A Schoolgirl’s Discipline

“Don’t look so sad, Cindy. You’ll have a great time, and the month
will fly by, I’m sure.”
Cindy Powers nodded at her mother’s words and offered her cheek to
be kissed.
“It’s okay to call if I get lonely, isn’t it?” the girl asked in a
soft, scared voice as her mother opened the car door and got in.
“Of course, dear,” Cindy’s father said from the driver’s seat.
“You know your mother and I will want to know everything that’s
Cindy took a long look at her parents. They seemed convinced that
her upcoming month at the Steinway Academy for girls would do Cindy a
world of good. Cindy respected her parents and looked up to them.
“Have a good time now, dear,” Cindy’s mother said.
“I’ll try,” Cindy said, forcing a smile across her beautiful young
She set her suitcase down and waved halfheartedly as her dad backed
the car around, then tooted the horn. Cindy stared at the car as her
parents started back down the long, winding road.
Cindy’s watch said it was five until nine as she turned and looked
at the high iron gates of the Steinway Academy. Her parents had been
instructed to drop the girl off at five before nine, having been assured
that someone from the academy would be picking Cindy up at exactly nine
The headmistress, a Mrs. Grotten, had explained to Cindy’s mother
that it was better for the girls if they got all their good-byes out of
the way first because it made an easier adjustment to academy life.
Cindy would be starting high school in the fall, and she’d had
other plans for her summer than being packed off to spend a month in
some snotty, uppercrust bootcamp high in the mountains outside of
Denver. But Cindy’s parents had been insistent about the idea, and
they’d agreed that her attending Steinway would be worth a set of car
keys next year on her birthday.
The shapely youngster reasoned that a month of her life would be
worth it to get a new sports car, but Cindy still saw the coming month
at Steinway as a prison sentence, something to be suffered through.
The worst thing about the school, from Cindy’s point of view, was
that there weren’t any boys. With a sigh, Cindy thought about her new
string bikini, which she had planned to wear at the beach all summer.
When her parents’ car disappeared from view Cindy picked up her
suitcase and walked over to the gates.
“This is gonna be some fun, ain’t it?”
Cindy spun around and for the first time saw the wooden bench that
was set about twenty feet to the left of the gates. A girl who looked
about Cindy’s age was walking towards her, tote bag slung over one arm.
Cindy sized the girl up — a sexy face, long black hair, tits much
bigger than Cindy’s, and too much make-up. The girl wore tight, faded
jeans and a T-shirt with the name of some heavy metal band.
“Yeah, lots of fun,” Cindy said glumly.
“I’m Suzie,” the black haired girl said as she pulled a pack of
cigarettes from the back pocket of her jeans and offered one to Cindy.
“Want a smoke?”
“No, thanks,” Cindy said with a shake of her head. “I don’t
Suzie lit her cigarette, inhaled deeply, and gave Cindy the once-
over. “You’re not a goody two-shoes, are you?”
“No,” Cindy said defensively, although kids at her own school
called her that. “I’m Cindy.”
She put her suitcase down and offered Suzie her hand.
“Look like a goody two-shoes,” Suzie said as she shook Cindy’s hand
and looked at Cindy’s frilly white dress. My parents had me all dressed
up like that when they dropped me off, but I went behind a tree and
changed clothes.”
“My parents made me dress up, too,” Cindy said.
Suzie blew a smoke ring and walked back to the bench. Cindy
“I guess we’re in this together, kid,” Suzie said. “Great way to
waste a July, isn’t it?”
“You can say that again. If my folks hadn’t promised to buy me a
car next year, I never would have let them talk me into coming.” Cindy
babbled out these personal details because she already felt a kinship to
Suzie, although the dark haired beauty didn’t seem like the type of girl
that Cindy would have hung out with back at home. “Ever been here
“Nope, and I damn sure won’t be back either,” Suzie said as she
casually swung her legs apart, then pressed them together.
For some reason, Cindy’s gaze was drawn down between Suzie’s legs,
where Cindy could see the impression of the other girl’s cunt straining
against the tight jeans. Cindy swallowed hard and looked at her watch.
“It’s nine on the dot,” Cindy said. “Guess they’ll be here to pick
us up any time.”
“Yeah,” Suzie said as she took a final drag on her cigarette, then
flicked it away. “Might as well get this stupid shit started so we can
get it over with.”
