A white married couple practice a cuckold-lifestyle

My wife Kathy is getting ready for her date tonight.
Yes, she’s my wife and you read that correct! A date
with another man!

Kathy’s been getting ready for this date all afternoon!
She was in the tub for over an hour. I helped my wife
with her nails and painted them, a bright red color.
Kathy told me that Hank loved seeing them painted a
bright red.

I saw the dress laying on the bed. It was pink! It was
a thin cotton material and had buttons along the front.
My guess would be so it wouldn’t be hard getting
undressed when she met her lover tonight.

Would she be home tonight? Screw him in our bed? Maybe
she wouldn’t come home at all this weekend!

What did Hank look like? She wouldn’t tell me! Kathy
said it was a surprise and I could wait to meet him.
Kathy likes to tease me, playing with my balls and
rubbing her thumb on the head of my dick!

Yes, she laughs at it but loves to tease it! Kathy
loves to tease the head of it. She can’t touch the
rest! At least until she takes it out of its steel

Yes. I’m embarrassed to talk about the tube! Kathy
bought it for my last birthday. It’s made from
stainless steel and has a curve keeping me from getting
an erection. It has a steel loop that locks around my

Kathy put a little lock on it and she keeps the key
inside her purse. I know, it sounds very mean but I’m
the one that asked my wife to buy it. Yes, it was all
my idea!

When I had finished painting my wife’s nails, she
played with my balls for a few minutes this afternoon.
I felt like exploding but all I could do was watch the
tension building up in my balls and watch my dick drip
clear fluid from its head.

Kathy takes the tube off a couple times a month, maybe
more. It depends on if she has time to allow me to cum.
Well, I don’t exactly cum the ay most men cum. She does
something to me called milking!

I remember the first time I wore the tube and Kathy
took it off for the first time after three weeks. I
wanted to cum so bad that my dick was dripping from the
excitement. Yes, I thought we were going to screw that
night but Kathy had a new idea she learned form one of
her friends.

She scared me because she handcuffed my hands to the
end of the bed while I stood naked and waited to see
what she was going to do next.

She pulled up a little stool between me and the bed and
placed a small amount of ice inside a bowl. She had
sewn a little pouch where she could fill it with ice
and placed it around my dick Oh my God was it cold!

Kathy had me bend over forward until I felt her hand
probing around my ass! She had put on a rubber glove
and dipped her index finger in a jar of petroleum
jelly. I have to admit that when I felt her finger
inside my ass it turned me on!

She continued to probe around until I felt something a
little strange but it felt pleasurable. Kathy told me
she was giving me a prostrate massage and wanted me to
imagine that I was watching her screw another man while
she kept probing with her finger.

The feeling was sensational and within minutes, my dick
began leaking as if I were having an orgasm. It felt so
strange and I was relieved but at the same time I felt
so unfulfilled.

It took my wife over an hour to finish milking me that
day and I’ve been getting these done now every other
week. Kathy always wipes my dick clean with soap and
water before putting the ice back on causing it to
shrink down in size again which allows her to place the
tube back on with ease.

The tube keeps my dick bent at a forty-five-degree
angle at all times but I can still rub the head with my
finger. I hope that someday I’ll be able to make myself
cum but so far no luck.

I can smell the sweat scent of Kathy’s perfume now! She
must be getting close to being done now.

I walked into the bedroom and found Kathy sitting on
the edge of the bed putting the little strap around her
ankle. The heels must have been five inches tall and

Kathy had already put her pink dress on and I noticed
how short and revealing it was on her. There were about
fifteen buttons along the front holding it together.
The cleavage was very low and I could see more than
half of my wife’s tits exposed.

Kathy finished buckling the little heel straps and
stood up in front of the bed fluffing out her hair and
asked me how she looked. As always, I told her how
beautiful she looked and told Kathy how much I liked
her new dress.

She was wearing a very bright red lipstick and kissed
me on the cheek before picking up her purse and walked
out of the bedroom. She told me she might be home that
night but not to worry if she wasn’t back until the
next afternoon.

I watched as she walked out the front door and watched
her car until she turned the corner over a black away
from our house. This was the tough part about allowing
Kathy to date other men. Waiting and wondering if she
was going to come home that night.

