And Sister Came Too

It was a weekend we had been wishing for. Verity’s
parents had gone away to celebrate their wedding
anniversary. We had been going out for about six
months, and had a healthy, but secretive sex life. We
were both 19, but neither of our parents approved of us
having sex in the house, so a weekend together was
something we had been hoping for, for a while.

It was a last minute decision by her parents to go.
They booked on Wednesday evening, and where gone Friday
lunchtime not to return until late Sunday.

As soon as I left work I went straight to the house.
Verity opened the door, smiled, took me by the hand and
we went up to her bedroom.

“I’m going to make all your dreams come true,” she said
as soon as she shut the door “we have all weekend and
all you need to do is tell me your fantasies for them
to happen.”

“You, me, a bed and a whole weekend of fucking,” I
answered “as often as we can, in as many ways as

“Sounds good to me, but I want to hear what you
secretly desire. On days when we don’t get to have sex
what do you think about when you wank in your bed at

“You,” I said, honestly. “I lay there and imagine you
with me, and that we can do this.” I pulled her close
to me, kissed her on the lips and let me hands drop
down her back to grab her arse. My cock was already
hard, in fact it had been since I started driving over,
and as I started to caress her arse through her skirt I
expected her hands to grab my cock, as they usually
would. Instead she gently pushed me away.

“Don’t be so hasty,” she said “You’ll get me soon
enough, and as often as you like, but first tell me
what you used to fantasise about before you met me.”

“What?” I asked.

“Did you ever want to have an orgy? Or have two girls?
Have you ever wanted to have sex with another man? tell
me. I know that now you only think about me at night,
just as I only imagine your cock inside me whilst I
masturbate, but what about a year ago? who and what did
you dream of?”

“The first two, yeah, same as any bloke does I suppose,
but I’ve never wanted homosexual sex. Look, what is all
this about?, I never thought we would still be fully
clothed at this point! All I want to do is pleasure
you, and I want to do so now.” I tried to start taking
her top of but she gently pushed my hands away

“Very soon” she said “just a couple of minutes. You
want to pleasure me, do you want to make all my
fantasies reality too?”

“Of course,” I replied.

“You’d do anything for me?”


“Even if I wanted you to fuck someone else?”

That threw me. “What?”

“If I told you I wanted to watch you fuck another woman
would you do it for me?”

“You are the only person I want to fuck right now, and
I thought I would be doing so by now! My cock has been
hard since before I got here. Look!” I dropped my
trousers to release my stiff cock. “I’m desperate for

She smiled, “And I want you, my pussy is all open and
wet and I want to feel this in it.” She grabbed my
cock, “but first tell me, if I wanted you to fuck
someone else would you do it?”

“Only if you wanted me to,” I answered.

“Anyone?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said, as I pulled her towards me again and
started to pull her skirt down, but she stopped me
again and released my cock.

“Really?” she asked “So if I said you could have any
woman in the world who would it be?”

“You,” I replied. “I thought that was obvious.”

Verity smiled and giggled “Apart from me I mean, I want
to know what other women you fancy and who you used
think about when you wanked. How about Kelly Brook,
would fuck her?”

It was plain that Verity wanted to talk this through
before we started having sex, and so I decided to try
to get it over with as quick as possible, so I told her
the truth “Yes, before I met you she was a fantasy of

“Kylie Minogue?”

“No, I’ve never found her attractive.”

Verity then asked me about a couple of other famous
people, I answered truthfully, she continued her list
throwing in a couple of our friends and other locals,
most of whom I said no to.

“Michelle?” she said, meaning her younger sister.

“She does look a lot like you, so I’d have to say yes.”

“Good, because I want you to.”

“What?” I said, flabbergasted.

“I want you to fuck my sister. We were having a chat a
couple of days ago and we got onto the subject of sex.
She’s still a virgin, and wants to make sure her first
time is wonderful. I know mine was a huge
disappointment. I never really enjoyed sex until I met
you. She asked me how good you were in bed and I told
her you were the best, so she asked if I would ask you
if you would agree to take her virginity. So I have and
you said you would – she’s sixteen next month so it
would be like an early birthday present.”


“She’s in her room, I’ll get her,” Verity looked me in
the eye. “I’m serious, I want you to fuck Michelle. I
must admit the idea is a big turn on for me, and you
did say you would do anything for me.”

She’d caught me. I had said so. “OK. But first I want
to fuck you, today has been on my mind since you rang
me to tell me you had the house to yourself for the

Verity kissed me and then grabbed my still hard cock.
“Of course, I want this first. I’ll go and get her and
she can watch us fuck and if she still wants to it’ll
be her turn.”

