Cousin Ashley Gets Her Own

Sam was standing there with an uncertain look on her face as she waited for my answer. I was unsure what to do though since I was with my friends and I didn’t wish to blow them off, plus we hadn’t even decided if we were going to the party when Sylvia surprised me by speaking.

“Hi I’m Sylvia and you don’t know me but I’m a friend of Ashley’s and I remember you from school. Any chance you can give me a ride? That bike is so hawt.”

Sylvia stuck her hand out after she breathlessly blurted out her request. Sam shook her hand with a bemused expression on her face and gave me a sidelong glance to which I just shook my head to keep from laughing.

“Sure why not, I’ll give you a ride” Sam said before turning my way “how about you Ash, are you next?”

Without even realizing it I nodded yes which made Sam flash a big smile. She then turned and walked to her bike and pulled her spare helmet from the back and handed it to Sylvia who had already climbed on the back and was waiting expectantly. Sam climbed on but before starting the bike she turned back to Sylvia. It seemed to me that she subtly flexed her bicep as she adjusted the rear view mirror, her black sleeveless t-shirt showing her arms to their best effect.

“So have you ever ridden before?” she asked her.

“Yeah both my brother and cousin have bikes so I’ve been on motorcycles before, but never a brand new one. This bike is so cool” she said before putting the helmet on.

Clara and I shook our heads from her answer because it was so Sylvia that the fact that the bike was new impressed her so much, but she was a label whore and trendsetter wannabe. Right before she put on her helmet Sam winked at me and mouthed “Be right back.”

Then she turned on the engine and throttled it before taking off with Sylvia holding her waist tightly. There was part of me that felt a twinge of jealousy as they paused at the entrance to the parking lot before Sam gunned the engine and turned onto the street and drove away. It was me she had asked and I thought she liked me and I found her attractive, even though she was butcher than any girl I’d ever been with.

“So what’s the deal Ash, with this Sam girl I mean?”

“I don’t know about any deal Clara, I cheered at some of her games last school year before she graduated and I ran into her at the mall today when I was looking for a job. She recommended me to the manager and you heard I probably got the job. That’s all there is to it” I answered truthfully except for the last part.

My friends had no knowledge that I’d occasionally had sex with girls. It was something I’d kept to myself figuring people might not understand that sometimes I liked to eat pussy or have the favor returned by a girl. It didn’t change me any or who I was but Sam was different and uncharted territory to me. All my female lovers had been other girly girls like me who liked guys as well. Somehow I couldn’t see Sam with a guy, she was obviously lesbian all the way. And for some reason that turned me on, plus the fact that she was good looking certainly helped. Sam wasn’t beautiful but she had striking features and a really nice smile and a very athletic body with tattooed, chiseled arms.

“Is that all? I swear you were giving each other the eye earlier” Clara replied with a knowing stare.

“Well I can’t help it if she noticed how hot I am.”

Clara didn’t seem convinced of my innocence in the matter though and she shook her head slowly as she considered what to say.

“Listen I know I called her a lezzy earlier but I’m not against them any. Its just that the look you gave her was more than casual and to be honest Ash there have been times that I swore you were checking out girls in the locker room. I know you like guys but I’ve been your friend since 6th grade and sometimes I notice things. I never said anything about it because we all look at the competition some but I always suspected there was more to it than that.”

“Oh my God” I blurted out “does everyone think that about me?”

I’d always been so careful about eyeing other girls and now I realized I wasn’t as slick as I thought. Had I been labeled a secret lesbian? That thought gave me pause and I was worried until Clara laughed.

“So it is true then. Don’t worry Ashley your secret is safe with me. I doubt anyone noticed, its just we’re friends so I’m more tuned in to you then most. Plus we’ve had gym class together the last few years. It wasn’t like you were sitting there drooling or anything. It just seemed strange that you would be so discreet instead of just looking openly, like you didn’t want to be noticed. If it was innocent you wouldn’t care, you know.”

“You don’t hold it against me, do you Clara? I do like guys but I think girls are cute in a different way. I never told people because I didn’t want to be different or be judged.”

“You are my friend and I’m not so shallow you know.”

“Thanks Clara, you are great” I told her before hugging her. “The thing is Sam isn’t like the girls I’m usually attracted to and she is pretty open about liking girls it seems so I doubt anything will happen between us. Don’t want to blow my cover you know.”

“You do what you want Ash, but if you’re attracted to her and like her then why hide it? You never know until you give it a try.”

What Clara said made a lot of sense to me. There was no reason to not see if anything developed between us. Maybe Sam wasn’t actually interested in me, she just might have been admiring my body the way a guy would but thought I was too young or something. She was starting college in the fall while I was just sixteen.

“You might be right Clara but I’m probably just a kid to her. Still I’ll go for a ride and this way I can see if she is interested. But what about you and Sylvia? I don’t want to abandon you guys.”

“Don’t worry about us, we’ll head to that party and you can meet us there if you want. Besides with older guys there Sylvia will be in her element anyway. And don’t worry about your “secret”. I won’t say a word to anyone including Sylvia, but I have to ask Ash. I’m your friend and I’m curious, have you ever checked me out when I was naked around you or thought about me in that way?”

Luckily for me Sam pulled into the parking lot with Sylvia at that moment, sparing me from answering her loaded questions at least for now. The motorcycle pulled up and stopped next to us. Sylvia carefully climbed off and removed the helmet before handing it to me. Sam also removed her helmet and stared at me expectantly. Looking at my outfit Sylvia shook her head.

“I don’t know about riding dressed like that Ash, be careful. By the way what’s the plan?”

“We’re going to the party and Ashley is going for a ride and we can meet up later” Clara said as she took Sylvia by the arm.

“Okay bye, see you Ash and thanks for the ride” Sylvia said directing the last part to Sam as they headed off talking to each other a mile a minute.

As Sam stood waiting I studied my outfit. I was wearing a light blue tank top with a lacy border and black flats but it was my black skirt I was worried about. It was kind of short and I was afraid it might ride up too high revealing the thong I was wearing beneath but what could I do. Placing the helmet on my head I strapped it on. Unlike Sam’s helmet which had a dark visor the one I was wearing left my face uncovered. Gingerly I lifted my leg as I straddled the bike and once I did I sat and lifted my feet and placed them on the footrests.