As if on cue, the big gates began to slide open.
“There’s the bell for the first class,” Suzie said as she stood up
and grabbed her tote bag.
Cindy noticed that her new friend wasn’t wearing a bra. Nipples
the size of half-dollars jutted against Suzie’s T-shirt, and Cindy
swallowed again.
The girls stood side by side, neither of them saying a word as the
gates opened and a big black limousine pulled out onto the highway,
swung around in a wide circle, then came to a stop beside them. One of
the rear doors swung open. “Don’t just stand there, ladies, get in!
You’re at Steinway now, so you’d better learn to jump!”
Cindy glanced toward Suzie, frowned, then stepped into the limo.
Suzie followed. The door slammed shut behind her and the limo pulled
back through the gates, which began to close automatically.
The girls were sitting on one of the jumpseats opposite a big
stern-faced woman who was looking through a file folder.
“You must be Cindy,” the woman said. “And you’re Susan.”
“At Steinway, we address each other by our proper names, Susan. I
suggest you learn that quickly. Welcome ladies. I’m Mrs. Grotten, the
“Hello, Mrs. Grotten,” Cindy said weakly.
Mrs. Grotten was a beautiful woman, but she did little to show it
off. Her sharp features were without a trace of make-up, and her blue
eyes seemed to sparkle with cruelty. Her red hair was cropped close to
her scalp. She was in her fifties, but her body hadn’t gone to seed.
The headmistress was in fact built very well, a fact accented by the
tight black leather dress she wore. Cindy noticed that there was a
short leather riding crop on the seat beside her.
“This,” Suzie whispered as she leaned close to Cindy, “is going to
be worse than we thought.”
“Another rule,” Mrs. Grotten said sharply as she dropped the folder
on the seat and picked up the riding crop, “is that the new girls don’t
talk out of turn. Understand?”
Suzie rolled her eyes.
“I asked you if you understand, Susan!” Mrs. Grotten snarled,
bringing the riding crop down across Suzie’s knees.
“Ouch!” Suzie squealed. “You old bitch, that hurt!”
Cindy shrank back into the seat as she watched Mrs. Grotten’s blue
eyes grow wide.
“James!” Mrs. Grotten tapped the riding crop against the glass that
separated the jumpseats from the driver’s compartment. The window slid
down. “Pull over, James! Little Susan here is going to be trouble. We
may as well start breaking her in now.”
“Yes, Mrs. Grotten,” the handsome blond driver said, and the limo
veered onto the shoulder of the road and came to a stop.
Mrs. Grotten touched a button on the control panel, and the door
next to Suzie swung open. The woman struck Suzie with the crop. The
girl cursed again and jumped out of the open door and into the waiting
arms of James.
The big, hulking driver gripped the dark-haired teenager by the
shoulders and threw her roughly to the ground.
“Bastard!” Suzie screamed as she rolled over on her hands and knees
and started trying to crawl away into the trees.
Mrs. Grotten got out of the limo, then turned back to look at
Cindy. “Watch closely, Cindy. You’ll learn what happens to girls at
Steinway when they disobey.”
Cindy’s mouth dropped open, but the frightened girl couldn’t find
her voice. Instead she could only stare at the unfolding scene with a
kind of unbelieving horror.
Suzie only managed to crawl five feet or so before James’ big black
boot came down in the middle of her back and pinned the girl to the
“Fuckers! Oh, you’ll pay for this!” Suzie shouted.
Suzie flailed her arms and legs, but she was trapped and helpless.
Cindy wanted to shut her eyes, to look away, but found that she
couldn’t. She watched as Mrs. Grotten walked slowly around Suzie,
slapping the crop into the palm of her hand.
“Shall I strip her?” James asked in a voice without emotion.
Cindy thought that she saw just the trace of a smile playing at the
corners of his mouth.
James had to be at least six and a half feet tall, and he was
powerfully built. In much the same way that Cindy found herself staring
down between Suzie’s legs as they had waited on the bench, the brown-
haired youngster now discovered that she was staring at the big lump in
the crotch of James’ pants.
Mrs. Grotten was leering down at Suzie. She hadn’t answered James’
question, so he asked her again.
“There’ll be time enough for the full treatment later, James,” the
headmistress said finally. “For now, just pull her pants down around
her ankles.”
