Anal and more- this is a long story

I was driving from home from college for the weekend and had to cross 3 states to do so. It was the middle of my junior year and I had not been with a guy for about a month so the drive had me daydreaming and very horny. I had left right after work (I work at a bar off campus) so I had on a relatively short skirt and a low cut blouse (the outfit definitely increases tips). Oh; I am average looking I guess, I have a nice body I wear a size 4 but have a 34DD bust line (thanks to my mom). I have had a couple of love affairs in college, but most of the sex has been what I consider “casual” and usually has come about after meeting someone during work.
Anyway after a few hours of driving and more than a couple of times of running my finger up inside my panties, I had to pee and stopped at a rest area. It was not one of those nice stops; it was a “welcoming center” for some county. I guess the welcoming center got its name because there was a big map on a piece of wood outside the vending machines. When I drove up I almost left as it looked like a dump, but it had bathrooms that weren’t made of plastic (though not much better). I walked into the ladies room and there were two stalls. I took out a toilet protector from the dispenser above the toilet. It was the last one and when I took it out there was a hole in the wall that looked like it had held something before the dispenser. The hole wasn’t very big (but I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a camera or something you read about) and when I looked in the hole I was looking down to a toilet that I figured must be in the men’s room. I realized quickly that the hole was angled so I look down but if a man was on the other side he would just be looking up toward the top of the wall. I figured I was safe and sat down and did my business. While sitting there I was thinking it would be neat to spy on guys peeing, but then realized there were probably urinals in the men’s room and all I would see is the back of some guy’s back- oh well.
I was done and about to leave the stall when heard the springs and then the shut of a door. I was curious and looked through the hole. I could see an orange tee shirt and a pair of jeans. The guy was facing me and I backed away a little from the hole but could still see fine. The guy unzipped his pants and I was waiting for him to turn around, I thought I might get a look at his ass when he sat down, but he didn’t. He undid the button on his jeans and then reached down inside his pants further than I would have thought, and when his hand came back up he brought up this huge dick. He plopped it down and the thing must have been at least a foot long if not longer. He let it just hang there. It was limp and wider than some guys I have been with when they are hard. He was circumcised and the head alone was a couple of inches. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. All of sudden he started to pee, it came out with great force- and even with the wall I could here it hitting the water. He finished – shook it a few times and loaded it back into his pants.
I had to have that dick. I ran out of the stall quickly washed my hands and pushed through the door. I walked around the building and there he was walking toward the vending machines. I didn’t have a plan, but was glad that he hadn’t just hoped in car as I wouldn’t have known what to do. I followed him to the machines.
When I finally got a look at his face he was much older than I had hopped for. He must have been in his late 50’s- maybe 60. The oldest guy I had been with was 30 and this guy could be twice his age, but I was after his dick not his face. He wasn’t bad looking or fat or anything, just old.
He gave me a once over look and I smiled back, still with no idea what I was doing. He spoke first and says “missy, you must be coming home from a date dressed all nice and everything?” Great, I said to myself the guy is a hick. – I told him I was just coming home from work and had been driving for a couple of hours and had to stop before I fell asleep. We both bought a soda and I was trying to figure out what to say- I mean I’m not shy, but I could not think of how to start the conversation. Every time I looked at him he was looking at me and I gave him this dumb smile.
He finally says “you know it’s dangerous to drive when you are falling a sleep.” He then goes on to tell me that he stopped to take a quick nap himself.” I told him that napping in a Mustang isn’t too comfortable and he says “well I have that big sleeper rig over there if you want comfort.” BINGO!
I must have looked at him too long without saying anything as he had just solved the problem as he then says, “I didn’t mean nothing by it missy, it’s been a long time since I tried anything with a young lady.” I felt guilty at that point, and said “I didn’t mean anything by not answering and that maybe a couple of hours of sleep wasn’t a bad idea” and tried to give him a little bit of a sexy smile.
We walked over to his truck and he told me where he was from and where he was going and stuff. We got to his truck and I couldn’t believe how high it was. I saw that I was going to have climb into this thing, I quickly pulled up on my thong panties so my strap was inside my labia just in case he was behind me. This little tug sent a warm chill up my spine; I was getting very turned on. He unlocked the door and turned to me- climb on in. I looked at him and asked how. He showed me where to step, I am not that tall, so I told him it was ok if he needed to he could give me a push. I started up the step on the side of the cab and then the next one was at the base of the door. I looked back and saw his eyes were focused right where I hoped they would be. I swung my other leg out a little to give him a better look before finding the next foot hold. I pretended to be stuck and asked him for a push. He planted his hands on my two bare cheeks and gave me a push. That got me into the truck and hopefully got him turned on a little.
When I got into the cab I was amazed at the size. Between the two seats was a pathway to the sleeper part. I moved off the seat to let him up and walked into the back. There was like a full size mattress on the floor and shelves along the wall. When I was sitting on the bed I looked at the shelves and there was a microwave, a lamp and a TV and DVD player. By the DVD player were like 50 DVDs and holding them in place was the player on one side and the biggest bottle pump bottle of Vaseline hand cream I ever saw on the other. I looked at the names of the films and they were all porn. I smiled when I got the meaning of the Vaseline and paper towels next to the bottle. At this point the driver had joined me in the little room and said “oh, I guess I should have covered them up.” I told him it was his truck; he didn’t need to cover them up. I said innocently- “these are all porn, huh?” He just nodded, I told him I had never seen one because I never wanted to get caught by my parents or roommate (I had seen a few- but he didn’t need to know). He responded, well if you want to watch one before you take your nap just pick one out. I looked at him and said OK. I then looked at the titles trying to find the one that would help me out here. Finally one caught my eye. I pulled “young women that crave huge cranks” I asked if we could watch this one. He told me sure. I then went on to say “I was with this guy once who had a really big one, I was like in a trance the entire time I was with him, I would look at his thing and just did anything he wanted , as long as it had to do with his ‘thing’ and if you think that size doesn’t matter to girl, then she’s lying” I continued “oh, I’m sorry I don’t know why I told you all that, maybe the picture of these big ones is doing the trance thing again” He told me it was fine and loaded the DVD into the player. At the same time he asked casually asked me how big the guy I was with had been and I told him it must have been at least 8 or 9 inches. He just nodded.