I have to admit that not only I’m I worried about Kathy
but I’m also very excited wondering what might be going
on at that moment. I at dinner and waited, it was all I
could do and before long it was dark and getting late.

I was ready to go to bed when I saw headlights pull
into the driveway. I hurried to the front window and
saw that it was Kathy’s car.

I heard the door shut, than another door shut. My heart
began beating much faster as I realized that Kathy had
brought Hank home with her. Yes, I would meet him! See
the man my wife decided to date!

I wondered what she told him? Did she tell him the
truth about being a cuckold? Did she tell him I wore a
chastity tube? What would he think of me?

Kathy had told me that if she ever decided to bring a
guy home that she wanted me to stay in the guests’
bedroom unless she called me out to meet her date. I
ran into that bedroom and waited.

I could hear them talking and laughing. He had a very
deep voice and heard him talking to my wife as if she
were his girlfriend. Well, she was!

I was laying on the bed waiting for more than an hour
when the door opened and Kathy walked into the bedroom.
A few of the buttons had been undone on her dress
leaving her tits mostly exposed as she leaned down and
kissed me on the lips.

She asked me to come into the master bedroom and watch
but I had to be naked and she wanted me to stand along
the edge of the bed.

My heart was racing as I got up out of the bed and
followed Kathy into our room. She lay on the bed and
scooted into the center and leaned on one arm while she
waited for Hank to return from the bathroom.

The door opened and my heart sank as a huge black man
walked into the bedroom. He extended his arm out to me
to shack his hand. His hand was twice the size as mine.
I must have appeared very pathetic standing naked
wearing the bright silver tube on my dick.

I saw him glance at the tube but only cracked a smile
as he turned toward my wife and got onto the bed next
to her. They began kissing and I watched as he spread
open my wife’s dress and pulled it off her shoulders as
they continued kissing.

Kathy was fumbling with his pants and got it loose and
helped him pull them down his massive legs. She gave
them to me so I laid them across the arm of a chair and
watched as she slept his shirt off.

He was jet black in color and built solid and dwarfed
my wife in size. Hank had taken the last buttons apart
and was slipping my wife’s dress off completely leaving
her naked.

She wasn’t wearing any panties or bra so I watched as
Hank stoked my wife’s bare pussy with his large black
hand using his finger to probe her pussy lips apart.
Kathy was moaning as Hank played with her pussy and I
could see my wife rocking her hips back and forth along
his thick finger.

Hank was still wearing silk boxer shorts but I could
see his massive cock sticking out of the thin material.
My wife pulled the boxer shorts off his legs and I saw
the largest cock spring free I ever saw in my life!

It was thick and maybe nine inches long, I’m not sure
other than the fact it looked huge. Kathy wrapped her
dainty white fingers around the thick shaft and bent
down and kissed the head.

Hank leaned back on the pillow as my wife began sucking
him. He turned his head toward me and motioned for me
to stand closer to the bed so I moved. Kathy was
working her mouth lovingly around the shaft as she held
hands with Hank and adjusted her legs so she could lay
on her side facing me.

Kathy’s mouth was making wet sounds as she sucked on
the huge black cock. I put my own hand on my balls
feeling them tense up from the pressure. I hadn’t been
milked in over a week so the pressure was great!

The contrast between my wife’s pale white skin against
Hank’s jet black skin was unbelievable! Kathy had her
left hand wrapped around the massive shaft with her
wedding ring glistening in the light of the room.

It just looked so exciting seeing her diamond ring and
her dainty white fingers wrapped around another man’s
cock! A huge jet black man’s cock!

Kathy sucked his cock lovingly for almost thirty
minutes. She kept opening her eyes and looking straight
into mine in different positions. Sometimes her mouth
would be full and sometimes she would be licking the
huge head of his cock.

It was so erotic watching my wife making love to that
huge cock! Kathy turned one more time and smiled at me
as she climbed on top of his legs and straddled the big
man and took the huge cock into her little white hand
and helped Hank guide it into her tight pussy.

She was wet and excited and I saw how her pussy lips
stretched out over the huge head. Kathy rocked herself
back and forth sending a fraction of the large head
into her pussy each time she moved.

