Elaine, My Dirty Cousin 2.


Every chance we had we would get away for a while. She
let me have my way with her short of letting me take
her virginity. I had her on the edge several times. It
was following July, short of September and the
beginning of school that the adult family members,
nearly as a whole packed off to a three day Co-Op and
Granger function late in August. The kids, the younger
ones were left in the charge of Grandma Jennifer but
us older ones, Kathy, me, Elaine and a couple of the
boys about thirteen had to report in to Grandma. And
we thought a few dictators in Eastern Europe ruled
with an iron fist they must have taken instructions
from Grandma Jennifer. Oh boy!

“I suppose there goes any possible time to get
together,” I said mournfully as we checked out the two
dairy farms that belonged to our Uncles. The oldest of
us all got together to do the chores for both farms
which would lessen the load and give us more goof off
time between milking and finishing haying which was
mostly picking up bales from the fields that were not
taken in during the week.

The farms were all within a bicycle ride of each
other. Six kids scooting down the road to the next
farm was no concern of the sheriff as he passed us, he
knew our parents were at the Co-Op function but was
checking on us anyway. He merely waved and kept going.
We returned to our place with instructions to check in
with Grandma at noon time it was nine o’clock by the
time we all took off in separate directions.

We went in to the house and up to my room turning on
fans as we went. I swear Mom had Dad buy enough fans
we could have turned the place in to an air craft test
wind tunnel for Boeing.

We got up to my room and she kicked her shoes off and
hoped on to my bed. She had a pretty “come-on” smile
as she lay back watching me as I stopped in the door.
All I could think of: This would be the moment of
decision for us. I felt a nice hard aching hard on in
my pants as I gazed at her. She knew what this did to
me. Since that night a couple weeks ago we had played
this game.

I walked in to the room taking my T-shirt off as
Elaine and I exchanged knowing looks. I tossed the
shirt aside as I crossed the room to the bed. This was
the way it was. We were alone now, more so then even
hiding in the bushes by the creek or the hay barn.
This is what we had often dreamed of. Elaine lay back
on the bed, her long dark hair spread out over the
pillows in a dark halo; she slowly unbuttoned her
white cotton sleeveless blouse. I was standing over
her as she opened the blouse exposing her white satin
bra then lay her arms back above her head.

She looked up at me with a smile then said softly as
if someone would hear us: “I’m yours, Scott.”

I sat on the edge of the bed to lean down to kiss her
and gently feel her lithe young body. I brushed her
breast with my hand the nipple hardening with her
growing arousal and excitement tenting the bra. I
kissed her down to the waist band of the shorts then
with careful maneuvering unsnapped and pulled down the
zipper opening the shorts to glimpse the nice white
little girl’s cotton panty.

“This is what you really want isn’t it?” I asked
softly slipping my hand inside the shorts over the
panty and to the wet spot over her virgin pussy.

Elaine nodded her head as her breathing became harder
feeling my fingers begin probing her pulsing young

I kissed her from her mouth, our tongues again playing
a tango of love then slowly down to her nice small
full firm breasts down to her hips. I pushed the waist
band of the panty down to kiss her hips until I could
see a bit of the little thatch of her soft downy hair.
Elaine sighed with pleasure as I began pulling the
shorts and panty off her. My cock was hard and stiff
and ached with lust for her little pussy.

Besides Dad’s stash of porno magazines and books, the
only thing I knew what to do with a girl was high
school locker room talk; I figured most of it to be
bull-shit anyway. Judy Hamilton was my first conquest,
other than that I was going more on instinct and
imagination. I pulled Elaine’s shorts and panty down
until I had it down her legs. Elaine was gripping the
bed covers as I moved my mouth to her throbbing pussy,
she tried to keep her legs closed: “No, Scott… Not
there…!” but I managed to make her open her legs
until I was able to slid my tongue over her hot wet
pussy moist with her virgin love juices.

I slid it over her little love nest until I found and
touched her love button her clit — she squealed and
almost went in to spasms, her hips bucking and
thrashing as I hung on to her; I moved my hands back
up to her breasts to fondle and caress them as I
licked and sucked and kissed her childhood virginity.

