A Schoolgirl’s Discipline 2.


Mrs. Grotten marched Cindy out of the dorm and up the dirt road to
the administration building.
It was a warm summer afternoon, but Cindy had broken out into
gooseflesh, and the shapely teen shivered in fear as Mrs. Grotten cursed
her and gave her tight, teenaged ass a good whack with her riding crop.
“Turn left, you little pussy-eater!”
The crop found Cindy’s ass again, sizzling into the soft flesh of
her asscheeks, which was just barely exposed beneath the hem of the
girl’s skirt.
Cindy yelped and turned up the path toward a small building that
was set behind the main administration complex. The building looked to
the girl to be the size of a garage, and, while the main building was
constructed of sturdy brick and had been built to look old and slightly
Victorian, the small building was covered with aluminum siding and
looked like it had been thrown up in a few hours.
“This is the punishment and education shed,” the big-titted, red-
haired headmistress whispered in Cindy’s ear as she stepped up behind
the girl and softly rubbed her cunt mound up against Cindy’s ass.
The girl shivered. Mrs. Grotten was a horrible, sex-crazed,
sadistic monster!
Yet, even as the teen felt her skin crawl, her virgin cunt throbbed
with warmth.
Mrs. Grotten knocked on the door with the handle of her riding
“Come in,” a deep male voice called from behind the door as Mrs.
Grotten knocked again.
The headmistress pushed the door open, then stepped back and
motioned Cindy inside.
“Move it, you little dyke,” the big woman said.
She raised the crop above her head, and Cindy flinched and went
through the door. Her mouth dropped open when she saw the interior of
the shed.
There were large pictures on the walls, pictures of wet cunts and
hard cocks in bright, vivid color. Pictures of tits with firm nipples
and spread asscheeks that exposed the tight brown rings of shitters.
Mixed among the pictures on the walls were manacles and handcuffs and
huge dildos of every shape, size and color. Cindy’s green eyes grew
wide as she quickly glanced around at the nasty pictures and the
assortment of sexual devices.
“Mrs. Grotten, who do we have here?”
Cindy’s head swung around, her eyes drawn to a grossly fat man
standing behind a desk in the back corner of the shed. The man came
around the desk and started walking toward the girl. He could only have
been a little more than five feet tall, but he must have weighed a good
three hundred pounds.
The man was wearing only a loose-fitting pair of shorts, and his
fat stomach dangled over the waistband. He stared at Cindy with lust in
his watery eyes from behind the thick lenses of his glasses.
“Who do we have here?” he asked again as he stroked a stubby finger
through Cindy’s long, curly hair. The girl felt her stomach tie itself
into knots, and Cindy prayed that she wouldn’t become sick.
“This little whore is Cindy Powers,” Mrs. Grotten said to Mr.
Abbott as she leaned against the wall and sneered at the teen. “A new
arrival. She hadn’t been here twelve hours when she was discovered with
that pretty little face buried down in a cunt, sucking away.
Mr. Abbott raised an eyebrow.
“Really?” he asked, lacing his fingers together behind his back and
pacing slowly around the terrified girl.
Cindy could feel the fat slob undressing her with his beady eyes,
and she wanted to melt into the floor.
“I would have taken care of the slut in my own way,” Mrs. Grotten
said, “but I know what you like, and I figure that this little bitch
would suit you.”
“She does indeed,” Mr. Abbott said, then chuckled. He moved around
in front of Cindy and looked up into the girl’s eyes, where tears were
starting to pool. Gently, the fat pig reached up with his hand and gave
one of Cindy’s perfect tits a squeeze. Cindy squirmed and bit her
tongue to keep from crying out.
“Take off your dress, Cindy,” Mr. Abbott said in a voice that was a
whisper. “I wish to gaze upon your beautiful young body.”
The young girl knew that, one way or the other, she would end up
doing exactly what Mr. Abbott and the evil Mrs. Grotten wanted her to
Suddenly Mrs. Grotten’s riding crop lashed Cindy’s ass, harder than
ever before.
“Goddamn, you little whore, when you’re given an order, you jump!”
The crop bit into Cindy’s ass again as Mr. Abbott took a step back,
folding his arms over his huge belly and smiled with satisfaction.
For the third time, the headmistress sent the riding crop smashing
into Cindy. “Strip, you worthless cunt!”