“Don’t touch my pants, you big bastard!” Suzie yelled, squirming
all the harder. “You touch me and I’ll kill you, fucker! I’ll cut off
your balls, I swear to god I will!”
In one quick, smooth motion, James took hold of the belt loop at
the back, and jerked the girl cleanly to her feet.
Suzie continued to scream — indeed, the louder she screamed, the
wider Mrs. Grotten seemed to smile — but Cindy saw the fear in her new
friend’s wide eyes.
“Squirm all you want, little bitch,” James said as he undid the top
snap of her jeans and forced her zipper down. “The more you squirm, the
more I like it.”
“Bastard!” Suzie wailed. “Oh, you bastard!”
James’ big hands gripped the sides of Suzie’s faded jeans and
worked them down over the dark-haired teen’s round hips. Cindy saw that
her new friend was wearing skimpy red underwear. When James had the
jeans down to Suzie’s knees, he grabbed the girl’s undies and tore them
right off her body.
“Now get her bent over for me, James,” Mrs. Grotten said.
The big blond chauffeur shoved Suzie down into the gravel by the
side of the road, then hooked an arm around her waist and jerked her ass
up in the air. Cindy could see Suzie’s hairy cunt. James laughed and
used his foot on the back of Suzie’s neck to pin the girl to the ground.
“Time to teach this little slut some manners,” Mrs. Grotten said as
she walked up behind Suzie, raised the riding crop, and brought it
crashing down in the milky white skin of Suzie’s bare ass just as hard
as she could.
Cindy winced as she heard the riding crop smack into Suzie’s skin,
and the dark-haired girl cried out in pain.
“Snotty little cunt,” Mrs. Grotten said as she lashed Suzie again.
“I’ll teach you some respect!”
Cindy could see angry red lines criss-crossing Suzie’s ass as the
headmistress continued to beat her. Tears came to the girl’s eyes, but
Cindy remained motionless, unable to help her friend. Mrs. Grotten
continued to beat the girl until Suzie was begging her to stop.
“Want me to stop beating you, huh?” Mrs. Grotten asked as she
mopped the sweat off her brow.
“Yes!” Suzie moaned. “Please stop!”
“Stop, who?”
“Mrs. Grotten,” Suzie panted, still unable to move beneath James’
“Suppose I stick the crop up your cunt instead?” the headmistress
asked as she paced around Suzie and stared down at her with a cruel
“I don’t care, I don’t care!” Suzie panted. “Just don’t beat me
“You’re learning,” Mrs. Grotten said with satisfaction.
She stepped up behind Suzie and used her free hand to part the
teen’s cunt-lips. She spat on Suzie’s exposed pussy, then turned the
riding crop over in her hands and stuck the handle right up into the
teen’s cunt. Cindy gasped at the sight of it. The headmistress eased
the riding crop back some, then fucked a good six or seven inches of it
right up into Suzie’s little cunt.
“Now there, that feels better than getting your ass whipped,
doesn’t it, little bitch?” Mrs. Grotten asked.
“Yes, Headmistress,” Suzie said as she ground her tight teenaged
fuck-hole back against the crop. “Oh, yes!”
“You’ll learn that just as bad behavior is punished, good behavior
is rewarded.”
“Headmistress,” James asked as he rubbed the lump in the front of
his black pants, “may I take care of this?”
Mrs. Grotten arched an eyebrow as she glanced up at James. “Of
course. Little Susan here looks like a real cocksucker. We may as well
see how good she is.”
Cindy watched as James walked around in front of Suzie, unzipped
his pants, and pulled his cock out.
Cindy had never seen anything like it! James’ cock was only about
half-hard, but already the handsome man’s cock must have been at least
nine or ten inches long.
“Tell James how much you want to suck his cock, you little bitch,”
the woman said to Suzie as she crammed more of the riding crop into the
girl’s cunt, which was starting to grow wet. Cindy could see a big drop
of fuck-lube running down the inside of Suzie’s thigh. “Tell him!”
“I want to suck your cock,” Suzie said.
James grabbed a handful of Suzie’s black hair and jerked her head
up and back, causing the teen’s mouth to pop open. Before the girl
caught her breath, James eased his hips forward and used his hand to
guide his cock-head right into Suzie’s open mouth.
Cindy felt a tingle of excitement between her own legs, far up in
the hidden fleshy recess of her unfucked, virgin cunt.