“Ashley have you ever been on a motorcycle before?” Sam asked.

“No I haven’t so take it nice and easy to start with and please don’t let me fall off.”

“No problem, you just hold on tight especially on the turns” Sam said as she turned the ignition and the engine roared to life.

Immediately I felt the vibrations from the engine and when Sam revved it a few times it was like the 649 cc’s went straight to my pussy and jump started it. Then she hit the throttle and we were off. She hooked a quick right and we cruised down the street. The feel of the wind against my face was awesome although at first my tummy was filled with butterflies but as she drove I really got into it, especially the feeling between my legs. When we stopped at a red-light I tapped Sam in her side and when she turned I yelled over the sound of the engine.

“If you want to you can go faster.”

Her head nodded in response and she again revved the engine as we waited and as soon as the light turned green the bike took off like a bat out of hell. We easily passed a couple of cars in the left lane as Sam gave it some gas while at the same time coming close to giving me an orgasm. My hands gripped her tightly as we flew around a curve in the street and the bike leaned sideways. As the feeling grew between my legs I buried my face against Sam’s back and held on for dear life. The throbbing machine between my legs felt to me like a giant vibrator. My climax was rapidly approaching when at the next intersection we came to a stop sign.

When Sam stopped she put one of her leather glove clad hands over mine and revved the engine again. As I trembled from the sensation she squeezed my hand firmly. This time it was more than I could take as I felt my juices leak from my climaxing pussy into my drenched panties. The orgasm made me gasp for breath as the bike then drove on but at a low speed as it approached a commercial strip.

At the next parking lot Sam pulled in and came to a stop whereupon she removed her helmet and climbed from the bike. My body was reluctant to move due to my leg muscles still shaking gently as well as that I figured there would be a noticeable wet spot on the seat from when I had cum. Sam met my gaze with her chocolate brown eyes until I glanced down feeling embarrassed as if she could see my thoughts.

“You alright Ashley?” she asked with sincerity in her firm voice.

I just nodded as I didn’t trust my voice right now, I had the feeling she would be able to hear the lust I was feeling reflected in it.

“So if you want me to drop you at some party just let me know, okay, as I don’t know the address.”

I paused for a few seconds before answering as I gathered my thoughts and gained a greater measure of control over my highly aroused body.

“Well I do want to meet up with my friends again and they are going to the party. But you don’t have to just drop me off” I said pausing while I looked straight at Sam. I took a deep breath before continuing as I intended to put it all on the line with her.

“I’d like it if you hung out with me as well, if you want to I mean” I concluded as I hung my head afraid to continue looking at her in case she was about to shoot me down.

She didn’t say a word at first and I was afraid that she was trying to come up with the words to blow me off nicely. Probably along the lines of ‘Well you’re a nice kid, but I go with college women now’ or something to that effect when I felt her hand touch my cheek. Startled by this I brought my head up and when I did Sam’s lips met mine with a kiss.

Her lips were warm and soft and the kiss started gentle but when my hands went around her neck it became harder and fiercer and I felt her hand press against my ribs. Sam’s tongue slipped between my parted lips and when my tongue met it I realized that her tongue was pierced with a tongue ball. As we kissed I felt my already heated loins become even gooier from her touch as her strong hand traced its way toward my butt. Suddenly from a passing car a voice called out “Get a room” followed by the sound of laughter. We broke the kiss and I felt the blood rush to my face from my feeling of embarrassment. Sam smiled at me as her hand reluctantly moved off me. She put her helmet on but with the visor up for now.

“So what is the address where we are going” she plainly asked as she looked down at me. I quietly told her at which point she mounted up again and we were off. Again I wrapped my arms around her waist and pressed my face sideways to her muscled torso. The ride felt like heaven to me with the combination of the vibrations coupled with the closeness of her body to mine. The ride ended far too soon for me as we arrived at the house where the party was. It was hopping with some people milling about in the driveway and on the front porch and you could hear the music filtering out from inside.

Sam worked her bike up the driveway and put down the kickstand before helping me off. Her eye definitely noticed the darker patch where my excited little pussy had seeped onto the black leather seat. After removing the helmet I gave it to Sam who put it along with hers on the handlebars. We then proceeded up the porch stairs and into the house. A techno beat filled the room as we entered and there were a few people dancing though most were just standing or sitting.

The crowd was college age and up with most being early twenties it seemed to me. I was looking around for my friends when someone from my left called out to me. It was Ryan and he was passing through the living room holding a case of beer. He paused and turned toward me.

“Hey Ash glad you could make it” he said “do either of you want a beer?”

Sam shook her head no and replied “None for me now as I’m driving, what about you Ashley?”

I declined as well as I really don’t like the taste of beer too much but I asked Ryan if he had seen my friends here.

“To tell the truth I haven’t and even though it’s possible I missed them I don’t think so. Well see you later.”

“What could have happened to them?” I mused aloud as they should have easily beaten us here.

“We can look around for them if you want. I’ll check upstairs and you look around here” Sam told me.

“Okay” I answered her. If they weren’t coming then there was no reason for us to stay. I didn’t want to ditch them but right now I really wanted to spend some alone time with Sam. First I passed through the dining room before checking the kitchen and they weren’t there. Since people were in the back yard I headed out there when I almost collided with someone.

“Sorry” I said as I stepped back when I realized that it was Paul the piercer who had almost walked into me. Quickly I attempted to turn around and return to the house when he grabbed me by my arm and yanked me close to him. His eyes were glassy and I could smell the alcohol on his breath.

“Well look who I’ve found here” he said to a couple of guys nearby “this is the little slut I was telling you about, the one who I fucked earlier today.”

He leered at me and his eyes roamed all over my curvaceous figure as I attempted to pull my arm from his grasp but Paul was having none of that. His fingers dug deep into my flesh as he tightened his hold on me.

“Let go of me” I hissed “I thought neither one of us wanted anything to do with the other after before.”

He pushed me into his friends who both grabbed at me, one holding me by my shoulders while the other squeezed my butt cheek. Paul moved right next to me cutting off any opening I had to escape from them and his hand pawed at my full bosom.

“Maybe I made a mistake before in letting you leave slut” he slurred “but now you can service me and my friends.”

