A Spanking Good Time

The soft nigh breeze was blowing in the open window of
my room. It was late Saturday night, or at least late
for me 11 O’clock. I was sitting at my little desk
writing. As I paused for a moment before I wrote I
smiled. I was such a naughty girl!

“OOOO diary I just can’t Bellevue what happened
tonight! It’s so dreamy, so cool, well my bottom isn’t
cool that’s VERY hot. OUCH! Oh well I’d love for it to
happen all over again.” I reached down and rubbed my
little bum. I was glad that I had my pretty new pink
panties on to kinda protect me from my sore bottom. And
it was sore!

I always love to be dressed in like my nightie or tee-
shirt and panties at home. I thin daddy likes it too.
Who am I kidding he loves it! He should, he’s taken
them off enough and played nice games. But that’s
another story. Anyway sitting here in my panties and
nightie I really felt special, neat but heck let em
tell you diary all about it.

There’s this teacher at school I’ll call him Rod (HA!
HA! HA!) anyway is he WAY handsome! Oooh he’s got these
lovely brown eyes and strong shoulders and a beard.
Oooh well, I’ll tell you about that soon. He’s just so

Well I have this big crush no him and well I tease him.
You know what I mean by tease don’t you diary? I mean I
wear very short skirts and pretty flowered panties. I
even wore a halter top to school! Imagine that, me
angel wearing that to jr. High. I got into trouble for
it too! I didn’t care I really wanted to just “show
off” for my Rod.

I asked the principle if it was okay to wear my skirts.
As I did this I kinda well…I kinda fake dropping my
pencil and bent down. “Oh excuse me Mr. James.” I said
as my little skirt road up and my panties showed. I
could hear him huff and puff and move in his seat. He
was looking at me and that was neat. I kinda think it’s
creepy in a way but neat.

“Uh..well miss Star I generally don’t approve of this
type of thing but you seem to be an excellent stupid
and I guess I can ummm, look the other way.” He said
nervously. “Oh thank you Mr. James!” I exclaimed and
gave him a kiss on his cheek. Boy did his face turn red
then! I apologized for making such a fuss and skipped
out of the office back to class.

“Hmmmm, wonder what his thing looks like?” I thought as
I walked to my math class. I HATE math!

You see diary well, this is kinda naughty but with you
I can always tell the truth. You see I just love men. I
love… well… I love their cocks. There I said it.
I’ve always loved cock. Now diary you know well and
true that this little girl loves her daddy’ dick the
best, but gee… I like to also see what other men’s
things look like. Especially handsome men’s things.
Handsome like rod’s.

I wonder dear dick diary, hey that’s a good name for
you. “My Dear Dick Diary.” Okay now what was I saying
oh yeah I wonder if handsome men’s dicks are as
handsome as they are? Do they well do they polish it
like a car? Do they call them names? What? Well I know
what my handsome Rod’s dick looks like. I also know
more about him too.

One day yesterday to be exact I was sitting in his
class, (Creative Writing of all things!) trying to
write a poem when I felt an itch, that oh so familiar
itch in my panties. I had my little plaid skirt on and
a simple top. I wasn’t trying to be sexy today. I just
was being well… a girl. Anyway I felt that itch and
that part of me that just loves to touch myself said,
“Do it Touch yourself here in class?”

I felt at first that that was VERY naughty! But then
again I am very naughty. So I looked around the room
and saw everyone else was writing. Good! Slowly, ever
so slowly I inched my little hand down my blouse. I
could feel myself sweet a little. I know I was doing
something very naughty and that really turned me on.

Soon my finger were softly placed on my little panties
and diary do you know what? I could actually feel my
little vagina move! I could feel it liked, puss and
stuff. I also felt how hot it was. I pulled my panties
aside a bit and felt my little things a bit. Just below
the soft lips. You know I like to touch myself there
first. Then oh then diary I put my fingers on my
vagina. It was HOT! And WET! You know what I love about
my vagina diary? I like that it hardly has any hair
down there. I may keep it shave when I grow more. I
know daddy would like that.

Soon I had my fingers diary inside my vagina and felt
that I really should quit. It was almost time for class
to be over anyway and I was glad. Then I could go to
the girls room and play with myself more. Just before I
pulled my fingers out though diary I really did
something naughty.

I saw Rod sitting at his desk grading papers. He was
soooo handsome diary! Oh your gonna get sock of me
saying that but he is. Well I knew I would get into
trouble but I didn’t care I said “Uh Rod.” And he
looked up immediately and starred right at me. What he
saw was this.