The third blow seemed to shake Cindy from her daze. The pain was
like a thing alive all across her ass, which was being criss-crossed
with ugly red welts. Cindy didn’t want any more pain. Quickly, she
eased the thin dress down over her shoulders and let it drop to the
concrete floor.
“Lovely, yes indeed,” Mr. Abbott muttered as he paced around Cindy
and stared at the girl’s exposed body.
The teen felt her cheeks grow red as the piggish Mr. Abbott looked
her up and down. Mrs. Grotten stood by, the riding crop at the ready.
“I thought you’d like this one,” Mrs. Grotten said.
“And you were right, my dear, as always.” He traced a fingernail
down Cindy’s back, right along her spine, and it made the girl shiver.
“So, little Cindy, Mrs. Grotten found you going down on another girl,
Cindy nodded.
“Answer your master, bitch!” Mrs. Grotten shouted. “Tell him what
a pervert you are, what a whore you are!”
A tear trickled slowly down Cindy’s cheek. The young girl sniffed,
took several deep breaths, then forced the words out. “Yes, Master.”
Mr. Abbott smiled and nodded. “You like licking out another girl’s
hot, sloppy cunt, don’t you, Cindy?”
“I…I had never done it before,” Cindy said in a sputtering voice.
“Suzie made me do it. She made me.”
Cindy felt as if she were betraying her new friend, but she had no
choice. She couldn’t admit that she had loved sucking Suzie’s fuck-
hole, loved the feel and flavor of another girl’s turned-on cunt. Cindy
was not ready to admit such a thing, even to herself, let alone say it
in front of these two adults.
“I see,” Mr. Abbott said, his eyes locked on the perfectly round
globes of Cindy’s tit-flesh. The girl had small pink nipples, and he
reached out and pinched Cindy’s nipples with his thumbs and forefingers.
Instantly, Cindy’s nipples swelled with blood and became erect.
As Mr. Abbott continued to softly finger Cindy’s stiff nipples, the
youngster felt fuck-lube greasing down the inside of her virgin cunt,
coating the inside walls of her pussy and wetting the lips of her cherry
“Tell me that it doesn’t feel good when I play with your beautiful
tits, Cindy,” Mr. Abbott said. “Can you tell me that?”
“It doesn’t feel good,” Cindy said, as much to convince herself as
to convince Mrs. Grotten and Mr. Abbott. “It doesn’t!”
“I see.” His hands dropped from Cindy’s tits as he paced around
the girl once again. “So, you’re just a good girl, aren’t you, Cindy?”
“Yes,” Cindy said as firmly as she could. With all her heart, the
teen wanted to believe her own words, even though her virgin cunt was
getting wetter with every second that passed. “I am a good girl! I
really am!”
Mr. Abbott was nodding as though he believed Cindy, but when he
came around in front to Cindy again, his expression changed suddenly.
His eyes narrowed into slits and his mouth turned into a hard line.
Without any warning, he sank a fat fist into Cindy’s stomach.
“Bullshit!” Mr. Abbott shouted.
The blow took Cindy’s breath away. The girl’s knees buckled and
she dropped to the hard concrete floor like a sack of flour. Now the
tears broke free, raining down the girl’s beautiful face in a flood as
she fought to regain her breath.
“You’re a no-good, pussy-sucking little bitch!” Mr. Abbott shouted
as he stood over Cindy’s fallen form. “I know about the girls here at
Steinway, Cindy-slut! The ones who play at being so sweet and innocent
turn out to be the biggest cock-pigs of all.”
Cindy found the strength to shake her head violently.
“No!” she barely managed to pant as her breath slowly returned.
“Good girl!”
“We’ll see.” Mr. Abbott turned to the headmistress. “Get the
little cunt into the shackles. Time to find out if the bitch likes a
big cock as much as she likes a slimy cunt.”
“I’m sure she will,” Mrs. Grotten said with a laugh. “I can spot a
whore a mile away, and this worthless piece of shit is a true slut.”
The headmistress grabbed one of Cindy’s slender ankles and dragged
the girl across the floor. Cindy’s arms flapped about helplessly and
she cried out as Mrs. Grotten dragged her nude body across the rough
concrete. Cindy could feel some of her tender tit-flesh being scraped
When they reached the back wall, Mrs. Grotten dropped Cindy’s leg
to the floor. Cindy had now regained her breath, and, rolling over on
her ass, the girl could see five or six different sets of shackles
mounted into the wall at different levels. Just looking at the shackles
made the girl’s wrists and ankles ache, and Cindy prayed that she would
simply die and thus be spared the terrible fate that she knew was only
minutes away.