“In your fucking dreams” I yelled as I slapped the pig right in the face. His friends let go of me as they realized this wasn’t going to turn out like a porno movie but his face turned red with anger.

“You stupid bitch who do you think you are?” he bellowed at me, a vein throbbing on his forehead. He was so incensed that I wondered if he was going to hit me when like a streak Sam was there and she shoved Paul back a few steps. Ignoring him she turned to me.

“Are you all right Ash?” was all she said. When I nodded yes to her she just said “Let’s get out of here.”

“So this slut belongs to you dyke” Paul spat out “well don’t forget to ask her why I fucked her today because I bet she spreads her legs for anyone who asks even a freak like you.”

The muscles on Sam’s arms tensed as she clenched her fists but she maintained her control and didn’t allow him to bait her into action.

“Whatever, you aren’t worth the trouble” she said before turning toward the driveway as she reached for my hand when I noticed Paul lunge forward.

“Look out” I managed to cry out in warning.

She managed to push me behind her as Paul swung wildly. Sam managed to raise her arm but she wasn’t quick enough to totally block the blow as it grazed her face above her eye. He swung again but this time she sidestepped him while throwing her forearm out like she was back on the athletic field. As her arm connected with Paul I heard a sickening crunch as her elbow smashed into his nose. With a moan he sank down to the grass as the blood flowed from his nose.

Things seemed like a bad dream to me now as if in slow motion one of Paul’s friends approached Sam unaware from behind. Without thinking I launched myself at his legs tripping him up while also knocking the wind out of myself. Paul was wailing in pain and I could hear a bunch of people flooding the yard.

“That bitch broke my fucking nose” I heard Paul yell as hands pulled me to my feet. There was a bunch of guys, including Ryan thankfully, who were separating everybody from each other. Sam had a trickle of blood from a cut above her eye as she stood defiantly, ready for more trouble.

“What’s going on Ashley?” Ryan asked me with a concerned look.

“This jerk started it by messing with me and then throwing the first punch” I said vehemently before softening a little “though I’m sorry if his nose is broken but it’s his own damn fault.”

I pulled free from everyone and just walked away from the crowd and down the driveway as my eyes filled with tears. In front of a crowd I had been called a slut, truthfully I knew, while also getting Sam hit by Paul and vice versa. It was all my fault and I doubted I’d be able to show my face in public and worse than that I must have blown it for sure with Sam. She’d heard what a slut I was and it gave her a chance to cut her losses and forget about me.

My vision was cloudy from the bitter tears that ran down my face as I stumbled down the tree lined street with no idea of what direction I was heading in. Suddenly I felt a hand touch my shoulder at which point I whirled and saw Sam standing there with concern and worry written plainly on her face.

“Ashley didn’t you hear me, I’ve been calling you” she asked softly.

“Didn’t you hear him?” I told her. “Forget about me while you have the chance. I’m not worth your time or anyone’s for that matter. I’m sorry you were hurt standing up for me but I’m no good, just a stupid slut who causes trouble for others.”

After saying that I wished I could just disappear especially as it seemed like my words caused pain in Sam’s face but she didn’t let go of me. Her finger pressed against my lips as she made a shh sound. When I started to open my mouth to speak she kept me quiet by again pressing her lips to mine. When she broke the kiss she wiped my tears from my face with her finger.

“Wait here Ash, I’m just going to get my bike. DON’T LEAVE.” After saying this she turned and jogged back in the direction of the house. Realizing I couldn’t outrun her even if I wanted to I took out my cell and texted Clara instead.

[Don’t know what happened to you guys but don’t go to party no matter what you do now. Will explain later but just let me know that you are alright when you get message.]

Sam pulled up just as I was finishing the message and she handed me the helmet which I put on. Without saying a word I climbed behind her and the bike leaped to life and roared down the street. We traveled until we reached downtown and Main Street where the buildings had store or office fronts on the ground floor with apartments above but I didn’t pay attention until Sam pulled into an alleyway between two buildings where she parked. After we got off the bike and removed our helmets I asked her some questions.

“Where are we and why? And what are your plans for me?” The last question I asked with some trepidation.

“Well you can see we’re parked in an alley and the reason for that is that a friend of mine has an apartment in this building that I can use. I was hoping you would hang with me and we can talk there or kiss or do whatever you like.”

I looked into her eyes and she seemed sincere but I also saw that she was leaning more toward whatever than talking. Maybe since she now knew I was a slut she’d decided to tap me as well but that’s what I wanted anyway. Looking down at myself I realized that my legs and skirt had mud and grass stains from where I’d lain on the ground from tackling the guy back in the yard. Frantically I started brushing the dirt off me as if that could erase what had happened when Sam just took me in her arms and hugged me tight.

Her hard body felt so comforting to me and I sank into her and pressed my face into her chest while she stroked my hair soothingly. My mind relived all I had been through that day especially what happened at the party and I began to cry, softly at first but soon my body was wracked with sobs. Sam just held me and murmured encouragement until I recovered my composure somewhat when I was startled by a buzz from my cell phone. It was Clara returning my text.

[We r good, will talk later, ok]

[Ok talk soon, cover with my mom Ash]

“Is everything alright Ashley?”

Wiping away my tears I attempted a smile before speaking. “Yes it is Sam and thank you for everything, I really mean it. I owe you big time for standing by me with all this shit I’ve caused for you so far.”

“A lot of it isn’t really your fault Ashley and besides it wasn’t that big a deal.”

“ It’s a big deal and it means a lot to me Sam and instead of standing out here talking let me thank you properly once we’re inside and you can experience how grateful this little slut can be.”

“Ash, why do you call yourself a slut like that, you shouldn’t let others label you.”

“You are wrong there Sam, its true I’ve been called a slut but it is accurate. My Mom is a slut and I take after her, I’m afraid. For the most part I enjoy it but not all the time because I do have feelings and sometimes I’m treated like dirt. I don’t think you would do that to me Sam, would you?”

She shook her head no and took me by the hand and led me to a door in the alley wall. Sam produced a key from the pocket of her striped track pants and unlocked the door so we could enter. We stood at the bottom of a narrow staircase and at the top of the landing there was an overhead light that faintly illuminated the interior. Sam pushed me against the wall and crushed me with her body as her lips hungrily met mine. Her large hands squeezed my ass cheeks and pushed them into her as she ground her hips against me.

