Elaine, My Dirty Cousin


My love affair with Judy Hamilton lasted through our
sophomore year of high school. I’ll admit, for two
amateurs we made good love and enjoyed it, but by that
summer we began to drift apart. I think what hurt most
is when she said: “I think we need to see other people
for a while.”

That was the death knell to our love affair.

Dad helped my depressed mood as best he could even
though he and Uncle Vic were gone a lot that summer. I
would be a junior in high school in September and
Elaine, my young cousin was just entering eighth
grade. Needless to say, two huge grain farms not only
kept my Dad and Uncle Vic busy but me too. I didn’t
have time to dwell on loosing Judy.

The area of the state was part of the greater grain
belt, the town, as I recall most everyone was related
to someone. We lived on what was part of the larger
family holding of grain farms, plus my father worked
at the grain elevators plus owned the fourth part of
the grain farms; Elaine’s father had the other fourth
plus he drove grain trucks part time. Not only did I
have our farm to look after but on occasion helped
Uncle Vic with his operation. Harvest season was the
hardest getting it all done in a week was a grind, but
we did it and when it was done we’d have a big family
get together to celebrate.

During this time I was taking more of an interest in
Elaine and noticing that she was definitely maturing
in all the right places. Also, she was becoming a
little flirt, more around me than any of the guys at
school. When we were together she’d twist her long
fine hair that was like black silk flirting with me
every chance she had.

I had to admit Elaine was a cute little thing, She
soon helped me get over Judy and back to being myself

It was a hot afternoon late in June I was helping
Uncle Vic get the combine ready for harvesting; the
worst part was greasing all the joints and moving
parts; seems like there were a couple hundred of them.
We’d just finished when Aunt June rang the “dinner
bell”. When the dinner bell rang all work ceased.

I washed up outside at an outdoor wash basin Uncle Vic
installed a long time ago so we wouldn’t have to wash
inside during the summer. As I washed the sweat off my
face I was groping around for the towel I knew was
somewhere close by when a soft fabric hit me in the

“Looking for this?” Elaine giggled.

“Thanks,” I muttered through the cloth as I wiped
myself off. I peered at her over the edge of the
towel. That image of a giggling young girl standing
close to me as I wiped the moisture from my face
became etched on my mind with other mental pictures of
her over time.

I looked Elaine over almost with a new image of her.
Long dark hair in a braid tied with a pink ribbon;
dark rimmed glasses: I’ve never understood why I am
attracted to girls and women who wear dark rimmed
glasses. Fetish? Honestly I don’t know. But as my eyes
traveled the girl’s lithe young sun-tanned body, from
her sparkling dark brown eyes rimmed by the glasses
down her chest, the sight of her nice small breasts
which I nearly stopped at for a moment to savor the
vision of her nice small breasts, the little pink rose
bud nipples tenting the soft white cotton fabric of
the sleeveless top finally to the short denim cut offs
and white tennis shoes.

This was all topped off by a pretty smile that gave me
a nice hard on.

“Oh, hi Elaine,” I said drying my face, trying to
avoid staring at her nice little breasts and the slim
flat waist, the denim shorts fitting her like she was
poured in to them.

“Hi,” she giggled again. “Mom is wondering what’s
keeping you?”

“Oh, yeah well.” I followed her back to the house my
eyes now fastened on her nice little bubble butt
swishing sensuously side to side as she walked. I
could just make out the outline of her nice little

We had lunch; Uncle Vic laid out the remainder of the
day which included me running the cultivator through
the field of corn. Something I wasn’t too keen on it
but seems somebody had to do it, he had to take the
truck cab into town to the diesel shop to be worked

Elaine sat at the table across from me looking up at
me every so often. Her soft doe-like eyes sparkling as
she glanced at me then looked away before I could meet
her gaze. After lunch I headed out to the tractor shed
to get the tractor for doing the cultivating, hitch it
to the cultivating rig and head out to the corn field:
all eighty acres worth.

I was checking the tractor, one of three Uncle Vic
owned when Elaine asked: “Mine if I ride along?”