“How would you like the slut mounted?” Mrs. Grotten asked Mr.
Abbott, who was stepping out of his baggy shorts and stroking his half-
hard cock.
“Have her head level with my prick,” Abbott said. “I’m going to
rape out the whore’s hot little mouth before bothering with her cunt.
Look at those pouty little lips. She’s a born cocksucker if I’ve ever
seen one.”
“No shit,” Mrs. Grotten said as she rudely grabbed one of Cindy’s
The girl tried to struggle against the powerful woman, but it was
hopeless, and Cindy went limp after a second or two. The headmistress
soon had the girl’s arms locked into shackles. Next, Grotten spread
Cindy’s legs wide, turning the girl into a human wishbone and presenting
her wet, virgin cunt for Mr. Abbott’s inspection.
Once Mrs. Grotten had all of Cindy’s limbs secured, she moved along
the wall to a pulley device and pressed a button. Cindy heard the
grinding of gears and her pert body was jerked rudely off the floor.
Mrs. Grotten only raised her ass up a foot or so, but the shackles now
dug deeply into Cindy’s tender flesh as her weight was supported by her
wrists and ankles.
Cindy was spread-eagled against the wall, chained and totally
helpless. The tears continued to run down the girl’s sweet face, but at
the same time her unfucked cunt grew wetter. A little trickle of fuck-
lube ran down the inside of one thigh.
“Look at that cunt get wet,” Mrs. Grotten said with a shake of her
head. “The whore’s ripe, I tell you. She’s just begging for your big
“Indeed,” Mr. Abbott said as he walked toward the girl. “And far
be it from me to disappoint one of our students on her very first day
here at Steinway.
Cindy had been staring down at the floor, afraid to look up at his
heavy cock, afraid to face once and for all the horrible truth of what
was happening to her.
“Look at me!” he yelled.
Against her will, Cindy raised her head. Mr. Abbott was standing
two feet from the girl, his huge, hard cock right at the girl’s eye
level. Cindy had seen the big bulge in Abbott’s shorts, but as she took
her first good look at the big, meaty cock so close to her face, she let
out a squeal of amazement.
She’d thought James’ cock was big when he’d forced Suzie to gobble
it, but Mr. Abbott’s prick was a true monster. The cock-head looked to
be the size of an orange, and Cindy could see the blood pumping through
his stiff prick-meat.
“Look at the lust in those young eyes,” Abbott said to Mrs. Grotten
as he gave his cock a few strokes and moved closer to Cindy, who had
clamped her mouth tightly shut. “You like my cock a lot, don’t you,
Cindy knew Mr. Abbott expected an answer, but she dared not open
her mouth for fear that he would slam the huge fucker past her ruby-red
lips and all the way down her throat.
I could never suck that cock, the girl thought. Cindy’s perfect
young body started to tremble in fear as she strained against the
shackles that held her fast. And her damned cunt grew wetter and
“I asked you a question, bitch!” Mr. Abbott shouted as he slapped
Cindy, leaving an impression of his ham-sized hand on the girl’s face.
“You love that cock, don’t you?”
“No!” Cindy whimpered, more tears blinding her eyes.
“Liar!” Abbott shouted.
He grabbed Cindy’s face and forced the girl’s jaws apart. Cindy’s
facial muscles strained to keep her mouth shut, but his thumbs dug
painfully into the soft flesh under her jaw, and he held the girl there,
motionless, with her mouth cracked wide open.
“I’m going to feed you my big cock, little whore, every last inch!”
“Do it!” Mrs. Grotten gasped as she started to finger her cunt
right through the black leather jump suit. “Choke that worthless little
Cindy could barely see because tears were running like rivers out
of her eyes.
He held the girl’s face tightly, then slowly eased his engorged
cock close to Cindy’s mouth, until the very tip of his red cock-knob was
barely brushing Cindy’s sweet, virgin lips.
“Such a beautiful sight,” Mr. Abbott said as he stared down at his
swollen cock-meat, which was ready to rape out the young teen’s mouth.
“So pretty we should take a picture. But there’ll be time enough for
that later. Time enough for everything.”