I had my little legs spread, my little plaid skirt was
raised up a bit and my panties pulled back with my
finger just leaving my little girlhood. His face just
froze and I thought he was gonna faint! It was like
time stood still but he soon caught himself and said,
“Uh Angel w-what is it?” He voice was trembling.

I smiled and said shyly, “Oh nothing, I forgot.” And as
I finished my sentence I took my finger to my lips and
licked it. I don’t know if anyone else heard it but I
sure did. My rod, my sweet Rod moaned out loud! Oh
diary it was sooo great!


“Angel I want to see you before you go.” Rod said as
the kids milled out of the room. I knew he would. I sat
in my desk waiting for the last kid leave. When they
did, Rod closed the door.

“Yes Rod did I do something wrong?” I asked innocently.
I moved about my chair nervously to kinda make the show
a little better.

“Ummm, well… I don’t know how to talk about this
Angel.” He shuffled papers on his desk trying to be
calm. I kinda knew that what he wanted to say was
“Ooooh Angel I saw you play with yourself.” But diary,
teachers just don’t say that do they.

As I was thinking about what Rod would say he blurted
out “Well Angel it seems you had your hands inside your
well… inside your pants. Now I’m sure you didn’t do
this on purpose. Did you?” I wanted to say yes, oh
diary I did. But I wanted to be the little girl that
most men seem to enjoy. I’m a slut for my daddy and
maybe one of his friends but in general diary I like to
be innocent for men. There’s like this game we play.
And I wanted to play it with Rod.

“Well no Rod! I…ah… I just have a girl thing you
know,” I said shyly. Now most men don’t wanna hear
about “girl things” so that was a good answer. Soon he
was breathing easy and smiling.

“Well great… oh I mean no I mean I’m sorry to hear
about that Angel. I hope it isn’t serious.” He said I
assured him no. Then he sat down at his desk and
dismissed me.

“Ah Rod I have some homework to do and my daddy is
picking me up can I do it here?” I asked knowing full
well he would say yes. Even though his mind was
somewhat at ease he was still curious. After saying yes
he went back to grading papers.

I did everything to drive him nut diary! I love to do
that. I moved in my seat a lot. I opened and closed my
legs all the time and yes, I even put my finger in my
panties once again. When I did that Rod just well he
almost went to pieces.

“Ummm, Angel, I’ve got to go see the secretary about
something will you be okay here?” I assured him I would
and diary do you know what? He almost ran out the door!
Soon I was alone in the classroom. Now what to do? Well
my “plan” was almost complete. I started writing in my

As I wrote I sort of daydreamed about what I wanted to
do. I felt all tingly and happy inside. This time I
really wanted to be a slut for another man. I really
wanted to be his plaything. Rod was my dream master. I
had heard rumors from older girls I knew that secretly
he liked to spank teenage girls. That “He was a great
guy and if you hook up with him Angel you’ll get
everything you want.”

What I wanted was a good hard spanking and more. My
daddy, who loves me very much could never do that. He
says “But Angel I love you. I would never hurt you.” He
doesn’t understand that sometimes a girl wants a little
adventure in her life. Me? Well I thought a spanking
would be cool.

Anyway I was finished writing the note. To make it
stick more, my wishes that is. I added a great prize
for Rod. Looking around to make sure no one was
looking, I gently pulled down my soft panties and
placed them upon the desk top. Looking at the note I
smiled. I knew that he wouldn’t want to miss out on
this invitation.





I folded the note and placed it inside the leg opening
of my panties. I was nervous, scared really. What if
this wasn’t going to work diary? I prayed that it
would. I WANTED ROD’S ROD What made me feel he wanted
me too was this diary As I skipped down the hallway
past the faculty men’s room I swear I heard a deep moan
coming from the vents. It sounded much like Rod’s



“I’ll get it daddy!” I shout as I dash to the phone. It
was eight O’clock and I was soooo nervous diary! I
couldn’t eat dinner. I was waiting, wishing, praying,
dreaming that Rod would call. I even played with myself
twice after dinner!

“Hello.” I said and at first there was no one there. I
was crushed…almost but then I heard rod’s voice

“Angel? Is…is that you?” YES! HE CALLED!

“Yes it’s me.” I answered.

“Umm, it’s me Rod umm… where do I begin?”

“Did you get my present?” I asked before he could hang

“Your present? Oh yes those! Yes I did.” He answer with
pleasure in his voice.

“I’m glad I thought you might like those. I’m sorry if
I lied to you but gee what was I supposed to do say
“Well yes I jerked off thinking of you spanking me?”
When I said “spanking me” I heard his breathing get

“Angel h-how do you know about that?” He stammered but
I was quick to assure him it was okay that I really
wanted to be spanked.