I climbed on to the tractor. I looked down at her, in
my mind Elaine was still just a kid, but she would one
day become an absolute doll. I shrugged and said:
“Sure. Come on. Hang on.”

Elaine climbed on to the rear hitch and hung on to the
back of the seat as I let the clutch out easing the
tractor out of the shed. As I slowly drove the tractor
through the rows of corn Elaine hung on to the back of
the seat seemingly enjoying the ride. By the fourth
circuit of the field she dropped off the hitch waving
to me and ran back to the house. By late afternoon I
was beat from the heat and driving the tractor around
eighty some acres of corn.

I was gassing the tractor at the gas pump when Elaine
came out with a jug of ice cold sweet tea and a fresh
towel for me.

“Oh, god Elaine, you’re a doll,” I said kissing her on
the forehead, I took a couple sips of the ice cold tea
before gulping more of it down.

“Like it?” she asked watching me.

“Sure.” I handed the jug back to her as I checked the
level of the gas so it wouldn’t run over.

“I made it.”

I pumped a couple more gallons of gas in to the
tractor’s gas tank then said: “Great stuff,” as she
handed me the glass jug for another drink. My work day
was pretty much over. Uncle Vic had taken his Kenworth
truck tractor in to town to the diesel shop for some
work. Aunt June was doing something in the house which
left Elaine and me alone.

I suppose Elaine was proud of herself for making the
sweet tea. But what else could I say as I glanced at
her my eyes once more traveling over the length of her
nicely tanned youthful body? For some reason I wanted
to kiss her again. This I suppose was the start of my
love for her and what would eventually become my lust
for her.

Then the best part of the day.

“Go for a quick swim in the swimming hole?” I asked as
I got back on the tractor to move it back to the
tractor shed.

“Sure.” Elaine ran back to the house. “Wait, Scott!”
Elaine called as she ran to the house. “Wait for me!”

With the tractor put away I collected my towel and
swim wear from the shed, ducked into a back room where
I quickly changed. A few minutes later I emerged to
walk across the yard toward the tractor path and the
fields that separated our properties and Uncle Martin
who was not that far from Judy’s: my luck.

I stopped near the garage to wait: waiting on a woman.
I know I was smiling a bit then knowing what Elaine
wanted. She had run into the house to change in to her
own swim suit. Finally she came out of the house, sans
her glasses with a checkered skirt and white cotton
blouse on, and carrying a rolled up blanket we used to
lay on after swimming.

“Come on…” I called. “We’ll get a swim in before

Running between the properties and adjacent fields was
a nice wide deep stream with a copse of maple trees
forming an arch over the water where my cousins and I,
and our friends liked to swim during the summer.

Elaine was walking beside me swinging a large blanket
and a jug of sweet tea. “Best part of the day.”

At the time as she joined me I didn’t give it much
thought that she put her swim suit on under the skirt
and blouse. We walked the short distance to the
stream, spread the blanket out and pulled our clothes
off. As Elaine dropped the skirt and took the blouse
off my eyes fastened on her cute figure which was now
attired in only a pale green bikini bra and panty
giving me a nice hard on. Elaine’s eyes traveled my
body in a fleeting glance her face turning slightly
pink from embarrassment. You would think we would have
been used to this, but she was still a young girl in
all respects.

We stepped to the water’s edge and carefully walked
the first few feet into the water. Within seconds we
were swimming the length of the area in the
overhanging shade of the trees. We swam, splashed each
other, laughed, but I couldn’t help but gaze at my
young cousin in the bikini; this was the beginning of
the bikini era which has not ended any time soon. This
also gave me an idea which I never got out of my head
for a long time what she would look like in just a bra
and panty.

As we swam and splashed we came up facing each other;
on impulse I kissed her. Elaine looked at me a bit
surprised then the surprise gave way to a smile. For a
fleeting moment I thought she would yell at me, cry,
do something to make me feel like a heel for kissing
my own cousin; however, that is what she wanted; she
kissed me back then for the first time our desires for
each other flooded over us as our emotions took over.
We kissed long, standing waist deep in the stream, the
passion we felt toward each other take over.

That day was just the beginning of what turned in to
our brief love for each other.