Cindy gazed with horror at the huge cock poised at her lips. It
seemed to her that Mr. Abbott let his cock linger at her lips forever.
No one spoke, and the only sound that Cindy heard was the loud hammering
of her heart.
Finally, the waiting was over.
“Eat cock, whore!” Mr. Abbott cried as he thrust his huge prick
into the girl’s open mouth.
The swollen cock-knob bumped rudely against Cindy’s tonsils,
gagging her, then he eased his cock out some and slammed it home again.
His cock-flesh was hot and alive in Cindy’s mouth. It had a hot,
musky taste that was unlike anything the girl had ever dreamed of. It
was a taste like forbidden dreams.
“Yeah,” Mrs. Grotten said as she continued to finger her own cunt
through the leather jumpsuit and watched the huge cock sink again into
the girl’s helpless mouth, “feed that whore your delicious cock! Stuff
that big fucker right down her throat!”
“That’s exactly what I had in mind,” Mr. Abbott yelled.
The grossly fat man rocked up on his toes slightly and slammed his
hips forward. His strong hands still gripped the sides of Cindy’s head,
keeping the teen from moving, and his big cock head lodged in the back
of Cindy’s tight mouth, then started to force its way brutally down the
young girl’s throat.
Cindy tried to gag, but found that she couldn’t, her windpipe was
totally blocked by the huge piece of hot, hard cock-flesh that was
raping out her mouth. For a few seconds the girl struggled for air,
then forced herself to breathe through her nose. She tilted her head
back as far as she could, her neck muscles straining, in an effort to
smooth the passage of the giant cock down her throat.
“Fuck, my gorgeous little whore, your mouth is on fire!” Mr. Abbott
shouted with delight.
A good three or four inches of his swollen cock remained outside of
Cindy’s mouth, even though the force-fed girl could feel the orange-
sized head of Abbott’s prick bulging in her neck.
The girl’s jaws began to ache from being forced so wide apart, but
her young virgin cunt was wetter than ever. Beads of fragrant fuck-lube
trickled down the inside of Cindy’s legs freely now. Her virgin cunt
was hornier than hell and ready to be split apart and bled, ready to get
the shit fucked out of it for the very first time.
“The slut loves it,” Mrs. Grotten said with a laugh, as though she
could read the young girl’s thoughts. “Feed her more of that cock,
Master. Stuff the whole thing down the whore’s throat! Choke her!”
Mr. Abbott grunted his approval of the idea, but first he pulled
his massive, swollen cock out of Cindy’s mouth and used it like a club,
slapping first one side of the girl’s face, then the other.
Cindy took a deep breath and licked her lips. It shamed the
youngster to no end, but she was ready for more and happily cracked her
jaws wide when he again forced the cock-head past her sweet lips.
Mr. Abbott sank his huge cock deep, lodging it far down in the
girl’s throat. Then he began to thrust in even more.
“Take it all, you cock-hungry bitch! Take it all!”
Bit by bit, the very last of his heavy cock-meat disappeared down
Cindy’s throat. His ball-sac snuggled up against Cindy’s chin, and all
fifteen inches of his huge cock was in the girl’s mouth.
“Damn, this whore is hot!” he muttered as he fucked his king-sized
cock in and out of Cindy’s throat. “What a fucking mouth! You were
right, Headmistress, this one is going to be something special!”
“I can spot them a mile away,” Mrs. Grotten said.
Her own hot cunt was wet and hot, and when the girl glanced over at
her, Cindy saw that the red-haired woman’s cunt-juices were flowing
freely, soaking the leather of her jumpsuit.
“Fuck, what a mouth, what a throat,” Mr. Abbott said with a pant.
“I was planning to bang out the bitch’s cunt, but this mouth is so nice
that I may settle for it now.”
“The whore’s cunt is ready for you, that’s for sure,” Mrs. Grotten
said as she stepped up beside Cindy and used the tip of her riding crop
to part Cindy’s sopping-wet cunt-lips. “Look at the fuck-juice pumping
out of the worthless slut.”
“Why don’t you see how she tastes for me?” Mr. Abbott asked as he
once again eased more of his giant cock out of Cindy’s mouth, then
slammed it home again.
“With pleasure,” Mrs. Grotten said. She knelt down beside the
shackled girl and scooped a big glob of Cindy’s cunt-juice up with her
finger, then popped it into her mouth and licked her fingers clean.
