Flatmate fuck

Returning home from work, tired and in desperate need of a shower I trudge my way up the stairs to my apartment and dig my keys out from my bag. After getting in and dumping my bag down I flop down onto my bed for a short rest before freshening up. In that time I vaguely hear the shower turn on in the bathroom next to me.

‘Fuck it’ I think… I wanted a shower first. Knowing it was my flatmate it was too much to assume he’d be out in 5 minutes. His showers always seem to take forever.

My flatmate – Mike… well I’ve never wanted to jump someone as much as him but when you hardly know the guy and your sharing his apartment, it would be inappropriate to make your moves on him. No matter how tall, lean, utterly gorgeous he is, and with a sexy smile and voice to boot. I spent a lot of my shower times fantasizing about him.

Well I knew I had time to spare so I rolled over, switched my music on just in case he did finish his shower early and let my imagination run wild. It started straight away, his soft and sensual lips kissing me and making me moan softly, his tongue parting my lips and delving into my mouth and massaging my tongue. His hands wandering all over my body, slipping my top down and sliding his hands all over my soft skin, his fingers building up to getting to my breasts and rubbing them softly and rolling my nipples around…

…just as things were getting hotter I heard my name. Thinking it was in my dream I moaned out without thinking, then I felt water drops. Odd I thought, not in my dream. I open one eye and see Mike shaking a towel at me that he’s used to dry his hair.

‘Having a sweet old time there Mel?’ Mike asks inquisitively and raises one eyebrow at me in a devilish way.

‘Oh fuck, what do you think you’re doing? Don’t you ever knock!!??’ I grab my clothes and fly out of the door into the bathroom, shoving him into the door frame.

‘Mel come on, I was teasing., come on we all do it’ I hear him pleading to me through the door.

‘Yeah we all do it but doesn’t mean you can perve on me doing it, dirty fucker!’ I shout back. Half of me is angry as hell but half of me did get a lot wetter knowing he was spying on me, if only he knew that I wanted him so badly.

I turn the shower on and strip off and climb inside, letting the hot water cascade all over my body. God I just wish things weren’t so complicated, or at least I had somewhere to move onto so I could make a move on him, just in case you know.. His body is so amazing, thinking back to just 5 minutes ago and the first time I’ve seen his chest and tummy. Fucking hell he didn’t work out but he was like a Greek god. A perfect dark line of hair from his belly button running down to, well down to well below the towel line I could see.
His chest just perfectly scattered with dark hair and his nipples, oh sweet jesus his nipples were perfect to see. Let alone wondering what they taste like.

I was letting my hands wander again, but this time I was carefree. Fuck it, if he wants to watch I’ll give him something to peek his interest. I leant against the tiled wall and just started to moan his name. Not loudly but just enough so I know he’d hear me. Nothing definite either, just moans of pleasure.

‘Mike, ohhhh Mike. Mmmmm, Yesss.’

I hear the bathroom door creak open and a rush of cold air blow in, I decide to up the ante. ‘Oh god Mike, yes right there. Keep touching me right..there!’

It must have worked as I heard, very softly, ‘Mel, is everything ok?’ Then soft footsteps, ‘Mel??’

‘MMM yes Mike?? I might need a hand, think I strained a muscle. Not sure I can finish washing my hair’
‘Errrm are you sure, I mean I could call someone else.’ I could tell he wasn’t sure if he could control himself, his voice cracking at points.

I poke my head around the curtain, water dropping from my hair onto my skin, collarbone and glistening in the lights. ‘Yes Mike baby, I am sure. Now come here’ I purr…

Pulling him into the shower he still hadn’t got dressed fully, just wearing black boxer shorts that, getting soaked in seconds, clinging to his perfectly shaped cock and outlining the entire length and thickness.

‘Eh Mel, what are you doing?’ he asks as I practically rip is boxers off him

‘Just something I should have done ages ago, now shut up and kiss me – hard!’ I pull him into me and slide my hands around the back of his neck and pull his face down to mine. Circling my fingers to his ears, he moaned softly. Must remember that I thought, obviously a sweet spot for him.