“Yeah, bitch!” Mrs. Grotten growled as she watched James raping the
mouth of the dark-haired beauty. “Suck that cock, you worthless whore!
Eat cock!”
Suzie wasn’t really sucking James’ cock so much as he was fucking
her mouth. A big hand on either side of Suzie’s face held the girl
right where James wanted her. His hips became a blur as he moved his
stiff fucker back and forth in Suzie’s mouth. Mrs. Grotten laughed and
continued to fuck Suzie’s wet cunt with the riding crop.
Cindy’s mouth dropped open in amazement as more and more of James’s
huge, swollen prick disappeared down Suzie’s throat. Cindy could see
the lump of James’ cock-head bulging Suzie’s neck as the blond driver
crammed still more of his cock into Suzie’s mouth. It amazed Cindy that
her friend could even breathe, and she prayed for Suzie not to be choked
to death.
“Cram that big prick down the little whore’s mouth,” Mrs. Grotten
The crop was almost totally stuffed into Suzie’s wet fuck-hole,
from which the steamy fuck juices continued to drip, slicking up both of
Suzie’s thighs. It looked to Cindy as if Suzie was turned on, and she
couldn’t believe that her friend could be getting off on the horrible
thing that was happening to her.
“The cunt loves it,” Mrs. Grotten said with satisfaction as she
fucked the girl’s cunt. “What a little whore. We’ll make something of
the worthless cocksucker yet.”
“The kid’s got a hot mouth,” James said, his voice little more than
a moan.
He slammed his cock down Suzie’s throat one last time, then, inch
by inch, he pulled the swollen prickmeat out.
“I’m about to cum, Headmistress!” James panted as he began jacking
off the portion of his cock that was free now of Suzie’s wide-stretched
mouth. “How do you want me to cream her?”
“Rain all over her face,” Mrs. Grotten said. She suddenly yanked
the riding crop free from Suzie’s wet cunt, then once again lashed the
teen’s ass with it. “You want his dirty cum all over your face, don’t
you, slut?”
“Yes!” Suzie cried, and her voice was low and excited, like an
animal in heat. “Yes, Mrs. Grotten, yes!”
Mrs. Grotten gave Suzie’s ass a final smack, then stood back and
put her hands on her hips.
“Here it is, girl! Eat this!” James shouted.
Cindy’s eyes almost popped out of her head as she saw thick, white
cum gush out of James’ cockhead. It seemed that a quart must have fired
from James’ exploding prick.
Groaning with pleasure, James moved his cock around with his hand
so that he painted Suzie’s entire face with his squirting spunk.
For her part, Suzie went wild with passion when the first blast of
jizz hit her. She cracked her mouth open wide to catch as much of James’
cum as she could, quickly gulping it down. Then the turned-on girl sat
up and used both hands to scoop what had rained on her face right into
her mouth. The sight of it made Cindy feel slightly sick, but at the
same time, her cunt tingled all the more and she could feel it starting
to get wet.
“All right, bitch, get up,” Mrs. Grotten said and to underscore her
words she gave Suzie a hard kick in the ass which sent the girl
sprawling face-first into the gravel.
“Nice,” James said softly as he tucked his spent cock back into his
pants. “I think everyone will like that slut.”
“I’m sure both of them will do fine,” Mrs. Grotten said.
Suzie slowly stood up, hitched her pants, and returned to the car.
Her sweet face was still smeared with half-dry cum.
James started the limo, and they were again on their way.
Mrs. Grotten sniffed the end of the riding crop and smiled.
“Welcome to Steinway, girls!”

Chapter 2

Suzie and Cindy were assigned to a room together in the last of the
four dorm buildings, which were constructed in the Victorian style and
covered with vines. The dorms were set back from a dirt road along a
horseshoe curve at the very back of the campus.
Lunch had finished a half an hour before, and Cindy and Suzie were
in their room on the afternoon break. The morning had sped by. Their
first stop — not counting the cock-riding crop assault on Suzie along
the side of the road — had been the administration building. James had
led the girls to the storeroom in the basement, where all their clothes
had been confiscated. They’d been issued Steinway uniforms, which
consisted of short white dresses which barely covered the girl’s cunts.
After what had happened to Suzie, neither she nor Cindy had said a
word in protest about the uniforms, or the fact that they’d been made to
strip naked and change into the dresses in front of both James and Mr.