“Ummmm, delicious! Nothing tastes as sweet as a turned-on little slut.”
Carefully, the headmistress probed a finger up Cindy’s virgin cunt.
The girl’s cunt muscles twitched with delight and more fuck-juice came
pumping out of her pussy-hole. Mrs. Grotten eased the fingers forward
until they bumped up against the thin flesh of Cindy’s cherry.
“I don’t fucking believe it!” the headmistress gasped as she pulled
her finger free of Cindy’s juiced-up cunt and licked at the young girl’s
fuck-lube. “You won’t believe it either, Karl!”
“What?” he asked as he fucked his cock once again down Cindy’s
throat and stroked his hands through the girl’s long, curly hair.
Mrs. Grotten laughed and tapped the top of Cindy’s head lightly
with the riding crop. “The hungry cocksucker is cherry! Jesus Christ,
I don’t remember the last time we had a virgin here at Steinway!”
“No shit?” He began easing his stiff cock back out of the girl’s
well-drilled throat.
Cindy’s whole body was bouncing back against the wall, the tight
metal shackles digging deeper into her wrists and ankles, but the girl
didn’t care.
Mrs. Grotten bent over and felt the teen’s fuck-hole again. “Yes,
she’s got a cherry in there all right!”
“Disgraceful,” Mr. Abbott said as he pulled his cock out of the
girl’s mouth and used it like a club to slap the youngster’s face,
painting it up with Cindy’s own cock-flavored spit. “Her parents got
her to us in the knick of time. I’ll tell you this though –” Mr.
Abbott smiled like a well-fed cat and stuffed a good ten inches of his
swollen cockmeat back into Cindy’s mouth. “– I’ll bet she’s sucked a
few dozen pricks already. The little slut’s a natural.”
Cindy wanted to tell them that it wasn’t true, but the cock she was
now sucking prevented her from speaking. She could only make wet
sucking sounds.
“Well,” Mr. Abbott said as he took hold of the back of Cindy’s head
and began pulling her forward, making the girl gobble more and more of
his tremendous cock, “I am certainly glad I was in the mood for head.
You’re right, Mrs. Grotten, it’s been far too long since we’ve bled a
cherry cunt around here.”
The manly taste of the huge cock had taken some getting used to,
but the longer Mr. Abbott’s cock slammed into her face, the more Cindy
found that she liked it. She didn’t feel the pain in her wrists or
ankles, or the pain in her ass from getting whipped — all the beautiful
girl knew was that a man’s cock was taking her, using her, fucking her
throat out like it was something to jack off in.
“Look at the little bitch go, Mrs. Grotten! Look at the sweet slut
gobble my cock!”
Mr. Abbott had released his headlock on the girl, dropped his arms
to his sides and relaxed. Except for his king-sized cock, which was now
swelling to an even greater size, he wasn’t even touching the girl.
Cindy was bobbing on his huge prick and taking it down her throat
all by herself.
Mrs. Grotten resumed fingering her own cunt and clit through the
leather jumpsuit, and within seconds the headmistress had her cunt-
juices flowing down the sides of her legs.
“Yes, what a great cocksucker you are, Cindy,” Mr. Abbott said.
“What a cocksucker! I’m going to blow for you, little bitch! Get ready
to suck down my cum!”
“I want to see!” Mrs. Grotten cried, her own orgasm nearing. “Do
it all over her face, Karl. This I’ve got to see!”
Mr. Abbott nodded. “Whatever you say, my dear.”
He grabbed Cindy’s ears painfully and pushed her head back against
the wall. The girl stared at his twitching cock with lust-glazed eyes
and licked her lips. Mr. Abbott gripped his cock, stroking it, and
aimed the prick-head right at the girl’s soft lips.
“Open your mouth, slut!”
Almost against her will, Cindy opened her mouth wide.
“Yes!” Mrs. Grotten screamed with passion as she got herself off.
“Yes, do it!”
At that exact instant, the first hot blast of cum came spraying
from Mr. Abbott’s huge cock. It was red hot and landed on Cindy’s right
cheek with a splash and started dripping down the side of her face.
“Ohhhh!” the shapely teen cried in surprise.