Elaine gripped the bed as I continued my assault on
her clit and pussy; she grabbed for my head as I
twirled my tongue around her little virgin nub making
her scream until suddenly a torrent of her juices
surged on to my tongue in a tangy sweet stream: her
first male induced orgasm. My cock ached for her pussy
it was hurting so bad, but I resisted taking her just

I lapped up her juices, licking her swollen little
clit bringing her to another orgasm; she lay there
breathless as I sat up licking her love juices from my
mouth looking down at her before finally going to the
bathroom to get her a wash cloth which I figured she

I gave her the wet wash cloth and a towel. We were
quiet for a moment; at this point I couldn’t tell if
she was mad at me or still in love with me. After a
moment of cleaning herself off she found her panty on
the floor, slipped it back on then did something I
didn’t expect she kissed me.

“This is all new, Scott what you did to me. I I
never knew that…”

My cock still ached from what I just did to her.
“Liked it?” I asked as I put my arms about her pulling
her back on to the bed.


I think at that point is when I would have liked
nothing better than to take her virginity but held
off. We kissed and felt each other up, for the first
time Elaine slid her hand over my swollen cock as I
slid my hand in to her panty and between her legs
fondling her throbbing pussy fingering her until she
groaned with the sensation of a third orgasm. She
grasped my cock through my jeans suddenly I came, I
groaned with her. She sat up startled looking at me
and the large wet spot on me.

She gasped. She had wet herself too. We were both
somewhat embarrassed by the situation. We washed up, I
changed then we went to Elaine’s house where she
changed her panty then we headed over to Grandma’s
with lots of time to spare. Somewhere along there
Cousin Susan and Cousin Phil, both the same age
appeared out of nowhere, both sheepish looking.
Something told me they had their own “thing” going on.

That night all us kids camped out at Grandma’s place
which put a damper on any other ideas I had. Oh well,
there was always next weekend.


Labor Day week came and went before we knew it. Elaine
and I had a couple more days together before school
started. In the meantime I got a real surprise: Uncle
Vic gave me one of his old Ford pickups just to get
rid of it. The truck was in good shape despite sitting
in the back of the main barn for a while. Dad and I
worked on it. Elaine seemed to have a sixth sense when
I’d be working on that old truck (a 1957). She’d sit
on the shop stool watching us as we drained the oil,
put new spark plugs in, filters, transmission fluid,
and Dad bought new tires. After that, if we had the
money, new paint.

Finally, late one day in September, Dad and Uncle Vic
declared the truck ready for the “road”; actually, the
tractor paths through the fields. And to Elaine’s
excitement I was still on my leaner’s permit. Dad put
fresh gas in it and I fired the engine up, it sounded
as good as it did when Vic first bought it. Vic made a
final adjustment to the carburetor until the engine
was purring as good as new.

“Going for a shakedown run?” Uncle Vic asked smiling
broadly slamming the hood shut.

I sat in the truck letting it idle for a few minutes.

“Yup,” I said about to take it out of the garage.

“I want to go for a ride!” Elaine yelled jumping off
the stool and hoping in to the truck.

Uncle Vic and Dad laughed as I drove the truck out of
the garage and out to the field for the shakedown run.
I reached over to take Elaine by the hand. Once we
were out of sight, she slid across the seat straddling
the floor shift to sit beside me.

“Where are you going?” Elaine asked excited that we
were alone, especially the truck as we jounced along
past the freshly planted wheat fields.

“I don’t know. Maybe over to Cousin Dan’s.”

Problem was, we never made it that far. We passed a
couple wind rows and decided to stop. I turned to her
slipping my arm behind her drawing her closer. Elaine
let me pull her to me opening her mouth ever so
slightly until our mouths met. I slid my left hand
along her side to the nice full form of her breast.

She was wearing a short sleeve top that buttoned half
way down the front and open at the neck and jeans. I
maneuvered my hand under the top to caress her side
and up to her breast. Elaine reached across with her
right hand to rub and fondle my hard aching cock.

I parted our long passionate kiss to ask: “Want to
christen the pickup?”

Elaine backed off for a moment and said: “What do you

“Make love. It’s said to be the best when done in a

Elaine looked around a moment then said: “I I don’t
know if I’m ready to go that far yet. I’m sorry,
Scott. I I love you and all; we’ve done things
but… but let’s not rush it. Okay?”

