A trip to the nurse’s office

I am a 18 year old girl (well in the story anyway) and just need to write and tell you what happened to me last week. Since it happened I can’t keep my fingers out of my pussy as I am so damn turned on every time I think about what happened.

I am in high school, but I was at the elementary school helping the stage manager build some sets for a school play. Anyway while moving one of the sets I tripped and a screen broke as I fell on top of it, and with my great luck a nail broke free and went right into my upper thigh. People ran over to help me up and when they pulled the set of me everyone saw this 4 inch nail pull out of my leg and blood appear in the tear of my jeans.

They got me up and the stage manager had one of the older kids help me to the nurse’s office. I guess that there is some rule that the nurse needs to be at the school while the afternoon programs are going. Anyway we walked into the nurse’s office with a towel held against my thigh. I had gone to the school years before and I expected to see the same old white haired nurse. To my surprise out of her office walks this 30 something, pretty, big busted woman in a white uniform.

The kid helped me over to the treatment table and the nurse excused him and told him to go back to the stage. She looked at me and said “now that doesn’t look to good does it?” I was in pain and responded “it doesn’t feel too good either.”

She told me to slip off my jeans, which I did. I was left with just my dirty yellow tee shirt, that seemed to have more dirt where my boobs had been up against the sets than the rest of the shirt, and my panties on. I had kicked my sandals off to get my jeans off. I looked down and couldn’t believe that today of all days I had put on a real skimpy thong on.

I grabbed the towel and put it back on my leg and covered myself a little

The nurse told me to move the towel so she could see my cut. As I did she looked up my leg and said “well there is a change, I don’t get to see thongs here at this level.” If I was embarrassed realizing what I had on a few seconds earlier, I sure did now.

My leg was still bleeding so she took my hand with the towel and put it back on my leg. She looked around looking for supplies I guess and surprised me when she asked “Are you sexually active?”

“Excuse me” I asked.

“I need to know if I need to wear gloves or not?” She responded. Wow that question came from left field, but I relaxed when she explained.

“Well, I’m not a virgin but I have only had one guy and I am his first… does that mean I am active?” I said in a meek voice.

“Yes that means you are active, but it sounds pretty low risk to me, and I hate gloves.” She said and continued “I use to work in a GYN office, there you always had to wear them.” She let that last sentence just hang there, she glanced at my leg, well actually I almost thought she was looking between my legs, but I thought it was probably my imagination. “Let me get some supplies” she said and went into the front room. I heard some cabinets open and close and then it sounded like the door lock.”

She walked back in with her hands full, and said – “I locked the door, don’t want anyone walking in while you are sitting there half naked.” I looked at her and said “thanks.”

She took out a gauze pad and took the towel off my leg again. She used the pad to wipe up the blood and then used some liquid soap to do the same, she kept going higher on my leg as the blood had spread and even though she was very professional about it my body was reacting.

I have never even played with any of my friends, though I had heard that some did experiment. I had not even thought of making with another girl while masturbating, but meantime my body was feeling funny and I found myself looking at her tits when she was close. “What was I thinking, this is just a nurse taking care of me, I am reading into things that aren’t even here” I thought to myself.

The nurse then told me she needed the cut to bleed a little more and then she put a hand on the inside of my thigh and the outside and squeezed my leg together, a little blood came out. “We need a little more and I can clean it again, I want to make sure there is no rust or anything in there. I assume you got a tetanus booster when you started High School right?” I told her I did get a couple of shots.

She leaned in more and her hands moved a little higher, her middle finger slid across my labia and I let out a moan, she looked up and said “oh my gosh I am so sorry.” I didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t say anything.

The nurse moved her fingers down a little and pushed some more blood out. We didn’t say anything for a few minutes while she cleaned me up again, and again her fingers in the soap on my thigh was turning me on. She finished dressing the wound and said “Why don’t you just sit her for a few minutes to make sure you don’t bleed through the gauze pad, OK?”

I just shrugged my shoulders. She looked at my shoulders and then down to my boobs and smiled. I looked down and saw that my nipples were popping out of my tee shirt. I closed my eyes, embarrassed again.