“Fuck, yeah!” Abbott yelled as the second spurt of cum went dancing
across the girl’s flushed face. “Yes, whore, yes! Eat my cum! Eat
The third explosion of steaming jizz finally found its mark,
hitting the teen right on the tongue. Cindy was the only one of the
three who was surprised when she swallowed it and quickly opened her
mouth for more. Wave after hot, sticky wave of spunk blasted out of the
huge cock-knob, and each one but the first two were fired directly into
the girl’s open mouth.
“What a whore!” Mrs. Grotten muttered as she licked her own cunt-
juice off her long fingers. “Didn’t I tell you I could spot them?”
“That’s why I hired you,” Mr. Abbott said.
His cock had fully stopped shooting, having left a thick, white
mass of slowly cooling cum on Cindy’s face. Now he turned away from the
girl, walked over to his discarded shorts and pulled them on.
Cindy blinked, not quite believing what had happened. She burped
The fires of lust flamed out quickly in the girl. Her jaws now
ached and the back of her throat was sore. She remembered the tight
shackles that held her fast.
Cindy stared at the hard concrete floor, and her tears returned.
“Mrs. Grotten, there will be a school assembly tonight in the gym.
You make the arrangements. Full staff and all the students. We’re
going to welcome little Cindy here to Steinway properly.”
Mrs. Grotten walked over to Cindy and patted the top of the girl’s
head. “A wonderful idea. I’ll take care of it, Karl.”
“I’m sure that you will,” Mr. Abbott said, and then he and the
headmistress began to laugh.

Chapter 4

Cindy was kept shackled to the wall in the punishment shed for the
rest of the afternoon and into the evening. There were no windows in
the small building, and only by watching the light fade under the door
did the chained, frightened girl know that the sun had gone down.
The shackles rubbed her wrists and ankles raw, and her hands and
feet grew numb. Mr. Abbott’s cum became rock-hard on her sweet face.
When Cindy grew tired of praying to be saved, she prayed simply to
die and have it all done. But she didn’t die, instead she hung there a
few inches above the floor. She hung there, scared and alone, and then
she no longer cared about being rescued. All Cindy cared about was
being released from the painful shackles.
When the last of the light had finally faded away, the girl heard
footsteps. The door swung open and James stood there, along with Mr.
Keats, the ugly little man who had issued Cindy and Suzie their school
“Look at that gash hanging there,” Keats said with a snicker as the
two men entered the shed and walked over to Cindy. “Nothing I love more
than the sight of some fucking bitch strung up like a side of beef.”
James pulled a set of keys from his tight black pants and knelt
down to free one of Cindy’s wrists. His strong hands massaged the
girl’s sore skin.
“Are you all right, Cindy?” the blond chauffeur asked.
“I think so,” Cindy said with a nod of her head. “I’m numb.”
James went about the business of releasing the girl.
“I’m sorry,” he said, gripping Cindy’s shoulders. “They never
should have left you in here for so long.”
“It’s not your fault.”
“Who cares what the little whore thinks?” Keats said as he grabbed
one of Cindy’s sore wrists and yanked the teen to her feet.
“Ouch!” Cindy said as she took a wobbly step forwards on her numb
“Watch it, Keats,” James said with menace in his deep voice as he
turned toward Keats and made a fist.
“Don’t tell me you’ve got a soft spot for this stupid bitch,” Keats
replied with a sneer. “You wouldn’t want the headmistress hearing you
talk like that.”
“Grotten’s not here, and if I were you –” James walked up to Keats
and jabbed a finger into his chest “– you’ll be better off if you keep
that big mouth of yours shut, understand?”
“Yeah, yeah,” Keats mumbled as he turned toward the door. “You
heard your instructions. We need to get this whore over to the gym and
get her cleaned up fast. The show’s going to be starting in less than
fifteen minutes.”
Ignoring Keats, James walked back over to Cindy and touched the
girl’s chin lightly. “Can you walk or do you need me to carry you?”
Cindy looked up into James’ handsome face and smiled.
“Thanks,” she said, batting her long eyelashes at James, “but I can
make it on my own.”
Cindy had noticed that Keats had wandered over to the door.
“They’re really going to fuck me, aren’t they?” the girl asked in a
James licked his lips and nodded.
“And you won’t help me escape?”
Pain seemed to fill the huge man’s eyes. He swallowed twice, then
said: “I can’t.”
Cindy took a deep breath. “Then let’s go.”
They led Cindy into one of the back doors of the administration
building, down a darkened hallway, and into the gym. Cindy could tell
that they were behind a stage, and out beyond the thick velvet curtains
the shapely youngster heard an excited murmur of voices.