The TV came on and some women as sitting behind a desk, I looked at him and he said, “here wait that is just the intro, I will put it on one of the scenes.”

He used the remote and switched to a scene; there was a man and a woman standing near a bed kissing (I guess there was no plot in this movie like the two I had seen.) I shifted around so I was on my knees with my face about 2 feet in front of the screen, I wanted to see what would happen if I appeared to be totally engrossed in the movie. As I shifted the driver laid down on his back, and I asked him if I was blocking the screen, he told me I was fine and I turned back to the screen.

The guy helped the woman off with her top and then she sat on the bed and started rubbing the guys crouch. She then moved his zipper down and let out his dick. It wasn’t that big yet but it had potential. She took him into her mouth and started to sucking him, you could tell he was getting bigger. She took him out and he had like a 10” dick. “Holy shit” I said out loud. The driver just laughed. I decided to ignore him and see what he would do. The woman took his dick back into her mouth and after a few tries took the whole thing; “holy shit” I said again. I could feel my nipples getting rock hard and I had forgotten to re-shift the strap of my thong so the pressure down there wasn’t helping me stay in any control.

As I watched the TV I could feel my pussy juice dripping down my leg. After a few minutes the couple on the screen were going at it and every so often I would again say “holy shit” to show the guy next to me that I was engrossed in the movie. The guy had the woman on all fours and was doing her from the back. All of a sudden the woman on the screen says “I want you to fuck my ass”. I say out loud “what is she nuts.” I heard a slight laugh next to me and also think that I heard a zipper going down. I shifted my eyes slightly and could see the driver’s legs resifting a bit, but I ignored it.

