Dirty Uncle spanking me

I was staying with my uncle for the summer while my folks were in
europe. They had made it plain that I should be a good girl and
that Uncle was the old fashioned type who may spank me if wasn’t. I
had already received a spanking from him but it wasn’t that bad.
Unlike being grounded the spanking was over quickly and I had the
satisfaction of his hug afterwards to know I had been forgiven.

This time I was frightened though because I knew he was really mad.
His nosy neighbor had told him she saw me riding around with two
boys who had bad reputations on the way up to the woods after dark.
She told him that it was unseemly for a girl only fifteen to be on
dates unchaperoned. I, of course, disagreed since my breasts were
now fully developed and I felt that I was a grown woman. I had to
admit I had made a mistake. The boys had made me do things I was
ashamed about so I had lied to Uncle about where I had been to
avoid questions.

He took me into his office and said, “I am really disappointed with
you Allene. Not only did you go on a date without my permission but
you also lied about it. If I had known who you were with I would
have forbidden it since they are not nice boys.”

That gave me hope he may understand I had been punished enough by
my experience and said with a whimper, “I didn’t know they weren’t
nice. Tommy is seventeen and has a convertible. I thought it would
be fun to ride around with the wind blowing my hair. I had no idea
what they would want from me.”

“And just what did they want Allene.”

He seemed calm and I thought I may put all the blame on the boys
leaving me innocent. I said, They took me about five miles up into
the woods to show me the view of the town and the stars. It was
really pretty but they seemed to lose interest fast and Tommy said,
“You have a beautiful body for a girl so young, What are your
measurements?” You know how hard I work doing aerobics to keep my
body nice and I said proudly, “35 D cup, 22 inch waist and 34″
bottom. My girl friends think I could be a calender model. Do you
think I am pretty enough for that?”

Tommy said, “It is hard to tell with you sitting down. Why don’t
you get out in front of the headlights and do a few poses.” That
sounded fairly innocent and you know how I like to show off so I
got out with them to pose as I had seen the girls pose in the
calanders in Dad’s Garage.

They seeemed to like it but then Tommy said, “We can’t tell from

Calender girls are naked. Take off your clothes.” Naturally I
protested but Tommy said, “Look. We aren’t going to be satisfied
until we see you naked. Either strip or you can walk home.” You
know I couldn’t do that! It was five miles and in the dark. I began
to cry telling them they were mean but slowly took off my clothes.
They weren’t even satisfied by that! When I was naked they began to
fondle my body while I sobbed.”

Uncle said, “My God! Did they make love to you?” “Oh no Uncle! I am
a virgin. I began to cry and said they would be raping me. They
relented but I did have to stroke their penis’s until some white
stuff shot out and they agreed to take me home. See it wasn’t my
fault at all and the embarrassment was more than enough punishment
to keep me from being with boys alone again.”

“I can’t agree with you Allene. You encouraged them by agreeing to
pose for them and the threat of having to walk home is hardly an
excuse! Many people walk five miles a day just for the exercise.”

“But Uncle it was dark and scary outside. I was frightened!”

“I am not buying that! You know it was a bright full moon and you
only had to stay on the road. You should have at least started
walking to see if they would relent. Now I want you to take my belt
and go to your room to take off all your clothes to lie on your bed
with the belt lying on you so you can think for awhile about how it
will sting you. I will be up in about a half hour.”

I couldn’t really protest because down deep I knew I deserved to be
punished. I hadn’t admitted that in spite of my crying the boy’s
hands fondling my boobies and pussy had excited me. I went upstairs
and took off everything even my shoes and socks to lie across my
bed with the belt lying across my bottom. I consoled my self that
by lying on my tummy all my front was hidden so it wouldn’t be
terribly embarrassing. The wait seemed endless. To my surprise the
leather lying across my butt seemed to cause a tingle and the
thought of it’s sting began to excite me.

Suddenly the door opened and Uncle came in to go over to sit on my
vanity bench to say, “Come here Allene.”

I blushed realizing my front would be exposed as well but went to
him thinking he had relented and would be satisfied with just
another over the knees spanking. When I was standing in front of
him he exclaimed, “Jesus. You really are lovely. I had no idea in
the baggy sweatshirts and loose jeans you wear.”
He reached around me to stroke my bottom with both hands as he
said, “Did the boys stroke you like this.”

I admitted, “Yes it was really embarrassing.”

“But it felt good too. Didn’t it?”

“Uh huh but it was still embarrassing to be naked and felt by two
boys fully dressed.”

He brought his hands to my front to stoke, squeeze and twiddle my
nipples with his thumbs. In spite of my embarrassment I became
excited as I admitted the boys had also done that.

He moved his hand down to my pussy and excitement leaped as he
rubbed up and down allowing his middle finger to slide on my clit.
I began to pant in excitement just as he said, “This is exciting
you! My finger is wet! It excited you when the boys did it too.
Didn’t it?” I panted, “Uh huh but I couldn’t help it. My body had a
mind of it’s own.”

“It is a miracle you didn’t let them fuck you and risk pregnancy or
disease. You must be punished enough to never let yourself get into
a situation like that again. Go back to the bed and lie dowm. I am
going to give you sixty lashes.”

I became frightened again since he had never hit me more than
twenty which had left my butt hot and tingling for a long time but
I knew I deserved it.
I got into position as ordered with my pillows under my hips to
push up my butt and braced myself for the sting.

To my surprise it wasn’t all that bad. Sure it stung but not as bad
as a wood paddle and the pain was being overridden by my excitement
as I counted the lashes for him which let me determine the cadence.
He stopped at twenty and I thought seeing my red and welted butt
must have made him relent.

He told me to roll over and I gasped as my hot butt came into
contact with the pillows. My nipples and clit were tingling and I
couldn’t resist touching them. He watched me for a moment then
said, “That punishment seemed to only excite you. Stretch your arms
back behind your head. The rest will all on your more sensitive
front. Ten to each breast and twenty to the crotch that got you
into this trouble.”

I moaned, “Oh that will hurt terribly!” but I stretched until my
tummy went concave and my ribs were showing.

He told me to start counting and at one and two the stings hit the
side of my boobs to make them jump and quiver. Again my counting
allowed me to set the cadence and as my boobs began to feel heat
and swelling with the stings I found myself counting faster and
faster. At twenty he told me to open my legs saying “Wider!” until
I was nearly doing the splits.

Now as I counted the stings were much worse on my tender inner
thighs just barely missing my labia but by then I was so excited
the pain just brought me to a new level of excitement. At ten the
belt began hitting the lips as I arched to meet the sting. By
fifteen I was in full orgasm which became even stronger as the
stings now came to the center of my slit with the lips only
providing a little protection to my clit until I was squirming and
rolling to an ultimate orgasm just as he dropped the belt and went
out the door with a look of pain on his face and clutching his

It took several minutes for me to calm down. Then I got up to look
at myself in the vanity mirror. My boobs and pussy were really red
with a few welts but seeing them only made me excited again and I
went back to bed to masturbate until I fell into a deep sleep.

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