Bitch ,beach,Bob and I

My wife and I had been married for about 6 years when we started talking about having sex with other people.I’ve alway’s wanted to see her fuck another man,alway’s.I know alot of men can’t even imagine that but it’s a major turn on for me.

We decided my best friend “BOB” was the prime candidate.So we arranged a weekend trip to the beach,just me and her and bob.and by the way bob had no idea what we had planned but as hot as my wife is there was no way he would not do it.

We were driving down the road around 11:00p.m. about an hour from the beach ,the wife is in the back,me and Bob are in the front when we are listing to music,drinking and having a good time and after 2 or 3 beer’s my wife start’s getting loose and I can tell she is really getting turned on,flirting with bob playing grab ass and so on.

Bob has a pierced tounge and she told me she’s alway’s wanted to kiss someone who had one,so I told her to try it out.Bob never batted an eye.They started kissing and my fucking dick got so hard i couldn’t believe it!

They kissed for about a minute or two when she didn’t say a word but she got in the front seat with Bob and it’s on and there’s no stopping it.After kissing him a little while longer she look’s at me and give’s me that look,she proceed’s to get in the floor in front of him and start sucking his cock.I’m having a really hard time driving while this is going on(no pun intended)I just can’t believe it’s really happening! I didn’t really know if I would be jealous or not but I’m totally cool with it.

She’s sucking his 7 inch cock all the way to the ball’s and i’m loving it.I have a 10 inch cock and she can’t deep throat it.and that’s the only thing I’m jealous about.

She crawl’s in his lap and takes her little short short’s off and by now my heart is racing my fucking cock is throbing with precum soaking my pant’s.She reaches behind her and put’s his dick in her dripping shaved pussy,and they in unison moan so loud it’s too hot for word’s.She lean’s over takes my cock out and start’s to suck it while I’m still driving and I can’t stand it,so i pulled off the road onto a long private drive hidden by the bushes get out and go around to passanger’s side of the truck.

I drop my short’s to the ground,she stand’s outside the truck,now totally naked turns her back to me with a smile and start’s to swallow Bob’s prick again and I slide my pumping love muscle all the way in her and i can feel her whole body shake she is cumming like I’ve never seen before!

It only take’s about 4 or 5 minutes for me to fill her stomach with my load she almost collapsed,so Bob bends her over the seat and start’s to fuck her again and she say’s…PLEASE STICK IT IN MY ASS.What?I can’t believe this shit.I’ve tried to get that ass for 7 yrs.And now she’s begging for it?????

Well that was the start of a totally new relationship,a better relationship.That was the nignt my wife became A Slut Wife and I love it.

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