Hank was arching his hips up to meet her strokes and I
stood on the edge of the bed and watched that massive
cock disappear inside my wife’s pussy. Within second’s
she had taken about half of the big cock inside her
pussy. She was stretched out like a tight rubber band
around his cock.

Kathy took hold of both of his hands and held them in
her own as she rocked her hips above the huge man below
her. Her eyes were closed as Hank began arching his
hips up further sending more of his cock inside my

Kathy was rotating her hips as she rode his huge cock.
I could hear the wet sucking sounds coming from my
wife’s pussy as she continued to ride that huge cock.

I watched as my wife leaned forward allowing her large
tits to hang out in front of Hank’s face and saw him
begin licking the nipples. He looked like a little kid
licking a lollipop. He bit each of my wife’s nipples
causing her to shiver and moan. I saw her ass cheeks
begin to quiver and I knew that Kathy was having her
first orgasm.

Hand held onto Kathy’s ass while she experienced her
first orgasm keeping her from dislodging his cock from
her tight pussy. She was screaming and I hoped the
neighbors didn’t hear my wife as I watched Hank
continue driving his huge cock deep inside my wife.

Kathy reached out and played with my balls as she rode
Hank’s cock and leaned over to kiss me. It felt so
strange kissing my wife as I could feel her body moving
around above this huge man.

Kathy probed her tongue into my mouth and I could feel
each thrust that Hank made into my wife with my mouth
locked to her mouth.

Kathy stopped kissing me as she rolled over onto her
back and motioned to Hank to mount her. Hank plunged
his massive cock back into my wife and began screwing
her hard sending her ass deep into the mattress.

The bed was shacking now as Hank began screwing my wife
harder. Kathy locked her ankles around Hank and that’s
when I saw the little cuckold ankle bracelet I had
bought her the month before.

It was so arousing watching my wife getting screwed by
this man above her. He was so large compared to my
wife. She resembled a little girl!

Hank was groaning and sending his huge body down onto
my wife now and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he
shot his load of seed inside my wife. My God! Black
baby making seed! What if Kathy’s pills didn’t work?
There was always a chance of getting pregnant!

My wife! Knocked up with a black baby! What would we
do? What would everyone think of my wife? God, it was
so exciting thinking about my wife getting knocked up
by this man!

It made me think for a moment of the little game Kathy
and I played. She would have me give her the pill every
morning! Her birth control pills! Yes. Every morning I
would give my wife one of those pills. She was making
me be the responsible person to make sure she didn’t
get knocked up!

It was simply a game to enhance our little agreement!
It was all in fun! It enhanced our little mind game to
the extreme!

What if I forgot? What if she didn’t remind me? What if
I decided to forget one of those pills? Maybe I could
tell Kathy she already took it? How about two pills?
Maybe three pills? Skip a day or two all month long?

What would happen if she missed her period?! The
ultimate high! Pregnant with a black baby! Not my baby
but the baby of this man screwing my wife at this very

I cleared my mind and got back to watching my wife take
this huge man inside her pussy. He was grunting now and
I could see his movement change as she began flexing
his hips and took a couple last strokes before plowing
into my wife one more time and let out a load groan
when he shot his load.

I stood watching Hank shoot his load into my wife’s
belly knowing that it was hitting her uterus. I knew he
was inside her further than I ever was and knew at that
moment his seed was filling her pussy.

Hank kept moving his cock into my wife slowly for a
couple minutes. I knew his thick cock was pushing his
seed to it’s deepest. Kathy’s ankles were still locked
around Hank’s ass while they kissed and he stopped

They remained in that position while they kissed for
ten minutes until Hank finally pulled his huge cock out
of my wife. He was still hard and his cock was covered
with wetness from my wife and himself.

Kathy quickly grabbed a pillow, shoving it underneath
her ass elevating it higher so Hank’s cum would remain

Kathy smiled at me and motioned to me to come and lay
next to her on the other side of the bed.

Hank got up and walked into the bathroom as I climbed
next to my wife and we began kissing. She asked me if I
was enjoying the show and I told her that I was while
we kissed.

Kathy knew what I wanted to do next so I climbed down
between her legs and began licking her pussy clean.
This was the first time I had licked her pussy clean
right after she had been screwed by another man.

The last time I cleaned Kathy’s pussy is when she went
out on a date and came home after screwing the guy in
the car.

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