The guy on the screen then pulls out his now rock hard 10” dick and spits at the lady’s hole and then puts the head at her butt and enters her. She moans and in a few minutes she is cumming. I am into anal, I mean I love it when a guy licks me there (not many have) and I like it when a guy massages the outside of the hole or puts in a digit or so when fucking me, I even do that when masturbating some time. However the only time I really enjoyed being fucked there big time; was when the guy with the big dick did me back there, I know that doesn’t make sense, but either I was just so hot it felt good or maybe my sphincter couldn’t tighten up on it (if that makes any sense)… but this woman was going crazy on the movie and cumming much more than she was when he was in her other hole.

This time I was mesmerized by what was going on, on the movie. Suddenly the guy pulls out and shoots his load all over her butt and one of the shots goes up her back. I turn and start to say “that was really hot” but all of it didn’t come out. As I turned there was the truck driver with his pants and shirt open and he was stroking himself. I couldn’t talk for a moment as I took in the entire seen. He had his balls outside his underwear, they were huge. I followed his shaft all the way up to the head that was at least a few inches alone. I don’t know how long it actually was but the head was up to his nipples. I’ll bet if he had positioned himself right that he could probably suck his own dick. But I wasn’t thinking about him sucking it, I wanted to. He looked at me and said “you can stoke it.” I finally got two words out- yep “holy shit” I started to stroke him with two hands. He wasn’t completely hard and his skin was nice and soft. I could barely get my hands around the shaft at this point, but did my best.

After a few minutes doing this he say “take your top off.” I did as told and continued to play with his shaft and balls. He then told me to “suck it”—which I did, I could barely get much more then the head and a small amount of the shaft in my mouth. He started to play with my boobs and nipples. I had my eyes open and just kept looking down the shaft as I bobbed up and down on him. He told me to stop for a minute; I did and looked at him. He was now hard and the head was nice light purple color. I kept stroking him and now my hands could not close around the girth of his dick. He told me to take off the rest of my clothes. Again I did as I was told. He had me position myself so my pussy was facing him, but he could still watch me suck him, which I started to do again.

As I was sucking and rubbing his shaft with my two hands, I felt his fingers moving up my thigh. I couldn’t wait for some relief down there. I felt his fingers get close and then travel past my pussy and up toward my pierced bellybutton. “Damn why is doing this to me” I thought. At that moment I heard a woman cumming on the DVD again, I had heard some music and moans from the TV but had pretty much blocked it out. As the girl got louder the driver grabbed me by the hair and turned my head to see the TV. A black guy was lying on his back and white girl was facing his feet and the camera, she was riding the guy and he looked about the size of the last actor from what I could see, and it took me a moment to see that this guy was in the girl’s butt as well, she was rubbing her clit and dripping like crazy. The guy pulls out then and I see he is a little longer than the other actor, but no where close to what I have in front of me. The guy shoots his load all over the woman’s pussy and then reenters her, this time in her pussy and she starts to howl some more.

The hand on my head grabs hold again and this time positions my mouth at the base of his dick- he lets me know that he wants me to lick and suck his balls which I gladly do—but I want some reciprocity.. I shifted a little so that my pussy is closer to him, but all I feel is his fingers getting close to me and then moving away. My pussy is flowing and I can feel a drop every so often leave my hole and run down the inside of my thigh. I finally move my hand down my belly and towards my clit. He stops my hand with his and I look up from his balls- he asks me if I am horny- I tell him “yes”- he asks me if I want him to help me with that and I say “yes”- he then tells me I will do it his way and then tells me to get up on knees again the way I was watching TV.

