A husband comes home early


Yes!! Business trip finished a day early, flying home
without calling to surprise you! I KNOW I am forgetting
something. No matter. I retrieve my car from long term
parking and begin the drive home, fantasizing about
making love to you tonight. As I turn onto my street, I
remember what it was I forgot. You’re having a lingerie

I have to park the car next door due to all the cars in
the driveway and in front of the house.

I step into the house I can hear the radio playing a
heavy beat loudly in the living room. As I step up to
the entrance I look around and count 5 couples. The
women all in lingerie and wearing short robes and the
men casual. Then I see what everyone is staring at and
it takes my breath away.

You’re dancing to the beat, grinding your ass into the
lap of one of the men as you hold his arms out away from
you. As you stand up I see you are wearing a pair of red
satin crotch-less panties and matching demi-bra. You
casually walk up to another man there and fall to your
knees. Grabbing his belt and pants you arch back and
hump his leg as you fully expose your tits to his view.
I can see the trail of cum that you have left on his
pant leg, and my cock begins to crawl up to an amazing
hard on.

Deciding that this is enough, I cross quickly to the
stereo and turn it off. As the music disappears all eyes
are on me, but my eyes are locked on yours.

As the tension in the room mounts I can see the shame
crossing your face. I walk over to where you are now on
your knees. I stand before you and say, “So you want to
act like a little whore in front of all these people?
Well then a whore you’ll be…”

I unzip my pants and let my hard dick fall out and guide
it into your mouth. I can see your eyes widen in
amazement as everyone in the room watches you take my
throbbing cock deep into your mouth. I grab the sides of
your head and keep your eyes locked on mine as you suck
me in deeper. Finally I glance around, and wide smiles
meet me.

Husbands are stroking their wives; wives have their
hands in their hubby’s pants as they watch you suck me
down. I pull you up and lead you to the back of the sofa
and bend you over it. Everyone moves so that they can
see your face. As I rest the head of my cock against
your pussy.

I can see other wives now on their knees and all the men
have their dicks out now either being stroked or sucked.
Slowly I slide it in. When I am in to the hilt, I lift
your head up by your hair so you are looking straight
ahead. Looking around I see one man who is about to
burst and with my free hand motion him in front of you.

You try to turn your head to look at me but instead I
force your head down over his throbbing dick. As you
hesitantly take him in, I pull back and slam deep into
you forcing his cock deeper into your mouth. His wife
comes up next to him and starts to caress his chest and
ass kissing him long and deep.

As she turns, her tits fall out of her lacy top. The one
you are sucking keeps one hand on your head and with the
other starts to finger his wife. All the while I am
slowly stroking deeply into your cunt.

Suddenly the man’s wife throws her head back and starts
to cum, as she finishes the hubby takes his female-cum-
coated hand, grips your head and starts to fuck your
mouth with a passion. I can hear the squishing sound of
three people’s sexual lube as he thrusts again and
again, deeper until you begin to gag, finally he cums
filling your mouth to overflowing with his cream.

Before you have a chance to swallow it all or to recover
I motion another couple in front of you. This time the
wife guides her husband’s cock into your mouth and
tenderly moves your hair out of your face.

All this time I have been slowly stroking your pussy but
as the new cock arrives in your mouth I begin to play
with your clit, reaching around you to do it. I stop
fucking your pussy and just let it sit in your juices as
I play with your clit and watch you sucking dick.

I start to rub your clit as I see the couple before you
starting to cum. First he sprays deep into your mouth.
Then she cums as she stands there legs apart working her
own clit, and lastly you.

As your orgasm racks your body I feel your pussy
clenching my pole begging for more. Without prompting
the next couple strides up to you, and so on, until
everyone in the room has cum while standing in front of
your waiting face.

Pulling you up, I lead you around to the front of the
sofa. I sit you down on the edge, pushing your knees up
I spread them apart so that everyone can see your wide
open gash, your cum slowly dripping out of it. Getting
on my knees, I easily slip my straining cock into your
pussy. Sliding back and forth slowly.

Everyone can see and hear my cock in your wet pussy. I
reach up and start twisting your nipples, fucking you
nice and slow to increase your torture. Sliding in and
out, grinding my hips as slide in and out of your pussy
exploring every inch with maddening slowness. You buck
your hip against me, wanting more, wanting it harder.
But you have been a bad girl; your punishment has to be
slow, deliberate, and lengthy.

Your head thrashes side to side as you slowly start to
build. You move your hand to your clit and I spread your
legs further apart so that everyone can see, your hand
on your clit and my dick dancing in and out of your now
sopping wet cunt.

As you cum yet again you whisper, “Fuck me honey.”

I tell you in a booming voice, “Louder!”

“Fuck me PLEASE!” you moan for all to hear.

As I speed up you are begging, “Harder!! Faster!! I NEED
your cock!!” At last I am slamming into your pussy as
hard as I can.

Looking at you with your head thrown back, hair hiding
your face I just can’t take it anymore. Fucking you in
front of all these strangers is too much, it’s almost
breathtaking in the excitement level, and I feel my
balls tingle with anticipation.

Finally unable to hold back anymore I cum in huge gushes
and instantly feel how much more slippery you pussy is.
My eyes are closed in ecstasy, but I know everyone is
watching me cum deep inside you. My body jerks as I
shoot my cum and jerks again and then again.

Just after I cum, your hips arch up and you slam your
pussy onto my spent cock and scream as your body is
wracked by your final orgasm. After a few minutes I can
see and hear again and look around.

Couples are going at it all over our house. As we look
around we see couples cumming here and there. After they
relax a moment or two, each couple grabs their things
and quietly heads to the door. After the last couple
cums, (and leaves), I lift you into my arms and head to
the bedroom. You lean your head against my shoulder and
whisper, “Welcome home baby.”