Between the first part of June and July our
infatuation for each other budded. Depending on chores
and what needed to be done, Elaine and I were back and
forth to each other’s house or the swimming hole. When
we were alone we would make out and to my surprise
Elaine was letting me have my way with her. We would
kiss and feel each other up but at the time, sex was
still with her was still a possibility.

The summer wore on to July. Harvest season was soon
upon us, the wheat and oats and various grains we grew
were ready for harvest. That was a frenzied week as we
worked literally from sun up to sun down and a few
times well in to the dark with flood lights on the
harvesters. The women worked too either in a
cafeteria fashion or, as Kathy and I drove the big
grain trucks: Yes at sixteen we drove those monsters
alongside the harvesters collecting the grain from the
shoots, hot dirty work somebody had to do it.

A couple times that week Elaine and I slipped down to
the stream to cool off, but more than a few times
during that week we were joined by our other cousins
and their friends. It would be our idea of a bath to
get rid of the wheat and oats chaff.

One day as we lay drying off we lay on the blanket,
Elaine lay on her back gazing up at me. I was studying
her young body clad only in the green bikini; I leaned
over her to kiss her. Just a short time before I held
her in the water; we kissed and felt each other up
enjoying the rare pleasure of each other’s body. That
is what she wanted, she had me now. I leaned over her,
my eyes taking in her slim lithe figure, her breasts
maturing nicely that summer; the little nipples were
hard tenting the fabric of the bikini bra. God she was
looking good each day. I leaned down to kiss her;
Elaine gave in wrapping her arms about my neck. My
cock was hard and aching for release.

Elaine asked in a soft quivering voice: “Scott, do I
please you?”

At first I did not know quite what to say. She waited
for an answer and I knew if I screwed it up even the
stupidest answer would scotch the whole affair. All I
said in a soft voice: “Yes. Yes honey you do.”

That was the first endearment shared between us.
That’s what she wanted to hear from me. Elaine smiled
and pulled me down to her again. Our mouths opened on
their own; our tongues played tag for a moment, we
parted for the moment getting our breaths then Elaine
said softly: “You’re my first, Scott.”

“You’re not offended being kissed like this?” I
asked holding her in my arms, feeling, gently
caressing and fondling the girl.

Elaine shook her head. “No.”

That simple word sealed our love until I left home for
the Army.


The harvesting was finished on time despite a couple
days of light rain that did little more than present
itself as a nuisance. There was a week break before we
started the plowing and tilling for the next round of
planting for the fall harvest. Uncle Vic got the idea
to put new siding on his house. The weather was good
despite becoming hot by noon. Uncles, cousins,
friends, converged on the house early Saturday
morning; insulation went on and siding went on. We
took a break for lunch, a barbeque with the works then
back to work.

Throughout the day Elaine with the girls ran around
getting us things we needed plus getting us water or
something cold to drink. During the day Elaine hung
around me. That morning I noticed she wore a yellow
cotton halter top and blue linen shorts. I was on a
ladder getting ready to nail a length of siding in
place with one of my cousins; Elaine was standing
almost below me giving me a nice view of her breasts.
She merely smiled at me and moved away as I began
pounding a nail in to the siding.

By late noon the house was finished.

When the work was done and scraps and tools picked up,
we still had a lot of food to eat. We enjoyed a second
barbeque. As that was winding down Elaine and I
slipped off to the swimming hole for some time
together. Of course that didn’t last too long when the
others kids thought of the same thing. We waited until
later that evening to slip away for some private time.

We met at the swimming hole late that evening; Elaine
brought some of her now famous sweet tea and rolls
left from the lunch and late dinner. We collapsed in
to each other’s arms, I was on top of Elaine pressing
her to the blanket as we kissed, our tongues playing a
tango in our mouths as my hands began feeling,
caressing, fondling the girl’s body. Images of that
bit of glimpse of Elaine’s breasts stayed with me
nearly the whole day.

The way I was laying on top of her my hard aching cock
was resting between her legs and against her pussy.

