Cheerleader With No Panties


The stockings made his skin itch.

He scratched his face nervously, careful not to rip the makeshift
mask. Wouldn’t do for the cameras to see his real face. The
movement caused his shotgun to waver slightly, looping tiny circles
about the manager’s chest. He took in both hands, steadied it.
Wouldn’t do to show weakness now.

Not when they were so close.

He glanced across.

“Faster! Faster!” Paul was yelling at the teller, the woman not
shovelling notes into his bag as quickly as his friend would like.

Out of the corner of his eye, the manager edging to the left! He
focussed his attention on the little man, looking him straight in the
eye. The manager looked back.

“Come on, come on, quicker you bitch!”

Too long… it was taking too long! They had to get away before-

The doors slammed open. “That’s enough boys, party’s over!”


She was standing in the doorway, hands on hips, with the sun shining
from behind her, silhouetting her upper thighs through the pleats of
her short skirt, causing the red and gold of her sweater to glow;
radiance matched by her curls of brunette hair.

“No!” snarled Paul, raising his gun towards her.

She waggled her finger at him, tut-tutting, an indulgent smile
playing on her lips, and Paul wavered. Then she spun herself around,
bent down to touch her toes, flicking her skirt up over her cute

Long legs stretched from said behind all the way to the tops of her
short socks. Straight down. And between those lily-white legs, just
peeking out, her furred little mound; her pale pussy; her exotic

So lovely, so desirable, so soft, so dreamy, so pale, so welcoming,

Paul was holding something long and cylindrical and it wasn’t his gun.

Shook his head, trying to shake some sense into his enraptured
neurons. He had to move, push past the girl, get away!

And then she reached back and started to rub her ass.

He half-glanced down and was unsurprised to see his cock, engorged to
its full seven inches, in his hand.

Her fingers were brushing over her mound now.

His fingers were stroking his hardness at full tilt.

Her fingertips just running over her labia.

His fist clenched around his cock tighter than he could ever have

Her fingers gently parting her lower lips.

Paul exploded noisily.

His hips bucking into his tight-clenched hand.

Her fingernail running forward along her slit, seeking out –


He felt his balls clench, his cock strain, his whole body spasm, as
he experienced the most intense moment of his life; he felt as if his
mind, his emotions, his soul were being shot from his member along
with gallons and gallons of sticky white spume.

When he came to he found himself on his knees, his trousers around
his ankles, before a puddle of his ejaculate.

He heard a click as handcuffs were fastened around his wrists,
miranda rights echoed in his ears. He was dimly aware of being
carried off into a police van, his legs too weak to bear him.

But mostly, he just knew that he was knackered.

The policeman had watched as the van carried the robbers off to their
incarceration. Now, he turned to the architect of their capture,
trying his very hardest not to stare at her voluptuous, mountainous,
pert, soft, generous breasts. Oops.

“Thank you again, Cheerleader With No Panties, we’d never have caught
them if it hadn’t been for you.”

The Cheerleader smiled, her lips parting to reveal faultless white
teeth. “It’s all in a day’s work for every super hero. But now you
must excuse me; somewhere, a crime is being committed!” And with
that she was off, soaring high into the sky.

The policeman watched her fly off over the city, the gentle breeze
fluttering her skirt, her legs slightly parted and just visible
between them –

He sensed beside him the bank manager, still agog from what he had
witnessed. “You know,” he said, trying to take his mind off that
glimpse of the Cheerleader’s perfect teenaged twat. “It gives a man
a warm feeling to know she’s up there doing her job.

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