His lips found mine and he kissed me ever so softly, barely there. I wanted more, wanted fire, passion. Heat. I pressed my mouth harder to his and found his tongue snaking it’s way into my mouth, finding my tongue and swirling it around. His kisses and his passion getting harder, much like the rest of him.

His hands found the rest of my body, leaned me back up against the tiled wall and he kissed my neck, nibble don my throat and licked me down to my breasts. Both of his hands cup and caress one breast at a time. Squeezing and rubbing them together and making them pop out of his hands, then he lowers his head to them. Again one at a time, he licks my breast fully then slides his tongue out and attentively licks my nipple. I moan so loudly, my nipples highly sensitive by now. He takes my nipple into his mouth and sucks so hard, I feel like I’ll explode. Feeling his teeth graze my nipple I moan even louder this time his name.

‘Oh Mike, fuck Mike do that, please bite me.’ I grab his head and hold it in place. I feel him laugh, the vibrations on my skin, and he nips me. Tough but not to hard, but tough enough to cause enough pleasure to cause me to get far wetter from just the shower water. I automatically spread my legs for him as I’m getting so turned on by this teasing.

He looks up at me, and mutters, ‘Mel baby, we got all the time for that. I know you want me but I’ll be pleasing and teasing far more’

I grin and can only nod in understanding. His mouth goes to my other nipple and does the same. Licks it, sucks it and bites it hard. The tingles through my body shoot through like electric and I start to wonder how much teasing I can stand before I cum full flow.

I held his held and told him to stand up, switch places. He lent against the wall and I knelt down, but on the way just sucking his nipples, finally getting a beautiful taste of his nipples and his skin. Oh god he had the most beautiful tasting skin I’ve ever tasted. So sweet, so sexy. So….Mike.

I left a trail of kisses and nibbles all over his body, finding his tummy hair, I stopped to admire it and then slowly lick it. Another sweet spot apparently. More moans and groans from him.

‘Oh Mel, oh fuck Mel, yes please. That’s so great’. Mike’s voice getting raspy and I just know he’s on the edge. I giggle and carry on, not wanting to make him cum but definitely wanting to make him squirm.

More licks, slow and sensual. More moans, ‘Ohhhhh Mel, shit.’ I feel his legs tremble.

I decide enough is enough and carry on down, one hand of mine finding his, now soaking wet, hairy thighs. Rubbing them up and down sensually. Feeling his wet matted hair underneath my fingertips. I make a mental note of wanting to ride myself to orgasm on them a well. Once we’re finished here of course.

I let my hand and mouth wander, finally finding the sweet prize. I sit still, wanting this moment to last forever. I’ve wanted this so much so I want to savour – in every sense – every detail of him.
He wonders whats wrong, ‘ Mel, why have you stopped?’ Breathing heavy still…

‘Hmm well Mike, seeing as I’ve wanted to wrap my mouth around your cock for so long, it’s not like I’m diving straight in without watching and feeling you, every last…drop’. With the last word I look up to him, with sensual eyes and lick my lips. Knowing that his cock is dripping already, I emphasize the word drop and let one thick and full drop if cum fall onto my tongue. I let it slide down my throat and moan in pleasure.

‘Oh Mike baby, you taste so good, how about you make some more for me?’ I let both my hands work on him. His very, very rock hard cock, standing to full attention and I swear I could see it throb in pleasure. Stroking him up and down, I start a gentle rhythm, from the base to the tip and every time I reach his tip I rub my thumb over it and squeeze even more cum out of him and swirling my tongue all over it. I moan even harder at tasting his cum straight off of his cock and I guess the vibrations cause him so much intense pleasure. I notice that he has to brace himself against the wall to steady himself from falling down.

