sliding both
hands under her arms I lifted my sister until my tool could at last
stand to attention then, watching her face closely, I gently lowered
her down onto my rigid cock. As my knob pressed against her hole
Sandra’s eyes flew open, I stopped lowering her and looked her in the
eyes, a smile spread across her face and I could see her desire written
in her eyes, then she nodded her head a fraction of an inch and I knew
she was as eager as I was to complete the act. Slowly I began to lower
her again, my knob slipping into her wet hole easily, gradually I
lowered her onto my erection, to my amazement and delight she was
climaxing before I was fully within her, the muscles of her pussy
clenching around my flesh. Savouring the feel of her pussy around my
cock I resisted my desire to thrust up into her, teasingly slowly I
lowered her shuddering body until at last our groins met and my tool
nestled fully within her clutching tube. My sister threw her head back
and cried out, her lower body making hard grinding motions on my lap as
my tool rested within her, then she was rising up my shaft, a moment
later she was thrusting down and I was thrusting up to meet her. My
gasps of exhilaration merged with her cries of joy as I thrust into her
with hard, fast strokes, we were both beyond the stage of finesse, both
of us anxious to feel the surge of my seed filling her eager body.
Time lost meaning as I thrust into her, the feel of her pussy sliding
up and down my shaft raising me to new heights until at last the
inevitable happened, with a cascade of heat and bliss my seed rushed
along my shaft to erupt into Sandra’s body. As I climaxed my sister
thrust her shuddering body down on me, her pussy gripping me like a
vice as her muscles milked my flesh, drawing every drop of my cum into
her straining body. A red haze spread over my eyes as my climax peaked
then the breath whooshed from my body as I suddenly came down from my
high, Sandra was almost limp in my arms, if I hadn’t been holding her
she would have fallen to the floor.

For a few moments we lay locked together, our lust satiated for the
moment, our bodies breathless and sweaty, our minds drugged by the
force of our pleasure. Then Sandra’s body jerked, with a loud gasp she
leant forward onto my shoulder, turned her face to me and kissed me
gently on the lips. Neither of us spoke as she raised herself from my
lap to flop onto the bed beside me, her body still trembling from after-
thrills of pleasure, she rolled onto her back and looked up at me with
a broad smile. I gazed down at her and wondered for the first time why
I felt no guilt at what we had done, incest was not only illegal it was
supposedly taboo, yet all I felt was joy and the desire to repeat the

“Jesus,” Sandra breathed a few minutes later “where the hell did you
learn to fuck like that?”

I grinned down at her, noting the contented gleam in her eyes and the
curve of her lips as she returned my grin. Sandra reached up and
stroked my cheek tenderly, almost lovingly.

“Lord will we cop it if anyone finds out what we’ve done.” she
grinned “I should feel guilty about it, but I just feel satisfied and

“Ditto,” I grinned, “in fact I want to do it again.”

“Not until I’ve had a chance to recover you don’t.” She laughed.

Her words told me what I had most wanted to hear, that our relationship
would continue.

Five days later our parents came home, they were surprised to find
Sandra and I getting on like a house on fire, it puzzled them while at
the same time pleasing them that our bickering had come to an end. Our
bickering may have come to an end, but something else had filled its

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