Keats, a fat, leering little man who’d made nasty comments while
watching the girls strip.
Mrs. Grotten had laid out the first day rules for them. None of
the other students would speak to them, and Cindy and Suzie weren’t
allowed to talk. Only if a member of the staff addressed them were they
allowed to say anything.
With their asses showing in the short dresses, the girls were then
led to the dining area for breakfast, which in their case, as newcomers,
had consisted of one piece of bread and a glass of milk.
While they were there, the girls had noticed most of the other
students watching them, laughing and pointing. Cindy had been dying to
talk to Suzie, but every time she’d been tempted to try a few whispered
words, Cindy had caught sight of one of the counselors staring at them,
as though just waiting for the girls to break their silence.
After breakfast, James had led them back to the administration
building, where they were officially enrolled in school, a process that
had included having their photographs taken, both with their skimpy new
uniforms on and totally nude.
After the pictures were taken, James had shown them to their room.
Suzie plopped down on her bunk. “Well, Cindy, this sure the shit
ain’t gonna be as boring as I thought it would be.”
Cindy saw that her friend was smiling, and she couldn’t believe her
“Boring? How about sick! Perverted! Horrible!” She raced across
the room, sat down on Suzie’s bed and clasped her hand. “Are you okay?
God, I don’t know how you’ve made it through the last couple of hours!
I’d have been a wreck if they’d done that to me!”
Suzie shrugged. “It wasn’t so bad. The thing that bugs the shit
out of me is the way that Grotten bitch treats us like pieces of shit.”
“It wasn’t bad having to suck James’ prick?” Cindy gasped. “Have
you done that to a guy before?”
“Sure,” Suzie said as she stood up and walked over to the window.
“Wish I had a goddamn cigarette.”
Cindy stared at the dark-haired girl and found that her eyes were
drawn down to the smooth, fleshy globes of Suzie’s ass, which barely
peeked out from beneath the hem of her dress.
“God,” she said, a little dazed by what she was hearing. “I don’t
believe it. Here you’ve sucked on a man’s…thing…”
“It’s called a cock,” Suzie said as she grinned over her shoulder
at Cindy, then returned to the bed and stretched out in such a way that
Cindy was looking right at her exposed cunt.
“You’ve sucked a man’s cock, and I’ve never even seen one!”
“Really?” Suzie said with a laugh. “Not even your dad’s or
Cindy felt her cheeks growing red. She hated it when people kidded
her about being a virgin and a prude.
“Well, just my little brother’s,” she whispered.
“James’ cock was quite an improvement, I’m sure.”
“It was so big!”
Suzie nodded and with her right hand reached down and gently
touched her pussy. “Yeah, but I like big cocks. His cum was tasty,
“Ouch!” Cindy said, and a shiver ran through her body. “It looked
real icky to me.”
Suzie smiled, spreading her cunt-lips apart. “You really are a
little prude, aren’t you?”
“No,” Cindy said defensively as her cheeks continued to burn. “I
just never met a guy that I wanted to do it with.”
Suzie slowly eased her forefinger into her cunt and smiled at Cindy
broadly. “There’s lots of ways of doing it, you know. It doesn’t even
have to be with a guy.”
Cindy got up and sat down on her bed. The way that Suzie was
looking at her reminded Cindy of the way some guys looked at her — like
they wanted to fuck her brains out. It was too much for Cindy to even
think about.
“We have to get to a phone, Suzie,” she said, stretching out on her
bed and staring up at the ceiling. “If we can get in touch with our
parents, then they can come and get us out of this hell-hole.”
“Dream on, girl,” Suzie said. “I was checking things out before
James was leading us around. Someone is always going to be watching us.
We might as well accept it. We’re stuck here for a month.”
“No,” Cindy said, shaking her head. “I don’t believe that, Suzie.
There has to be a way for us to get out of here. There has to.”
Suzie got off her bed and sat down beside Cindy, running her
fingers through Cindy’s thick, curly hair. “Well, I ain’t really
worried about a jail-break at the moment. I’ve got other things on my
“Like what?” Cindy asked softly.
“Like how sore my little cunt is from that bitch Grotten fucking it
with her riding crop.” Suzie sat cross-legged on the edge of Cindy’s bed
and pulled her cunt-lips apart, offering Cindy a view far up into her
fuck-hole. “And how much better it would feel if someone would give it
a kiss.”
