Fixup the boss wife


I still remember the first time my boss’s wife came in. Stacy came
in and said “Hello?” in this questioning voice that screamed that she
was filled with curiosity and concern about me. Then I could feel
her looking at me the whole time even when I wasn’t facing her.

It was clear she was wondering about her husband and me. But she
really was worried over nothing: though George is pretty good
looking, both of them are ten years older than me and I would be
unlikely to think of George as dating material even if he weren’t
married. George seemed to find me attractive and he is a bit of a
flirt, but he really didn’t single me out. And he *did* pay attention
to Stacy. And it’s no wonder–I’d sure like to look like Stacy now,
much less ten years from now! But there wasn’t anything that *I*
could say–to come right out and comment on it would be more likely
to fan her fears than allay them. So I just ignored her attention and
*innocent* questions.

But she didn’t seem to get over her worry. I didn’t worry about it too
much–I felt my job was secure and George didn’t seem affected, but
it did make me uncomfortable.

One day Stacy came in and made small talk and looked like she was
hiding her suspicions, and then she surprised me. She asked if I’d
like to come over for dinner! Knowing her suspicions, I wondered
what she were up to. What would she gain out of all this?

I looked at her, trying to figure her out. She really did look good–
and she dressed well too. For a second, I just seemed to be
hypnotized by the sight of her, but then I realized I was sitting there
like a fool and spoke up, accepting the invitation. But I couldn’t help
feeling some trepidation over what it would be like to be under her
scrutiny for a *social* evening, but even so, I was curious.

George came over to pick me up. When we arrived at their house,
Stacy was dressed to kill. A small, tight knit black dress–showing
a body which clearly was getting the attention of exercise. I forced
myself to avoid staring at her. There was another *man* there! She
was trying to set me up! They introduced him as Ken and told me he
had just moved into the neighborhood. He was very good looking and
about my age, but I am always suspicious when surprised like that
and couldn’t warm up to him.

We had wine and started dinner and I could see that Stacy was trying
to draw me and Ken out. She talked to him when she couldn’t get
much out of me and she even flirted with him a little! Well, as the
evening wore on and we all had more wine, I noticed that Stacy’s
attention to Ken hadn’t abated. I wondered whether she had
forgotten her mission.

Finally George took me home. Well, actually, half way home he
paused and said “Let’s go see something,” and turned around and went
back. He parked a couple houses down and drew me into their
backyard to their windows. We peeked in. I couldn’t believe we were
doing this.

We got to their bedroom, and sure enough, Ken and Stacy were in
there, locked in embrace! George watched a while. They didn’t
undress or anything, but just stood there, kissing. I snuck a peek at
George and a feeling of sympathy washed over me. I unobtrusively
moved over until our shoulders were touching. I thought he might
turn to me right then and there. But we just watched.

They still kissed. Seeing Stacy so passionate like that did
something to me. I got impatient with them–it was time to get on
with it! I was about to see him pull off that little dress.

Finally, he started doing just that. I couldn’t breath, and I pressed
my shoulder against George, a little harder. But George pulled away
from the window, immediately pulled me around the house to the
front door and opened it noisily. We entered the living room as Stacy
and Ken were sort of stumbling into the room themselves. Having
seen them, it was obvious that they were anxious about things.
George gave Stacy this strange look and she had the look of a bird
hypnotized by a snake. Without taking his eyes of Stacy, George
suggested that Ken take me home and we left them there like that.

Ken took me home and I was soon in bed, alone, laying awake. You
wouldn’t believe what fantasies I’ve been having since that evening.