We talked a few minutes. I told him that I was very
curious about sex and why not have someone I respect
play with me. He seemed to be cool with that.

“Rod, oh Rod I really want to be with you lets get
together tomorrow please.” I was surprised I was kinda
begging, He thought for a moment and said yes.

We made a plan for me to go to his apartment but that
he would pick me up at school. I lived a few blocks
from it. I said “GREAT! And Rod do you think little
Angel should be spanked for lying?” I heard very
clearly his breath getting deeper and he answered in a
husky voice “OH YES!” “Good I think I need one too.”

It was Saturday about six and I was dressed pretty
casually. Daddy thought I was going to the movies with
Marcie and then sleep to the Pizza parlor. Oh diary I
felt sad that I lied to daddy but I didn’t know how he
would take it if I told him that I was meeting a secret
lover. Daddy is so kind and loving. He would never stop
me from enjoying some nice man’s pole but gee…I just
didn’t know what do say.

I had a backpack that had a mini skirt and halter top.
I thought that I would be dressed like that for Rod. I
was sure it would ad to the pleasure. I had already put
no my ruffled panties and Mary Jane. Soon I was off for
my little adventure.

Stopping at a little gas station (boy did I turn heads
when I came out diary) I swiftly strolled to my date
with Rod. I didn’t have long to wait. He was there
within minutes of out appointed time.

“Hi!” I chirped as I climbed into his cared. His eyes
bulged out in wonder at how I was dressed.

“Angel…Angel you look so naughty!” He exclaimed and
smiled. He seemed a little more at ease now. I guess
being able to spank one of his twelve year old students
perked him up diary. That was cool. I felt perky in
places too!

As we drove to his apartment He chatted on about how
naughty I was. About how naughty my outfit was. About
how every time I moved in the car my panties showed.
And about how my top was showing off my growing
tittles. AS he steered with his left hand Rod’s other
one was stroking my tittles. It felt soooo nice diary.
Feeling his fingers pinch my tits made me move about
and moan “Oh teacher I feel so naughty. I feel like
putting my fingers in my panties. PLEASE PLEASE may I?”
I begged.

He nodded with enthusiasm.

My fingers sneaked down to my panties and I was soon
diddling my already wet vagina. Ooh I just love to do
that! I was both in pleasure and fear. Pleasure at
having this man touch me and touching myself. Fear of
getting into a crash! But soon we were at Rod’s place.

“In we go my little tart.” He said as he opened the
door. After turning the lights on Rod offered me a soda
and got himself a drink too. I sat on his sofa and
spread my legs open. I was feeling sooo slutty diary.
So well…wicked!

After a few minutes of talk of nervous talk I just
could help myself diary. I fell at my feet saying “Oh
please sir I’m ever so sorry I was a bad girl in class
yesterday! Please! Please! Don’t spank me.” I looked up
in to him and he looked down upon me. We both had, in
our own ways lust upon our minds.

“Well Angel you WERE a BAD little girl yesterday and
bad little girls need to be spanked.” He smiled and
stroked my hair. I also heard a deep moan from his
throat which meant we two were locked in a very special

I bowed my head in submission and soon got up. I saw
that my teacher, my master was sitting upon a leather
chair and urging em to lay upon his knee. Ohhh diary is
it wrong for a twelve yr. Old girl to want pain this
bad? To want to feel her bottom red. Gee, it still is.
I just couldn’t help myself I just needed to be

“Get over here Angel and lay upon my knees.” Rod
demanded. I loved the sternness in his voice. It sent
chills down my little spin. I was submissive to the

Soon I was across his lap and felt with wonder and joy
his stiff pole against my tummy. My urge was to move
down and feel it press against my girlhood but I didn’t
want to be that much of a slut. I felt rod’s hands
caressing my back and neck.

“So pretty, such a pretty little girl you are.” He
breath and soon was lifting my skirt up. I heard a gasp
from his lips and was afraid he was offended by my
panties but no he LOVED them! Diary Rod took each
ruffle in his fingers and stroked them saying “Such
fine material such beauty, so cute oh god angel these
are wonderful. My little girl knows how to please her
master.’ And I was pleased myself at the praised I was

“Now for your wrong doing yesterday little one you will
be spank twelve times upon your bottom. Six times upon
your panties and six times upon your bare fleshy
bottom.’ Rod was pushing his pole against my tummy
fiercely and I was afraid dear diary he would cum! But
Rod stopped and breathe deeply. “Are you ready you
nasty, naughty, little girl for your punishment?” ARE
YOU!” He demanded.