Suzie reached with her free hand and traced a soft, cool finger
down the side of Cindy’s leg.
Cindy didn’t know what to say. The thought of eating another
girl’s pussy seemed disgusting. Yet when Cindy looked down at Suzie’s
cunt, she felt her own cunt-hole grow wet.
“Tell you what, Cindy,” Suzie said in a low, sexy voice. “I know
if you’ve never seen a man’s cock, you sure as shit ain’t never sucked a
pussy, have you?”
Cindy stared at her friend. Her cunt was growing wetter.
“Have you?”
“And I won’t ask you to lick me out,” Suzie said. “At least not
unless you decide you want to. That sounds fair, doesn’t it?”
Cindy swallowed hard, her throat dry.
“Yeah,” she said finally. “That sounds fair.”
“But I will ask you to let me suck you –”
“Suzie, no! That’s not right, doing perverted things like that. I
— no!”
“I don’t think it’s all that perverted,” Suzie said as she softly
caressed Cindy’s long legs. “Hell, people suck and fuck all the time,
Cindy. It’s natural, like breathing or taking a shit.”
“Oh, Suzie, I’m just so confused about things! My mind feels like
a pinball machine!”
“Well, don’t think too much or you’ll drive yourself crazy,” Suzie
said. Her hand was now at the top of Cindy’s firm thighs, and, ever so
slowly, Suzie brought her fingers in toward Cindy’s virgin cunt.
“Sometimes you just have to let your body take over. Your body really
does know best, and sometimes you just might have to let it run wild.”
“Yeah,” Cindy said softly as she glanced down at Suzie’s right
hand, which inched ever so closer to her cunt.
Despite her misgivings, Cindy moved her thighs apart slightly,
allowing Suzie easier access to her damp fuck-hole.
“Yeah, that feels good, doesn’t it?” Suzie asked. With her thumb
and forefinger, the girl gently squeezed Cindy’s clit.
“It does feel good!” Cindy moaned.
Of course she had fucked herself with her own fingers before, but
Suzie was the first person who had ever touched Cindy’s pussy before,
and it felt great, like someone had touched a live wire to her cunt,
sending a pulse of electric pleasure racing through her virgin fuck-
“I told you that it would,” Suzie said with satisfaction. “And
this is going to feel even better.”
Suzie’s finger slid off of Cindy’s clit and down between the girl’s
half parted cunt-lips. Suzie teased the lips for a few seconds, easing
them apart, then she rammed a finger all the way up inside Cindy’s
slickening cunt until it bumped up against her cherry.
“Oh, I can feel your little cherry up there,” Suzie whispered as
she fucked her finger slowly in and out. “You really never have been
fucked, have you?”
“I told you that I hadn’t,” Cindy said, spreading her legs apart
more so that her friend could get at her pussy.
“I like virgin cunt,” Suzie murmured. She pulled her finger out of
Cindy’s pussy and licked it. “Yummmm, you taste good, girl!” Suzie took
hold of Cindy’s legs and spread them far apart. “I’m going to give your
cunt a little kiss, okay? If you want me to stop, just say so.”
“Okay,” Cindy whispered.
Cindy knew that it had to be wrong to let her friend get her head
down between her legs and lick her cunt, but it felt so good when Suzie
was finger-fucking her that Cindy didn’t want to stop. The young girl’s
body was trembling, but it was more out of anticipation than fear.
“I knew you’d let me,” Suzie said.
She winked at Cindy, then dove down between her legs. Her mouth
made right for Cindy’s clit. The tip of her tongue traced a circle
around Cindy’s clit, then Suzie nipped at it sharply with her teeth. At
the same time she stuffed two fingers into Cindy’s unfucked cunt,
working them from side to side. Cindy’s cunt muscles tightened, then
relaxed, freeing the flow of fuck-juice from far up inside her. Cindy
grabbed the back of Suzie’s head and rammed the girl’s face hard against
her crotch.
“Goddamn!” Cindy cried with pleasure. “That’s fantastic! Fuck,
that feels great!”
Never had Cindy dreamed that another girl could make her feel so
good. Cindy had enjoyed the times she’d finger-fucked herself, but this
was totally different. Her cunt felt like it was on fire, her clit
getting ready to explode. Cindy could feel the waves of fuck-lube which
were slicking up her pussy, and each time some of the fuck-juice went
pumping out of her cunt, Suzie quickly lapped it up and Cindy’s pleasure
grew to even greater heights.