What I obviously felt there I shouldn’t have. Sam was a girl, if a butch one, but it felt like a male bulge pressing into my mound and rubbing up and down as she rotated her hips. Her tongue was again exploring my welcoming mouth in every nook and cranny as she kneaded my bare gluteus muscles.

“Come on Ash before I take you right here by the stairs. I want you so bad that I can’t wait.”

Sam took me by the hand and almost dragged me up the stairs in her haste. When we reached the landing she unlocked the door and led me into a living room dimly lit by a couple of table lamps that sat on the floor. There was what looked like a used sofa and coffee table haphazardly placed to the side as well as a nice looking recliner facing a flat screen TV on the wall. A hallway was opposite the entrance and the kitchen was off to the right hand side.

“Wait here, I’ll be right back” she said and after a quick kiss she headed down the hallway.

I wandered over to an open window and saw it looked out over the alley. As I looked out Sam returned and beckoned me forward and I ran to her. She guided me thru the door on the left side of the hall and closed it behind us. We were in a small rectangular room lit by a bare bulb in a ceiling fixture. The only furniture was a bed that took up the majority of the room and a dresser with a TV and a DVD player on it. The bed looked to be full sized and actually had a brass tubing headboard with the mattress only having a bottom sheet and one pillow on it. There were no windows in the room.

There was only a moment to take the room in before Sam wrapped her arms around me and lifted me bodily into an embrace. My feet dangled in the air as she nibbled on my neck driving me crazy. Somehow one of her hands unzipped my skirt and pulled it past my round ass as her other arm held me suspended in midair against her. Sam moved forward a step then dropped me gently on my back onto the bed. Grinning lustily she straddled my body as she got on the bed.

Her pelvis rubbed against mine as we started kissing again and her hands pulled my shirt up from the hem and managed to work it past my full, round breasts. She then broke the kiss so she could remove my top and was rewarded by seeing that my bra unclasped in the front. With a triumphant cry Sam unfastened it freeing my breasts. Immediately each of her hands seized my flesh, closing her fingers on the tender mounds.

She leaned in and flicked my nipple with her wet tongue sending a charge to straight between my legs and she then turned her head so that she could flick the other as well. Back and forth she alternated between my nipples until suddenly she clamped her mouth over my left breast taking as much into her mouth as could fit. A lot didn’t make it in her mouth as I am quite buxom but it still felt awesome to me as she sucked on my breast. Meanwhile her left hand was tweaking the now hard nipple of my right breast and Sam also managed to move her knee between my thighs and press it up against the wet spot on my thong.

My juices were flowing like crazy as my breathing became more rapid in response to Sam’s efforts. Her mouth then switched to my right breast and nipple as her knee continued rubbing my excited pussy through the thin material of the thong. I tried to push her head down to where I really wanted it to be but Sam easily resisted my feeble attempt at taking control and instead she removed her mouth from me and rolled me onto my stomach. She again positioned her knee against my mound and then she started to kiss my back and shoulders while her hand reached down and it ran along the soft skin of my thigh.

“What are you doing to me Sam? You are so driving me crazy, I don’t know how long I can take this.”

“Well you’ll have to deal with it Ash because I plan on teasing you some more until you’re about to explode.”

“That’s not fair and I won’t cooperate any more” I answered her at which point I started to struggle.

Catching her off guard I managed to roll somewhat to my side which caused Sam to lose her balance a little and fall sideways to the bed. I had no time to savor this triumph however as Sam swiftly moved to a kneeling position and pulled me so I was flat on my back before she straddled my upper body and pinned my shoulders with her knees. She then pulled her shirt over her head revealing her torso and the fact that she didn’t wear a bra.

Honestly she didn’t need one as her breasts were small, just two bumps of flesh with small reddish nipples and areolas. Her chest muscles were actually more impressive in size than her breasts and unsurprisingly for an athlete Sam had a well developed six pack. Her hand reached back and slipped my thong to the side so it could make contact with the wet pink flesh of my pussy. I had been struggling impotently against her mass but as soon as she touched my bare flesh there I surrendered totally to her.

My body lay motionless as her fingers slid along the opening to my pinkness and when a questing digit slipped inside I cried out before biting my lip. Her thumb grazing my clit was enough to send my body into a paroxysm of pleasure. My body writhed from the delirious ecstasy that Sam had delivered to my core. When I opened my eyes a minute later I realized she was now standing next to the bed and frantically removing her track pants and the male boxers she had underneath.

Jutting between her legs was an imitation membrum vitale or in other terms an artificial phallus or dildo. It protruded from a leather harness that she wore low across her hips, lower than I had ever seen in the porn I’d watched on the internet. I also noticed it was covered by a condom which Sam was now unrolling from it and removing. The dildo seemed of a decent size around seven inches long I guess but there wasn’t much time to observe it as once the condom was off Sam had climbed back on the bed positioning herself again between my eager thighs.

She managed to grab both my hands and bring them over my head where she held my small hands secure with one of her larger ones. Her other hand guided her “cock” to my pink opening and rubbed the head back and forth against my wet folds until I wanted to scream. Sam did this until I literally begged for relief.

“Come on you wonderful bitch, stop tormenting me and fuck me. Put it in me and pound me til I can’t move.”

My plea had the desired effect as Sam pushed it deep inside me in one thrust forcing a moan of pleasure from my lips. Slowly it sank deeper as I opened up to the welcome intrusion. When she reached bottom Sam started to kiss me hard and she also drew back her hips before plunging forward harder. As she pounded me I actually bit her bottom lip from desire until she managed to pull her mouth back. A drop of blood fell from it which I managed to eagerly catch on my tongue and swallow.

“Crazy vampire bitch” Sam said to me.

“Only for you, you’re making me so crazy I‘ll drink your blood” I answered her truthfully.

As Sam’s fit body increased the rhythm of her fucking my tanned legs wrapped around her waist with the heels of my feet resting on her firm ass. It raised and lowered as it repeatedly sank into my soft and welcoming body, the rubber phallus penetrating to the pink, wet depths of my being. Sam had her eyes closed as she worked it in and out of me and her face reflected the pleasure she was experiencing but I wanted more.

