Dinner And A Tip


It was a Saturday night and it was long over due. Chris
and I needed to go out and have some time to enjoy each
other. We picked a local place that we like and don’t
go to as often as we should. When I told him where we
were going, he asked if he could pick out an outfit for

In his usual style, he pulled something out
provocative. I slightly short skirt, open toed high
heels, and a button down silk shirt with a nice bra.
Notice I said no panties or thong. I happily put them
on for him, squirted some perfume, kissed the kids and
out we went.

In the car, he put his hand in mine, brought it to his
mouth and kissed my hand. He whispered that I looked
beautiful and smelled wonderful. There was some thing
about his touch and kiss that were different. I didn’t
know what it was but they seemed more erotic and
sensual than usual. I think he was hoping to get lucky
tonight. We’ll see I thought.

We got the restaurant and sat in the bar. There we
drank down a few cold frozen margaritas. Because I
hadn’t had much to eat that day, they went straight to
my head. I was feeling pretty buzzed and getting a
little horny. As I sat next to him, I reached over at
one point and put my hand on his cock and squeezed him.
Never had to say a thing but look into his eyes. He
knew that tonight was going to be special. He could see
my nipples piercing through my blouse and I know how
much he loves to see them.

Our table was ready and we were placed into a very
quiet corner. It was perfect. Better than that, our
waiter was hot, very hot. Chris knew I took notice and
caught me checking out his ass as he brought us to our
table. He asked me if I was impressed with the staff
and I responded, “Very.”

As we enjoyed our dinner, he would occasionally run his
foot up my silky smooth legs. He told me how great they
looked, especially with high heels. I returned the
favor by pressing my foot up against his cock. He was
rock hard as I slid my foot up and down on him. We were
so enthralled with each other, we didn’t notice the
waiter come over. He had caught my foot rubbing Chris’

Startled, I dropped my foot. The waiter told me not to
let his presence stop me and that I should enjoy
myself. Feeling hot, wet, and horny, and the need to be
satisfied, I placed my foot right back on Chris’ cock,
all with the waiter watching. He placed the bill on the
table and told us he would take it when we were ready
and walked away.

Chris looked at me and said, “Are you willing to give
it to him? He said he would take it when you were
ready.” I knew Chris wasn’t talking about the bill. He
was asking me to make his fantasy come true. He wanted
me to take this waiter and give him all I had. I don’t
know what had come over me but I was ready. My pussy
was wet, hot with anticipation and I was very horny,
and very buzzed. I told him that if he wanted this to
happen, it would need to be now or never.

Chris summoned the waiter over. He handed him the check
and the credit card. The waiter quickly returned for
signature. Chris signed it with a zero tip. You should
have seen the waiter’s eyes. Chris looked up at him and
told him that his tip would be waiting in the back of
the parking lot in 5 minutes.

We then got up from the table and walked to the car. We
held hands. Our hearts were pounding with anticipation.
We got to the car, he wrapped his arms around me, and
gave me the most passionate kiss we have ever had. He
asked to take off my bra which I did and wait here for
him and he got in the car. As Chris sat in the car, I
leaned up against the front of the car.

Suddenly, the rear door of the restaurant opened and
the waiter came out. He saw me there and began to walk
towards me. As he did, I turned around, hoisted my
skirt over my hips, leaned against the car and looked
back at him. The waiter stopped instantly. He couldn’t
believe what he was seeing. He must have gotten an
instant hard on. He then came over and placed both his
hands on my hips, gently running his fingers tips over
me. I parted my legs slightly and invited him to touch
me. He did, and it sent butterfly’s in my stomach.

Gently, one of his fingers ran right between my lips.
He knew instantly how hot I was and that I was ready. I
could then feel the warmth of his breath and the
wetness of his tongue touching me. My heart was racing.
I was arching my back to give him more access. He then
stood up and I could hear his zipper. He took his cock
and pressed it up under my pussy. I reached down and
could feel the head of his penis. It felt large like
the vibrating dildo Chris uses on me on occasion. He
pulled it back and found the entrance to my love hole.

Ever so slowly, he slid it in. I began to moan as it
filled me up. His cock felt so full that it was
touching deep within my body. I whispered to him that I
wanted him to fuck me. And so he did. He held on to
both my hips and pulled to the base of his cock. My
pussy was enjoying every inch of him. He would slowly
pull it out to the tip and thrust himself back in. All
the while Chris was sitting in the car and watching the
whole thing. He knew I was enjoying the experience as I
moaned with a smile on my face. I was biting my lower
lip from the wonderful sensations that shot through my

I was finding myself backing into him like I wanted him
to fuck me harder and faster. He then slowed up a bit
and asked me to turn around and lie on my back on the
hood. He told me he wanted to face me as I orgasmed. So
I did. He took both of my ankles and held them up. My
high heels sparkling in the night from the parking lot

I took his cock, wet from my pussy, and guided him back
into me. Again, he slowly lowered himself into me. My
clit was pressing up against the base of his cock and
he was buried inside me. He began to fuck me and the
sensations rushing through out our bodies was to much
to take. He knew I was nearing as my back began to arch
against the car. My moaning and breathing was getting
deep and heavier. I grabbed his forearms and dug my
nails into him. My body was beginning to climax.

My pussy was squeezing him for all that it was worth. He
began to grunt and moan with me as our climaxes neared
together. As his cock began to pulsate, I could feel
his warmth beginning to let loose inside me. This sent
me over the top as I cried out, “Oh my God.” We were both
in full blown orgasms together. The sex was animal like
as we both focused on our peak of excitement.

Sensations were flooding me, my toes were curled, my
hands clenched around his arms and his cock filling me
with pleasure.

We began to get our breaths back and he collapsed on
me. Out of breath, he whispered that I was the best
fuck that he ever had. I whispered back, “So were you.”
He planted a kiss on my cheek and pulled himself out of
me. He helped me up and said, “Thanks for the tip.” I
told him the pleasure was all mine. HE walked away and
I got into the car.

Chris had his pants down and he was rock hard. I told
him that I would either jerk him off then or he could
wait until we got home. He leaned over, kissed me on
the cheek, and said that he would love to have me when
we got home. And so he did, over and over again.