“Hey don’t worry about it, when I use to show girls how to test for lumps that happened a lot.” She said. “Thanks” I responded “I am a little embarrassed here, by body is like doing its own thing.”

“Hey that’s fine, like I said I use to work in a doctors’ office, by the way, your mom did take you to the GYN when became active right?” the nurse asked.

“No, not really she doesn’t know, we have a deal that I will tell her and then she will bring me and put me on the pill, but I have been nervous to tell her.” I told her.

“Well you should tell her or tell her that all your friends are seeing the gynecologist and you feel you should see one too. There are more things to be checked for now a days, it’s not just to go on the pill?” she said. “Have you at least learned about checking your body yourself in the meantime?” She said, very professionally.

I shrugged again.

“Do you want me to show you while you are here?” she asked
I shrugged again.

“Ok stand up, we will see if you are still bleeding and then I will show you some things. If you want to that is?” She asked.

“Sure, why not” I said.

I stood up and she squatted down, she was right in front of my pussy and I didn’t know what to do. She touched my thigh a couple of times and then stood up… “it looks OK” she said. What was I thinking, my mind was fucked up.

Just when I started to relax she said “Ok I am sure you have heard you should check for lumps in your breast once a month, in the shower is best. Have you been shown how?” she asked. I told her “no.”

“Ok, um, how should we do this, do you want me to show on me or on you?” She asked.

I said “you?” more asking than telling.

Right there the nurse reached down, opened two buttons, reached inside and popped out her huge boob. She had a big dark areola and her nipple was semi hard looking. She looked at my face and said- “come on, you are at the age that I am sure you are playing with your girl friends, just think of me as another one.” I wanted to tell her that I never experimented with them, but didn’t say a word.

She lifted her arm and showed me what to do. She then said “ok you try it?” I looked at her and asked “on you?” She looked back at me and said “if you want to, but I was thinking you should try it on yourself.” I looked down and had on a tee shirt that left me no access to my boobs. I just shrugged for like the 5th time and then took off my shirt. My skimpy little bra was next and I looked down at it. Before I knew it the nurse was behind me and unhooked it (I thought that was a little weird) and I took it off.

She came around to my front and took my hand. She put her fingers over mine and moved them to my breast and showed me what to do. She then said “ok you do it” but as she took her hand off of mine her finger tips brushed my nipple and it felt great.

I switched to the other breast this time she put her fingers on mine, but the heel of her hand was on my boob, actually covering my nipple, so when she moved her fingers she was rubbing my nipple. I was starting to realize that my thoughts were correct, the nurse was coming on to me, this couldn’t all be a coincidence.

I didn’t know what to do, so I just did nothing and went along with what she was doing.

My mind kicked back in when she said “OK, I think you’ve got it.”

“Great, thank you” I said, why I have no idea, but just in case she had said something while I was tuned out.

She then stated “well seeing as you are standing here virtually naked can I show you one more thing that I doubt you are doing if you aren’t even checking for lumps?”

Before I answered I looked down at myself, I looked at my little tits, which were now sporting two very hard nipples, I looked further down and for the first time realized that I was just standing there in my skimpy thong underwear and a gauze patch on my thigh. I didn’t have much of a figure and was in fact pretty skinny.

I looked back at her and said “what else should I be checking for?”
She replied “Well in our office we always had girls and women check for vaginal cysts, the doctor I worked for assumed that all women masturbate, so why not check themselves at the same time.”

I am sure I looked surprised and said “really, you mean married women and older people do?”

“Yes luv, married people, men and women, masturbate and us older single women do so as well. To tell you the truth I am so board here some days that I get myself off right here in the office.” She admitted.

“Really, that is so phat” I said. I thought I was the only one who masturbated in school, this nurse was really nice and I was like becoming her friend or something, that she would tell me a secret like that.

“I don’t know what those vaginal things are – what am I suppose to do?” I asked.

She told me “get back up on the table and I will show you.” I looked at her very sexy smile and then dropped my eyes, her boobs were back in her bra, but with the two buttons still undone, I was looking right into her cleavage. She caught me looking and her smile got even wider.