I got up on my knees and he slides his head underneath me. He starts to blow up inside me and I almost started to cum from that. He then pushes me up from my butt and away from his mouth- He says “look up” and tells me to grab the bar above my head. I had seen it before when I was watching the first video but never thought to grab it to hold on, but now it made sense to grab it to be more comfortable- I grabbed the handle and all he was doing was breathing below me – he was teasing me again and when I tried to push down his hands held me away from his mouth. A new scene came onto the TV and now my face was about a foot from the screen. Two girls started to mess around on a bed and then one rolled over and brought a huge thick dildo up from the side of the bed. I could never have fit something that big inside me and didn’t think anyone else could either- she started to rub it around the other girl’s body and made the girl lick it like an ice cream cone.

As I was I getting into the movie I felt my body being lowered. I soon felt very close to the driver’s mouth. All of a sudden he puts his tongue on my very swollen clit. Finally- I thought to myself and my body started to react to the stimulation. He moved his tongue back and forth just flicking the end of my clit. He then took my clit in his mouth and started to suck on it like a nipple. I had never had anyone do that and it felt great- I think it took like 2 seconds and I started to cum like I never had and I didn’t stop coming I would cum lightly and then into a violent body shaking climax, and he never let go of my clit… he then lightened up a little which was good as I had to remember to breath-

I was in one of those whimpering type light climax areas when I felt his thumb playing with my butt. I was so wet down there that it was lubed up and after circling for just a moment he easily slid his thumb inside my hole. I started to ride his thumb, trying to get it in deeper- I wanted him in my pussy but at this point anything, anywhere inside me was needed. He was still playing with my clit, but I could feel his thumb pressing on the other side of my vaginal wall and started to cum again. This went on for a few minutes and then I heard the pump of bottle. His thumb came out of my butt and then went back in, this time it went in even easier and I felt the cool lotion inside of me. I couldn’t believe how much my butt wanted to be filled. Actually my pussy wanted to be filled but that was not happening. I looked up and saw the other pump bottle was still on the shelf – this guy must have had another.

One of the girls on the screen had put on a strap-on and was about to take the other girl from behind- the huge dildo seamed to be a tease as it was still sitting on the bed, but the strap on was still big- she slid it into the other girls pussy and started to bang her hard- I was so jealous, my clit and butt where being taken care of but not my pussy. The driver now had both of his thumbs inside me and was pulling at the walls of my ass. They were too short I needed more. He took his thumbs out of me and sucked hard against my clit – like he was trying to give me a hickey down there, my clit was so sensitive that it almost hurt, but at the same time it put me over the edge in a big way again.

I heard the pump again and then two of his fingers entered my butt easily as they were so lubed up- Finally some length. His fingers went as deep as they could in my ass. I pushed back trying to get them in deeper and as quickly as they had entered me they were gone. My clit was still in his vacuum like mouth and I was starting to cum for like the 10th time.

I felt him playing with my ass again and pushed back to accept his fingers or thumb, but this time it took a little more to get him inside me. I then felt a lot more pressure and what ever he was doing was expanding my anus more then his two thumbs, it only took a few seconds and I felt something large enter my butt. I was thinking “it couldn’t be” I reached behind me and felt the shaft of his cock. I followed the shaft up and sure enough it ended inside my ass. The guy was sucking on my clit and fucking my butt at the same time. The thought itself had me so turned on. What had me even more turned on was the feeling in my butt- it was great and I pushed back to take more of him. He wasn’t pumping, I was doing all the movement.

My ass was feeling great and it almost felt like being fucked in my pussy. All of sudden I got this shooting pain from my clit, I was raw down there and I couldn’t take it any longer- I pushed down on his forehead and said “you can have my ass but you have to get off my clit- it hurts too much.” He put his head down and shoved his dick deeper inside me. I couldn’t believe how good it felt and he kept fucking me. He pulled out almost all the way and I heard the now familiar pump. When he pushed in I felt the coolness and extra wet of the lube. I looked up at the TV just in time to see the girl take the strap on out of the other girl’s pussy and position it at the walls of the other girls anus. She like the actor before, spit into the girls ass and then pushed the huge dildo into the other girl- The dildo was wider than the truck driver and I couldn’t believe the other girl took it. I started to laugh that I was watching this anal stuff while getting plugged myself. I also started to wonder about the DVD. The case was on the shelf and I picked it up and looked at the cover again.