She bent down, licked the top of my cock and said,
“I’ll get her. You need to be naked and on the bed when
I get back.”

As she left the room I stepped out of my trousers, took
off my shirt, pulled back the duvet and lay on Verity’s
bed. Very soon Verity came back into the room, fully
naked. As she jumped on top of me I saw Michelle come
into the room.

Verity kissed me, and I started to caress her. I rolled
over on top of her and began to suck her tits as my
right hand reached down to her pussy. She was very open
and wet and ready for fucking. I had other ideas
though, and slid down her body to start licking her
cunt, as she always liked me to. My tongue began to
flick her clit as I slid two fingers slowly in and out
of her.

“Oh god yes, that’s wonderful” she gasped, and within a
few seconds began to gasp “Oh yes, I’m cumming, make me
cum… yes… yes… fuck… yes… I’m cumming!” I
felt her cunt tighten over my fingers as her body shook
from the orgasm. “I’ve never come that quick before…
fuck me now,” she said as she grasped my head and began
to pull me upwards. I quickly guided my cock to her
pussy entrance, paused there for a couple of seconds
and thrust into her.

“Oh yes, that feels so good,” I moaned. “I love fucking
you.” I began to move back and forth, almost pulling
all the way out of her before slowly sliding back into
her. Fairly soon I felt my orgasm beginning “I’m going
to cum for you.”

“I’m cumming too!” Verity screamed, and I felt her cunt
tighten around my cock. No sooner had her orgasm
finished then mine began

“I’m cumming!” I gasped, as I felt the first load of
spunk shoot out of my cock, followed by many more. As I
finished I lay on top of Verity. “I love you” I
whispered in her ear.

“I love you too,” she replied. I then felt her look
over my shoulder.

“Do you still want to?” I heard her ask.

Michelle! I had forgotten about her. I rolled off
Verity to look at her younger sister. Michelle’s
trousers were round her ankles and she had a hand
inside her panties, which I could see were soaked. Her
nipples were hard and sticking out through her t-shirt.

“I can see you do,” Verity said. She turned to me and
said, “Are you ready?”

“Yes,” I said. I got out of the bed and walked towards
Michelle my cock still hard. As I got near her I could
see anticipation, longing and a little fear in her
eyes. I kissed her, first on the lips and then on the

“I’ll give you an experience you will never forget,” I
whispered into her ear. I took hold of her t-shirt and
pulled it over her head to reveal her tits. They were
slightly smaller than Verity’s. I let the t-shirt fall
to the floor and started to caress Michelle’s tits as
my mouth made it’s way from her neck to her tits. As my
tongue flicked over a nipple she gasped. She stepped
out of her trousers and I pulled her towards the bed
and told her to lie down. As I bent over her my tongue
found its way back to her tits.

“That’s right, lick her titties,” said Verity. As I did
I heard Michelle’s breath come in short sharp gasps. I
began to lick my way down he body until I reached her

“These are soaked,” I said. “It won’t take much to get
you ready.” I pulled them down to reveal her pussy. It
had been recently shaved, looked very tight and I ran
my tongue up and down her lips.

“That feels good,” Michelle moaned as my tongue found
its way between her pussy lips and began to explore her

“That’s it, lick her cunt,” said Verity, and I did. I
felt Verity get between my legs, wipe my cock and roll
a condom onto it. “You’ll need that,” she said.

I continued to lick Michelle’s cunt, pushing my tongue
into her tunnel. She was very wet.

“Now lick her clit and put your finger into her,”
Verity instructed. As I did I heard Michelle gasp

“Oh, fuck, that feels so good. You are going to make me
cum.” I kept licking her clit and fingering her cunt
until she did, very loudly. As her screams died down
Verity said, “I bet you’ve never cum that hard before
by yourself.”

Between gasps Michelle said, “No, that was amazing.”

“That was just the start,” Verity told her. “He’s going
to fuck you now.” I pulled myself up so that me cock
was at Michelle’s cunt entrance, just touching her

“Do you want me to do this?” I asked Michelle.

“Fuck me,” was her reply.

So I did. I pushed my cock into her cunt. There was a
little bit of resistance from her hymen, and as I went
through she gave a small gasp of pain. I paused for a
few seconds to let her have the feeling of her cunt
full of cock for the first time. Then I slowly began to
thrust in and out. “I’m fucking you,” I told her, “feel
my cock inside you?”

“Oh yes, yes, oh god.”