“Suck my little cunt!” Cindy moaned, bucking her ass up off the bed
and grinding her virgin pussy hard against Suzie’s cunt-juice smeared
face. “Yeah, lick me out, baby!”
Suzie sucked all the harder as Cindy urged her on. After a minute
or two, her tongue slipped down off Cindy’s clit and went probing far up
against Cindy’s cherry, then swished it around, all the while finger-
fucking Cindy as hard as she could without rupturing the girl’s cherry.
“Oh, yes, Suzie!” Cindy cried as her orgasm approached. “Yes, you
nasty little girl, suck my cunt! Suck it!”
Suzie could feel Cindy’s cunt muscles contracting harder. She was
anxious to get Cindy off so that it would be her turn to get a good
“Yeah,” Suzie said, licking Cindy’s cunt-juice off of her lips and
squeezing Cindy’s ass hard. “You like getting your cunt sucked, just
like I knew you would. Now, I’m gonna make you cream.”
“Do it!” Cindy shouted, her voice filled with passion. “Make my
horny cunt cum!”
After sending her tongue snaking up Cindy’s wet pussy one last
time, Suzie returned her attention to Cindy’s clit, which was poking out
of the flesh that surrounded it. Suzie nipped the girl’s swollen
clitbud, then began sucking on it as though it were a tiny cock. More
cunt-juice washed out of Cindy’s pussy-hole, bathing Suzie’s face.
“Yeah!” Cindy screamed, her hands locking onto the back of Suzie’s
head. “Yeah, I’m going to cum! I’m going to do it!”
Her cunt grew hotter and hotter, until it felt like it was on fire.
Then Suzie managed to stick a third finger into Cindy’s fuck-hole,
sending Cindy over the edge.
“Fucking yeah!” Cindy squealed with delight as the wave of orgasm
crashed over her young, firm body. It felt like a gallon of cunt-juice
was gushing out of her fuck-hole, and she could feel Suzie doing her
best to lap up every drop. It was incredible, and far better than the
tiny orgasms Cindy had experienced while finger fucking herself. It
seemed to go on forever, but finally Suzie pulled her face out of her
friend’s crotch and sat up. The dark-haired teen’s face was covered
with Cindy’s cunt-juice.
Suzie smacked her lips and smiled. “See. I told you that you
would like it.”
“Oh, god, yes. That felt fantastic! If that’s perverted, then I
guess I’m just a big pervert!”
Suzie smiled. “I guess you are.” Her hands fell into her lap, and
Suzie pinched her own clit. “I know I am. My sore little cunt is ready
for a kiss. If you want to do it.”
Cindy was still excited from the incredible tongue-lashing that
Suzie had just given her, and Cindy was more than ready to return the
favor. She had forgotten that she was locked away at Steinway for a
month. The only thing that Cindy wanted was to have Suzie’s cunt in her
“Sure,” Cindy said happily as she laid her head back on the pillow.
Suzie hiked her short dress up around her waist and crawled on top
of Cindy.
“Eat me good, girl,” she said in a husky voice. But before she
could lower her dripping-wet cunt down onto Cindy’s face, the door of
their room swung open.
Mrs. Grotten stood in the doorway, hands on her hips, riding crop
tucked in her armpit.
“The fun’s over, you little worthless, cunt-sucking whores,” she
said as she walked into the room.
Suzie jumped off Cindy and sat down on her own bunk. Both girls
were terrified.
“I would have expected this sort of thing from Susan, we’ve already
seen what sort of whore she is. But you!” Mrs. Grotten spun toward
Cindy and pointed the end of the crop at the frightened girl’s face.
“You, Cindy, I’m disappointed in!”
Mrs. Grotten was smiling from ear to ear and didn’t look
disappointed at all.
“I’m sorry,” Cindy said. Her cheeks were burning, and she thought
she’d die of shame. “Sorry.”
Mrs. Grotten laughed. “Being sorry isn’t enough, you little cunt-
sucker! Get your worthless ass off that bed!”
Cindy jumped up off her bed.
“That’s the way I like to see girls move,” Mrs. Grotten said as she
gave Cindy’s ass a quick kick. “Let’s go, you cunt-sucker. I’m taking
you to see Mr. Abbott. He just loves taking care of little bitches like

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