She looked up at me with those soft brown eyes that
had me captivated now since the beginning of the
summer. I now knew what it was like to want a girl
like her in the worse way.


She nodded her head then we sat up.

Strangely, instead of insisting she let me take her
childhood virginity and fuck her I gave her another
kiss, started the truck again and headed back to her
place to drop her off. I gave her a quick kiss and
headed back to my place.


Soon I had my farm license by the end of September and
was driving Elaine to the junior high and the high
school was not more than another quarter mile down the
road. Elaine would sit close to me as I drove; she was
happy. I learned the fine art of feeling her up as I
drove and that was not easy with a standard four on
the floor shift and she’s straddling it.

Not far from the school there was a side road leading
off the county road that led on to the family property
and in to a grove of trees. I suppose I wasn’t the
only one to use it I know at least one of my cousins
used it on more than one occasion. I drove the short
distance to the tree line, parking the truck out of

I shut the engine off and turned to Elaine. Again my
gaze roamed over her cute young figure. She wore a
blue and white button down dress and black pumps.
Elaine knew what was next as I slipped my arm about
her holding her close. We kissed.

“I couldn’t get you out of my mind today,” she said
softly resting her head on my arm.

My cock was hard and stiff as I held her. The sweet
scent of her perfumed hair was intoxicating as I
lifted her lips back to mine. As we kissed I began
unbuttoning the dress until I had it unbuttoned to her
waist. She was wearing a dark blue lace bra which I’d
not seen her in yet. I gently fondled her breast, the
nipple hard as a pencil eraser tenting the lace of the

I moved my hand from her breast down her side to the
hem of the dress and began to gather it up to her
waist savoring the silky feel of the nylons she was
wearing. I glanced down to see she had matching dark
lace panty and garter belt. I slid my fingers along
her thighs as she spread her legs for me, soft
sensuous sighs accented her arousal as I touched the
moistness of her pussy. She began moving her hips as I
caressed her pussy pressing the lace in to her pussy.

Before I realized it Elaine grasped my cock giving it
gentle squeezes and rubbing it. I moved my hand up to
the waist band of the panty pulling it down enough to
slip my hand in to it and the moistness of the downy
soft thatch of hair and then the hard erect little nub
of her clit.

Elaine fumbled with my belt and the pants until she
had it loosened and her hand in my briefs grasping the
thickness of my hard erect cock. She slid her small
delicate hand up and down its length bringing moans of
pleasure from me. I was finally able to probe and
penetrate her nice tight little virgin cherry pussy.
She began moving her hips riding my finger, my thumb
caressing the slight nub of her hard little clit.

“Oh! Ah! Scott… Please! I’m going to wet myself!”

I ignored her cries of excitement. After a moment of
stimulating each other like this we both cam.

“Oh, god sweet heart…!” we both groaned.

We held on to each other for a moment getting our
composure back.

“Scott,” Elaine said with a worried tone. “I I’m all
wet. I want to go home.”

I looked down at myself. “Um, I’m not much better.
Yeah, good idea.”

We got ourselves back together despite the mess. I
headed cross country to Elaine’s place, dropped her
off without Aunt June being aware Elaine was home; a
miraculous feat in itself and then I got home and up
to my room and settled down just as Mom with another
of my Aunts was returning from town. Lucky.

Elaine and I managed to keep our raging hormones in
check for a while. Football season came and went, as a
family we would invade the bleachers at the game and
had our own cheering section going full blast;
Thanksgiving damn near every year was a banquet
affair in our family. Elaine and I definitely could
not do anything with the family around, and finally

During this time I’d earned enough money to get Elaine
a Christmas present of a gold Keepsake locket.

It was a cold snowy Saturday when the families made
the annual Christmas buying pilgrimage in to town: The
Harrison Clan has landed.

We as a family zigzagged around town to every store
and shop there was at the time: This was before Wal-
Mart or other mega operations invaded the county.

Elaine and I joined up in front of a clothing store.

“What now?” I asked her our breath wreaths of white
around our faces.

“Just out of the cold,” she said hugging up to me.

Finally we decided we had enough. I suggested: “The
coffee shop. Hot coco?”