I got up on the table and she took my ankles and pulled then together in front of her. She looked at thong and I could tell by her expression what she expected. I reached down and pulled them down to my knees. From there she reached forward and pulled them off. I held my legs straight out.

She finally stated talking again and said “OK, pull your heels back to your butt.” I did as I was told. As I was pulling them back she guided my heels to the outside of my butt. My knees were up and I had to lean back into the wall behind me. I looked down and I was totally exposed to the nurse. She then said:

“OK now I want you to take two fingers and insert them in down to the last knuckle and slowly move them around the entire vaginal wall.” Even though she showed me by moving her fingers in the air while she was talking, I was a little confused, or just didn’t want to understand. I looked down at my pussy wide open as it was; and noticed that I was dripping and the drips were running down the leather table top and heading toward the floor.

I looked back up and asked “I’m not sure I know what you mean, can show me?” She looked back at me with that same smile, then bit down on her lip a little and then said “You are asking me right?, I mean I am older and don’t want to be accused of anything later?”

“I understand what I am asking. I want you to show me what you mean with your fingers” I responded.

The nurse took a step closer to me and then took two of her fingers and slid them into my wet pussy. She moved them to the side and then curled her fingers onto my inner wall and started to move them toward the top. I couldn’t just sit there quiet. I moaned the moment she entered me and did so more as she got to the top, right below my clit.

She looked away from my pussy and into my eyes, I looked back into hers. “This is where you r g-spot is, do you know that” she asked. I was still moaning and just shook my head, no.

“I’ll show you” she said and put her fingers deeper inside me and curled them back toward the front and then stated massaging me from the inside. I couldn’t just moan, I actually squeaked out “hold shit that feels good.” She kept doing it “Really good, you should stop or move them or something: I said, but she didn’t stop.

“I have to really pee all of a sudden” I said, and I felt like I really did. “You’re about to cum that’s all” she answered.

“I know what cumming feels like and you are right I am about to cum, but I have to pee too” I moaned out. The nurse just moved her fingers faster and moved to the side of me a little and then said “I don’t think you have to pee, just relax your muscles in there and cum and push out like you have to pee, trust me.” I had no choice at that point as I was about to cum and did as she told me to.

I started to cum and suddenly saw pee shoot out of me, but it felt great, better then I had ever felt, the pee shot across the room and I screamed in a climax. “That’s it baby squirt your cum, keep pushing out, its not pee, do it girl” she commanded.

I did as I was told again, and another squirt flew into the air as she jammed her fingers deep inside and then up into my g-spot. I squirted out twice more and then grabbed her wrist and pulled her away, it was too intense and I couldn’t take it.

I looked at her through my eyes that were closing as I was exhausted. She smiled, and lifted her hand, with my hand still on her wrist, to my lips and slid a finger in my mouth. “Taste it, its not pee, nor like your normal cum. “ I did and her fingers were coated with a bitter fluid and it wasn’t pee from what I could tell. She took her finger out of my mouth and lowered her hand to her mouth and put the other finger that wasn’t in mine into her mouth.

“Mmmm” she moaned,” I have only been with one other squirter and that was in college. You are really sexy baby” and she leaned her face toward mine. I was exhausted, but felt so romantic. She held a few inches from my mouth, and I realized she was waiting for me. I moved my mouth forward and then put my hand up behind her head and moved hers into mine. We started to French kiss and she put her hand behind my head too and we locked our mouths together.

I started to revive during the kiss and I felt so in love (puppy love.) My free hand had a mind of its own and reached forward and grabbed her breast. She again took my arm by the wrist and pulled it down between her legs. I turned my fingers in toward her and she let go and then pulled her panties to the side. I slid my fingers into her very wet and red hot pussy and returned the favor. She came while still kissing me and I felt her body shake as she drove her tongue deep in my mouth.

I left her office a little while later, after we both cleaned up and got dressed. Before leaving I looked at her and said “I will be building sets for the rest of the week and then around till the play is shown in a couple of weeks. Can I come back tomorrow so you can change the dressing on my leg?” She looked back and said “you can come back and I will do that and anything else you want me to—think about it.”

I walked out of the door and almost skipped all the way back to the stage.

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