Daria’s Discipline

I used to work in the ambulance business.

It was entry level work and the hours were so-so. I found plenty
of time to watch rented movies at work while being “on call” to
respond. The pay was shitty, though.

I worked for awhile with a cute EMT named Daria. She had
long brown hair, big brown eyes and a grin that made me want
her! There were other assets too, like the ones that wiggled
under the tight black uniform pants she wore to work. Her
breasts were mid-sized and firm. She had a real sense of humor
and enjoyed my puns (a handicap or a bonus, depending on how
you feel about puns). She watched movies with me when we
worked together. We did see each other a lot.

One night, things were real slow and I had been glad that I had
brought in the VCR and some rented tapes. I had planned to
watch one in particular after Daria went to bed.
It was called “Defiance”. It was a porno movie made in the old
days of porn, pre-VCR and pre-Meese Commission. I had
rented it because a review I had once read mentioned the
multiple acts portrayed in the movie. It sounded pretty hot!

We had just finished eating dinner when the call came in to do a
special psych transfer. We had to take a psychotic fourteen year
old to a special treatment facility in Baltimore, a forty-five
minute drive.

The girl was really whacked out. She had grabbed a butcher’s
knife while arguing with her mother. She hadn’t hurt her
mother, only because the old lady ran faster! When we got to the
hospital she had to be restrained in full leather restraints. Even
at that she seemed ready to break free!

Thin, with hair matted to her head by the sweat of her struggles
she was hardly the bondage girl of my dreams. Her hospital
gown had ridden up and her covers had been knocked to the
floor in her struggles.

“Get the fuck outta here! I’m not going!” screamed the girl.
Something about the way the two state troopers, three county
deputies and four policewomen stood by ready for action told
me the girl had little choice.

The cops unfastened her and held her at all four limbs while
they re fastened her leathers to our ambulance cot. I jumped
forward in time to keep her form tipping it over in her struggles.
I was really torn. Here was a struggling, bound, resistant female
and I wasn’t getting an erection. Hell, seeing this scene in
movies usually gave me a raging hard-on for half an hour with
out even trying. Her was reality and I didn’t like being me!

To cut this short, the ride was loud, but uneventful. I was in
back because only Daria knew where this special hospital was
in Baltimore. I kept my hands to myself.

I like to tie women up, down and sideways. I like to have them
pretend I’m kidnapping them, torturing them and raping them.
That is fantasy and fantasy is fun. I don’t hurt people in reality.
That is sick and wrong. Pretend rape (between two or more
consenting adults) is fun. Doing it for real is wrong, and I’d
rather hurt myself that hurt another. That’s this CAT’s credo.
So Daria and I dropped our involuntary passenger at her
destination and lit out for home. We didn’t say much, mostly
because the ambulance seemed to still ring with screamed
profanities. I was still wondering why seeing such a sight in
reality had zero turn on for me.

We made it back to the shack and kicked a tape in the machine.
I don’t remember what we watched first. I think it was “Forced
Entry”. This flick is notable only because of the gratuitous use of
bound and gagged ladies. I paid it little attention even when
Tanya Roberts made a great deal out of being tied and gagged.
My heart wasn’t in it, nor my cock.

The tape ended and I went to the bathroom. While I was gone,
Daria put the tape of “Defiance!” in and started it.
I started to stop the movie when I got back, then figured, what
the hell, Daria will probably turn it off herself in few minutes or
leave the room. I hadn’t intended to show the movie to her.

Instead, she sat there on the couch and watched the movie. I
began to sneak peeks at her out of the corner of my eye. During
the dialog (never a porno movie strong suit) she sat there and
stared at the tube as if at a commercial. When a particularly
graphic scene started, she changed.

The scene is where the heroine of the movie is being whipped
by the dominatrix of the asylum she is sent to. Her head and
hands are placed in stocks and her clothes are ripped off. Then
the cat o’ nine tails swings down over and over again.

Daria began to rock back and forth on the couch, she was
grinding her crotch against a pillow she was sitting on! The
motion was subtle, but unmistakable. As the actress’ screams
echoed out of the TV, I heard a soft moan filter across from
Daria. She was getting off on seeing this type of action.

I watched a little more, both the movie and Daria. Regular
fucking a sucking were accompanied with small motions of the
hips, Scenes of bondage or sadism were cause for regular

This time, my mental block or whatever was out of order. My
cock was standing up and asking to explore Daria’s delightful

“You like what you see?” my voice a husky whisper.
Daria seemed to jerk back to reality, arrested in the middle of a
particularly loud moan of pleasure.

“Do you like to see this type of action?” My curiosity was
aroused (too).

“Yes, I do. Do you think I’m weird?”

“No, I think you are a lot like me.”

“You like this too?”

“I brought the tape, didn’t I?”

I moved over to the couch. I had never made a real pass at Daria
before, work relationships had always been forbidden to me, I
guess. Until Daria had begun to grind herself in front of me, that

“Would you like to try some of the things you see in this

“Yes,…. I guess so. I feel that I can trust you. Do you think I
would like it?”

I leaned forward and kissed her, medium warm setting, “I think
you’d love it. Nearly as much as I’d love making love to you.”

We got closer and I let my hands roam over her body. I don’t
grab at tits and pussy, I like to seek out less obvious erogenous
zones and give them some attention. I traced her initials into the
small of her back. I licked her throat. I pulled off her shoes and
rubbed her feet while she watched the movie come to its climax.
I was warming her to my hands and mouth. I found out that she
likes to have the space behind her knees tickled. I let my fingers
do the talking and the walking.

The couch was not the best place for this sort of thing. It was
make more for sitting on than laying on. There had to be
someplace to make love and practice some good bondage. The
dorms were out, there were only army surplus bunk beds in
there. To shaky for any heavy duty action.