We hurried in to the coffee shop which was already
crowded with many of our classmates and other people.
We grabbed a table near the back of the room which was
just being vacated by a couple of senior upper
classmen; we knew where they were eventually headed.

We stashed our loot under the table; I had her gift in
my coat pocket which I did not want her to see.

I ordered us hot coco and sandwiches and settled in
for a while before our Mothers found us. We knew where
our fathers were, and it wasn’t the other coffee shop
in town either.

Elaine and I held hands across the table until our
order arrived.

We talked quietly for a while eating our sandwiches
and sipping the coco. We were feeling warm and I was
hiding a nice hard on as we talked and imagined what
I’d like to be doing with her when Elaine looked up to
see our Mothers signaling it was time to go.

We got in my pickup which I drove to town, the rest of
the family coming and going about their own shopping
chores. Elaine slide across the seat to sit beside me.
I didn’t really do anything considering she probably
had on several layers of clothes any way. We were
happy just to be next to each other for a while as I
drove her home, we kissed until Uncle Vic and Aunt
June drove in behind us.

Christmas Eve: another family affair; as kids growing
up it was always a thrill to get together, we’d
conspire, imagine all the toys and sporting goods we’d
get, fun we’d have and pester our elders to no end.
However, now we were older and were expected to “act
our age”; whatever that meant.

When we gathered at Grandma and Grandpa’s Elaine hung
close to me. She had on a new red sequined and velvet
dress with white lace frosting, white stockings and
shoes. I started wondering what she wore under it. I
looked around at the other girls, Kathy, Susan and
Cindy, all within a year of each other; god what dolls
they were. Phil hung on to Susan; Kathy, I know wished
she was with her boyfriend; Cindy and Cousin Teddy
were looking each other over with “hearts and flowers”
in their eyes. We stood around talking school until
she and Kathy and Cindy were finally drafted to help
with setting up the tables and setting out enough food
to feed an infantry company.

Us older kids were seated at our own table, trying to
act like “adults”: forget that idea. The boys, we were
our usual selves, to the disgust of the girls, a bunch
of clowns. After supper and everything put away it was
time for the Harrison clan to get ready for Christmas
Eve service at our church. That was not as simple a
project as it sounds; who was riding with who, etc.
Elaine insisted she was riding with me since I had my
truck. Anyway, it went on from there until everyone
had themselves sorted out. When we arrived at the
church, and each Sunday we took up over a third of the
sanctuary. The minister nodded his head as we marched

Once more, the Harrison Clan has landed.

After the service and the usual pleasantries paid to
old family friends everything went off as planned we
went back to the house and the Christmas Eve opening
of the first round of gifts: Later the toys for the
little ones would be taken from the hiding places as
if old Saint Nick made his drop of goodies for them.

Grandpa as was family custom was master of ceremony.
Grandpa put a stack of Christmas LP’s on the stereo to
play softly and suggestively in the background. We
were gorged with cake, ice cream, cookies, pastries of
all types, drinks the adults alcohol, us kids soda
but that didn’t stop Phil from spiking Susan’s drink.
I had similar dire thoughts.

Everyone seated themselves in the big living room; us
kids had to content ourselves with the floor. I was
seated close enough to Phil to see he was getting a
bit brave with Susan sliding his hand along her leg
and under the hem of her dress. Elaine and I were
seated back that we were partially hidden, I started
teasing Elaine slipping my hand under her dress to
feel the sensuous silkiness of her nylons and straps
of her garters. She kept swatting at my hand and gave
me an annoyed look. She leaned over to me to say
softly in a near whisper: “Later. We’ll go for a

Just thinking about what I wanted to do with her gave
me a hard on.

Many presents were exchanged, the Ooo’s and Aaah’s and
“Oh this is so nice, thank you…”

Elaine was getting in to the mood and excitement as
were some of the other girls, she was pressed against
me. I leaned over to sneak a kiss. I thought for sure
she’d say something but a few minutes later she kissed
me back. Okay, I thought, I am still in good standing.

Finally, it was time Grandpa brought the festivities
to a close and everyone was standing around talking, a
few drifted out the door in to the frigid cold. Elaine
pulled on her coat as she told Aunt June I would drive
her home. Aunt June gave me a smile nodding her head,
then inclined it toward my Dad, Uncle Vic, Cousin Dan,
and Uncle Frank. Seems they were engrossed in a deep
conversation. I almost thought Aunt June would want to
ride along but she just took her coat off, joined my
Mom on the sofa to wait until the men were done.