Cindy stared at the curtains for a moment, both fear and excitement
churning in her guts.
Mr. Keats stood behind her, grinning with a mouth full of yellow,
ruined teeth.
“Come on, whore!” he growled, again grabbing one of Cindy’s sore
wrists and pulling her off into the wings on one side of the stage. “We
need to get you cleaned up a tad.”
Keats kneaded one of Cindy’s firm asscheeks and planted a sloppy
wet kiss on the back of the girl’s neck. Cindy felt her skin crawl as
she smelled his foul breath.
“Here, slut,” Keats said as they turned into a tiny bathroom and he
leaned forward and turned the water on in a rusty sink. “Wash old man
Abbott’s spunk off that face of yours. There’s a hairbrush on the stand
there, and some lipstick too. Mrs. Grotten said to give you five
minutes. Try to make yourself look like somethin’, you worthless shit.
We want you to look real pretty now when you get the shit fucked outta
The foul little man giggled, then stepped back out of the room and
shut the door.
Cindy proceeded to scrub her face over and over. She practically
bathed in the sink, trying to wash off the cum and sweat, as if she
could wash off her newly discovered lusts.
She rinsed off the last of the soap and was toweling herself dry
when the loudspeakers crackled to life.
“Welcome, students and staff,” said Mr. Abbott’s amplified voice.
“Tonight we’ve got a real treat for you to break up the summertime
blues. One of our newly arrived students, Cindy Powers, is going to be
put on display for your pleasure. Believe this or not, young ladies,
Cindy is a virgin!”
As she stood in the bathroom backstage, Cindy could hear the
laughter ripple through the crowd. The brown-haired beauty picked up
the brush, ran it through her hair, then applied some of the bright red
“So sit back, finger your little horny cunts if the urge hits you,
and enjoy the show,” Mr. Abbott said over the loudspeaker. “It will be
fucking hot, I assure you.”
The door to the bathroom swung open and Mr. Keats stood there
leering at her. He let out a low wolf whistle, then grabbed one of
Cindy’s hands and led her from the bathroom.
“Let’s go, little whore,” Keats whispered as he guided Cindy out to
the side of the stage. Cindy saw that a king-sized bed had been set up
on the edge of the stage. The girl glanced out into the floodlights,
but could see nothing but glare. She knew that people were all watching
and waiting. Knowing this made the girl’s heart pound, and her virgin
cunt was starting to wake up again when the teen saw Mrs. Grotten climb
up on stage and pick up the microphone.
The headmistress glanced into the wings. “Bring the cherry bitch
out for all of us to see, Mr. Keats.”
“You heard her, slut,” Keats said with a growl, then gave Cindy’s
ass a rude shove.
The girl went stumbling out onto the stage, and a great cheer went
up from the assembled crowd.
Cindy’s heart beat faster still as she took tiny steps toward the
bed. As Cindy licked her red lips and stared at the bare mattress in
the middle of the stage, she knew that it would soon be stained with the
blood of her ruined cunt, the blood of her ruptured cherry.
“Come on, girl.” Mrs. Grotten said with impatience as Cindy slowly
moved forward. “Come on, no stalling!”
The headmistress took hold of the front of Cindy’s skimpy dress and
tore it right down the front, exposing the teen’s firm tits to the
crowd. Another great cheer went up, and Cindy felt her cheeks turning
bright red.
“What a wimpy little gash,” Mrs. Grotten said with contempt, then
she swung Cindy around toward the bed and shoved her right down roughly
on the mattress. Cindy’s virgin cunt was now presented to the crowd,
and the hoots and hollers grew louder still.
“So that’s what a virgin fuck-hole looks like!”
“Fill the bitch up with prick!”
“Let’s see that cunt bleed!”
“A pretty little bitch, isn’t she?” Mrs. Grotten asked. “I think
it’s time to see her get fucked!”
As the crowd roared its approval, Cindy flipped over on her back
and was shocked by what she saw. Two big cameras that were mounted on
wheels were rolling toward her, one manned by Mr. Abbott, the other by
Mr. Keats. As the girl looked from one to the other, she saw that the
red lights atop each were on.
“So,” Mrs. Grotten said, as the mounted cameras rolled right up to
the edge of the bed, “I think we’re ready for the show.”