I began to try and pull my hands free even though I knew my pitiful arm strength was no match for the power in the athletic body above me. In fact I didn’t even try as hard as I could just in case somehow I succeeded in freeing my hands. For the first time in my life I was being dominated and I was loving it. My struggles had the desired effect of causing Sam’s eyes to open so I could again stare into their beautiful depths as she asserted her control over me.

Her grip tightened on my hands and her other hand managed to reach and twist my nipple hard but not painfully. Her brown eyes gazed into mine and I felt myself melt inside as she continued riding me hard. There was lust and need in them and something more but what that was scared me if I read it right. But I could worry about that later as I saw the pleasure growing in her expression. Sam was getting close I could tell and I wished her to race to the finish line.

“Oh don’t stop baby keep going. You feel so good in me and I know you like it. Make me your bitch baby, your slutty little bitch. Oh pound me until you cum Sam. Yes that’s it, fuck me hard.”

My words seemed to spur her on further as her hips became a blur and her smooth skin was bathed in perspiration from her efforts. After a few more fast thrusts I felt her tremble and her body collapsed onto mine. Her hand released mine as she sank into me, her face next to mine. One of my hands moved to her head where it stroked her hair and the other ran along her back.

“Ashley that was so incredible. You really are great you know.”

“I know, I’m incredible and also modest – a rare combination.”

Sam kissed my nose and she also pulled out of me eliciting a groan of disapproval from me. Without her there I suddenly felt very empty. Sam grabbed the one pillow and worked it under my butt before bringing her face close to my pinkness.

“I’m sorry that I did that Ash, I mean not tasting you yet but I do plan on rectifying that now.”

She swiftly put her words into action as her agile tongue extended from her lips and ran from the bottom of my puffy lips up to my clit which she speared.

“Not that I’m trying to stop you Sam or anything but there’s no need to apologize. Somehow I brought you pleasure with what we did and I loved it too. My body is for however you want to use it. Lick it, fuck it, spank it, whatever you want.”

Sam stopped licking me and looked up and our eyes met again.

“Ashley I plan on doing everything to you and with you. You have the sexiest body I’ve ever seen packed on that petite frame of yours and you’re also so beautiful.”

My face blushed from her praise, even through my tan when she complimented me like that.

“Oh I’m just a girl, nothing special about me.”

“You can’t mean that and I can tell you that I think you’re very special. As far as my pleasure it pays to have the right harness for your body. The way I have it positioned every time I thrust between your golden thighs the base gives my clit a little jolt until I cum. It’s the best of both worlds that way as we both can cum from me doing you.”

“That is sooo cool” I told her but she had already resumed licking my swollen lower lips. Her tongue alternated tracing my lips with lapping at my gooey insides with an occasional flick on my clit until I wanted to climb the walls. My hands were gripping the sheet so hard that my knuckles turned white when Sam upped the ante by sliding two long fingers inside me and sucking my clit between her lips. My body went into a series of spasms as I came hard.

After I recovered sufficiently Sam rolled me on my side by the edge of the bed and positioned her body. First she put a foot on the floor and her other leg she bent with her knee on the mattress and pushed her “cock” to my wet opening. My bottom leg she pushed up towards my chest and she held my upper leg against her chest and as soon as our bodies were to her liking she drove deep into me again making me cry out with pleasure. Her free hand reached down and found my hard clit and she rubbed it gently in a circular motion as she continued sliding the full length of the dildo back and forth in me.

Her body was like a machine as she worked in and out with no sign of tiring or strain for a long time. I’d already had two more orgasms and she showed no indication of tiring or stopping as she continued her thrusting. While her one hand continued playing with me her other hand stroked my cheek before forcing two fingers in my mouth.

“Suck them Ashley” she commanded me to which I eagerly complied, running my tongue along them as I sucked.

Sam began fucking hard now, my body moving forward a little with each powerful thrust. I was so wet that I could hear a sloshing sound as she worked my pussy over and when she pulled her fingers from my mouth and squeezed my nipple I was catapulted to my strongest climax of the night. For a full minute I shook and trembled as my nerves went into a frenzy of unbridled pleasure.

While I recovered Sam had withdrawn and she actually unbuckled and removed the harness holding the dildo coated with my internal juices. For the first time I observed Sam’s pussy and it was sweet. She was completely shaven down there and her lips were reddish pink and slightly protruded from her pelvis. I received a closer look as she rolled me onto my back again and straddled my head.

“Ashley I rarely do this but with you I want to. I’m asking you to lick and suck on my clit until I cum. Don’t lick my lips, just my clit. Okay.”

My head nodded eagerly in answer to her request. I felt so honored by her request that she wanted me to service her and didn’t need to be asked twice. Tilting my head up I flicked my little, pink tongue across her clit making Sam jump. In a counterclockwise direction I began to lash her large, engorged clit with all the energy I had remaining at the end of this exhausting day and she must have already been close as within a minute her hands pulled my hair hard as she ground into my face. Not letting that slow me I continued to lick her until with a gasp she lifted her pussy out of my mouth’s reach.

“That was awesome Ashley, you have a very skilled tongue. Thank you for that.”

My face beamed with joy on hearing those words from Sam and my happiness was complete when she moved so she could kiss my hungry mouth. Sam lay on the bed and pulled me to her and I eagerly snuggled up to her with my head resting on her chest. Yawning loudly I closed my eyes and slipped into deep slumber and I dreamed of Sam that night.

When I woke the next morning I attempted to stretch when I realized Sam’s head was between my legs and she was lapping away at me. My legs parted wider allowing her total access to my charms. She was very talented and had figured what buttons to push so to speak and I welcomed the morning by calling out her name in ecstasy. As soon as I climaxed Sam got to her feet and I saw she was already dressed.

“Where are you going? Come back to bed and keep me company” I told her saucily.

“I can’t though I’d love to Ash. I’m going to be late for work already but at least I wanted to make my girl cum before I left.”

My face softened when I heard that she called me her girl as well as making herself late to pleasure me.

“Well then at least kiss me good bye” I answered.

“Love to” she said as she swooped in and our lips met. The taste of my juice was on her mouth as we kissed but far too quickly she broke the kiss and headed for the door.

“I’ll call you later Ash. Don’t lie about all day now.”