As I continued to fuck Michelle I looked over at
Verity. She was frantically frigging herself while she
watched me fuck her sister. I bent down so that I could
start sucking Michelle’s tit while I increased my

Michelle was moaning very loudly and began to shout
that she was coming. As I felt her cunt tighten round
my cock she screamed, “Oh, fuck, yes, I’m cumming!” as
I sucked hard on her nipple whilst my cock pounded in
and out of her cunt. She was definitely a screamer!

As her orgasm subsided I released her tit and began to
nuzzle her neck. “Feel me fuck you, feel my cock inside
you,” I said to her. Michelle responded by putting her
hands on my arse as if to try to push me further inside
her. “This is so good,” she gasped.

“It’s my turn to cum,” shouted Verity, I glanced at her
and she had four fingers buried in her cunt. “Fuck my
sister while I cum.”

It was all getting a bit too much for me and I felt my
orgasm start to build up. “I’m going to cum, feel me
cum” I said to Michelle as my spunk pumped out of my
cock. When I had finished I pulled out of her and
collapsed back onto the bed. All three of us lay there
for a few seconds, panting.

Verity pulled up the duvet to cover us all. “That was
so hot,” she told me. “Watching you fuck my sister is a
real big turn on.”

Michelle kissed me on the cheek, “thanks” she said

“How was that sis?” Verity asked.

“Amazing,” came the reply. “I came more than I have
ever come before, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able
to close my legs again. Thanks for doing this for me.”

“When do you plan this?” I asked.

“We talked about it a couple of weeks ago” Verity
answered “and ever since then Michelle has been
persuading Mum and Dad to go away for their
anniversary. But I knew I had to get you to the point
where you would agree to anything before I asked you �
but admit it you enjoyed fucking her didn’t you.”

“Yes,” I said. “I did. And I’m glad you thought to get
a condom because I didn’t even think about that.”

“How many were in the pack?” Michelle asked.

“Three,” Verity replied.

“That means to use them up you need to fuck me again
twice more” Michelle said. As she did Verity rolled the
used one off my soft cock.

“Not until tomorrow,” she said. “He’s got a night of
fucking me to come, I promised him. But he will
tomorrow,” she looked at me seriously “won’t you.”

“Of course,” I replied.

“That’s settled,” Verity said. “Tonight he is mine but
tomorrow, little sis, you get to fuck him again.
Firstly though we need to say thanks”

“I just did,” said Michelle.

“Properly,” Verity answered. “He said he fantasised
about having two women, so now we need to do whatever
he wants.” She looked at me “here we are what do you
want us to do?”

“I need a rest first,” I replied. “But when I am ready
again I want both of you to suck my cock.” That had
always been a fantasy of mine, and Verity knew that
loved a blow job. “Treat it like a lollipop that you
are sharing, lick it together and pleasure me until I

Verity grabbed my cock, “We’ll start when I feel this
getting hard again,” she said.

“Did you dream of the two women getting it on with each
other?” Michelle asked.

“Yes,” I replied, “but you two are sisters, if you
don’t want to you don’t have to.”

“I don’t,” Verity told me.

We chatted about what we had just done, and sex in
general for a while, with Verity feeling my cock every
once in a while, until she felt me getting hard again.

“Watch me,” she said to Michelle “this is how you suck
cock.” She began to give me head. After a short while
she said, “Your turn.” And Michelle began.

“Lick the shaft,” Verity said, “then take the head into
your mouth” Michelle did as she was told. As she did
Verity said, “Make sure you cum in her mouth.”

The two of them shared my cock, each sucking for a
short while before passing it to their sister. As they
changed over they both licked it, one on the head and
the other licking up and down the shaft.

While Verity was taking her turn, I saw Michelle reach
between her older sister’s legs to try and feel her
cunt. Verity reacted by closing her legs and pulling
away. Eventually I felt myself start to cum while
Michelle was on my cock. “I’m cumming!” I gasped as the
first shot of spunk unloaded into her mouth. Michelle
pulled my cock out of her mouth and my second shot of
spunk hit her in the face. Verity grabbed it in time
for the third to hit her on the cheek, and my cock was
in Verity’s mouth for the rest of my cum.

“Was that how you imagined it?” Verity asked.

We got up for a while afterwards, as I was completely
drained. When I felt ready again Verity and I went back
to bed for lots of fucking. As promised I fucked
Michelle twice more before the end of the weekend. Now,
six months later Verity and I have a place together and
Michelle has a very active sex life. Every so often
though she comes to stay with us and always ends up in
our bed getting fucked by me while Verity watches.

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