Elaine and I literally got out of there as quickly as
we could. We got in to the truck which was almost as
cold as it was earlier that evening. She huddled close
to me as I let the truck warm up a bit before taking
off. I remember all too well we had a definite white

Elaine was smiling now as I headed over to her place,
her special gift tucked in my coat pocket. I had it
all wrapped up with bow and all. We pulled in to the
driveway parking close to the barn. Elaine was all
excited as I pulled the little package from my pocket.
She gave me a passionate kiss wrapping her arms about
my neck.

“Thank you, sweet heart,” she said with another kiss
then opened the package.

The squealed as she looked at the locket in the weak
yellow light of the yard light where we’d parked. I
helped her despite my hands being cold to put the
necklace on.

We kissed sliding our cold hands inside each other’s
coats to get warm. My hands went around Elaine and
then back to feel her beautiful breasts. Lightly I
slid my hand down her side to her lap and along her
legs and under the dress to her hips.

Around our deep kisses she said: “I didn’t get a
chance to tell you… Mom and Dad are going to the
city on Wednesday, Mom has a doctor’s appointment.”

“All day,” I managed to make more as a statement than
a question.

Elaine nodded her head. “I think so.”

We kissed for a few more minutes then Elaine decided
it was time to get inside before her Mom and Dad got
there. That was not too soon either. I was pulling on
to the county road when Uncle Vic and Aunt June were
pulling in.

Wednesday Uncle Vic drove Aunt June to her doctor’s
appointment. They left early that morning, I drove
over shortly afterward. Needless to say, I was anxious
and horny as hell and would finally get the chance to
take Elaine to bed.

When I arrived I backed the truck into the garage just
vacated by Uncle Vic’s car. I didn’t want any family
members cruising by seeing the truck and wonder what
was going on. I hurried from the garage to the house,
the side door in to the pantry and kitchen was open as
usual. I let myself in shedding gloves, hat, the coat,
scarf and finally the boots.

As I was doing this Elaine made her entrance: I looked
up from where I was sitting pulling my boots off.
Elaine was wearing a light linen robe over a white
nylon slip, stockings and white high heel shoes. My
cock was hard in an instant. She slowly with sensuous
movements crossed the kitchen to me to sit on my lap.

“We’ve waited a long time for this,” she said softly
in to my mouth as we kissed.

I kissed her deeply, Elaine wrapped her arms about my
neck holding me close; the feel of the sheer nylon
slip sent a shiver through me; the feel of Elaine’s
young nubile body sent waves of male heat through me.
I slipped the straps from her shoulders opening her
firm young breasts to my passion. I caressed and
fondled the firm little nipple until it was hard as a
pebble then took it in my mouth to suck and kiss each
firm rigid little nipple; Elaine caught her breath as
I lightly sucked on each one.

“Oooooo, yes…yes…yes my Love… yes!”

Caressing her body with my free hand, I slid the other
to her waist and the waist band of the little panty I
gathered the slip up to her waist, glimpsing her nice
little white bikini panty wet with her juices.
Slipping my hand under the waist band, I eagerly
sought my little cousin’s sacred love nest. Sliding my
finger over the downy moist thatch of hair, I touched
and fondled the rigid little nub of her hard clit.

Her breathing was ragged and intense with her arousal.

Elaine cried out with the electric effect of my
touching her childhood, slowly sliding my fingers up
and down her pussy, savoring the wetness. Her little
rose bud nipples were hard as little erasers as we
kissed and I fingered her pussy, molesting her clit
with my thumb.

Elaine thrust her hips in rhythm to my fingering her
clit and pussy savoring the feel of my finger probing
her. Whenever I had done this to her I was always
gentle yet firm in my fingering her childhood. Elaine
cried with the sensation of another orgasm building
within her. She thrust her hips harder against my

Before long I had the girl in ecstasy as I fingered
her until she was on the throes of an orgasm.

I finally picked her up in my arms to carry her down
stairs to the family room and a large black Velva lore
U shaped sofa. I laid her down, her head resting on a
matching pillow, her silken hair spread out in a dark
fan. I sat down beside her to savor her beauty.