“Ye…yes sir!” I sniffed and braced myself for my
first real spanking.


The first blow was not that hard but it did sting, ogh
god did it sting!



Rod was gently rung his hands around my bottom after
every smack but in a way it did not help. In a way it
did. It brought me that much closer to my own orgasm.




On and on it went the torture the tingly pleasure of
having my bottom redden by each blow. Oh god diary I
felt so alive my whole body, so alive. And me only
twelve being such a grown up girl for this teacher. I
loved it.

“Now my little slut your bottom will be bare and if you
think those hurt just wait!” He laughed as he forced my
panties down from my waist. I felt both excited and
vulnerable at being naked in front of this man. He was
my teacher and I wanted him to do this but still I was
only twelve and well I just felt vulnerable. That
greatly added to the excitement of the night.

“Oh God Angel it’s beautiful your ass is so beautiful.
What I would give to lick and fuck it.” Rod moaned as
he caressed it so. Hmmm… maybe…

“Now it’s time for six more you naughty girl.” He
gleefully said. And soon I felt a more intense wave of
painful pleasure.



Oh geez diary this did hurt! It hurt very much but it
also felt good. As he spanked my little tush I could
feel my vagina gushing all over his panties. I felt
well like a faucet gushing and flowing and wondering
what his drycleaner was gonna think. Nah, I wasn’t
thinking that then diary. No what I was think was I
can’t wait to taste his pole.




Oh on and on it seemed to go and I was wiggling a
squirming about. Rod’s breathing was getting heavier
not just from the spanking but from the sex part. I
mean diary how many men could last this long spanking a
twelve year old girl! Then came the final


And I cried out with real tears “Thank you sir I
deserved every bit of it. I’m just a little slut sir.”
Soon I was lifted off rod’s lap. I marveled at how much
of my juice was running down my legs and all over his
pants. The bulge in them was huge and I fell down upon
my knees and gently became the slut that caused this
whole episode.

I deftly open Rod’s fly and out sprang his pole. It was
solid, hard rock meat just waiting to be tasted. I
looked up at his face and smiled. I didn’t say a word
but took his head in my little mouth. I always love to
do that with men. To ease my lips over a rock hard cock
and feel it grow and bulge my cheeks out. Rod’s was
very big and I loved to lick the little eye.

“OH GOD ANGEL!” He cried out., pushing more of it in my
mouth. God do I love that! Feeling men push their big
cocks in my mouth well diary… it’s just so… so…
neat! I let Rod move it back and forth in my moth as I
licked the underside of it. My fingers were cupping his
balls and squeezing them gently. I love to roll them in
my hands and feel them pulse. Men say that when I do
that it makes them shoot more. GOODY!

no, not in my mouth . No. I want him to put his rod in
my hot little spanked tushy!

I pull my lips away and giggle. “Oooh Rod you’re so
sweet. But I don’t want your cum…” I paused to see
what he’d do. Part of me diary was afraid he’d rape me
but I soon said “In my mouth.” I got up and turned
around with my back to him. Lifting up my little skirt
I poked my bottom in his face and giggled “I want it in
there.” I said pointing to my little pink hole.

“Rod groaned and fell back upon the couch. I soon got
my answer when I felt his strong hands grab me a lift
my four feet six inch body and ease my tight, tanned
hide onto his dick. It hurt a bit the soreness of the
spanking that is. But it made it that much more groovy.
I felt Rod lifting and moving my ass up and down and up
and down on his dick.

I took my little fingers and soon was diddling my
clitty. I wanted so much for us to cum together like
daddy and I do. I felt him shove and groan and moan and
huff and knew he was trying to last as long as he

wonder if the neighbors heard?) and I forced my as off
his dick. I really truly wanted to taste his cum and
soon I was back on my hands and knees kissing and
licking him dick. Soon I felt it go; SQUIRT! SQUIRT!

All over my lips and face. I open my mouth and took a
big glob of the creamy white stuff in my mouth. Now
diary I know your a book and can’t taste but if you
could, I’m sure you’d agree that cum is the tastiest
treat by far!

Sadly though, as all cocks do Rod’s rod started
shrinking. I kissed it more and sucked the rest of the
stuff from his hole (GOD that drives men nuts!) and
loved it all.

I felt warm all over diary. Warm on my bottom, warm in
my tummy, warm in my heart. I looked up at Rod and felt
I had found a special playmate. He too looked and me
and as he smoothed his hands across my cum drenched
face he whispered “God you are such a naughty slut. I
think you need another spanking girl.”

And in my heart I said to myself I truly am and I truly

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