I remembered something then. We had not returned the leathers
to the hospital when we cam back. They were still in the
ambulance. The ambulance was parked in the garage. No one
would spot us there as the building was completely deserted.
We were the only people on duty till 9:00am the next day.
I stood up and turned the TV off. I pulled Daria to her feet and
hugged her as I explained the ideas I had in mind. Daria’s
answer gave my hard cock an extra measure of hardness.

“Lead on…, Master!”

We got into our ambulance and I got the leathers and their key
out from the shelf. I placed the first two cuffs around Daria’s
wrists. I ran a locking belt through the D-ring of each wrist cuff
and effectively had immobilized her hands. Daria looked at her
bound hands and I noticed her breathing very heavily.

Ambulances have handrails and hooks nearly everywhere, floor,
ceiling and walls. I ran the locking belt through the over head
handrail as Daria sat on the ambulance cot. I kissed her as I
slowly began to unbutton her blouse. I pulled her blouse open
and noted that her bra was a front opening type. I unsnapped her
bra, spilling her warm breasts into the cool air of the garage. In
the light of the ambulance’s interior lights I gazed appreciatively
at her heaving chest. Nipples the color of pale roses crowned
finely shaped breasts. I brushed my fingernails along the
undersides of her breasts. She inhaled a short, sharp gasp. Her
nipples began to tighten into hard nubbins.

I kissed her mouth, softly biting her lips. I continued my kisses
down the length of her neck and onto her breasts. I kissed
almost to her nipples aureole then went around them to tease
her. As I kissed away from her nipples she groaned softly.

I stopped my ministrations. “Please what?”

“Please! Don’t tease me! I ‘m soo hot! Suck me, bite my nipples!
I need you to make me come!”

“I’ll make you come, you can count on that. But you don’t come
until I order you to!”

My hands played their way down her waist to find the belt and
opening of her uniform pants. I opened her pants and she raised
her hips to allow me to slide the pants and panties down her

Her pussy was covered by a fine tuft of soft brown fur. Her
smell wafted throughout ambulance and made me think or
something really special.
Removing her pants from around her feet and tossing them
aside, I saved her panties for future use.

I knelt on the ambulance floor and began to kiss her thighs from
the soft spot just behind the knee to her crotch. My kisses
roamed around the outside of her pussy, carefully avoiding any
extremely sensitive areas. She thrust her hips at me and
demanded attention.

“Eat me, yes… eat my pussy! No! Stick your tongue in there!
Damn you! I need to come!”

“Tsk, tsk bad girls with foul mouths need help learning to be
quiet! Open wide!”

I had balled up her panties, crotch soaked with pussy juice
outermost and when she opened her mouth to speak I simply
plopped in my little gag. I grabbed a roll of tape off the shelf
and quickly peeled off a long strip. I taped the balled up panties
into her mouth. She shook her head and tried to spit out the
panties. I kissed her gagged lips.

“Now you are proper slave and may receive pleasure with a
proper attitude.”


I licked first one nipple and then the other of her delicious
breasts. She moaned into the gag as I sucked each hard nipple.

Working my way down her belly, putting plenty of tongue into
the task of kissing my way to her pussy. I traced the outer limits
of her pussy with my tongue before plunging my way into her
wet twat.

I licked deep an long, giving every inch of her love tunnel as
much of my attention as I could.

I drove Daria to a fever pitch of excitement with my tongue. Her
hips ground into my face as she tried to get more of me into her.

I licked at her clit (having ignored it till now) and she screamed
in to the gag!

Then I stopped. She started thrashing about trying to rub her
pussy against me, against anything. She wanted to come soo
“Not until I order you to come, little slut!”

“NNNOOO!” she howled. The gag was more for appearance
and humiliation than anything else.


I turned her body by pulling her legs around until she lay
lengthwise on the stretcher. She realized what that could mean
and eagerly spread her legs.

“Not yet, eager beaver!”
I undid the belt to the ceiling and made her put her arms behind
her. I told her to kneel on the cot and she complied, meekly. She
was beginning to learn!

I pulled her arms up again behind her and fastened them to the
rail again. Now she was bent over in a kneeling posture, arms
held behind her, still wearing the blouse and bra, which hid
nothing and only enhanced the beautiful helplessness of her

I stroked her ass cheeks. She moaned softly and wiggled her
bottom at me in invitation. I answered the invitation with a hard
slap to her ass!. A muffled shriek was her reply, as I spanked
her buttocks, left cheek, right cheek and occasionally striking
her thighs.

“Bad girls get punished, Daria. you’ve been a bad girl, trying to
come when you don’t have permission!” I paused after about
thirty strokes.

“Good girls get to come!”

I stood up and lowered my pants. My cock thrust out like a
nightstick. I knelt behind her and grasped her hips.

“Good girls get their Master’s cock!”

I thrust forward and sank hilt deep at the first contact. My
licking and her wetness made the tight passage so slippery! I let
my cock rest deep inside her as she moaned in appreciation.

I reached a hand under her belly and began to stroke the tip of
her clit. I began a slow in and out motion that matched my
finger on her love button.

We fucked for only a few minutes, I was worked up by my
session and hadn’t had a good come in some time. As I neared
my threshold I stepped up the speed on her clit. Daria moaned
repeatedly with her eyes closed tightly.

I leaned lower and whispered in her ear, “Good girls come now,
Daria! Come now, I command it!”

Daria bucked beneath me and screamed her orgasm into the
garage air.


She thrust back against me as I too came deep inside her wet

We slowly came back to earth and I untied her. We held each
other close all the rest of the night, dozing off briefly. we woke
up just in tome to get ourselves straightened up to greet the next

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