I waited since the summer for this moment when I could
take her and use her for my pleasure. We kissed and
nipped and felt each other up. I slipped my hand under
the hem of the slip drawing it back up to her waist
then to her breasts. The pretty little rose bud
nipples stood at attention with her excitement and
arousal. I kissed and laved her breasts and down her
front until I reached the waist band of the panty.

Slowly I drew the waist band down until I was kissing
the light thatch of downy hair about her pussy pulling
it down her legs on impulse I stuffed it in my pocket.

When I reached her clit she drew in a sharp breath; I
lightly touched the little swollen nub of flesh with
the tip of my tongue bringing a squeal from the girl.
I licked and sucked on her clit, she began thrusting
her hips against my tongue as I enjoyed the pleasure I
was getting from hearing her squeals and cries. She
was gripping my hair with all her strength as I
molested her pussy; I probed her virgin pussy with my
tongue then back to her clit; back and forth I went
until with a cry of pleasure she came, her childhood
juices surging on to my tongue in a torrent.

Her chest rose and fell with her heavy breaths as she
recovered from the moment.

“Be be gentle, Scott,” she pleaded breathlessly
gazing up at me, her eyes misty with tears as she knew
that I’d like nothing better at that moment than to
fuck her virgin pussy.

“Ssssh, baby. I’ll be gentle,” I assured Elaine
although my engorged cock was aching for relief I felt
a sense of pleasure in pulling her little panty off as
I made her spread her legs for me. I bent over her to
passionately kiss her slipping my hand between her
legs to caress and fondle her virgin pussy wet with
her juices as she anticipated what I was going to do
to her. I gazed down at her throbbing pussy for but a
second as I loosened my pants letting them slid to my

Moving between her legs, I was now on top of her, my
malehood touching and probing her virginity; the girl
gasped at the feel of my malehood touching her virgin
pussy for the first time. I asked: “This is what you
want isn’t it?” I pressed the head of my engorged cock
against her virgin cherry pussy.

Elaine nervously nodded her head in reply: “Yes, I’m
yours, Scott.”

She began moving her hips in rhythm to the sliding of
my cock over her wet pussy, my cock dripping with pre-

I wanted to just ram it in to her popping her cherry
and using her for the relief of my cock. Rather with
some hesitation I penetrated her just enough entering
her virginity that I was able to have her. Elaine
cried out with the penetration of her childhood moving
her hips as I began easing my cock in and out touching
her virgin maiden childhood with each stroke. Then
with a hard thrust I took her. Elaine cried as I went
deep into her.

“Oooo, agh…!”

“Did did I hurt…?” I asked stopping a moment.

She shook her head. “No… no. Go… go on, I’m all

Elaine moaned loudly as I drove my malehood deep into
her. Then with long hard thrusts, I began fucking her;
her little pussy throbbed with the sensations of her
first time; a man was fucking her and she was
beginning to enjoy what I was doing to her; her young
slender girlish hips rose and fell with my hips
driving my cock in to her with rapid strokes. Within a
few moments Elaine felt the warm surge of her juices
flowing, gasping with the pleasurable release, she
felt it again as she gave in to the enjoyment of
another orgasm. “Aaahh — Ooooh, oooo, Scott, yesss!”

Then with an effort I groaned as I felt my male cream
surging inside of me; I wanted this to last but I
couldn’t hold back any longer. My back stiffened and
with a searing release I filled Elaine with rope after
rope of my creamy male juices. She collapsed from
exhaustion after a few minutes. I lay atop her getting
my breath back. I never realized good sex could be
this exhausting. I pushed myself off her lying to the

Elaine got her breath back after a minute then looked
over at me and said: “Scott, you know things won’t be
the same between us now.”

My blood was nearly as cold as the temperature outside
for a moment. “Um, what do you mean?”

We separated for a brief moment.

Elaine rolled onto her side grasping me about the neck
to kiss me. She said: “You’re my lover now. And I’ll
always be your girl…”

The statement was nearly the truth but after I went in
the Army and seemed to always be overseas, and Elaine
went away to college, we lost contact and drifted
apart. I didn’t see Elaine again until a couple years
later after AIT before shipping to Vietnam.