“No I need to pee and maybe sleep a little longer before I go home” I told her.

Putting on my tank top I slipped into the hall and went to the bathroom at the end and shut the door. After taking care of business I washed up and headed toward the room when the opposite door opened and I saw Sam’s friend for the first time. While Sam was very butch in her way her friend was the picture of a stereotypical bull dyke. She was very large and though she had muscle she had more fat. Her dark hair was in a buzz cut and she was wearing a wife beater and boxers. And her eyes were focused on me running up and down the length of my body making me wish I had put on my panties as my shirt only went down so far.

“Morning I’m Ashley, Sam’s friend” I said trying to be friendly as well as trying to avoid an awkward moment.

“Yeah I know” she answered as her eyes didn’t move from staring at my exposed pussy.

As I headed into the room I couldn’t resist turning to her and saying “You should take a picture, it lasts longer.”

Right after I closed the door I felt bad about what I’d said. Here I was in her apartment after she let Sam and I use it for our fun and I was a smartass. Hell if my Mom had some hot half naked guy at home and I saw him I’d probably ogle him. I resolved to apologize to her or make it up in another way but for now I just needed a little more sleep and then I’d get going for the day.

THE END But stay tuned for a bonus story that I like to call

Sylvia and Clara Get Their Groove On (a free extra story brought to you for nada. Can’t beat that!)

Sylvia and Clara headed out of the 7-11 parking lot with their mouths running a mile a minute.

“Oh my God Clara, that ride was so cool! When I’m old enough I’m going to get a motorcycle, you just watch! But can we go to my house before the party.”

“What’s the problem now Sylvia? Your house is in the opposite direction of the party, I swear sometimes you’re impossible.”

“Well what happened was” Sylvia said lowering her high pitched voice “as I’m riding on the bike I couldn’t help but getting real wet you know down there. That thing is like a giant sex toy.”

Clara couldn’t help laughing on hearing what her friend had said. Of course she’d heard stories of riding a motorcycle equaling foreplay for some women but Sylvia had proven it was true.

“So you got a little wet, big deal. It’ll dry before you know it.”

Clara saw Sylvia shake her head vehemently to that.

“Not a little wet. I tell you I’m soaked and I have a big wet spot on my jeans. My panties are a little flimsy and they didn’t absorb much. And the way she uses that bike I swear she was doing it deliberately. She was trying to make me cum and she sure got her wish. I came three times.”

“Wow you are easy ain’t you? A guy won’t need to take you out, just give you a ride and you’ll be jumping his bones” Clara said with a laugh.

“It’s not funny, I have to be careful. If a guy with a bike asks me out if I don’t really like him I’ll turn him down I think. If she had pulled into a motel I think she could have nailed me I’m so excited.”

“Sylvia with a lesbian, wow stop the presses.”

“I know, I know but damn that ride was fun. So if you don’t want to go all the way to my house why don’t we stop at yours? It is on the way and at least I can wear a skirt of yours since your jeans won’t fit me. Plus maybe a pair of panties, please.”

“Fine anything to save time Sylvia but I’m only giving you old clothes if you’re going to get them all wet and stuff.”

“Whatever, you can be such a baby sometimes.”

Clara suppressed a chuckle as she was only teasing her friend but she wondered what of hers would fit the taller girl. Sylvia was tall and slim with really long legs and small round breasts that were high on her chest. Her long blonde hair and green eyes completed the pretty picture and none could deny how attractive Sylvia looked but her body type was much different than her friends.

Clara was much shorter, even smaller than Ashley was and though her ass was round and full as befitting a girl whose mother was Hispanic she was tiny on top with her breasts barely more than large nipples and areolas. She had flashing black eyes and brown hair which she kept cut just above her slim shoulders.

Whereas Sylvia was wearing her now wet designer jeans with an expensive black silky blouse Clara dressed more down to earth with a short denim skirt and a graphic tee depicting a kitten and she wore a pair of tennis shoes. Her style was so not Sylvia’s but she felt confident she could find her something.

They had turned down Oak Street and were approaching the block Clara lived on when a voice called out to Clara. The girls turned and noticed that the house they were passing had its attached garage door open and a man stood there with his hand in the air as if was waving to them.

“Oh that’s Mr. Liebowitz my neighbor. Sometimes I babysit for his little boy. Let me just say hello to him real fast” Clara told her friend.

“Well who’s taking time now” the taller girl replied but she followed her friend toward the garage as she’d noticed the late model Lexus parked in the garage.

“Hi Mr. Liebowitz, how are you?” Clara said with a big smile.

“Very well I suppose Clara. And who is your friend?”

“My name is Sylvia and I’m pleased to meet you” the girl said as she admired the car.

“Well nice to meet you” he said in reply as he shook the girl’s hand. Turning to Clara he asked “So what are you young ladies doing this fine summer night?”

“We’re going to a party but we just have to stop at my house first. How is little Jacob? I haven’t sat for him for awhile now. And how’s your wife as well?”

“Jacob and Leah are fine. Thank you for asking, you have always been such a polite girl. Unfortunately for me my family is visiting Leah’s parents in New York for two weeks leaving me here alone. I wanted to go but there has been so much work and my partner is away in Europe on vacation.”

“That’s too bad Mr. Liebowitz.” Turning to her friend Clara said “Mr. Liebowitz is partners in a law firm. His office is right on Main Street.”

“That’s nice” Sylvia answered as she studied the man. She had never been attracted to a lawyer before but he wasn’t bad looking she thought to herself. He had dark slicked back hair and dark eyes and though his nose was a little prominent it wasn’t that large. Mr. Liebowitz was wearing dark pressed slacks and a white button down tailored shirt with no necktie. Instead the top two buttons were undone and there was a glint from a gold chain peeking through. He was also wearing tasseled black loafers with no socks and he seemed to be very tan.

“Oh I envy you young ladies, footloose and fancy free. Off from school and living it up every night.”

“I don’t know about living it up Mr. Liebowitz, but at least for a little while you are free so to speak.”

“Please call me John as we’re all equals here Clara. I am free as you say, but to what purpose. Can I make a confession to you if you don’t mind?”

“I guess so Mr. L, I mean John” Clara answered with a little trepidation over calling him by his first name.