Although the title on the top read “young women that crave huge cranks” the text on the bottom read “girls that crave their back door filled with huge cocks and toys”. I wondered if the truck driver thought I picked this movie because I liked it up the butt. Like I told you I usually don’t but at the moment I was loving it. I put the cover down and looked at the face of the driver- he look up and said “lean forward a bit. I saw a handle on each side of the entrance I had come into the sleeper part and switched my hands from above me to in front of me. As I shifted he drove his cock deep into my bowels. I thought it should hurt like hell, but it felt great. He kept pumping and suddenly I felt an orgasm coming on. I didn’t know you could come from your ass but one was coming and it was a big one. He kept slamming and I start to moan, then yell, and I swear I started to howl as this huge orgasm shook through my body and his long cock kept pumping inside my butt cavity.

I came for like ever and not a high and low, I mean I was cumming at full power and it was unbelievable. He finally stopped pumping and I almost lost my grip on the handles and fell flat on my face. As he stopped I realized that my knees where about to break. I told him I needed a break and he pulled out of me. I started to fear that he had cum in my butt and asked him, he said he hadn’t he just got tired. I lied down next to him and still could not believe the size of the dick next to me. He reach down on the side of the bed and took some paper towel and start to clean off his dick of all the cream – he put his towel covered hand near the base of his dick and it stood straight up. He looked at me and then at his shaft- I didn’t know what he was implying. He then said- “look at where the lube line is.” I then saw what he meant – it as obvious how much of his dick had been inside me by the line of lube that encircled his shaft about 10 inches down his shaft- My eyes felt like they almost popped out of my head- “I took all of that in my ass?” he smiled and said “yes, and from what I could hear- it didn’t hurt much either.” Hurt, it felt great. He cleaned off his cock and then pulled my head over to suck him again. My god this guy has staying power.

I sucked him for a few minutes and then he puts his hand under my chin and faces my face to his- he looks into my eyes and says “I’ll bet that pussy of your can take the hole thing, what do think?” I said “I doubt it, but let’s see how much I can take.” Thank god he didn’t ask me to get on top- my knees were still red and sore. He gets on his knees and then takes my feet and puts them on his chest. I have been in this position before, but usually my knees are on my boobs, But at this point my legs were extended more that that as he lined up the head of his dick with my hole. I looked down and saw that my labia were swollen more than I had ever seen them. I had been having sex for around 30 minutes and my pussy had been untouched. He seemed to be waiting for something, and maybe he was just waiting for me to stop thinking about the others things I just mentioned and to pay attention to him.

I finally looked onto his eyes and he nodded. I shifted my look back down to his cock head and my pussy. He rubbed the head the length of my crack a few times and my body reacted accordingly. I could see his dick head getting wet from my juices . He finally pushed his head into my wanting pussy. I started to moan the moment his head was in me- he kept pushing in me, way to slow a rate- I was in a position that I could not push back, and I think he did that intentionally. He was in me about 6” inches and I could tell that he had so much more to go, the anticipation was killing me and the SOB was moving so slow- he was in me another inch or so when I looked up at him and said “fuck me already- I can’t take this” he pulled back a few inches and I thought he would then start pumping and he started slowly pushing in me again, I guess I just got punished. He was using the same pace he did before, but I lost a few inches. He started pushing in me again and it was starting to feel great. He was filling me and even though I couldn’t move much and he wasn’t pumping I started to build toward an orgasm. As he pushed into me my knees bent closer to me and I had to put my head back. I could no longer watch. I could see the TV and there were now two guys and one girl on the screen. I looked at the driver’s face and looked back at the screen, I didn’t really want to look at him as every time I did I realized how old he was.