The headmistress was wearing a short black miniskirt that barely
covered her cunt, and she slipped a hand beneath the hem and rubbed her
fuck-hole with a moan of pleasure.
“Are you all ready for the show?” she asked the crowd.
A huge roar of approval shook the building, and as Cindy looked out
into the front row, she saw Suzie. Her black-haired friend had a hand
on one of her tits, and the other up in her cunt. Cindy felt a sense of
“Smile pretty for the camera,” Mr. Keats said with a foul laugh.
Cindy crawled to the other side of the bed to be as far away from
the wretched little man as she could. A cheer rang out from the crowd,
and Cindy looked back over her shoulder and saw what all the fuss was
James was walking slowly across the stage toward her. He was stark
naked now, his rock-hard, well tanned body glistening with some kind of
oil. Cindy saw an animal intensity in James’ eyes as the blond
chauffeur moved toward her and the cheering of the crowd grew louder.
The girl also saw that James had a raging hard-on. His stiff cock
wagged from side to side as he walked, and the naked teen found herself
licking her lips at the sight of it.
James was a gorgeous man, and the girl’s virgin cunt started to get
The youngster had feared that Mr. Abbott would have the honor of
ripping her cherry cunt wide open, or worse yet, Mr. Keats. Now that
she knew it was to be James, a slow, shy smile began to spread across
her lovely face.
“Yeah,” Mrs. Grotten said to the still-shouting crowd, “most of you
horny little bitches have already gotten to know James real well! Now
it’s this virgin whore’s turn.”
“He’s gonna split you in half, worthless cunt,” Keats muttered to
Cindy as he moved the camera in for a close-up of the girl’s ripe tits.
Cindy looked away from him, back to James.
The handsome chauffeur stood behind the bed now, slowly stroking
his cock with one hand as he stared down into Cindy’s wide eyes.
“Cindy,” the blond hunk with the world-class hard-on said, “I’m
going to fuck you now.”
“Do it!” a girl’s high-pitched voice shouted. “Fuck her, James!”
“Let’s see some blood!” screamed another.
Cindy was staring at James’ heavy, twitching cock. Cindy felt as
if she were in a trance. Her unfucked pussy grew wetter.
James took one last deep breath, swelling his chest and causing his
stomach muscles to ripple and his stiff cock to bob up and down. Then
he dove on top of the curvy teenager.
“Ufffff!” Cindy gasped as the heavy, muscular man landed flush on
top of her, knocking the wind out of her.
She tried to move her legs, but they were pinned under him. He
wrapped his strong arms around her and sank his teeth into her neck.
His stiff, hard cock was like a piece of hot iron searing into Cindy’s
soft stomach. She felt the big cock-head press into her flesh, and a
blob of fuck-lube bubbled out of her cunt, catching in the thick hair of
her cunt-bush.
“Look at him go to work!” Mrs. Grotten whispered into the mike as
she hovered by the side of the bed. “Our James doesn’t waste any time,
does he, girls?”
The headmistress’ words were true. After wrapping the small girl
in a bear hug, James’ hands quickly worked themselves down to Cindy’s
ass. He kneaded her asscheeks once, then he moved his hands to the tops
of the girl’s shapely legs and, lifting his weight off of Cindy, spread
them wide. He saw the cunt-juice which was smeared all over the girl’s
crotch, and a happy grin across her face. He took hold of his twitching
cock and started guiding the huge thing toward Cindy’s wet, waiting
“Yes!” Mrs. Grotten said, panting. “Fuck that shitty whore! Fuck
her cunt!”
James took a second to move from side to side, positioning himself.
His big hands cupped the girl’s tight ass and lifted it an inch or so
off the bed, forcing Cindy’s swollen cunt-lips to spread even wider.
His massive prick was at the outer gateway to Cindy’s cherry pussy. He
took another deep breath, then fucked his huge, stiff cock up into the
“Arrgh!” Cindy cried, gritting her teeth as the walls of her fuck-
hole were rudely parted by James’ prick.
The cock-head ripped right through the curtain of skin that was
Cindy’s cherry and continued powering forward until it had reached the
back of the girl’s torn fuckhole. But a good four inches of James’ cock
was still outside of the girl’s cunt.
“He’s in her, fucking her!” Mrs. Grotten screamed into the mike as
she sat down on the edge of the bed and stabbed two fingers into her
dripping pussy. “He’s fucking her!”

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