Drunken Babysitter


You have been my babysitter for years. When I left tonite, everything was normal, but you did seem a bit preoccupied. Now as I return home, something is amiss. I come in the door and you are lying on the couch, asleep and fully clothed. I see the liquor cabinet open and a couple bottles sitting on the bar. I come to wake you and inquire about this transgression but you will not respond. You smell of liquor, you are passed out. I decide I will have to talk to you in the morning and turn to leave. You stir slightly as I begin to leave. I turn back and shake you. Your legs fall open and I hear a slight moan. I look closer, you are smiling in your sleep and I can see dampness on the crotch of your panties. I bend forward and sniff. I can smell arousal. You have been dreaming of sex, perhaps with your boyfriend, perhaps with me. I do not know which, but either way the scent of your arousal excites me and I cannot help myself.

I reach forward toward your sex. I lightly touch your leg near the top, caressing your inner thigh. You do not wake but your body responds. You open your legs more and sigh in your sleep. The sight of you like this enhances my arousal and emboldens me. I rub the crotch of your panties and you moan quietly, still lost in your love dream. With one hand, I grab the lips of your pussy between my thumb and forefinger. I can feel the shaft of your clitoris trapped between them. I begin to slowly move my finger and thumb, squeezing a little harder and pulling on your lips. I am jerking you off and you respond. You begin to roll your hips slightly and another moan escapes your lips.
I am thoroughly excited now and do not care if I get caught. I want to see you, to touch all of you. I continue slowly jerking your pussy and with my other hand begin to unbutton your blouse and pull it from the top of your skirt. I want to see your breasts. I open your blouse and see your large boobs encased in a sheer bra. Your nipples are hard and their shape clearly shows through the sheer fabric. I grip a nipple and pinch firmly, but not too hard. You moan once more. I want to see them but need to unclasp your bra. You are a larger girl so I need to use both hands to release the clasp on your bra. You whimper slightly when I stop jerking your clit.

You are still on your back as I slip both arms around underneath you and release the fastener on your garment. You stir slightly but still do not wake. I can now push your bra up and out of the way, revealing your silky smooth, milky white tits. I marvel at their shape and symmetry, the way the nipples rise from the areolae. I fondle them and suck each nipple hard, and a little harder. Once again, you moan and roll your hips. I remember I was stroking your pussy.

I trail my hand down your body and slip my fingers inside the waistband of your panties. I can feel light stubble on your mons and now know you shave your pussy. I continue pushing my hand lower slipping my first two fingers inside your outer lips one on either side of your swollen clitoris. You begin once more to move your hips and moan again. Your dream lover has you very excited and you encourage him. “Yes, yes” you say in your sleep. I slip my fingers further down, exploring the sensitive area between your clit and vagina. I can feel the wetness of your arousal. Again you moan. I decide I must taste your womanly sweetness. I remove my hand and carefully push your legs together.

I cautiously pull your panties down and off one leg. I leave them dangling from one ankle. As I push your legs apart again you stir once more, but still do not wake. I can now see your sweet pussy. The outer lips are open and they glisten with the juices of your arousal. I push my head forward and smell your erotic scent. I have to taste you. I lick first your inner thighs, teasing and tantalizing your body and once again you rock your hips and a low moan escapes your lips. I run my tongue along the outside of your outer lips savoring the musky aroma. Then I lick lightly from the roof of your vagina to just below your clit. I do it again, and again and again. You whimper softly in your sleep and I put my lips around your clitoris and begin to suck. Your body shivers at the suction and you wake…

Now for the twist, if one of you ladies or gents would like to continue the tail, I think it would be fun, almost a role play as it were. Let’s see what we get.