“The reason I was in my garage was because I was wrestling with myself whether I should get in my car to go do something I might regret. It was when I saw you young ladies that I reconsidered what I was about to do.”

“Gee what were you going to do John?” Sylvia asked as she jumped into the conversation. She was much more forward and outgoing than her shorter friend and never thought of the consequences before speaking.

John looked at both girls with an anguished expression and then shook his head slowly before replying.

“Here I was, a married man and a pillar of the community, and earlier tonight I had called an escort agency in the phone book and arranged a “date” for tonight. I was just trying to get my nerve up to go when I saw you.”

“An escort Mr. Liebowitz? I’m shocked” Clara said and her expression reflected that.

“I know, I know. The problem is I have a very strong libido and with my wife gone for five days already I’m climbing the walls. If I don’t get relief soon I’ll go crazy.”

“Its none of my business but couldn’t you, you know masturbate yourself for some relief” Clara said mortified that she found herself involved in this conversation in the first place.

“I wish it was that easy. Of course I have masturbated this week, in fact I have to masturbate even when my wife is around because my sex drive is much stronger than hers. But at the end of the day I have contact with a real live woman which is enough to keep me from going off the rails though I wish Leah was more … accommodating to my desires. But now I’m out of my mind with lust.”

While he delivered his impassioned speech Sylvia found herself becoming excited again. She had earlier been greatly stimulated by the motorcycle ride but as satisfying as it was she hadn’t received the feeling of being filled by a man that she so loved. A crazy idea came to her and she acted before she had time to really think it through.

“John I hope you don’t mind me asking you this as we’ve just met, but what were you going to pay this escort? I’m just curious” she concluded trying to sound blasé and disinterested.

His eyes met hers and she saw a knowing glint in their depths.

“Two hundred and fifty dollars” he stated plainly.

After saying this John removed his wallet and removed a number of crisp $50 bills and placed them on the hood of the car with a smirk on his face.

“Mr. Liebowitz, you surely can’t be serious….” Clara began when she saw how Sylvia was looking at the money before she turned her gaze to Mr. Liebowitz and moved her eyes to his groin after which she licked her lips at what she saw.

Clara couldn’t help herself as she followed Sylvia’s lead and she gasped at what was revealed. There was a very prominent bulge located in his trousers which he reached down and squeezed. Before Clara could think of what to do he hit a button located on a remote control attached to his visor and the garage door slid down its rails as it closed.

“Would you girls like to come in the house with me?” he said with a leer as he palmed the stack of bills.

“I’d love to” Sylvia answered with a lustful grin and Mr. Liebowitz took her by her elbow and guided her to the door that led inside the house.

Not knowing what else to do Clara trailed behind them as they first passed through a laundry room before entering a basement family room. There was a white couch flanked by two chairs and all faced a large home entertainment center on the far wall with a coffee table in front of the couch. He led Sylvia to the couch and they sat down.

“Before proceeding I have to ask you this – you are how old precisely Sylvia?”

“Sixteen and in Connecticut that’s how old we have to be to roll. Since you’re a lawyer I’m sure you knew that. Here’s my student I.D. just in case” Sylvia said producing a laminated card and putting it on the table.

Mr. Liebowitz examined it and placed it on the table along with five fifties while holding onto the rest of his money. He turned a jaundiced eye to Clara who had remained further back and licked his lips obscenely.

“Clara if you’re interested in joining your friend you can make some good money as well.”

“I don’t know Mr. Liebowitz, I’m not that kind of girl really.”

Sylvia got to her feet and approached her friend and talked to her in a low voice.

“If you don’t want to I understand totally, it’s just I’m so horny to begin with I figure that I’d end up sleeping with some guy from the party anyway. This way I can actually make money doing it and John is a mature man and no doubt he knows more than some young guy about pleasing a woman.”

“I understand but he’s married Sylvia.”

“Yeah but he was going to call an escort anyway so saying no won’t really change anything except someone else getting the money.”

“That’s true but what if my family was to find out.”

“He’s married and has more to lose than us so you know he won’t say anything Clara. Maybe you can only blow him and not go all the way. At least don’t leave me alone in the room because I admit I’m a little nervous about this.”

“Okay I’ll at least stay here but I’m not promising any more.”

When Sylvia turned back to John she saw he hadn’t been idle but had removed most of his clothes and was just wearing a black bikini brief and his loafers. His chest was hairy and tanned and he stood waiting as she approached. He took her hand and placed it on his bulging crotch at which point Sylvia squeezed it making him groan.

“Clara is shy John but I’m not as you can see.” After saying that she pulled his briefs down freeing his thick erection. She gasped when she saw it because though it was of average length it was the thickest cock she’d ever seen. He smiled at her reaction and again looked toward Clara.

“Since you don’t wish to join us Clara you can go in the other room if you want or you can earn $100 dollars by sitting on the coffee table and watching us. No touching just watching – it would really turn me on.”

Since she was already going to wait for Sylvia it made sense to earn the money by watching Clara rationalized to herself. She nodded her head at him and sat on the coffee table which placed her within two feet of them.

“Sylvia why don’t you undress before you start by sucking my hard cock.”

“Okay” was all she said before pulling her shirt over her head and dropping it before unhooking and removing her brassiere as well. John gasped as she undid her jeans and worked them as well as her wet panties down her long legs. She had a very cute little ass and Sylvia had only a few wisps of blond hair guarding her mound. Once she was nude she stood in front of John who was turned sideways in regard to Clara and the coffee table. Slowly she sank to her knees in front of the older man. He grasped his cock by the base and thrust it forward against Sylvia’s lips. She saw that the large, bulbous head was red and shiny from the pre-cum that oozed from the hole. He had a pair of large heavy ball beneath it and John’s pubic region was shaved clean.

“Suck it” he demanded and Sylvia opened her mouth and took the head in. John thrust forward almost making her gag as his tip reached the entrance to her throat and he placed a hand behind her head so it couldn’t move backwards. He began to thrust rapid fire into her wet mouth as fast as he could and her saliva seeped out as he face fucked Sylvia hard. The whole time he did it he stared right into Clara’s big, black eyes.