He was older than my father and almost the age of my grandfather. As this was going through my mind I got jolted back into reality when I felt the guy hit the top of me cervix. I yelled stop and he did. I reached down between my legs and there was like a regular sized dick still outside me. I told him he had hit bottom and he pulled out a bit and then started to pump. Thank god. He started to move my legs up his chest a little and I think a little more of him slipped him. I was finally being fucked and it felt great- I started to cum and it was intense- I couldn’t believe I could cum this much in one night. As I was cumming he kept moving my feet and legs and he would push in and hit the back wall of my cervix, it was like he was changing the position of his dick inside me and it felt great- but I couldn’t figure out what he was doing, nor at this point did I care- he was keeping my orgasm going and I was on a high.

He then shifted me once more and pumped hard again hitting the back wall. He moved one of my legs up towards his shoulder and pumped hard again – this time I felt a pop inside me and screamed stop again. He looked at me and said- “found it”- he then push further into me. He put both of my feet above his shoulders and trust himself totally inside me, his thighs were on the back of mine and I could feel his balls on my ass- I think my eyes were bulging out of my head and I had stopped breathing. I finally spoke and said “what did you just do?” My orgasm had stopped and I was in a panic- and he acted as if nothing was wrong. He looked at me and said- “I we just found your Uterus and the extra room I needed.” I asked him if that was OK, and he told me it was fine, think of a baby coming down, there is plenty of room. I thought it for a few seconds and as I was thinking he started to pump me- what ever I was thinking about disappeared as the feeling inside me was intense- in a good way. I think it took about 5 or pushes and I was cumming again. This time he was fucking me like a machine- I couldn’t believe this guy hadn’t cum yet and that he hadn’t had a hear attack. I could feel his big ball sack smacking my ass and my climax just kept getting better. I was screaming, howling, whimpering – and kept gushing out juices, that I thought would have stopped by now-

The driver finally started to moan and I quickly said- “you can’t cum in me”- he looked at me and said “I cum a lot- a real lot, where do you want it?” I said again “not in me” – he asked- “do you want it in your mouth, on your face- on your tits- where do you want it?” I told him to just pull out and let it cum on my body”
He pumped me really hard for the next minute or so and I came to a high again and this one was totally intense- I had like this huge thing inside me hitting every part of my insides-
He then pulled out and started stroking his dick with my juices- after a few seconds I could see that he was trying hard but nothing yet. I reached down and started to pull on it from the top as he stroked it from the side- as I was pulling he was getting closer to my face. He still wasn’t coming. So I leaned forward and took his head into my mouth. We both were still using our hands – but I was sucking him as well- I love sucking a guy after he pulls out of me- the taste of his cock and my juices is always a great mind fuck for me.

He started to moan real loud and I took him out of my mouth. When he was about 6” from my face he exploded- and I mean exploded- the first few shots hit me right in the face, a couple on my lips- I opened my mouth and a few more shots found my tongue. He didn’t stop cumming and cum was now blasting my chest and boobs and belly. I think he came for like 30 seconds and I was staring in amazement- towards the end I was actually laughing as I couldn’t believe what I was watching. When it looked like he had stopped I took the head of dick back in my mouth and sucked the last few drops out and swallowed that with the other cum that was in my mouth.

He reached for the roll of paper towels and handed me the entire roll. I think it took me a few minutes to clean up, and I used a bottle of water I found to help clean myself- when I as done, I looked over at him and he was on his back and fast a sleep. I was going to take a nap myself but suddenly I felt like I had to pee and knew I wouldn’t be able to nap. I moved into the front part of the truck to get dressed- I looked around the rest stop and saw that the only vehicle in the parking lot was my Mustang. I said “the heck with it” and climbed out of the truck on the passenger side away from the road and; totally naked, walked onto the grass, squatted and peed. I was looking at the truck and couldn’t believe what had just happed to me. When I stood up I couldn’t decide if I should take a nap or get back into my car. I decided to get back into the truck, went back onto the bed and totally naked, went to sleep next to the driver – with the biggest dick in world in my hand.

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