I smile and I increase pressure and rhythm. I harden my grip on his cock and increase the speed of how I stroke him. I need to taste him so badly so I lean in closer and smell him first. Sexy, spicey in a way. I can’t wait any longer and open wide and slide my mouth over his cock. Oh fuck, his taste is even better then I thought. It doesn’t take me long to hungrily devour his cock, fully and thickly. Oh god I love his cock, I can’t describe his taste but good lord it is heavenly. I moan and groan as he leaks more and more into my mouth. I’m licking and sucking so hard on him. I’m feeling myself get wetter and wetter, knowing I can’t hold on any longer.

I stand up, again as I trail upwards I kiss and nibble his body, I get to his neck, run my fingertips on his ears and whisper to him, ‘Mike, now you can fuck me until I cum all over you. Fuck me hard!’ I practically growl the last part to him.

I spin so I’m back leaning on the wall and lift one leg up and rest it on the edge of the bath tub. Mike shifts between me and slides one hand between my legs and opens me up, with 2 of his deliciously long fingers. With no warning he plunges them inside of me and I scream in pleasure. My knees feel like they’ll buckle under me from finally feeling each new sensation from him. My Mike, oh how I’ve needed him so much.
His fingers still work inside me and his thumb is rubbing against my clitoris, pulsing so much I can feel my orgasm building quickly. I need to cum, and I know there will be more to come to, in both senses, so I let myself go and I scream and my orgasm explodes as do I when I cum full force all over his fingers.

‘Mmmm, oh Mel, how sweet do you taste I wonder? Did you enjoy that preview’ Mike brings his fingers from inside me, up to his mouth. I’m throbbing so much from just 2 of his fingers fucking me, let alone what his cock will feel like. Mike’s eyes widen as he tastes my sweet juices in his mouth. ‘Oh baby, that is heaven, I do need more of that’. and delves back in and scoops out more of my juices for him to swallow.

‘Mike baby, I told you I want fucking, now fuck me please.’

He giggles, ‘Oh how I love it when you beg, I’ve heard you, in your dreams. You don’t know it but you have begged me for sweet release so many times Mel. Now beg me once again…’

‘Mike, please. Please fucking fuck me, fuck me so hard my head will explode. Fuck me and cum hard inside me…’

Well, I got what I begged for indeed. He slid his cock right up to me, then teased me yet again. He made little circles over me with his tip, just teasingly dipping into me, shallowly. Feeling him enter me and then pull out again. Feeling his cock rub against my clitoris making it throb more in excitement. I was about to cum just from that let alone if he fucked me,..

Finally he slides all of his cock deep inside me. Oh fuck the sensations of all his throbbing veins on his cock and his thickness rubbing up against me inside is enough. I want to hold on but I can’t. I’ve been gritting my teeth and biting my lips but it’s no good.

‘Ohhhh Mike, I’m cumming. Oh wow, it’s so much.’ I bite down onto his shoulder as one full and fast thrust makes me cum all over his cock, and dripping down outside of me. Washing away almost instantly with the water but some still sticking to my thighs.

I’m in heaven, knowing I came from Mike fucking me finally, I think I’m spent, but then I feel him throb and pulse. I look up and see his face, looks like an angel. He’s so close.

I look down and see his cock sliding back and forth, inside me and out again. So wet. It’s heaven.

I grab his balls and squeeze gently, not wanting to hurt him, he whispers in my ear , ‘I want you to feel myself cum inside you in more then the usual way, keep your hands there’

He steels himself against the wall and fucks me like crazy. He’s moaning my name away, nothing else just my name. Then I feel it, his balls tighten in a way, and I almost feel it, feel them squeeze themselves, emptying the cum inside of me.

I feel every last drop of his cum hit the back of me and I have one more minor orgasm and then we subside. Slinking to the bottom of the bath. Water from the shower head still washing over us. I murmur something and he asks me what I said.

‘Nothing Mike…Nothing. Just take me to bed. Take me to your bed please. ‘

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