Sylvia gasped as she did her best to accommodate his prick and she even managed to work her tongue along his sensitive underside as he used her. Clara couldn’t take her eyes from the scene in front of her as her friend serviced the lawyer. After he held her head immobile and forced the full length in her mouth and waited twenty seconds Sylvia gasped as she managed to pull off him. Smiling he got on the couch and stretched out on his back.

“Sylvia I want you to sit on my face so that I can eat your tasty teen pussy.”

That was something that sounded good to her so she climbed to her feet and positioned herself over him with one knee on the couch by his head. His left hand reached out and pulled her hip down so her treat pressed to his lips. His honeyed tongue flicked and tasted her sopping lips as it greedily tasted her essence. As Clara watched his right hand began to slowly stroke his thickness as he continued his feast. It was obviously having an effect on Sylvia who was writhing her hips lasciviously on his face as her fingers ran through his dark hair.

Unable to control herself as if she was somehow hypnotized Clara rose to her feet and undressed then moved to where she was standing by John’s groin. Bending down she parted her lips and took him as deep as she could handle. His hips arched up and his hand grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down at the same time. Clara’s eyes watered but she wouldn’t stop. She bobbed her head up and down swallowing then releasing his erection.

In spite of Clara’s attention to him he didn’t let up on the tongue lashing he was giving Sylvia and presently she arched her back and cried out as his mouth brought her a taste of paradise. Feeling the pressure starting to build in his balls John reluctantly pulled Clara from him at which point she gasped for breath.

“Get up girls” he instructed them and when they both stood by the couch he gave them further instructions.
“I want you to both get on your knees and lean your bodies on the couch.”

When they complied John gasped at the sight of the two girls’ asses up in the air and the contrast of Sylvia’s smaller paler ass in comparison to Clara’s larger rounder ass and how both the girls’ pretty pussies peeked from between their legs. He knelt down on the floor between them and smacked both their asses lightly before slipping a finger in each of their pussies.

“Before going any further let me ask you girls something. Are either of you on birth control?”

“I am” Sylvia chirped in her high voice.

“I’m not” Clara truthfully admitted to him.

“Sorry kid” he said as he drove balls deep into Sylvia’s pink pussy, sliding between her swollen lips until his heavy balls slapped against the teen‘s clit.

“Can’t take any chances with a pregnancy you know, wouldn’t be good for business or my marriage. Maybe some other time.”

John slowly started to slide in and out of Sylvia’s treasure, being careful to stay in control. The fact was he had used every trick he knew to avoid cumming with the two girls already and if he hadn’t banged his secretary Sheila earlier in the day he never would have lasted as long as he had. He jammed a second finger into his sometime babysitter and finger fucked her roughly as he continued schtupping Sylvia.

Even with his precautions he didn’t think he would last long and he knew if he had been inside Clara he’d have already lost it. John had always had a thing for her since she first babysat his son even when she had been only fifteen. On more than one occasion while he had thrust into his unresponsive wife he had imagined it was Clara instead and he always had unbelievable orgasms when he pictured her flashing eyes and juicy young ass.

His fingers smashed against Clara as they thrust in her and his thumb grazed her puckered brown hole making her shudder. He paused in his thrusting as an idea occurred to him which if he could pull off would satisfy two of his greatest fantasies at once. He slid out of Sylvia and leaned down and put his mouth to Clara’s ear.

“I have an idea Clara, just listen to me and nod. I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you and I want to fuck you so bad. If you let me do what I want you just have to name your price.”

While he said this he continued working his fingers in her wet tunnel but he pressed the tip of his thumb against her back entrance and forced it in. Clara gasped from the unexpected intrusion as he worked his digit deeper.

“Please let me fuck that sweet virgin ass of yours Clara. Money is no object to me. Will you let me?”

Clara nodded her head yes although she couldn’t explain why she agreed. Before this she never had any desire to let anyone go that route but she wanted him in her badly and that was the only way he could penetrate her tonight so she went with it.

“How much?” John asked, his voice hoarse with desire.

“Nothing extra Mr. L, I mean John” she whispered “since you can’t do it normally.”

The girl was naïve he realized but a deal is a deal. He would have gladly paid her a lot more to be the first to stretch out her ass but he loved a bargain. He helped Clara onto the couch on her back where she lifted her legs in the air before once again plunging into Sylvia and working in her for a minute to coat his cock with her lubricating juices. He wet his fingers in his mouth and forced two fingers into Clara’s tight asshole making her grimace.

He worked them back and forth loosening her hole somewhat until he couldn’t wait any longer. Pulling out of Sylvia he shifted slightly so his cock lined up with Clara. Removing his fingers John grabbed her cheeks and spread them as wide as he could as he pushed the head of his cock to her now slightly distended ring and pushed forward. She gasped in pain as his head forced its way into her tight back channel. He paused as Clara adjusted to the intrusion and brought one of his hands to her clit and began to stroke it gently.

As she reacted positively to his manipulation he slowly worked his thick member deeper. He would pause after working another inch or so into her hole while continuing to manually stimulate her. Clara was caught betwixt the pleasure and pain and somehow they merged into one as John forced his last couple of inches into her. Her mouth opened in a silent moan as he suddenly pulled almost all the way out before slamming all the way back in.

John realized he’d be lucky to last a minute so he moved his hand faster on her clit while now fucking her as hard as was able. When he saw her close her eyes he pinched her clit hard making Clara scream from the mixed pleasure and pain and buried himself all the way in her. Her body tensed from her orgasm and her ass squeezed his thickness hard. His cock swelled before releasing spurt after spurt of thick white cum into the depths of her bowels. John’s head sank to Clara’s chest and he sucked a nipple as his cock finished discharging into the object of his desire.

“Wow that was intense” Clara said recovering first.

Sylvia had watched him sodomize her friend and had played with her own clit as he did with Clara’s and had climaxed along with the two of them.

“Well that wasn’t fair, because she’s not on the pill she gets rewarded with getting her butt fucked. I demand equal treatment” Sylvia said with a wanton expression on her pretty face.

John managed to raise his head from the teen hottie’s chest as he looked at her friend with a surprised look.

“I think we should retire to the bedroom if we’re going to continue this girls” he replied.

“That’s a good idea” Clara said “just let me return a text to Ashley first and we can go.”

John smiled like the cat that ate the canary or more accurately the lawyer who ate and fucked teen girls.

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