I moved from the sweetness of her mouth down her front
to her chest and the nice small rise of her breasts.
Elaine sighed and moaned with the contentment of the
way she was being treated: I kissed her down her front
then on impulse I slipped my left hand up and under
the halter top.

Elaine gasped softly as she felt my hand slip under
the halter to finger her stiff little nipple. “Scott,
please… oh be gentle. You know I’ve never done
anything like this before.”

All I could think of at that moment was: “Ssss, relax
sweet heart: give in and enjoy what I’m doing to you.”

I gently rubbed the nipple between forefinger and
thumb as we kissed. Nice.

“Oh!” Elaine cried as I pulled my hand out to undo the
buttons of the halter.

There were only three buttons holding the halter
closed. I loosened the buttons opening the halter.
Elaine looked up at me in the twilight with
trepidation attempting to cover her breasts. She had
nice small pink areoles and nice hard nipples. After a
futile attempt she allowed a smile knowing I enjoyed
what I saw.

She softly asked: “Do I please you?”

“Yes,” I said as I kissed her down to the elastic
waist band of the shorts. She drew in a breath as I
slipped my fingers in the waist band to pull them down
from her hips.

“Scott No! Please… Not now.” Elaine grabbed for
the shorts which I had down to her hips exposing a bit
of her nice white cotton panty.

I stopped. Most guys would have gone all the way
despite the girl’s protests to take her virgin cherry.
I decided not to rush her and screw things up. Rather
I contented myself with getting her this far. I met
her mouth again then she said as we paused for breath:
“We should be getting home.”

I agreed but only because I think she became scared
when I attempted to take the shorts and panty off her.

We kissed one final time, I walked her back to the
house; we were silent but she gave me a passionately
parting kiss that let me know she wasn’t mad with me.
She said in a near whisper: “I I’m not mad at you
Scott just I wasn’t expecting you to do that to
me. Soon — maybe.”

Summer wore on in to July. Elaine and I saw as much of
each other as we could. I didn’t try anymore seduction
tricks with her, letting her decide when and where and
time. Otherwise we would meet at the swim hole and
make out. Then there was the big Fourth of July family
affair; friends and family came and went. A couple of
older girl cousins to include Kathy left with their
boyfriends. Elaine and I played it cool most of the
day. She hung on to me most of the day then when
evening came and the fireworks we slipped off to one
of the nearby barns. She found the blanket she had
left in there knowing we would do this.

She sat on the blanket as I knelt close to her
savoring the sight of the girl’s lithe young body. I
placed my hands on her shoulders to push her back on
the blanket the hay crinkling under our weight. She
let me open the sleeveless cotton blouse exposing her
breasts and the white satin bra. I caressed her chest
and nice flat abs as we kissed.

I fondled her breasts bringing a soft sigh from her as
we hugged and kissed I slipped my hand under the cup
of the bra to finger and caress the hard little
nipple. Elaine sighed moving and rocking herself as I
sucked on her pretty little nipple. With my other hand
I slid it down her stomach to her waist and hips and
then between her legs to the wet spot that had formed
there as we were making out.

Elaine said softly as I began caressing her cloth
covered pussy: “Gentle, Scott please, be gentle.”

I softly hushed her as she began moving her hips up
and down. She moaned then said in breathless words: “I
love you, Scott. I do…”

I molested her pussy as I moved my hand back up to the
snap and zipper and loosened them pulling the zipper
down, Elaine drew in a breath; kissing her I said in
to her mouth: “I love you too, sweetheart.”

I hesitated a moment thinking she was about to
protest. But she relaxed and I slipped my hand into
the open shorts and between her legs. Her breathing
had quickened as I began caressing and fondling her
wet pussy through the panty until I felt the nub of
her hard little clit. I carefully stroked it bringing
a soft cry from her. At the same time I probed her wet
childhood slightly penetrating it savoring the feel of
my first penetration of a girl’s pussy. Elaine began
bucking her hips in earnest until suddenly she grabbed
the edge of the blanket stuffing it in her mouth as
she cried out, a stream of her virgin juices surged
from her pussy wetting her.

“Oh my god!” she cried out through the blanket that
filled her mouth.

I found the girl’s love trigger.