An adult son services his mom while dad gets an eyeful


My wife Ellie and I have a good relationship. After 20
years of marriage she still takes down her panties
whenever I want to fuck her. She never has a headache
or tells me it’s late and she’s tired, or any of that
kind of shit. When I want pussy, hers is always

As for being faithful, well, we have an understanding
about that, sort of. I know she’s had several secret
lovers throughout our marriage, and she knows I never
pass up any pussy that comes my way. When she found out
I was fucking her three sisters, she didn’t get upset
about it. And when I learned that both my brothers were
fucking her — revenge sex on her part — I didn’t get
all bent out of shape like some men would have.

In spite of all that, we still have a warm regard for
each other. To me she’s a sensational piece of ass and
she appreciates the way I perform between her lovely

But in spite of how tolerant and open-minded we are
about one another’s behavior, it was still a very
traumatic experience for me to find out our 20-year old
son was fucking his mother.

One morning about a week ago, I set out for the office,
then came back home again when I found I had left my
briefcase behind.

My wife and son were sitting at the kitchen table when
I left. They weren’t there now. I didn’t think anything
of it. They were upstairs, each in their room getting
dressed. My wife had been in her dressing gown and my
son in his pajama bottoms when we had breakfast

I could have simply picked up my briefcase and left,
but at that moment my wife let out a playful shriek and
that got me curious. I went upstairs, not making a
sound on the carpeted stairway.

The door to the master bedroom was partially open and I
looked in. What a jolt I got.

My son was standing there by the bed. He was bare-assed
naked, his immense cock angling upward in an awesome
hard-on. His mother was on the bed, gazing lustfully at
her son’s big boner and she too was naked.

My son Steven remained by the side of the bed, letting
his mother take a good long look at it, like he knew
the sight of it was sending sensuous thrills of delight
all through her. Then he got onto the bed with her.

He cuddled her in his arms, one hand feeling all over
and around her lovely bare ass, while he smothered her
with loving ardent kisses. Her arms were about him,
holding him tightly to her and while they kissed, he
climbed over her, brought the head of his prick to her
pussy hole, eased it into her and began fucking her.

“Oh, you bad boy,” Ellie giggled between kisses. “Here
you are, doing something very naughty to your mother

“There’s no better way of starting off the day than by
having my prick in my lovely mother’s cunt,” he told

“What if your father has forgotten his briefcase again,
comes back for it and finds out that our son is also
his mother’s secret lover?” Ellie teased.

“He’s not going to do that,” Steven said without
sounding worried. “I’ve been fucking you every morning
for a year now and he hasn’t caught us yet. I’ll point
out to him he should appreciate the fact that I’m
taking care of his bedroom chores for him. Especially
in the morning when you’re the hottest and need a stiff
prick the most, even more than you do at night. He’s
always in such a big rush to get out of here in the
morning and you would really suffer if I didn’t get
into bed with her and take care of her hot pussy.”

“Mmm, you’re right about that, darling, and I really
appreciate it, even if your father wouldn’t.”

Steven gave his mother several long deep ones and she
made cooing sounds of happiness while she wriggled her
ass beneath him. She brought her legs up and wrapped
them about his humping ass.

“Oh, it feels so good when your thing is inside me,”
Ellie said with a naughty giggle. “I love how you get
way up in there, where your father has never reached.”

She kept her arms entwined about his neck while they
fucked. She tightened her legs around him, wriggled her
ass beneath him and helped all she could.

“God, how can anything that feels this heavenly be
declared sinful and forbidden,” my son gasped.

Moments later Ellie and our son let out frantic cries
of pleasure and sailed into a highly intense mutual
orgasm. Steven pounded it to her while his mother
wriggled her ass beneath him, making the bed shake.

It took them a while to catch their breath and when
they did, Steven whispered between loving, ardent
kisses, “Mmm… that felt so good I can’t pull away
from you now. I have to do you again.”

“Oh, baby,” Ellie purred. “I was hoping you would.”

“You think what we’re doing is sinful and forbidden?”

“No, honey. But everyone else does. That is, they would
if they knew we were doing it.”

“We have only one rule, Mom – anything goes,” Steven
said, grinning at her. “As long as Dad doesn’t find

While he lay there beside his lovely naked mother,
Steven explored every part of her gorgeous body with
his lips and tongue, then moved up to her throat, ears
and mouth. Again and again he returned to her sweet
delectable twat, lightly framed in blonde cunt hair,
and kissed it.

It was like he wanted to make sure his mother was
having as good a time as he was, and when she thrashed
and squealed through one orgasm after another, from him
sucking on her tits and fingering her pussy, he seemed
to feel confident he was making it good for her.

Panting and gasping, she said, “Come on, darling. Fuck
me again.”

“You get on top,” he suggested.

Ellie climbed over her son with her cunt directly over
his upright boner. Her snatch was hot and oozing out
its juices. She attacked his cock with her pussy,
lowering it until it swallowed up the bulbous-shaped
head and three inches of sturdy shaft. She rose up,
until only the head of her son’s prick was in her. Then
she dropped her ass onto his thighs and she had the
entire length of cock up her twat.

Steven let out a cry of delight, because his mother
sure knew how to lower herself onto a guy’s prick. Her
pussy gobbled up his cock voraciously again and again
while he held her by the cheeks of her ass.

Looking down at her son, Ellie said, “I want you to
screw the living hell out of me. I want to pretend I’m
the only woman you’ve ever fucked, or want to fuck.”

I stood there outside the bedroom door and watched for
a long time. Then when I was sure the show was about
over, I went quietly downstairs, picked up my
briefcase, got into the car and left.

Instead of going to the office, I went to my favorite
bar, called in and said I wouldn’t be in today. Then I
sat down to have a few shots and mull over the lewd and
exciting performance I’d just seen.